Telangana State Employees New Service Rules

Telangana State Employees New Service Rules, Telangana State Employees New Service Rules, Any institution functions according to its rules and regulations.

Either it is an institution or company or whatever else it may be, proper rules and perfect planning is compulsory. If framing of rules fails, systematic functioning of that institution fails.

In the same manner Govt employees also had service rules First these service rules are released in 1957 after the formation of A.P. In 1964 CCA rules, In, state fourth class employees rules are framed but these are according to and favourable to the British rulers.

Many changes have occurred in the rules of promotion posts etc for the convenience of employees. Govt and secretariat service rules are available in different books. Many problems raised in service rules but those are not changed.

Telangana State government is favourable for change of these rules and it is the time to change because of the separation of our states. There is no clear idea of seniority-based promotions, merit-based promotions.

As its the time for the division of employees, Honourable Chief Minister Mr.K. Chandra Shekhar Rao suggested framing new service rules.
This responsibility will be given to committee i.e., for Mr Pradeep Chandra which is primarily decided and G.O may be released soon.


  1. Preparation of service rules in less pages, simple way (method) and which suits for Telangana situations and ruling.
  2. Service rules in a single book of departments, secretariat, head of departments.
  3. Seniority based promotions, special incentives are given for merit-based employees transparency and clarity in appointments.
  4. Cancellation of deputation and merging from one dept to another
  5. To decrease the burden of the secretariat, ruling decentralisation to solve various problems at different levels.
  6. Relaxation of some rules to serve better the people.
  7. Strict disciplinary action among corruption, negligence, irresponsibility etc.

News of Service Rules:

1. As our chief minister Mr.KCR  declared many times to simplify the service rules now, It’s the time, As a part of simplification, in the initial stage.  
2. To simplify the service rules, a committee of six members to function under A. Chief secretary (political),
B. Secretary (services),
C. Health chief secretary,
D. Judicial Secretary.
E. GAD, D. Deputy secretary acts as convener.

This committee holds a meeting every 15 days and discusses the agenda and required changes. This will be sent one week before of all committee meetings.   On the basis of receiving recommendations of all committees, new service rules will be framed by discussing all employee unions.  
3. They are undertaking 6 topics as their main agenda.

  1. Minimum service, qualifications eligible for employees promotion  
  2. Modification in rules of “Compassionate appointments”.
  3. Medical bills, inter-district, interzonal transfers, native district, native sub-divisional area postings exemption etc.
  4. Appointing and using of retired employee services.

4.57 years back rules, decades back state sub-ordinate service rules are now implementing. As many rules are including and excluding there is no fruitful result in promotions, transfers, medical bills, Compassionate appointments etc.,

Health card scheme is not implementing completely and medical reimbursement has some limitations and claiming of reimbursement bills are pending, so, employees are attracted to medical claim in service rules to undergo the medical treatment in their interested hospitals.  

Let us wait with lots of hope that these new rules will completely meet our needs of employees.   If you enjoyed this post, please comment in the below-given comment section and share this article through below given Facebook, twitter buttons.

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  1. kindly send the service rules for punishment award for 2 increments and the punishment dropped by Honble Minister, but for final GO the Secretary to Governament is seeking business rules. kindly send the business rules which applicable for issue GO

  2. If a Government department takes internal department test inside the department for promotion of employees to group c. Then the promotion should be based on merit or seniority. Can you please reply to this query as soon as possible.

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