Badi Pilustondi Programme Day wise Activitie & Special Drive for OSC in AP

Badi Pilustondi Programme Day wise Activitie & Special Drive, AP School Education Department Malli Badiki Programme. Special Drive For Out of School Children.  Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in its total commitment towards implementation of “RTE”.  

100% enrolment of all eligible children in schools.  Flag off by District Minister.  Balika Ustavam.   A day for Children with Special needs.  Conduct of Vidya Sadassu.  Student Day.  A Day with Community.

Badi Pilustondi Programme:
The Primary Objective of Right to Education Act, 2009 is to ensure enrolment of all children in the age group of 6-14 years in to the school. Inspite of best efforts it is unfortunate still some children remain out of the school. Such children can be divided into two categories i.e.,

Never Enrolled, Enrolled but dropped out. Some children are also involved in hazardous occupations and engaged as “child labour” Seasonal out migration and in migration of families has added to the problem of dropouts and many such children are discontinuing of Education. In effed, there is a dropout rate of 19.06% upto elementary level in the present Andhra Pradesh State.

Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in its total commitment towards implementation of “RTE”, has proposed for special drive with the following objectives.

  1. To ensure 100% enrolment of all eligible children in schools
    2.To ensure that no child in the age group of 6-14 years is left out of school.
  2. To bring back all drop out children to school.
  3. To ensure that no child work as labourer i.e., to implement “Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act, 1986” under earnest spirit.
  4. To involve various stake holder like local bodies, NGOs, SHGs, and officials in this endeavour.
  5. To improve infrastructural facilities and provide good ambience in the school.
  6. To implement and monitor this programme, District level committee and state level committee are formed.

District Level Committee and State Level Committee:

A. District Level Committee B. Mandal Level Committee:
Chairman: Senior Most minister of the District Vice-Chairman: District Collector Members 1. Chairman, ZP 2. All MPs (Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha) 3. All MLAs /MLCs 4. District Educational Officer 5. Asst. Commissioner (Labour) 6. Deputy Director (Social Welfare) 7. Deputy Diredor (BC Welfare) 8. Deputy Diredor (Tribal Welfare) 9. Project Director (DRDA) 10. Distrid Minority Welfare Officer 11. Project Officer, Woman & Child Welfare 12. Two NGOs nominated by the Dist. Colledor 13. Projed Officer, NCLP Convenor:  Projed Officer (SSA)   District Collector can involve any other officer if required.
Similarly, the District Collector can also constitute Mandal level Committees
as follows: Chairman: MPP Vice Chairman: ZPTC Members: MPDO, MRO Convenor: MEO Chairman: State Level Committee: Vice-Chairman: Minister for Human Resource Department Members:  Principal Secretary (SE) Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Principal Secretary, Tribal Welfare Principal Secretary, Minority Welfare Principal Secretary, Woman & Child Welfare To start with a week starting from 25th July, 2014 will be
exclusively dedicated for this purpose.  
Badi Pilustondi Programme Day wise Activitie & Special Drive

Malli Badiki Programme:

Day Wise Activities(25-07-14 to 02-08-14):
Following activities are suggested in this week.

A. 25th July, 2014 (Flag off by District Minister):
On this day the entire information of Out of School Children will be released. All the facilities available in the district like hostels, Res. Schools, KGBV Schools, NRSTC etc., will be published for the benefit of Parents and Community at large. State level drive will be initiated by Hon’ble Chief Minister at Anantapuramu

B. 26th July, 2014 (Badi Ustavam):

  1. Conduct of grams sabha in all the villages of the district under the chairmanship of Gram Sarpanch. The aim of Gram sabha is to motivate the parents to admit children back to school.
  2. Rallies of children & Teachers can be organised on this day.
  3. Folk dances, Kala jathas are to be conducted in all villages to cause wide publicity of programme
  4. MEOs, Dy E.Os., Headmasters, DEOs, MPDOs & MROs should make night halt in most backward and problematic villages in the Mandel.
  5. MLAs can also be motivated to make night halt.

C. 28th July (Balika Ustavam):

  1. KGBVs & Govt. Schools will be visited by Mandal level team.
  2. Girl children who are achieve, in spite of poverty, lack of facilities, should be honoured.

D. 30th July (A day for Children with Special needs):
It is observed that Children dropout because of Spl. problem like low vision, deaf & dumb, dyslexia etc., On this day awareness programme will be conduded to all parents at “Bhavitha Center” and explain about concepts of inclusive education. All the children requiring aids & appliances can be provided out of SSA budget already provided.

E. 31st July, 2014: (Conduct of Vidya Sadassu):
All SMCs will be invited to at mandal level for this Vidya Sadassu. All parents will be explained about facilities provided by govt. for good Education like i.e.

  1. Highly qualified teachers
  2. Free text books
  3. Two pairs of uniforms
  4. Mid day meal
  5. Good infrastructure in schools
    All SMCs can be provided with the list of out of School Children and are to be requested to involve in admission of out of school children in schools. The meeting will be presided by MPP & ZPTC will be the guest of honour. MED will be convenor & conduct the workshop.

F. 1st August 2014 (Student Day):
Children are also to be motivated to continue studies at|east up to 10th class. In every school teacher should explain above RTE to children and take oath from children at least to complete 10th class without break. Elocution / Debate / Essay Writing competitions can be conducted to all Children on the topic.

“I will complete at|east 10th class & achieve higher goals” & Certificates will be given to best performer in the competition, School grants can be used of this purpose. Certificate should also be specially given to children who motivate dropouts to join back to school. (Child to Child motivation)

G. 2nd August 2014 (A Day with Community):
All parents, teachers and children will eat Midday meals together in the schools and discuss about improving the quality. At the end of week, it should be ensured that all Out of School Children are enrolled in school. Similarly, transition of children will be ensured from one class to next higher class. District Collector may personally follow up this programme and send daily report of enrolled children.

Download the Special Drive Programme from here

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