Conceptual English for Primary School Teachers, download textbook from here

Government of Telangana, Department of School Education has prepared the Conceptual English for Primary School Teachers or Contextual Simple English for EM Schools by the subject experts. Teachers who are working in primary school can check details and download the Conceptual English Textbook or Contextual Simple English Textbook from here.

Strategies to make children communicate in English:
Speak in simple English. Introduce a new word everyday.
Write simple requests, expressions, phrases in daily use and paste.
Use proper gestures while interacting.
Make the children associate pictures with words.
Introduce five action words per week.
Make use of classroom situations to give rich inputs.
Create the need to communicate in English in the classroom.

  • Contextual Simple English for EM Schools
  • General Classroom instructions
  • Classroom interactive Questions (A) Home Work
  • Related sentences for lunch break
  • Related sentences for Morning Assembly
  • Related sentences Evening Assembly
  • English language in different situations
    a) Greetings
    b) Requests
    c) Asking for information
    d) Asking for apology
    e) Bidding good boy
    f) Wishes and greetings in different context
  • Conversations in different situations
    a) In the staff room
    b) In the office room
    c) In the class room
    d) With Parents
    e) Between two friends
  • Vocabulary
    a) Students daily life action words
    b) Vocabulary related to school
    c) Vocabulary related to rainy day
    d) At the bank
    e) At the market
    f) At the village
    g) At the house
    h) At the digital room
    i) WH with Telugu meaning
  • Rhymes on instructions.
    a) Rhyme on monkey story
    b) Trees song by Bahuguna
  • Tongue twisters.
Conceptual English for Primary School Teachers, download textbook from here
Book NameDownload Book
Conceptual English for Primary School TeachersConceptual English for Primary School Teachers
Types of QuestionsTypes of Questions PDF
Simple 105 English Stories100 Simple Stories PDF
Classroom EnglishClassroom English PDF
Spoken English eBooksSpoken English Books PDF
Spoken English Books

General instructions (Classroom rules)

  • for Children/ Students
  • Please maintain discipline
  • Listen to the teacher (me)
  • Respect your teacher
  • Raise your hand to speak
  • Come Prepared for the went class
  • Be quiet when the teacher is talking
  • Be quiet while your classmates are talking
  • Keep your hands to yourself / fold your hands / keep your place neat and tidy
  • Be kind to others
  • Try to lee a good friend
  • Listen to all the teachers
  • Obey all the school rules and regulations
  • Finish your homework on time
  • Follow the dress code / (Uniform)
  • Co-Operate with your classmate
  • Be honest
  • Com to school regularly and always be on time
  • Attending the assembly is a must
  • Keep the school premises clean and tidy
  • Cover your school books neatly with brown paper / sheet
  • Avoid Gold / Silver Ornaments
  • Take care of your belongings
  • Greet your friend and teachers and make them happy
  • Always respect your elders and teachers
  • No student is allowed to go home during the school hours
  • Pupils from one class are not allowed to go to other class rooms during the intervals.

Class room English

  • Please open page no.46
  • Raju, read it / sit right / open the window / help him/ give him pen.
  • Tell me about this picture / your family / yourself / your friend
  • Do you know how to make it? / When to play / how to do it / why to help her?
  • Ok I got it please sit down.
  • Now let’s discuss the matter/ topic / lesson
  • Shall we watch the video?
  • Where is your friend Radha? What happened? Why is she absent?
  • Let’s take a short break/ play cricket/ sing a song / dance/make it.
  • Do not look that side/ Don’t look at me
  • Look at me / the black board / the text book
  • What’s about homework?/project/assignment/your health/mother
  • Looking dull why/what is wrong what happened?
  • If I help you, will you help your friend
  • If you read it you will get good marks
  • If you sing, you may win
  • If she dances well, she can participate in Dee Jodi / Competition
  • When you do this project, take some precautions
  • Unless you read text book at home, you cannot understand
  • Whenever you come to class, please ask permission.

Class room interaction

  • What do you see in the picture? / this page / table?
  • Why is it like this/ that?
  • How do you say / tell / explain/feel?
  • Add these two/ multiply it/subtract from it
  • Suppose you are in this/that/his/her place, how do you
  • Draw this cart/picture/figure.
  • Do you agree with me? Say Yes or No
  • Do you agree to my proposal? Say Yes or No
  • When did you see this?/that / her/him/those things?
  • Do not worry to answer. Right or wrong say something

During Lunch or Before Afternoon

  • Dear students, all of you wash your hands
  • Stand in line/come in queue / set right/ why don’t you stand in line?
  • Do not push him/pull him/pinch him
  • Do not call names / do not use bad words
  • Do not for get to drink water
  • How is curry today? Is it tasty? / is it ok?
  • Now, go to your class


  • Good Morning Children – Good Morning Teacher
  • How are you Children – Fine Teacher?
  • How are you Teacher – I’m Fine, Thank you

Classroom interaction of Teachers

  • Class room/School level giving instructions or commands by Teacher
  • Look at the board
  • Pay attention please
  • Raise your hands
  • Put up your hand
  • Don’t speak
  • Take your seat
  • Take your book
  • Turn to page
  • Work in pairs
  • Work in groups
  • Come and write it on the board
  • Come here – come to one
  • Stop talking
  • Keep quite
  • Listen to the audio
  • Listen to your friend
  • Repeat after me
  • Sing along with me
  • Can you use these words in a sentence
  • Make a complete sentence
  • Will you please shut the door
  • Will you shut the window please?
  • Could you speak up please?
  • Can you speak louder please?
  • Why are you late the class?

Simple Instructions and Commands

  • Come here
  • Don’t make noise
  • Answer my question
  • Read this paragraph one after another
  • Stop writing, time is up
  • Come and meet me after the class
  • Please write your name on the paper
  • Wait here until the class is over
  • Group answers are not allowed
  • Let’s stop the lesson here. That’s all for today
  • Ok let’s stop here
  • Read softly
  • The lesson is over now, it’s time to write home work in your dairy.
  • Please raise your hands if you don’t understand
  • Please give me way
  • Remind me about this tomorrow
  • Go and blow your nose out there
  • Don’t copy from others
  • Don’t waste your time
  • Keep these sheets of paper in order
  • Ask him/her to come here, come forward
  • Tell me what actually happened
  • Go to the tap wash your hands / face
  • Have a little patience
  • Think before you speak
  • Don’t come late to school
  • Don’t be silly
  • Comb your hair
  • Do your home work at home
  • Don’t sit idle
  • Don’t drive me crazy
  • Don’t whisper in the class
  • Write down this in your note book
  • Write the date in your notebook
  • Go back to your place
  • Have you finished ? Writing? Reading?
  • Did you get it?
  • Do you understand?
  • Time is up
  • Let’s stop now
  • It’s time to finish now
  • Collect your books please
  • The bell rang
  • Do home work
  • Do exercise from page no __ to as your home work
  • See you again
  • See you tomorrow
  • Come in
  • Stand up
  • Sit down
  • Stand by your desks
  • Hold your books up
  • Hold your pens up
  • Show me your book
  • Pay attention everyone
  • Are you ready
  • Look at the activity
  • Say it again please
  • Do it again please
  • You have 5minutes to do this
  • Who is next
  • Read the text
  • Wrote it this down
  • Note this sown
  • Copy the words
  • Speak in English please
  • Switch on the lights please

Enquiring Students about their Home works

  • Raju/ Rani/ Children/ Child—-
  • Bring your homework note books to me
  • Did you complete your homework
  • What did you learn from yesterdays homework
  • What did you understand from yesterdays homework
  • Why is your work in complete
  • Can I know the reason for not completing the homework
  • Are you facing any problem or difficulty in writing your homework
  • I will contact your parents and tell them that your works are incomplete
  • How can you forget to bring your homework notebook
  • Why did you forget to bring your homework notebook
  • Very good, you wrote/did your homework correctly
  • I appreciate you
  • Is this your handwriting
  • Write neatly and correctly
  • You should cultivate good habits and good behavior
  • Always be cheerful
  • Do not touch other’s belongings without their permission
  • See that you have 100% attendance in school
  • Don’t write anything on the blackboard / walls
  • Don’t use foul or un parliamentary language
  • Don’t buy eatables from street vendors
  • Don’t bring money to school
  • Please make proper use of library books/games material

At the Lunch Break Instructions

  • Dear students wash your hands before and after the meal
  • Wash / clean your plates with the soap / liquid
  • Make a queue while taking your meal
  • Keep quiet during your meal
  • Don’t waste your food, don’t spill your food
  • Enjoy the meal
  • Have you had your lunch?
  • Please follow the table manners
  • Please don’t take such a big morsel
  • Put the waste in dust bin only
  • How is today’s food?
  • What is today’s menu
  • Is the food tasty?
  • Don’t tease others
  • Don’t disturb others
  • Don’t make lame excuses
  • Don’t be absent to the class
  • Don’t talk back
  • Don’t say like that
  • Do your own work

Instructions at morning Assembly

  • All of you Come / go our side to the assembly ground
  • The bell has rung so, all the students must to the assembly ground’
  • Go in a line to the ground
  • Stand according to your heights
  • Stand in straight line / keep your line straight
  • Don’t skew the line
  • Stop fidgeting / pushing
  • Late comers stand at the back end
  • Don’t push each other
  • Stand straight
  • Join your hands
  • Close your eyes
  • Start the prayer
  • Recite the national anthem with respect
  • Put your hands down
  • Listen to the thought of the day carefully
  • Let’s take the pledge
  • Go back to your classes
  • Go to your respective classes
  • What are the highlights of the today’s news?

Instructions at Play time

  • All of you follow the instructions of PET Sir/madam
  • Try to participate in all Games and Sports
  • Play with Discipline
  • Play with Sportsman spirit
  • Consider success and failure equally
  • All of you must be sportive
  • PET:
  • Dear Students, Please give your names to participate in ————– Game
  • Games will help us in improving our Health.
  • All of you must be physically fit.
  • Please help me in selecting teams
  • Team leader must be one among you
  • Team spirit is very important
  • Use the Play material very carefully
  • Don’t break the play equipment.

Instructions at Evening Assembly

  • All should take part in the assembly without fail
  • After the assembly, students march silently to the gate
  • Maintain discipline
  • You are not suspected to shout or play in the corridors
  • Stand in a line and maintain hand distance
  • Sing along with the leaders
  • Give way to others
  • Complete the given works at home as a must
  • Please don’t forget to bring water bottles along with your books
  • Be punctual to school / be on time/ be regular
  • How was your day at school today? Hope you all enjoyed the day at school
  • Let’s meet tomorrow


  • Hai
  • Hallow
  • Good Morning
  • Good afternoon Madam. How are you?


  • Please lend your pen. Can I borrow your pen please
  • Please help me
  • Can you please help me?
  • Will you please lend me you bicycle?
  • Would you please post this for me?
  • May I help you?

Asking Questions:

  • How are you?
  • What is your name?
  • Where is your car?
  • Why are you laughing now?
  • Where do you buy fruits?


  • How you are?
  • Would you please tell me your name?
  • May I know where your car is?
  • Can you please tell me as why you are laughing now?

Expressing Apology:-

  • I am sorry
  • I am extremely sorry
  • I apologize for not attending your birthday party
  • I apologize for the inconvenience
  • I deeply report for the inconvenience caused due to delay of the train.

Meeting after a long time:

  • It’s nice to meet you Sir/madam
  • I am glad meeting you / sir/ Madam

Leave Taking

  • Bye
  • See you, bye
  • Lets meet tomorrow bye
  • Bye, Bye


  • Good bye
  • It’s nice talking to you, Good bye
  • Good night

On Birth day

  • Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday to you
  • Hope you have a very happy Birthday
  • Wishing you a blessed year and wonderful day
  • Many many happy returns of the day

Before success

  • I wish you all the best
  • Good luck
  • Best of luck
  • Wishing you good luck
  • All the best

After success

  • Congratulations on your success
  • Congratulations on your well-deserved success
  • Heartily congratulations to you
  • Congratulations
  • Warmest congratulations on your success
  • Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure

Get Well

  • Wishing you well – Get well soon!
  • Hope you will get better soon
  • Feel better soon
  • Have a speedy recovery
  • Hoping for your speedy recovery
  • I want you to be happy and healthy again soon
  • Take care and feel better
  • Hope you feel better soon

Answer to wish

  • Thank you.. Thank you very much
  • Thank you for kind wishes
  • Same to you

Contextual Conversation

  • In the staff room:
    • Head Master:- did you complete your year plan?
    • Teacher:- Yes I did
    • Head Master:- have you written your lesson Plan?
    • Teacher:- I have already Completed
    • Head Master:- Have you Conducted FA for Class 3?
    • Teacher:- Yes Sir, I have conducted FA
    • Head Master:- When shall we conduct a review meeting?
    • Teacher:- We shall conduct a review meeting tomorrow Sir.
    • Head Master:- How much syllabus have you completed so far?
    • Teacher:- 90% of the syllabus completed and remaining syllabus will be completed soon.
  • In the Office room:
    • Head Master:- Please submit your lesson plan
    • Teacher:-Ok sir, here it is
    • Head Master:- What about progress and performance of the Students?
    • Teacher:- some of the students are not able to speak English.
    • Head Master:- We should focus on developing oral skills
    • Teacher:- Yes sir, I would give some extra/ additional activities on Speaking English.
  • Interactions between Teacher and Student conversations
    • Teacher:- Good Morning dear Students
    • Student:- Good Morning Sir/Madam
    • Teacher:- Please be seated
    • Teacher- Before starting the class, I Want all your Home work notebooks on my table
    • Student:- Yes Sir/Madam
    • Student:- I forgot to bring my homework copy
    • Teacher:- Have you done your homework?
    • Student:- Yes Sir/madam but I left my notebook at home.
    • Teacher:- How is that Possible? Or How can you forgot that? I reminded Everyone Yesterday
    • Student:- I Put it on my bag.
    • Teacher:- How can I believe you? I am sure you are lying.
    • Student:- No Mam
    • Teacher:- Ok, No Problem, but don’t forget to bring tomorrow.
    • Student:- Mam I’m extremely sorry
    • Teacher:- It’s ok
    • Student:- Ok mam, Thank you.
  • Conversation between Two Friends
    • Akash:- Hi Ajay! How are you?
    • Ajay:- I am fine. How are you
    • Akash:- I am fine too Thank you What are you doing this evening?
    • Ajay:-I am taking care of my garden.
    • Akash:- oh! It is such a beautiful garden
    • Ajay:- Thank you, I Work every day in it.
    • Akash:- Oh! Does anyone help with it?
    • Ajay:- No, I have done it all by myself as a hobby
    • Akash:- This is so great
    • Ajay:- Come I will show you around
    • Akash:- This is such an amazing use of time
    • Ajay:- Yes, may I ask you re hobby?
    • Akash:- My hobby is fishing. I get pleasure from it.
    • Ajay:- I have to go now! See you soon. bye
  • Conversation with Parents
    • Teacher:- Good Morning Sir/Madam
    • Parent:- Good Morning Sir/Madam
    • Teacher:- How are you
    • Parent:- I am fine, Thank you. And you?
    • Teacher:- I am also fine Thank you
    • Teacher:- Please be seated
    • Parent:- Thank you
    • Teacher:- Where are you from? Where do you live?
    • Parent:- I am from Manuguru
    • Teacher:- Ok, we invite you to our school with pleasure.
    • Parent:- Thank you
    • Teacher:- What about your children?
    • Parent:- My son / daughter has completed 5th class. I want to join him/her in 6th class in our school.
    • Teacher:- Why not? Sure
    • Parent:- So please admit hi/her in 6th Class.
    • Teacher:- Fill the admission form and sign it.
    • Parent:- Ok Sir/madam
    • Teacher:- We will take care of your Son/daughter make your son/daughter to do home work at your home.
    • Parent:- Yes Sir/madam. I must do it.
    • Teacher:- We will provide text books, Uniforms and Mid Day Meal.
    • Parent:- Thank you
    • Teacher:- Ok, we will meet again
    • Parent:- See you sir.

Daily Action Words

Get upImagineTouch
Wake upExpectTurn
Daily Action Words

School related words

GlossaryKey board
Physical EducationMouse
Port folioTeacher
Word ProblemsCoach
Word ProcessorLibrarian
AssignmentPlay ground
School related words

Action Words


Rainy Day

CloudsMasshy (Msshes)
Rain dropsThunders
Heavy rainRainfall
FloodsChildren enjoying the rain
Natural calamitiesUntimely rains
Beautiful weathersAcid rains
Rainy Day words

Bank Related words

Bank ManagerWithdrawal form
Assistant ManagerInterest
Field officerPenalty
Water boyCabins
Power GeneratorComputers
Secret lockerFixed deposits
Strong roomRecurring deposits
Online BankingSavings account
TransactionCurrent account
Bank Related words
  • I agree to go there
  • I don’t agree to go there
  • Do you agree to go there
  • Did you agree
  • Do you tell them to buy that?
  • Do you have to go there? – I have to work
  • Did you have to work? – I had to work
  • Does he agree to go there? – He used to work
  • Is he going to many her? – He is going to many

Question related words

WhatHow far
WhyHow often
WhenHow much
WhereHow many
WhichHow long
WhoseHow Long ago
WhoHow soon
WhomHow fast
HowHow early
Question related words

Yes or No Questions

  • Do you take?
  • Will you take?
  • Did you take?
  • Have to taken?
  • Are you taking?
  • Were you taking?
  • What do you takes?
  • When will you take?
  • How did you take?
  • Why have you take?
  • Where are you taking?
  • Simple Present: I go to school – I don’t go to school – do I go to school
  • Simple Past: I will go to school – I want go to school – will I go to school
  • Simple Future: I went to school – I didn’t go to school – Did I go to school
  • Present continues: I am going – I am not going – Am I going to school
  • Past Continues: I have gone to school – I have not gone to school – have I gone to school
  • Present Perfect: I was going – I was not going – was I going
  • Do you take? I take – I don’t take
  • Does the take? He takes – he doesn’t take
  • Will you take – He will take – He will not take
  • Did you take?
  • Have you taken?
  • Has he taken?
  • Are you taking?
  • Is he taking?
  • Were you taking?
  • Was he taking?
  • I have a pen – do you have? – I don’t have
  • He has a pen – Does he have? He does not have – Does it have?
  • I will have – will you have? – I won’t have
  • I had – Did you have
  • I am happy – Are you happy – I am not happy
  • He is happy – Is he happy?
  • I will be happy – will you be happy? – I won’t be happy
  • I was happy – Were they happy?
  • I can go – Can I go – I can’t go
  • Could you go?
  • Should you go?
  • Must you go there? I must not go

Words related to Vegetable Market

BrinjalBitter ourd
Lady’s fingerCorn
OnionJack fruit
MintBell Pepper
Words related to Vegetable Market

Fruits Action Words

Fruits Action Words

Market Action Words

Market Action Words

Fruits Naming Words

PearWater melon
Fruits Naming Words

Vocabulary Words related to Village

HutsGreen wich Village
ValleyGroup of People
KickWind Mill
GuardScare crow
Ride a HorseMower
SowingBale of Hay Hay
Fresh airVegetable
Till the SoilTiller
Vocabulary Words related to Village

Words related to Audio Visual Room

Memory CardProjector
HDMI CableMonitor
RemoteVGA Cable
Key boardLaser jet Printer
MouseLaptop Cooling Stand
Printer cable
Words related on Audio Visual Room

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