August 15th Independence Day Celebrations 2023 in schools, check programme details

Independence Day Celebrations Programmes, Conduct the Celebrations, Programmes, Activities during Independence Day Celebrations 2023. The Nation is completing 75 years of Independence on 15th August. Independence Day National Festival Celebrations, Programmes, Activities in TS Schools. 

Conduct the August 15th Independence Day Celebrations, Programmes, Activities in TS Schools. Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August with great zeal. The courage and sacrifice of our freedom fighters are remembered on this occasion. Flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, and cultural events are observed throughout India.

Memo.No.3509/SSA/T3/2017. Date: 10-08-2017.

Sub: TSSA Hyderabad – 70 years of Independence Day on 15th August 2017 – Sankalp Programme from 9th to 30th August 2017 – Celebrations – Certain Instructions – Issued – Reg.
Ref: Govt.Memo.No.5672/SE.Genl./Al/2017, SE (Genl.) Dept., Dt. 09.08.2017.

Copy of the Government Memo in the reference cited along with its enclosures is herewith communicated to all the District Educational Officers & EO-DPOs of SSA in the State.

In this context, they are requested to implement the Programme and issue necessary instructions to the MEOs/ HMs/ Model School Principals/ Special Officers of KGBVs for implementation in the Schools as per the guidelines and furnish Photographs/Video Clippings of the events conducted on this occasion. Encl:- (As above).

Memo.No.5672/SE.Genl/Al /2017 Dated: 09 08 2017
Sub: School Education – 70 years of Independence Day on 15th August 2017 – Sankalp Programme from 9th to 30th August -2017.
1. Govt.Memo.No.5672/SE.Genl/ Al/2017, Dt:02.08.2017.

continuation of the reference 1st cited, a copy of the reference 2nd cited along with its enclosure is sent herewith to the Commissioner & Director of School Education, / SPD, RVM, SSA, and Additional Director, RMSA & Model School, Telangana, Hyderabad. They are requested to take immediate further necessary action in the mater as desired in the reference cited under intimation to Government.

D.O.Lr.No.15-3/2017: As you are aware, this year, the nation is completing 70 years of independence on 15th August 2017. Also, this is the year when 75 years ago, the· Quit India movement was launched on 9th August 1942.

It is desirable that this momentous occasion should be celebrated with an objective to create a festive and patriotic mood across the nation and a movement is created to involve every citizen of this country in the mission of realizing the vision of a New India, which is clean (Swachh) and free from poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism, and casteism.

For celebrating this occasion in a befitting manner, all the schools/educational institutions may be instructed to undertake the following participatory activities:

Every school should arrange a Sankalp program on 9th August. to 30th August 2017. Independence Day Celebrations Programmes

This program may be arranged on the premises of a nearby Shaheed Smarak, commemorating the martyrs of Independence movement or various wars/terrorist actions since then. In case, there is no such landmark in the vicinity of the· school, the program may be organized in the school itself.

In this program, an oath is to be administered to all the teachers and students to make the country clean (Swachh} and rid the country of the five problems of poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism, and casteism in the next 5 years i.e. when the nation completes 75 years of its independence in 2022. A copy of the oath is enclosed herewith.

A photograph of the martyrs/freedom fighters from the locality or district may also be installed in the schools on this occasion. This is to be followed by a speech by any teacher or any other guest and student on the oath and how we all can together strive to achieve our resolve and rid the country of these vices.

Quiz competition on the Independence struggle and India’s development will be launched on the MyGov website and will be accessible through on the 9th August 2017 and will be available till 15th August 2017. It will also be available on Narendra Modi· App which can be downloaded on any smartphone. All students of classes Xl and XII may be encouraged to take this quiz on an online mode.

For participation, each student has to first register with MyGov (if not already registered) and get credentials or can log in using Facebook/Gmail credentials/fresh credentials on the Narendra Modi App. This quiz may also be printed put in a physical form and given to the students. The same may be evaluated at the school level and the students who score the highest may ·be suitably felicitated.

A painting competition may be organized for children of classes VI to X on the theme of the independence movement from the 9th to 30th August 2017. The best paintings out of these may be displayed in the school notice board/published in the school magazine and also uploaded on school websites etc and the children may be suitably felicitated.

In order to create a mass fervor in favor of this national mission, it is requested that due publicity may be given to all these events over the local print and electronic media, social media, websites of schools/education department and also uploaded on the Shagun platform of Department of School Education and Literacy, MHRD and Facebook page of Ministry of Human Resource Development i.e https:/
after logging in from your account.

Sub: School Education – The Nation is completing 70 years of Independence on 15th August 2017 – Regular programs organized by the State/ District Authorities Instructions issued – Reg. Ref: Proc.Rc.No.154/Plg-1/2017, Dt:26.07.2017 of the Commissioner & Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad.

All the Mandal Educational Officers, Headmasters of high schools under all managements, Principals of Model Schools and Special Officers of KGBVs in the district are hereby informed that in the reference cited, the Commissioner & Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad has informed that this year the Nation is completing 70 years of Independence on 15th August 2017.

In this regard, it is desirable that additional activities may be undertaken during Independence Day Celebrations, 2017 with the objective to creative festive and patriotic mood across the nation and for stronger involvement and participation of the general public in the Independence Day Celebrations from 8th to 15th August 2017 and instructed to undertake the participatory activities mentioned in the instructions issued by the Ministry of Human Resource Development,

Department of School Education and Literacy and ensure that wholehearted participation of students, teachers, parents, local people, and representatives, etc. in this National festival and requested to submit an activity report to this office by 20th August 2017 school wise without fail. The receipt of these proceedings shall be acknowledged forthwith.

Memo.No.32, Dt. 01.08.2017 – Independence Day Celebrations – Guidelines
MEMO. NO. 32/Pro.B/2017·16, Dated: 01.08.2017.

Sub:- State Functions – Certain arrangements for the Independence Day Celebrations, 2017 – Pattern of Celebrations – Regarding.

It is to inform that the State Government has decided to perform Independence Day Celebrations, 2017 in a befitting manner. A Ceremonial Parade will be held at S.V. University, Tirupathi, Chittoor Dist., at 0900 hours on Tuesday, the 15th August 2017 where the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh will take the salute. The programme for the Independence Day Celebrations on 15th August, 2017 in the Districts Is appended to this Memo for information and guidance.

2. The Hon’ble Ministers, as nominated by the Government will unfurl the National Flag and take the salute at a Guard of Honour, provided by the Police, the Home Guards and the NCC. List of Hon’ble Ministers nominated to unfurl the National Flag at District Head Quarters will be communicated separately. Invitations to the function should be extended to the prominent Officials, non-Officials and freedom Fighters.

3. As regards, Celebrations in villages, the Collector & District Magistrate of the District concerned be to entrust the responsibilities to the concerned officials of the Revenue Department, for arrangements. In other places, the Heads of Institutions be to hoist the National Flag and explain the significance of the Day.

4. The Government desires that special functions should be arranged on that day in all the schools, colleges, and other institutions, arranging Flag Salutation, Community singing of the National Anthem and distribution of sweets to children, etc., The Heads of Departments concerned are requested to issue suitable instructions to all institutions under their control to ensure that of the Local Bodies do not clash with those at District Head Quarters.

5. The other functions of the day may include items like sports (including sports), P.T. Display or display of other skills by College/School Students; planting or trees; Inter-School/Inter-Collegiate debate; community work; launching of any important scheme for rural development;

speech by selected boys/girls on the significance of 15th August; cultural programs; distribution of prizes/certificate/medals for works in fields like National Interests, Small Savings, afforestation, family planting or any other aspect of rural development. These programs are organized wherever

6. As usual, there will be no restriction on the flying of the National Flag on Independence Day; the National Flag could be flown on all the Public buildings. The recipients of Civilian, Tamrapatra Awards and the Freedom Fighters should also be invited and given a prominent place in the seating arrangements as per the protocol instructions, at the Guard of Honour and for other functions.

CELEBRATIONS IN DISTRICTS: The following program is to be organized for Independence Day Celebrations on 15.08.2017 at District Head Quarters other than at Chittoor and other Moffussil places.

DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS: MORNING: Community singing of National Anthem and other National Songs in all Educational / Industrial Establishments and Public Undertakings and taking out a procession of Students and others terminating at the venue of the function.

09 00 hours: Unfurling of National Flag by the Minister Nominated by the Government at the Guard of Honour by Police; Home Guards and NCC etc. Distribution of Patta Certificates (Short speech by the Minister).

AT OTHER PLACES IN MOFFUSSILS: MORNING: March-past by School Children through streets, singing National Anthem and other National Songs (it should be ensured that the children taking part in the procession should not be put to undue strain).

09 00 hours: Flag hoisting at local schools, Panchayat Office, Mandal Offices or at any other Central Place, Community singing of National Anthem and National Songs. Distribution of sweets to Children.

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