TOSS SSC Inter Theory & Practical Exams Centers Guidelines 2022

TOSS SSC Inter Theory & Practical Exams Centers: Telangana Open School Society-Rc.No.32,TOSS – Intermediate & SSC (TOSS) Public Examinations, October 2016. Accordingly, the SSC and Intermediate (TOSS) Examinations October 2016 are scheduled from 01.10.2016 to 14.10.2016. All the District Educational Officers in the Telangana State are informed that the Government in the Memo No. 2861/SE-Prog-I/2016-3, Dt:20.04.2016,

School Education Department have issued instructions to introduce the jumbling system while constituting Theory /Practical examination centers for SSC & Intermediate TOSS examinations of October 2016. Accordingly, steps are being taken by the TOSS to introduce jumbling system from this examination.

Therefore all the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to follow the instructions of the Government as mandatory, for constitution of SSC/Intermediate Public Examination Centres for October 2016 Examination and onwards.

i. All the District Educational Officers are requested to choose Government Institutions only as Examination Centres for Telangana Open School Society, Public Examinations as per Govt. Memo No. 2861/SE-Prog-I/2016-3, dated:20.04.2016, School Education Department without any deviation, and preference should be given to the government institution where CC CAMERAS ARE ALREADY INSTALLED.

ii. The district headquarter shall be one of the places for the constitution of examination Centre.
iii. Examination Centres shall be constituted at Revenue Divisional Headquarters.
iv. a) Identify the required number of Government/Z.P /Municipal/ Aided/High Schools for the conduct of public examinations in those two identified places.

b) In case if any centre is newly proposing to constitute for the first time for October 2016 or March/April 2017 examinations in your district, the District Educational Officer is requested to ensure that the availability of a Post Office with speed post facility and Police Station nearby the centre.
v. Private schools/Junior Colleges shall not be considered as Examination Centres.
vi. The capacity of an identified examination Centre shall not be less than 300 candidates.
vii. While arriving at the AI wise number of candidates to be allotted to an examination Centre, consider a Highest number of candidates paid examination fee in a subject of particular AI.

viii. Constitute examination Centres (with a capacity of 300 candidates) at the rate of one Centre for 250 Intermediate regular candidates paid the examination fee.
ix. The District Educational Officer must personally inspect all the High schools and assess the seating capacity, availability of furniture, toilets for Girls & Boys etc., in each Centre before proposing them as examination Centres. A certificate to that effect may be enclosed.

x. The proposed Centre must have all facilities like a compound wall, furniture, water, adequate lighting and toilets for the candidates. No candidates should sit on the floor to write the examination.
xi. The minimum number of candidates to be allotted to a Centre must be more than 200 and to a maximum of 300 subject to availability of accommodation and furniture.
xii. Basing on the total number of candidates paid examination fee for SSC & Intermediate in the district approximate number of examination Centres to be constituted shall be arrived.

Important Note:
The criteria for the constitution of a center is the highest total No. of candidates fee paid in the subject of a school may be taken into consideration

xiii. Priority shall be given to the existing examination Centres (Govt. High School/ Junior College) of SSC/Intermediate examinations.
xiv. Avoid constitution of two Centres in the same building as far as possible.
xv. Under any circumstances tents should not be used/allowed for the purpose of accommodation.

xvi. Centers with previous history of organized malpractices, adverse remarks against the institution with regard to the conduct of the SSC/Intermediate Public examinations shall not be proposed.
xvii. Under any circumstances Private institutions recognized as Accredited Institutions of TOSS shall not be constituted as examination Centres.
xviii. If the existing AI Centre is constituted as an examination Centre, the candidates of this AI shall be clubbed to another examination Centre in the same place. Under no circumstances the candidates admitted in an AI shall be clubbed to the same examination Centre. In another words self Centres are not allowed.

It is also proposed to conduct practical examinations in Physics. Chemistry& Biology of Intermediate (TOSS) Public Examinations, October 2016 in the identified Government Junior Colleges at one place only in the district.

For the conduct of Intermediate (TOSS) Public Examinations in practical the subjects are categorized as follows: TOSS SSC Inter Theory & Practical Exams Centers

CategorySubjectsPractical Examination Centres
Category-I   (Major subjects under Group-B) 512-Physics   513-Chemistry 514-Biology Only at two places in a district   Maximum of No. of candidates in a Centre shall not exceed 200 Only Govt./Aided Junior Colleges
Category-II   (Major subjects under Group-B) 630-Computer ScienceOnly one Centre in a District   Govt./Aided/ Voc. Junior College having Vocational courses  and functional Computer Science
Category-III   (Minor subjects under Group-B) 521-Home Science   532- Painting Only one Centre in a District   Govt./Aided/ Junior College.
Category-IV   (Minor Vocational subjects under Group-C) 604-Early Childhood Care& Education     Govt./Aided Voc. Junior College having functional Preschool Teacher Training (PSST) Vocational Course.
626-Apparel Fashion Designing     Only one Centre in a District   Govt./Aided. Voc. Junior College having functional Commercial Garment &Dress Making(CGDM)/Fashion Garment Technology (FGT) vocational Courses.
660-Hotel Front Office Operation     Govt./Aided Voc. Junior College having functional Front Office Operations (FOO) Vocational Course.
662-Soil and Fertilizer Management. Govt./Aided Voc. Junior College having functional Crop Production(CP) Vocational Course.

Guidelines for constitution of Practical Examination Centres:

a. Government/Aided Junior Colleges having functional MPC and BIPC groups are to be constituted as practical examination Centres for conduct of practical in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
b. Vocational Junior Colleges shall not to be constituted as practical examination Centres for conduct of practical in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

c. Minimum of 120 candidates shall be allotted to a Centre, if the number exceeds 120, second practical examination Centre is to be constituted.
d. If the number of candidates exceeds 120 then only a second Centre in the same town/village is to be constituted.
e. Junior Colleges under private management shall not be constituted as practical Examination Centres.

f. For Computer Science (Vocational) subject under Category-II only one Govt./Aided Junior College having functional Vocational course of Computer Science having sufficient number of computers and at least one printer may be identified.
g. Please obtain the willingness/consent letter for conduct of practical examinations from the Principal, Govt./Aided Junior College to avoid future complications. TOSS SSC Inter Theory & Practical Exams Centers

Scheme of practical examination:

a. The practical batch consists of 20 candidates.
b. In a subject, in the forenoon, one batch will be having practical exam another batch in the Afternoon. Thus in day 40 candidates can complete the practice exams. In 5 days (40 x 3= 120) 120 candidates can complete the exam in one subject.

c. In a practical examination Centre, Practical exams in different subjects will be conducted simultaneously to different batches at a time.
d. Division of batches and batch-wise practical examination time table will be prepared with the assistance of the computer and intimated in due course to each of the Accredited Institution and the Practical Examination Centre.

e. Practical examinations shall be completed within 3 days from 17th October to 19th October 2016
f. Practical Nominal Rolls, Photo Attendance sheets for Practical exams will be sent to all the AIs in advance along with time tables and batches.

Hence, all the District Educational Officers are requested to send the proposals of ‘Constitution of Examination Centres for Theory and practical on 27/08/2016 duly attested by the D.E.O and E-mail it to the without fail. The original hard copy of Constitution of Centres list may be sent through their District Coordinator of TOSS along with the fee paid list (ENRs) on 29-08-2016 for finalization of examination Centres and extend cooperation in this matter.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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