Handwriting Change your fate, Tips for Good handwriting

Handwriting Change your fate, Close your eyes and imagine the view that which you have seen recently and enjoyed. You will have a smile on your face and rewinds that moment automatically because a good scene shows that much of an impact on our mind.

Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life. If we come to letters that we received from our friends, relations we will read them after many days and years even though we feel the warmth, even if we read it many times. Some lines remain in our mind not only the meaning but also the handwriting and the pen (ink/color) they used.

The same letter we received with irregular handwriting and cut off marks we don’t feel near to the heart and feel some disturbance also. Handwriting plays such a prominent role in conveying the meaning. So, we have to maintain a good handwriting.

As it is exam time students should write their answers in neat and good handwriting then only the evaluator has a good opinion and tends to understand the concept in your answer sheet. By good and neat handwriting evaluators spare more time and there is a scope of scoring good marks.

For 100 marks 50 marks you can score by your knowledge and 50 marks by your handwriting. You have to answer relevantly with neat writing. Recent surveys are saying that a student is loosing 16 marks due to their bad handwriting. Handwriting Changes your fate

Handwriting Change your fate, Tips for Good handwriting
Handwriting Change your fate, Tips for Good handwriting

Due to techno, e- techno schools maximum interest takes place on Digi-class, computer-based learning but there is no serious practice of handwriting. Nowadays every child is playing with the keyboard, tab instead of writing on paper. This leads to severe circumstances like bad handwriting, unable to write straightly, etc.

1. There are many advantages due to good handwriting
2. It creates interest in reading. This helps the evaluator to give good marks.
3. It reflects our mentality/personality.
4. Easy to understand.
5. You will be special in your classroom or friends.
6. Scoring of good marks.
7. Confidence will develop by your handwriting.

Mistakes in writing: The minute mistakes will show a bad impact on our answers. Do not neglect these mistakes and because some times these will change the total meaning of a sentence/concept. Students mainly do 4 types of mistakes.
1 Writing answers irrespective of question.
2 Grammatical mistakes.
3 Bad handwriting.

The following are the mistakes frequently done by the students.
1. Do not follow punctuation marks while writing answers.
3. Space is given between letters of a word
4. No clarity in letters & no.s
5. Cutting marks which reflect poor preparation
6. Stress more and write, this shows students stress
7. Irregular lines of writing
8. The labeling diagram is not good.
9. Combining words
10. Using a small alphabet in bit paper.
11. Irregular handling of pen
12. Using shortcuts in answers  Ex:- for -4 to -2
13. Using Red ink for answers

Tips for good handwriting:

1. Don’t depress your self by your bad handwriting. By continuous practice and following some tips you can improve your writing.
2. Writing straight and round while writing the alphabet of Telugu, Hindi & English.
3. The angle of cursive handwriting in English should be 60   for normal writing 90.
4. Do not make more cut off ‘s of words. If necessary do not stress them just draw a single line across them.
5. Draw circles from anti-clock, clockwise direction daily. Then it helps in writing round.
6. Handle pen with 3 fingers.
7. Write sensitively instead of stressing letters.
8. Practice with an ink pen.
9. Use capital letters in bit paper for answering multiple-choice questions.
10. Use punctuation marks.
11. Draw diagrams on the left side of the page and label them in proper order.
12. Do not use cursive writing while writing numbers.
13. Do not use short cut words in exam paper which have a scope of scoring fewer marks.

Beautiful handwriting is the path to the future: We need beautiful handwriting to express our feelings clearly. The letter is going to crisscross as per the today’s technological virtue. We are safe … Are you safe … Letters written process are gone. Say hello when the mobiles become available. Short messages are going on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook. The computer is a blessing in disguise without the need to put a pen on the paper.

More than half of the people are unable to write beautifully despite the preference for handwriting in educational institutions. Not being able to get good marks as a result. This article conveys the need for good hand writing

Educators say that the words we write are only possible with beautiful writing to leave an indelible impression on every person’s mind for ten years. In the next three months, the tenth class and intermediate annual examinations will begin. Students can get good marks if they practice in the right manner.

In the past handwriting was a high priority. In academia, students wrote essays on notebooks, learned their well-being by writing letters to relatives, poets wrote their writings on paper, and organized essay competitions. Today’s technology has reduced the impact of handwriting.

Teachers train students on how to spell letters. Students are taking that teacher as an ideal and improving handwriting. Apart from writing the letters beautifully, they are also mastering typos.

Cutting marks with bugs: It should be noted that even small errors can cut into valuable marks. Ordinary students make the most of the four types of mistakes in the exam. They cause the marks to drop. Not writing the answers, grammar, typos, handwriting is getting messy for higher marks.

Mistakes made while writing answers: Leaving space between letters, Dismissals indicate that we are not prepared for the exams. Writing letters in curve lines, Writing words together, If you press the pen on the paper and write indicate stress is on you. rite 20 to 25 lines on A4 size paper.

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