Children Education Concession Fee Application Form 2023 Download from here

Download Children Education Concession Fee Application Form 2023 or Children Fee Concession Form 2023 from here and more details NGO’s Children Tuition Fee Reimbursement. As per GO.27, Children Education Fee Reimbursement sanction to eligible to teachers and NGOs.

Teachers and NGOs may download the Children Tuition Fee Reimbursement Application Form and submit Education Concession Fee form along with relevant certificates to the concerned officials.

Educational Concessions to the Children of Employee: After verification of Children Education Fee Concession Application Form by officials, Reimbursement of Tuition Fee would be sanctioned to Teachers and NGOs.

Latest Update: All the PS/ UPS teachers are requested that, who have children of studying LKG to 12th class, please submit your children education concession fee format along with fee receipts Only for 2022-24 academic year.

Submit those at your concerned school complex. Claim of educational fee reimbursement guidelines, TS GO.27 education fees reimbursement, NGO’s Children Tuition Fees Reimbursement in AP and Telangana State.

Children Education Concessions Fee Application Form
Children Education Concessions Fee Application Form 2023

Reimbursement of Tuition Fee Application Form 2023

Name of the ApplicationReimbursement of Tuition Fee Application Form 2023
Inviting AgencyConcerned Employee Department
TitleDownload Tuition Fee Reimbursement Application Form 2023
Application FrequencyYearly Once
CategoryApplication Form
Starting Date To ApplyStarted
Closing Date To ApplyDepends on DDO
ApplicationOffline mode
Download FormDownload the Children Fee Concession Fee Form 2023 PDF From Here
Children Tuition Fee ReimbursementReimbursement of Tuition Fee Details
Reimbursement of Tuition Fee Application Form 2023

Reimbursement of education tuition fees is a crucial issue that affects many families, particularly those of Non-Gazetted Officers (NGOs) and Class 4 employees.

The cost of education is a major financial burden for many families, and finding ways to offset these expenses can be a major challenge.

One of the most common methods of tuition fee reimbursement is through government programs. Many countries have programs in place that offer financial assistance to the children of government employees, including NGOs and Class 4 employees.

For example, in India, the Central Government Employee’s Children Education Scheme (CGECES) provides financial assistance to the children of government employees for their education.

There are several options available for the reimbursement of education tuition fees to the children of NGOs and Class 4 employees.

By exploring government programs, scholarships, grants, education loans, and employer benefits, families can find the financial assistance they need to offset the cost of tuition.

This can help ensure that the next generation of NGOs and Class 4 employees receive a quality education and have the opportunities they need to succeed.

Instructions on Children Education Fee Reimbursement:

  1. Students must studying in a government recognized private school.
  2. Students are studying Inter (Second Year) from LKG.
  3. Each teacher is entitled to up to two children, Rs.2500 = 00 will be paid. Therefore the tuition fee receipt should not be less than 2500=00 (tuition fee receipt must be submitted original).
  4. If the parents both are employees, only one should apply. And should submit a Non-Claim Certificate of the second one from the their DDO.
  5. Submit 2 forms (1 Original + 1 xerox) for each student.
  6. Each column should be filled in the application form.
  7. SGT and School Assistants are eligible for this Fee concession scheme.
  8. Children Education Fee Reimbursement is not explained in the new PRC (PRC 2022). So, employee can bill according to the old orders.
  9. For more details please contact your DDO / STO.

Fee Concession

Teachers / NGO Fee Concessions for Children: The concession at the rate of Rs.2,500 / – per annum applies to up to two children, they should be studying LKG to Inter / 12th Class.

Procedure for sanctioning

As per the GO Ms.27, Edn dt.24 /09/2015, w.e.f.2015-16, The Fee concession bill should be put in APTC form 47. The drawing officer grant orders should be attached to the bill. The original bill of the accredited school also should be attached.

The declaration of the employees and the certificate issued by the school where their children are studying should be attached to the Bill. This facility applies to class IV employees, as well as SGT and school assistants also. Does not apply to Grade II HMs.

Reimbursement of Tuition Fee (RTF)

This Reimbursement of Tuition Fee (RTF) facility is applicable to all 4th class employees and non-gazetted employees of Telangana State Government. This facility has been available since 1978.

This concession applies to no more than two children studying from LKG to Intermediate / 12th class. Children should be studied only in state government recognized schools.

There will be no fees in government and government aided schools. So those who are studying in the respective schools will not get this concession.

Employee should apply with an application form to DDO for sanction of tuition fee reimbursement. The application should be accompanied by a study certificate from the school, a copy of the school recognition and receipt of payment of fees.

List Documents for Applying

  • Reimbursement of Tuition Fee Application Form (Application For The Grant Of Reimbursement Of Tuition Fee In Respect Of Children Of NGO’s)
  • Study Certificate
  • School recognition proceedings (Certificate)
  • Fee Payment Receipt

Tuition Fee reimbursement Amount

Tenth Pay Revision Commission, 2015, proposes to increase tuition fee reimbursement from Rs.1000/- per child per year to Rs.2500/- (Two thousand and five hundred only).

For this, the State of Telangana issued orders No.27 dated 24.09.2015 increasing this amount to 2500 / – as per the 10th PRC recommendation.

According to the recommendations of the 7th PRC Commission for Central Government Employees, tuition fee reimbursement should not exceed Rs.27000/- per student per year.

Guidelines For Claim Of Education Fee Reimbursement:

In PRC 2015, Education Fee Concession is Rs.2500 (As per G.O.Ms.No.27 Dt: 24-9-2015) 

  • Employees who are drawing pay in the time scale 26600-77030 and below are eligible for sanction Education fee reimbursement (Tuition Fee Reimbursement).
  • Sanction Orders should be supported by school fee receipts in original. Original fee receipts should be attached at the end of the academic year.
  • The School should be recognised by Govt. of TS of AP
  • If one of the parents is gazetted officer and the other is a non-gazetted, the concession is not admissible. The wife and husband are both employees only one person can claim this reimbursement.
  • The claim is restricted to Rs.2500/- per child per annum in respect of students studying from LKG to Intermediate & the scheme limited to 2 children of NGOs.
  • Bills shall be drawn on pay bill form TPTC Form-47.
  • The concession is applicable to all non-gazetted/class-IV employees drawing salaries under 010 head.
  • Reimbursement does not apply if the employee is in suspension.

Recently the Principal Secretary of Finance has given clarification on this through Memo No. 9782/593 /A/ Admin.I /2017 Date: 23.7.2018.

Tuition Fee Reimbursement Details

Fee Concession Govt OrderG.O.Ms.No.27, Dated: 24-9-2015
Present PRCRPS 2015
Reimbursement Of Tuition FeeRs.2500/- per annum
StudyingStudents studying from LKG to Intermediate
Bill Form NoTPTC Form-47 / APTC Form-47
Limitationlimited to 2 children
Tuition Fee Reimbursement Details

Model 1 – Reimbursement Of Tuition Fee Application Form


2. a. Class & Section in which the pupil is reading
b. Whether the pupil is promoted to:
3. Parent’s Name:
4. How employed Full particulars of the post held, Department, etc., should be sated here against relevant heads below.
5. Salary of the Parent:
6. Concession claimed full/half: Rs.2,500/- (Twenty Five Hundred Only)
7. Declaration by the parent:

I hereby declare that the particulars shown against column (1) of this application is my Son/Daughter.

Certified that I have not drawn the amount during for the year (2022-21).

I hereby declare that my Husband / wife not claimed the same Reimbursement (Applicable only for those employee husband/wife is Government Employee)

Station: Signature of the Parent/Employee.
Dated: Certificate by Head of the Department


I hereby certify that the person shown against Column 4 of this application is working as_____ and is likely to be in service till the end of the school year.

Station: Signature of the Head master
(Employee Working School)


Fee Concession applied for this employee Children is Recommended for Sanction For the Academic Year 2022-21.

Signature of the Drawing Officer(DDO)


This is to certify that Mr. …. , Son/Daughter of …. Studied in Class …. with Admission Number …. and Child ID …. (as per the Child info website) of the school during the year 2022-21. He/she has paid tuition fee of Rs. …. (in words …. ) for the year 2022-21. Certified that the school is recognized by the Government of …. vide Director of Public Instruction Proceedings …. and is in receipt of any grant-in-aid.

This is to certify that Mr …. , Son of …. Studied in Class …. of the school during the year ….. He/she has paid tuition fee Rs …. for the year …..

Signature of the Head of the Institution.

Download the Children Education Fee Concession Form in PDF from here

Model 2 – Reimbursement Of Tuition Fee Application Form


(Educational concessions to the Children of Employee)
1) Name and Designation :
2) Working Place:
3) Particulars of children :

Sl.No. Name of the Child AgeClassSchool AddressAcademic Year
Application for Reimbursement of Tuition Fee

4) Recognition particulars of School Rc. No.
5) Total Tuition Fee to be reimbursed Rs……./-Limited as per rules (receipt enc..)
6) Name of Spouse, Post and Office.


It is hereby declared that the amount towards Reimbursement of Tuition Fee was not drawn by me Previously and my husband/wife who is not a gazette officer has not claimed the same from any office in which She/he works in case Govt. Employee and also it is assured that if any of the above information furnished by me is Proved false, I’ll be liable for punishment as per CCA Rules.

Signature of the Employee


Certified that Chi……………….S/o, D/o …………………….is studying class………….. In our school with STATE syllabus for the Academic year 2022 -21. Our School is Recognized by Govt. of Telangana vide Rc.No……………Dt……of…RIDSE/ DEO, Warangal.

The following amount has been collected towards Tuition Fee from the parents of the student during the said Academic Year 2022 – 2022 as per receipts
Total Tuition Fee Rs ………………….( In words only)

Station:…….   Signature of the Head of the Office
Date………….  Office Seal

NGO’s Children Tuition Fees Reimbursement Application Form

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