List of TLM for English 2023, check Teaching Aids & Resource Material

List of TLM for English 2023 or English TLM 2023, check Teaching Aids & Resource Material. The present curriculum gives importance to child centred education and the pedagogy is shifted from instruction to construction. To understand concepts appropriate Teaching Learning Material is required.

The learner has some previous knowledge about vocabulary and can use simple sentences in her mother tongue. Teaching Learning Material enables the child to participate / engage in learning process. The teacher has to prepare are collect TLM according to the age and level of the child.

Teacher has to prepare TLM with local available material to impart language skills among students. Let us observe some useful TLM at primary level. 1. Pictorial Charts of : Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Birds, Items of sports and games, Different shapes, Food items of Plants and Animals, Types of millets, Professions, Types of sports, Transportable, Musical instruments, Different types of houses, Fibre to Fabric.

2. Charts showing: Parts of speech, Collective Nouns, Tenses, ‘Be’ forms, Helping verbs (Modals).
3. Toys Kit Animals, Birds.
4. Dictionaries Classroom dictionary, Pocket dictionary, Pictorial dictionary, Thesaurus dictionary, Visual dictionary.

5. Literary Sources Story books, Story cards, Flash cards, Poems translated in English.
6. Finger puppets and Masks.
7. CD’s of Action Songs and Rhymes and cartoons.
8. Stationery Sketches, Crayons, Water colours, Panel board, Drawing pins, Drawing sheets, Brushes.
9. Digital devices Tape Recorder, TV, Projector, Screen, Computer, Tab, Digital classroom, Virtual classroom

1. Dictionary – English to Telugu and English to Telugu.
2. Spoken English by Shashi Kumar.
3. National Book Trust – Children literature (storybooks) – 20.
4. Wisdom monthly magazine/ Chandamama/ Champak.
5. Pen drive (memory stick).
6. Stationary items (glue, tape, scissors, scales, markers).
7. Teaching English 3 – 11 (The Essential Guide) by Cathy Burnett and Julia Myers.
8. 200 coloured charts.
9. DVDs – 5.
10. Crayons.

UP and High School: Telugu/Hindi/English and EVS TLM and Teaching Aids
1. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (VIIIth Edition by A.S. Hornby) – 2.
2. Oxford Learner’s Pocket Thesaurus – 1.
3. Oxford Basics for Children – Storytelling by Eleanor Watts – 1.
4. Grammar by Scott Thornbury – 1.
5. English Role Play by Gillian Porter-Ladousse – 1.
6. Teaching Other Subjects Through English by Scheelagh Deller and Christine Price – 1.
7. Collins Dictionary – 2.
8. Dictionaries of Idioms and Phrases.
9. Phonetic Dictionary by Daniel Jones – 2.
10. English Conversation and Practice – 2.
11. 10 DVDs on poems/ songs.
12. Tuition to Intuition by K.N. Anandan – 1.
13. Over Head Projector.
14. Unit Transaction (classroom process) DVDs developed by SCERT.
15. Oxford Advanced Learners Thesaurus.
16. English Newspapers.
17. Picture storybooks by Indian authors – Based on Ramayana and Mahabharatha.
18. Children’s English magazines – Champak, Chandamama.
19. 200 charts.
20. Sketch pen sets – 12.
21. Glue – 6.
22. Brown tape – 4.
23. Scissors – 2.
24. Spoken English by Sasi Kumar – 2.
25. Pendrive (memory stick).
26. English reading cards – 400 (EFLU and Orient Black Swan).
27. DVD contains textbook-based songs developed by SCERT.
28. English CDs developed in RIE, Bangalore.
29. Young World (by the Hindu newspaper).
30. Teacher handbooks developed by SCERT and RVM from 2005-2014.
31. Grammar practice activities. A Practical Guide to Teachers– Penny Ur.
32. Teaching Large Multi-level Classes– Natalie Hen.
33. Learner Autonomy in the English Classroom– Paul Lennon (ed.)
34. Teaching Speaking – Holistic Approach– Jack C. Richards (Cambridge Language publication).
35. Literature in the Language Classroom – A Resource Book of Ideas (Cambridge University publication).
36. Five – Minute Activities by Penny Ur (Cambridge University publication).
37. Professional Development for Language Teachers (Cambridge University publication).
38. Classic English (Short stories) (Cambridge University publication).
39. Aspects of children literature by Sharmila Sinha (National Book Trust of India).
40. Story Books English (National Book Trust of India) – 30 Books.

  1. EVS Resource Material,
  2. Telugu Resource Material,
  3. Hindi Resource Material
  4. CCE Records, Registers and Resources for Teaching New Textbooks

There are many different types of teaching learning materials (TLM) that can be used to support the teaching and learning of English in the classroom. Some examples of TLM for English include:

  1. Textbooks: Textbooks can provide students with a comprehensive overview of English language concepts and can be used as a reference resource.
  2. Worksheets: Worksheets can provide students with practice problems and can be used to reinforce understanding of English language concepts.
  3. Reading materials: Reading materials, such as novels, short stories, and articles, can be used to help students develop their reading comprehension skills and expand their vocabulary.
  4. Videos: Videos can be used to introduce English language concepts, demonstrate proper pronunciation and grammar, and provide additional examples and explanations.
  5. Online resources: There are many online resources, such as websites and apps, that can provide students with interactive activities and practice problems to support their learning of English.
  6. Audio materials: Audio materials, such as podcasts and audio books, can be used to help students develop their listening comprehension skills and expand their vocabulary.

It is important to choose TLM that are aligned with the curriculum and appropriate for the age and ability level of the students. It can also be helpful to vary the types of TLM used to support diverse learning styles and keep students engaged.

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