Ganitotsavam Mathematics Day Celebrations in AP Schools

Ganitotsavam Mathematics Day Celebrations in AP Schools, Action plan and guidelines for Ganitotsavam Celebrations, Ganitotsavam Activities, Mathematics Day Festival, Metric Mela activity, Ganitotsavam 2020 (Mathematics Day) celebrations at School level at High School level, Primary level at Complex level. As per the School Academic Calendar 2016-17.

Ganit utsav: DSE AP is decided to conduct GANITOTSAVAM (Mathematics Day) an innovative Mathematics Festival related to promoting Logical Thinking, Reasoning, Creativity and Joy of Mathematics among children and organize a day festival in the month of December 2016.

AP SCERT, Proc.Rc.No. 443, Dated: 15-12-2016: Sub: SCERT, AP, Amaravathi – Implementation of Calendar Activities – Conduct of GANITOTSAVAM  2016 (Mathematics Day) on 22-12-2016 – Guidelines, Plan of Action – Reg.

1. Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education Rc. No. 36/A&1/2014, dt. 7-2-2015.
2. Proceedings of the Director, SCERT Rc. No. 443/B/C&T/SCERT/2014, dated 5-3-2015.

All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that SCERT, Andhra Pradesh has developed Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17 in which GANITOTSAVAM-2016 (Mathematics Day) is one of the activities proposed in the month of December 2016. In this connection Department of School Education is decided to conduct GANITOTSAVAM-2016 (Mathematics Day) an innovative Mathematics Festival related to promoting Logical Thinking, Reasoning, Creativity and Joy of Mathematics among children. It is decided to organize a day festival in the month of December 2016.

In this connection all the District Educational Officers are instructed to issue proceedings to all the schools irrespective of managements to conduct GANITOTSAVAM-2016 (Mathematics Day) a day festival in all the schools from class I – X on 22-12-2016 in your district. Further, all the District Educational Officers are requested issue instructions to Dy.EOs and MEOs, to implement this event in all High schools and all School Complexes. For Primary level GANITOTSAVAM-2016 (Mathematics Day) celebrate at School Complex Level.

For High Schools GANITOTSAVAM-2016 (Mathematics Day) at School level only. The detailed guidelines and Action Plan are annexed. For vide publicity arrange press conference and explain the details to print and electronic media.

Ganitotsavam Mathematics Day Celebrations

• To create awareness about Indian, Western Mathematicians among students and teachers.
• To create interest towards Mathematics among students.
• To develop innovative pedagogic practices in Mathematics.
• To share the innovative pedagogic practices of Mathematics with other schools.
• To conduct Metric Mela in School Complex by involving School Complex catchment schools.
• To conduct Quiz competitions relating to Mathematics.
• To develop, exchange Mathematics literature among teachers.

Action Plan
On the eve of Ramanujan birthday “Ganitothsavam” will be conducted in all school complex by involving all catchment schools on 22nd December 2016. The following activities shall conduct in school complex on 22-12-2016.

Primary Level (Metric Mela activity – Ganitotsavam):
• Conduct special school complex meeting for Ganitothsavam by involving all teachers and students of catchment schools.
• Each primary school should prepare different material related to Mathematics and display the same in Metric Mela of School Complex. (Example: Mathematical models, Measuring instruments, Tables, Number grids, Place Value grids etc.,)
• Teachers should train their students to participate, demonstrate and conduct their activity in Metric Mela
• Conduct Mathematics Quiz for the students studying 4th and 5th Classes.
• School complex Head Master should take responsibility to prepare quiz questions by keeping in view the number of schools. (Only one team from one schoolcan participate in Quiz)
• Invite 2 expert teachers in Mathematics from nearby school complex to act as judges.
• Select 3 best performers from Metric Mela and 3 from Mathematics Quiz and award prizes to the selected students by the judges. .

High School Level:
• Conduct Ganitotsavam – 2016 in all High Schools.
• Conduct the following activities (4 sessions) on 22-12-2016 in all High Schools without any deviation.

Schedule of Activities:
For Teachers:
• On the eve of Srinivas Ramanujan’s birth day SCERT is announcing a creative competitions for teachers on Mathematics Teaching Learning Material, Mathematics Models, Puzzles, Riddles any innovative resource material related to Mathematics.
– The teacher should prepare a video on his / her selected innovative concept with clean picture and voice over.
– Duration of video do not exceed 5 minutes.
– Mail the video entry to
– Creative and innovative videos will be awarded.
– This competition is open for all teachers.
– Last date for video entries 15-1-2017.

Roles and Responsibilities
On the occasion of Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birthday which is celebrated as Mathematics Day in all Primary and High Schools in all the districts in the State of Andhra Pradesh. All the stakeholders are requested to play an active role in the effective conduct of Mathematics day.

District Educational Officer:
• Conduct 1-day meeting with all MEOs, Dy.EOs, SSA Sectoral Officers and DIET faculty for the effective conduct of Ganitotsavam – 2016 in all schools under all managements.
• Communicate the schedule of activities to all schools.
• Give wide publicity in print and electronic media about the conduct of Ganitotsavam – 2016.
• District level observers visit all the schools and submit their visit report.
• The consolidated district report will be sent to SCERT by the end of December 2016.
• Inform all Headmasters of high schools in the respective districts to the schedule of activities on the occasion of Ganitotsavam – 2016 and instruct them to conduct the same without any deviation.
Mandal Educational Officer:
• Conduct 1-day meeting with all School Complex Headmasters to conduct Metric Mela at School Complex level by involving Cluster Schools on the occasion of Ganitotsavam – 2016.
• Mandal Educational Officer are take necessary actions for the effective conduct of Metric Mela activity – Ganitotsavam – 2016 Primary level in all School Complex in their respective Mandals.
• Inform all the Headmasters of Primary and Upper Primary Schools about the activities which are going to conduct at School Complex level on 22-12-2016.
• This should be treated as a special School Complex meeting.
• Mandal Level Observers visit Metric Mela at School Complex level and submit their report to Mandal Educational Officer.
• Mandal Educational Officer submit School Complex level Metric Mela – Ganitotsavam 2016 documentation along with proper photographs should be sent to
• Best Metric Mela activity – Ganitotsavam – 2016 will be awarded by the Department of School Education.
• Mandal Educational Officer promote all the teachers, schools should participate in Metric Mela activity – Ganitotsavam – 2016.

School Complex Headmaster:
• School Complex Headmaster should communicate the detailed Action Plan and Activities related to Metric Mela – Ganitotsavam – 2016 to all Primary Schools in their respective Cluster.
• Make arrangements to conduct all the said activities without any deviation.
• Invite Judges and Guest lecturers from near School Complex or any other place.
• Support the observer on the preparation of documentation of Metric Mela – Ganitotsavam – 2016 and submit the report to Mandal Educational Officer.

Ganitotsavam (Mathematics Day) Celebrations in AP Schools

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