Sumathi Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana (Sataka padyalu)

Download Sumathi Satakam Audio Book at SCERT Telangana website. TS SCERT has prepared Sumathi Sataka padyalu Short book in the name of Sataka Parimalalu-1 and also developed Sumathi Satakam AudioBook and Uploaded on its official web portal.

Sumathi Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana. This Sumati Audio Book consists of the poems from Sumati Satakam along with their meanings. Sumathi Satakam is one of the well known Satakams in Telugu. The word “Sumathi”(సుమతీ) means, a person with good sense.

It is believed that Baddena Bhupaludu has written the Sumati Satakam. He was also known as Bhadra Bhupala. He was a pupil of the greatest writer in Telugu, Tikkana.

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Sumathi Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana
Sumathi Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana

Sumathi Satakam Audio Book

TitleSumathi Satakam Audio Book
Name of Satakamసుమతీ శతకము (Sumathi Satakam)
Name of Makutam“Sumathi”(సుమతీ), which means oh, good-hearted person!
Written bySumathi Satakam was written by Baddena Bhupaludu, known as Bhadra Bhupala.
Prepared bySCERT Telangana
Web PageSumathi Padyalu Audio Books Web Page
Text Book NameSataka Parimalalu-1 Sumathi Satakam
Sumathi Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana

Sumati Satakam consists of more than 100 poems. It is a Neeti Satakam through which parents and teachers teach social values and good deeds to kids. Since the author has used simple language in the poems, they look very familiar to the users of Telugu.

These poems are very popular as they reflect the lives and regular happenings of our life. Many of us do not know about these poems in which we can find the meaning of life.


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Sumathi Padyalu (సుమతీ పద్యాలు )

Sumati Shatakam, which is a neeti (“moral”), is one of the most famous Telugu Shatakams. they are very using full for better living in the society. a lot of truths are explained as a padyam and tatparyam in a good manner

This Audio Book is to provide easy access to Sumati satakam ( 110 poems) and it’s meaning in simple language. Each Verse ‘s original full text is presented in Telugu Script.

Shatakam is composed of more than a 100 padyalu (poems). According to many literary critics Sumati Shatakam was composed by Baddena Bhupaludu (1220 to 1280AD). He was also known as Bhadra Bhupala. He was a Chola prince and a vassal under the Kakatiya empress Rani Rudrama Devi, and a pupil of Tikkana. If we assume that the Sumati Shatakam was indeed written by Baddena, it would rank as one of the earliest Shatakams in Telugu. The Sumatee Shatakam is also one of the earliest Telugu works to be translated into a European language, as C. P. Brown rendered it in English in the 1840s.

Sumati Satakam has been extremely popular for a long time with parents and teachers who try to teach the right conduct and social values to young children. The language used is very simple.

The poems have the musical quality of classical meters. Most of the words are simple Telugu. The use of Sanskrit words is very limited. There are hardly any words unfamiliar to modern readers.

The poems do not look anything like the sophisticated compositions using the highly cultivated language of prabandhams. Since the Telugu used by the author is so close to what the common people used, the poems look surprisingly familiar to the users of the Telugu.

The poems have an astonishing communication power. All the poems are in kanda padyam meter (Chandas). Being in short meter and being unconnected to each other the poems are easy to remember.

Even if one does not remember the entire poem, it is commonplace to quote some gem-like statements from the Satakam. Each generation of school children learns some of them during elementary and high schools.

Some of the poems and its Meaning:

Sumati Satakam: It is written by Baddena Bhupaludu.

  • Makutam for this Satakam is ‘Sumatee’ (which means oh, good hearted person!)
  • The chandassu for this satakam is ‘Kanda padyam’
  • It teaches morals. What to do and what not to do etc. You can say it is a sort of moral science for ancient times.

Poem: Appicchu vaadu, vaidyudu,
neppudu nedathegaka baaru nerunu, dwijudun
joppadina yura nundumu
choppada kunnatti yuru chorakumu sumathee.

Meaning: Don’t stay in a town where, below mentioned persons are not there. They are: A loan giver (a banker in modern terms), a doctor, a perpetual flowing river, a brahmin (may be another term for a teacher). Stay in a town where all these people exist.

Poem: Upakaariki nupakaaramu
vipareethamu gaadu seya vivarimpamgaa
napakaariki nupakaaramu
nepamennaga seyu vaadu nerpari sumathee

Meaning: It is not a great thing if you help a person who already helped you, it is great if you help a person even if he harmed you.

Sumathi Satakam Audio Book by SCERT Telangana

SCERT Telangana is introducing this Audio Book to know these poems along with their meanings to everyone. TS SCERT effort would be supported by you. ‘సుమతీ’ అంటే ‘మంచి బుద్ధికలవాడా!’ 

Audio Book

Sumathi Satakam Audio Book

Sataka Padyalu

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