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Registration and Stamps Department Web portal Services: STAMP PAPERS IN POST OFFICES – #Registration and #Stamps Department Web portal Services at Registration.Telangana.Gov.In; “Stamp papers” these are very valuable and precious papers as we have a very close relationship with those papers, where our property proofs hide in those papers. Without proper proof we are worthless.

But these papers do not found ever where. Only in some prescribed shops we can find. Sometimes we have to go/travel more than 20km to buy such stamp papers . Not only these papers registration of properties is also very tough and risk. We have to wait for many days and roam around registration offices. It is not such easy to register a property.

The agreement between officials of stamps, registrations and postal departments have finalized , soon the Non-judicial stamp papers will available in all post offices state widely. In 859 post offices of cities the stamp papers will available from September 1st 2015. Next in 6,500 villages these will be available.

The new modernized web portal ( inaugurated by Deputy CM Mr.Mahamood Ali. By this some more IT based services of registration department will be more easier and nearer to people. This will rectify in convenience to people.

Registration and Stamps Department:
Registration and Stamps Department is one of the old wings of the Government. It is in the service of the public right from 1864. The registered document is a notice by way of definite recorded information to the world at large. It will enable the public to verify the records and enquire there from the right, title and obligations if any on any immovable property.

Further, the department is acting as a “Royal record keeper”, by preserving records of registered documents for the past 150 years. It is providing copies of the records held by it for various purposes and also as proof of genuineness in the Courts of Law. Registration and Stamps Department Web portal Services


  1. Interact with registration officials:
    Interact with registration officials directly and clear their doubts about the purchasing, selling properties, like stamp duties, reg. fees etc. The services of this portal will be available from August 11th, 2015.
  2. Public Data Entry System:
    You can enter the details of properties to be registered from any computer, the registration will compete very soon.
  3. Services On Sunday:
    Govt decided to digitalize important old records, linkup each registration with Aadhar. Not only the govt decided that very soon on Sundays also the registration offices will give their services.
  4. Pending Files In EC:
    Till now only the details of documents of registration competed had a place in EC (Encumbrance certificate). But now onwards the pending files also available in this EC.
  5. Registration Offices in 2 shifts:
    Govt decided that registration offices should work in 2 shifts. As pilot project sub-registrar offices of Boinapally, Maredpally are selected. From Aug 117th these offices work in 2 shifts
    1st Shift: 8 am to 2.30 pm
    2nd Shift: 2.30 pm  to 9 pm
  6. SMS Alert:
    You can get the information to know the status of your registration in the form of SMS.
  7. Stamps through Post Office:
    From Sep 1st Non – judicial stamp papers are available in all post offices you can buy them through cash or through credit card.
  8. Pre Slot Booking:
    You can register your property in any sub-registrar office. You can book your time as you wish and you complete your registration instead of the old system i.e., waiting for days. No other can register in your slot.

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