Spoken English Books for all to Learn and Speak English

Spoken English books are very useful for all to learn English and Speak English. These are pdf files would be open in Google Drive not downloaded directly. So there will be no storage problem. Links can be opened on Google Drive. Download it if you like.

Classroom Management in English – English has gained ground against all languages because of globalisation. Its importance is increased further with the Government’s recent decision of introduction of English in 1st standard. No doubt, our teachers are behind none in teaching the subject matter to the students effectively. But it is an undeniable fact that many teachers, especially who had their education m Telugu medium feel a little bit hesitation in the transaction of the class in English.

At this juncture, in order to instil the confidence and necessary spoken skills in the teachers, this book “CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT IN ENGLISH” has been brought out. It aptly addresses the issue. It has incorporated many real classroom situations which provide necessary guidance and assistance to the teachers who want to manage the class effectively and efficiently in English from their entry to exit states of classroom transaction. According to BV Ramana

Tips to Speak English

To speak English well …

  1. Speak in English with your peers as much as possible.
  2. Try to translate as many sentences as possible into English with co-passengers speaking in buses and trains.
  3. Convert the dialogues into English with that in mind.
  4. When you are sitting in a cinema hall, meeting or meeting in a crowded hall, watching TV in a movie hall or TV, sit in the crowd and convert all the spoken words into English.
  5. Whenever you speak English, write down a question on a paper and ask any English teacher or friend who is English.
  6. Read a story in Chandamama and then read that story in English Chandamama. English grammar comes by reading a story on a regular basis. Buy Chandamama storybooks (English & Telugu) and Telugu first
  7. Do not read grammar books at the beginning when learning spoken English.
    Do not recall grammar rules when speaking in English. Learn to speak different English words, including Telugu meanings. You can’t speak in English until you get the Grammar Rules while you speak. Remember.
  8. Focusing on listening to English sentences

My Little Spoken English booklet – Learning a language means learning listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. But, unfortunately, we limit our teaching and study to listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. The speaking component is generally being neglected in our schools. But it is very important to acquire spoken English skills because the ultimate aim of learning a second language is to speak in that language fluently in different situations.

To bridge the gap and to make the children acquire spoken English skills, this booklet has been brought out. Each chapter is divided into three parts in this booklet. The first part is in the form of substitution tables, which give the essential structures and words necessary for each situation. This part gives the children some confidence so that they can engage themselves subsequently in the speeches and the conversations effortlessly. The second part provides a speech/speeches and the third part constitutes a conversation/conversations.

Spoken English can be acquired only through practice. So after having some acquaintance with the structures and the words given in the substitution tables, the children should be made to participate in the role plays and the speeches. I hope that My Little Spoken English booklet will be useful to the teaching as well as the student community. Happy teaching and learning! – By BV Ramana.

Spoken English is nothing but questioning and answering so we should know how to frame the questions. Observe the given activities Find out a friend who likes to talk with you in English whether it is wrong or right start speaking. Never think that others are superior to you and never think that you are weak in English. If you think that you are weak in English you will never get complete command over the language.

Download Spoken English E Books from Here

  1. Writing – English Very Basic Level
  2. Vacabulary – Meanings
  3. Subject – Verb – Object
  4. Parts of Speech + Nouns.
  5. Pronouns
  6. Main verbs
  7. Helping Verbs
  8. Conjugation of a verb
  9. Adjectives & Adverbs
  10. Prepositions
  11. Conjunctions
  12. kinds of Sentences – Positives
  13. S – Rule
  14. Articles
  15. Translations
  16. Translations (Bubble Gum English)
  17. Negatives-w
  18. Interrogative sentences yes or no
  19. How to ask Questions practice book
  • English for Teachers
  • Spoken English E-Book
  • Spoken English book(if you want to speak good english)
  • 300 Basic English Sentences (Five “w”: what, who, which, why, where, and one “How”)
  • English for parents
  • Small Small conversations
  • Classroom Management In English
  • My Little Spoken English

Spoken English eBooks

NCERT Text Books Download

SCERT Telangana Text Books Download

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