Telangana FAST Scheme, TS GO.No.36 Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana

Telangana FAST Scheme, FAST is a new scheme of Govt. of Telangana State. The Detailed Guidelines of FAST Scheme will be finalized by A Committee. Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana(FAST) Scheme. Constitution of A Committee for finalizing the guidelines of the FAST Scheme.

Guidelines Preparation for FAST Scheme implementation. FAST Scheme implementation guidelines for 2014-2015. Constitution of A Committee for Finalizing the FAST Scheme implementation guidelines  

Finalizing the FAST Scheme implementation guidelines: Government of Telangana, Scheduled Caste Development(Education) Department has issued government order no.36 on 30th July, 2014.

In this order Constitution of a Committee of Principal Secretaries / Secretaries for finalizing the guidelines of the Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana (FAST) Scheme for implementation during the current academic year 2014-15. This GO.No.36 details as follows.

GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA SCHEDULED CASTE DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT – “Financial Assistance to the Students of Telangana (FAST)” – Constitution of a Committee of Principal Secretaries/Secretaries for finalizing the guidelines – Orders – Issued.

G.O.Rt.No.36; Dated: 30-07-2014,

1. The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act , 2014 (No.6 of 2014).
2. U.O. Note No.575/TE/A2/2014-02, Higher Education (TE) Department, dated 12.07.2014.
3. From the Chief Secretary to Government of Telangana, Proceedings of the 3rd Meeting of the Council of Ministers held at 3 P.M. on 16th July 2014.

By virtue of the provisions contained in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 (Central Act. No.6 of 2014), the State of Telangana came into existence with effect from 02-06-2014.

What is FAST Scheme?  
2. Government of Telangana contemplates to introduce a new scheme titled as “ Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana (FAST)” to enable the poor and eligible students to pursue higher studies in the Universities and the Institutions regulated by the Government, which will not only enable access by poor and eligible students to higher education but also increase the gross enrolment ratio, which currently stands at 31 and a meeting was convened on 05-07-2014 to discuss the policy of financial assistance to the students of the newly formed Telangana State.  

3. Students in the State of Telangana include such of those students who are studying post matric courses based on the admissions done in the past and also such of the students who will be seeking admissions to the post matric courses during the current year 2014-15.

4. With a view to enable the students of Telangana State to get financial assistance, it is proposed to lay down the fundamental principles based on which this policy will operate. FAST shall be made applicable to all the students pursuing ongoing studies and fresh admissions and whose parents were bonafide residents of Telangana State as on 01-11-1956 and shall come into force from the current academic year 2014-15.

The Certificates for the bonafide residence shall be issued by the Revenue Department after seeking for information from the applicants through a detailed format to ascertain the bonafide residence status of the parents/grand parents of the students.

Constitution of A Committee

5. The detailed guidelines of the above scheme for implementation during the current academic year 2014-15 will be finalized by a committee of Principal Secretaries/Secretaries specified below and submitted to the Government for approval.

i. Principal Secretary to Government, Scheduled Castes Development, ST, BC Welfare Departments.
ii. Secretary to Government., Higher Education Department
iii. Principal Secretary to Government., PR & RD Department
iv. Principal Secretary to Government, General Administration Department
v. Secretary to Government, Law Department

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