AP Srujanotsavam Science Day Celebrations, Competitions – Action Plan, Guidelines

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Proc. Rc. No. 443/B2/C&T/SCERT/2015 Dated: 13-2-2017.
Sub:- SCERT, AP, Amaravathi – Implementation of Calendar Activities – SRUJANOTSAVAM 2017, Conduct of Science Day Celebrations and Competitions – Guidelines, Plan of Action – Reg.

1. Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education
Rc. No. 36/A&1/2014, Dt. 7-2-2015.

Proceedings of the Director, SCERT Rc. No. 443/B/C&T/SCERT/2014, dated 5-3-2015.

All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that SCERT, Andhra Pradesh has developed Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17 in which SRUJANOTSAVAM (Science day) is one of the activities proposed in the month of February 2017. In this connection Department of School Education is decided to conduct SRUJANOTSAVAM 2017 (Science Day) a creative Festival related to promoting scientific attitude among Teachers and Students.

It is decided to conduct a Seminar for Physical science Teachers and Biological Science Teachers separately. Essay writing, Elocution, Drawing competitions will be conducted at school, Mandal, Division and district levels for Students studying class VI to X in all managements.

In this connection, all the DEOs are informed to communicate guidelines and action plan related to SRUJANOTSAVAM – 2017 (Science Day) to all the schools irrespective of managements. Further, you have requested issue instructions to Dy.EOs and MEOs, to implement this event at school, Mandal, Division and District levels.

Detailed guidelines and Action Plan are annexed. For vide, publicity arranges a press conference and explain the details to print and electronic media. The estimated budget Rs. 50,000/- per district may be released to each district for the conduct of said programme shortly to your respective accounts.

“Why and how are the two wheels of the vehicle named human discourse” – J.B. Shaw

The thought process of mankind transforms caveman to cosmic man. We know that human being is the only organism on earth with great thinking power. The ability of thinking of man makes our lives comfortable and convenient by his discovery and investigations or inventions. Searching for reasons and questioning are the basics of science and scientific development on the eve of Science Day February 28th Department of School Education and SCERT is planned to conduct ‘Srujanotsavam-2017’ A Step towards promoting scientific thinking in all high school Children.

Objectives of SRUJANOTSAVAM – 2017:

  • To promote interest among teachers in reading scientific articles and modules.
  • To promote teachers to present their own papers in a seminar on scientific concepts.
  • To promote students to participate in various activities related to science and technology.
  • To invite teachers, students, academicians, scientists and parents at Andhra Pradesh e-knowledge exchange platform.

Plan of Action:

Srujanotsavam-2017 is scientific thinking promoting activity among all students of class VI to X and all science teachers. The main aim of this activity is going to provide a good platform for teachers to share their experiences and also for students to show their talents towards science and technology.

There are two platforms for teachers and students

District Level Science Seminar for Teachers.
Essay Writing,
Drawing competitions for students studying class VI- X.

Srujanotsavam-2017 Competitions for students will be conducted at Four levels viz.,
School Level
Mandal Level
Division Level
District Level

The competitions will be conducted for juniors and seniors separately at all levels.
Juniors – VI, VII and VIII class students.
Seniors – IX and X class students.

All media students are eligible but compactions will be conducted at a time for all students. Students have the choice to select a medium for competition.

Srujanotsavam-2017 will be conducted by following the stipulated time schedule.

  1. Competitions for students at School Level 16-2-2017
  2. Competitions for students at Mandal Level 18-2-2017
  3. Competitions for students at Division Level 20-2-2017
  4. Competitions for students at District Level 23-2-2017
  5. Science Seminar for both Physical and Biological Science Teachers 25-2-2017
  6. Celebration of Science Day in all Schools 28-2- 2017

Concepts for Teachers Science Seminar:
– ‘Influence of teachers updating knowledge on students learning’ ( For Physical Science Teachers)
– Utilization of digital technology in the Teaching-Learning Process – pros and corns. ( For Biological Science Teachers )
– The separate seminar will be conducted for Physical Science and Biological Science
Teachers in separate venues in the district headquarter.

Concepts for students:

School Level/ Mandal Level ElocutionMy favourite scientist
Essay writing Science in our daily life
Drawing Caveman and science
 Division Level ElocutionScience and the scientific method
Essay Writing Science provides solutions for our problems
Drawing A good scientific classroom
 District Level ElocutionEffects of Science and Technology on human beings
Essay Writing Evolution of Science
Drawing Scientific development Vs. Nature
  1. All competitions will be conducted on the due date.
  2. School Level first prize winners of 3 competitions will be sent to Mandal level.
  3. School Level first prize winners of 3 competitions will be sent to Division level.
  4. Division level First Prize winners of the above three competitions will be sent to the district level.
  5. District level first, second, third prize winners will be awarded on the eve of
  6. Science Day District Level celebrations.

AP Srujanotsavam Science Day Celebrations:

District Educational Officer:

  • Appoint District Science Officer as a Nodal Officer to conduct Srujanotsavam-2017 – a step towards promoting scientific thinking in all High School children.
  • Conduct coordination meeting with DIET Principal, Lecturers and SSA, RMSA sectoral officers.
  • Appoint Dy.EOs. as divisional level Nodal Officers to conduct the said programme.

Nodal Officer (District Science Officer):

  • Nodal Officer should in contact with DEO, Dy.EOs, MEOs for the successful conduct of the programme.
  • Communicate the schedule of the programme to all the schools irrespective of all managements.
  • Give vide publicity in print and electronic media.
  • Select a comfortable venue to conduct district level competitions and for the conduct of seminars.
  • Separate seminar venue will be identified Physical Science, Biological Science Teachers.
  • Care should be taken to provide perfect public address systems, electricity, drinking water, running water facility in toilets and working lunch.
  • Document all the district level activities and communicate the same to SCERT, Andhra Pradesh (mail-ID apscertsrujanotsavam2017 @gmail.com) Follow the budgetary norms provided by SCERT.

Deputy Educational Officer:

  • Deputy Educational Officer is a Nodal Officer of his respective division.
  • Communicate the programme Plan of Action to all schools and check whether it is properly communicated and conducted at drill-down levels i.e., school level, Mandal level.
  • Select a convenient venue to conduct divisional level competitions in the said themes for both Junior and Senior students.
  • Identify worthy persons to act as judges and invite them well in advance.
  • Invite scientist, academicians to the divisional level competitions.
  • Communicate divisional level winners’ information to the district nodal officer in the prescribed format.
  • Contact all the MEOs in his jurisdiction and collect information about the conduct of said competitions at Mandal level.
  • Prepare documentation of the total activity and submit the same to the District Educational Officer.
  • Give publicity in print and electronic media about Divisional level winners and the activity.

Mandal Educational Officer:

  • MEO is the competent authority to conduct Mandal level competitions.
  • Select a suitable venue to conduct Mandal level competitions.
  • Identify local talented persons to act as judges for the said competitions.
  • Keep all the activities should be transparent.
  • Communicate Mandal level winners’ information to the Divisional level Nodal Officer in the prescribed format.
  • Prepare documentation of the total activity and submit the same to the District Educational Officer.
  • Give publicity of the Mandal level winners in print and electronic media.


  • Conduct staff meeting and inform the details of the activity.
  • Fix responsibilities to the teachers to conduct competitions at the school level.
  • Conduct all the school level competitions for juniors and seniors on the afternoon session of 16-2-2017 without disturbing regular classroom activities of the morning session.
  • Conduct Science Day celebration on 28-2-2017 in the school by inviting local guests and SMC members.
  • Distribute prizes and certificates for all the participants at school competitions on the eve of Science Day celebration.
  • Communicate the details of first prize winners to concerned MEO.

Rs.50,000/- may be released to each district for conduct of Science Teachers seminar, Divisional level and District level competitions for students. Unit cost as followed.

S.NoItemBudget allocation
1Seminar   (Physical   Science   and   Biological   Science seminars conduct separately)  
2 Banners ( 4 * 6) 2000
Executive Lunch ( 400 × 50) 20000
Pen and Pad  (400 × 10) 4000
Tea 2 times (400 × 10) 4000
Documentation 1000
Participation certificates 1000
2Divisional Level Students Competitions   Participation certificates, Winners certificates, Banner, 10000   (Distribute to all divisions)
3District Level Students Competitions   Participation certificates, Winners certificates, Banner, 8000

AP Srujanotsavam Science Day Celebrations, Competitions – Action Plan, Gudelines

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