Bhaskara Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana (Sataka padyalu)

Download Bhaskara Satakam Audio Book at SCERT Telangana website. TS SCERT has prepared Bhaskara Sataka padyalu Short book in the name of Sataka Parimalalu-3 and also developed Bhaskara Satakam AudioBook and Uploaded on its official web portal.

Maravi (marada) venkayya kavi (fl. Ce 1550-1650) was a kalimga poet who lived in the vicinity of srikakulam/visakhapatnam. He was a surya bhakta. There is a famous sun (suryanarayana) temple at arasavilli, about 3 km from the present day srikakulam town.

It is one of the very few such temples in india. Sun worship is very prevalent in these areas. Maravi kavi composed bhaskara satakam in praise of lord surya (bhaskara).

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Bhaskara Satakam Audio Book
Bhaskara Satakam AudioBook

Bhaskara Satakam Audio Book

TitleBhaskara Satakam Audiobook
Name of Satakamభాస్కర శతకము (Bhaskara Satakam)
Name of Makutam‘Bhaskara’ భాస్కరా (Bhaskara means Sun)
Written byBhaskara Satakam was written by Maravi venkayya kavi
Prepared bySCERT Telangana
Web PageSataka Padyalu Audio Books Web Page
Text Book NameSataka Parimalalu-3 Bhaskara Satakam
Bhaskara Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana

The satakam became quite famous for its excellent poetry and moral teachings. It is one of the early satakas using drshtantalamkaram (some critics bill it as the very first).

He used several instances from the epics to extol morals about right conduct, the right attitude, the see-sawing nature of wealth, social responsibility, self-sacrifice, determination, women, etc.


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Bhaskara Padyalu (భాస్కరా పద్యాలు )

Bhaskara Satakam is a famous Telugu poems composed by Maravi Venkayya who is a devotee of Sun. Bhaskara means Sun and Satakam mean the collection of more than 100 poems.

All the poems of Bhaskara Sathaka have been ended by the word ‘Bhaskara’ భాస్కరా which is called as Makutam. Bhaskara Sathakam is the collection of Telugu moral poems.

Bhaskara Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana

Bhaskara Sathakam Telugu Poems is Collection of Bhaskara Satakam Telugu Padhyalu. All Padyalu or Poems in Bhaskara Satakam will have Moral and ethical information useful for Kids And Students.

All poems in Bhaskara Satakam are related Kids And Students Academic Telugu Subject. So It will help Students for Learning Telugu Poems easily and Telugu Kids Poems in Easy Learning.

  1. Who wrote Bhaskara satakam? (భాస్కర శతకం)

    Bhaskara Satakam is famous Telugu poems composed by Maravi Venkayya who is a devotee of Sun.

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Bhaskara Satakam Audio Book

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