Conditions for Educational Buses(Both Schools & Colleges) as per AP Motor Vehicles Rules,1989

Conditions for Educational Buses. Amendment to Rule 185 of the Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.  Conditions for Educational Buses(Both Schools & Colleges) as per AP Motor Vehicles Rules,1989

GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH, Motor Vehicles–Amendment to Rule 185 of the Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989- Final Notification –Orders-Issued

G.O.Ms.No. 35, Dated:16-03-2011.


  1. G.O.Ms.No.139 Transport, Roads & Buildings (Tr.I) Department, Dated: 05-10-2010
  2. From the Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad, Letter. No. 6083/R1/2010, Dated: 22-11-2010


  1. In exercise of the powers conferred by section 96 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 ( Act 59 of 1988) the Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following amendment to the Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, issued in G.O.Ms.No.216, Transport, Roads & Buildings (Tr.II) Department , Dated:7-8-1989 and published at pages 1-315 of the Rules supplement to Part-I Extra-Ordinary issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated 25-8-1989 as subsequently amended and the same having been published as required under sub section (1) of section 212 of the said Act vide G.O.Ms.No.139, Tr & B (Tr.I) Department, dated the 05-10-2010 and as no objections and suggestions have been received in the matter.


  1. In rule 185 of the said rules, after clause (f), the following clause shall be inserted, namely:- “(g) Additional conditions for the Educational Buses (Both Schools & Colleges):
    (i) School/College name with address, telephone number and mobile number shall be displayed on the left side and rear exterior of the vehicle.
    (ii) The age of the driver appointed to an Educational Institution Bus shall not be more than 60 years.
    (iii) The School / College management shall maintain a health card for each driver. The general health condition like BP, Sugar and Eye sight shall be checked up every quarter by the management at their cost and the record shall be preserved.
    (iv) The management while appointing the driver shall get the Licence particulars verified with the concerned RTA offices to confirm genuineness.
    (v) The management shall appoint the drivers who have minimum 5 years of experience of driving the similar category of vehicle.
    (vi) The parents committee should be informed about the appointment of the driver.
    (vii) The vehicle shall be inspected by the Principal and the parents committee every month to verify the mechanical condition and functioning of other external features like Wind screen wipers, Lighting etc; The findings shall be recorded in a separate register maintained for the purpose.
    (viii) A serially page numbered complaint book shall be made available in every vehicle. Every month the book shall be inspected by the Principal to go through the complaints and to take necessary remedial measures.
    (ix) An emergency exit shall be provided in the vehicle and the words “EMERGENCY EXIT” shall be displayed prominently in the vehicle.
    (x) First Aid box with necessary medicines and equipment as indicated in the lists A and B of sub rule (b) above shall be kept in the vehicle. Every week the Principal / Authorised person shall check the First Aid box. Every month the Parents committee shall check the First Aid box. A separate register shall be maintained for this purpose.
    (xi) The management should provide suitable parking place preferably within the premises for the buses.
    (xii) The students should be made to embark or disembark within the school premises for the safe boarding of students.
    (xiii) Every Educational Institution Bus shall have atleast one Attendant. But the Attendant shall never be allowed to drive the vehicle under any circumstances.
    (xiv) The driver and the attendant of Educational Institution Bus shall wear uniform as prescribed by the Transport Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh.
    (xv) The vehicle shall carry a complete list of the children travelling by that particular bus. The list shall include the details of children like Names, Class, Residential Address and Point of halt for the student’s embarkation and disembarkation near his / her residence against the student’s name. The list will also indicate the route plan duly attested by the Principal showing the place of origin, terminal and detailed route of the bus.
    (xvi) The Educational Institution Bus shall be equipped with convex cross view mirrors by which the driver can see the exit and entrance clearly. It shall also be equipped with large parabolic rear view mirror to enable the driver to have a clear view of the inside of the bus.
    (xvii) The bus shall have one fire extinguisher, dry powder located near the engine compartment.
    (xviii) The bus shall have provision for bag-rags under the seats.
    (xix) The bus shall have vertical sanctions appropriately spaced from each other and firmly routed to the roofs and surface of the stanchions and the floor of the vehicle is made of material which is non-slippery.
    (xx) The vehicle shall have amber flashing lights on the top of the four corners (not on the roof) in the exterior which shall be activated when the vehicle is stopped for mounting or alighting of its occupants.
    (xxi) The vehicle shall have a board of size 400 mm X 400 mm secured firmly on the front and the rear exterior of the vehicle for display of the fact that the vehicle is being used for the purpose of school / college. The board shall have painted two school going children (One girl and One boy) of height not less than 250 mm in black colour. Below the pictures, the words “SCHOOL BUS” or “COLLEGE BUS” as the case may be shall be written in Black colour and the height of the letters must be atleast 100 mm and the line thickness of the type must be at least 11 mm.
    (xxii) The permit issued in respect of Educational Institution Bus shall be deemed to be invalid from the date on which the vehicle concerned completes the age as prescribed by the Transport Commissioner.
    (xxiii) The Driver of every Educational Institution Bus shall undergo one day refreshers training course in the month of April / May every year to be organized by JTC / DTC / RTO and a certificate which shall be valid for one year from the date of training shall be obtained from the concerned authority.
    (xxiv) The doors of Educational Institution Bus shall be fitted with safe locking system.
    (xxv) There shall be three horizontal bars with gap not exceeding 3” between the said bars to the side windows.
    (xxvi) No Educational Institution Bus shall carry students in excess of its permitted seating capacity.
    (xxvii) Every Educational Institution shall maintain at least one spare bus for every 10 Educational Institution buses owned by them.
    (xxviii) The management of Educational Institution shall conduct one day Road Safety classes every year for the students in consultation with Transport Department, Police Department and Education Department.
    (xxix) The first step of the foot board shall be at a height of not exceeding 325 mm from the ground and all steps are fitted with non-slip treads.
    (xxx) The bus shall be provided with hand rails along the steps at the front door which shall also be used as entry and exit door.
    (xxxi) The management and the parents committee should be involved in making one teacher and a parent to travel in the bus from the starting point and to end point every day by turns. They should sit at the rear of the vehicle and watch the student’s safety.
    (xxxii) While embarking and disembarking is going on, the Attendant shall stand outside near the bus to see that safe embarking and disembarking is taken place.
  2. Provided that the condition Nos. (vi), (vii), (xiv), (xxiv), (xxviii), (xxix), (xxx) and (xxxi) are not applicable to the educational institution buses exclusively used for transporting the students studying above 10th class.
  3. Download the Conditions for Educational Buses from here

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