Janma Bhoomi Mana Vooru Program Content Camps and Copmaigns

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JB-MV Content, Camps and Compaigns Details:

Distribution of Enhanced Pensions:
Government, have decided to enhance the pension amounts from 2nd October,2014 in order to assist the eligible persons to lead a better life and command respect in the society.

  1. The enhanced pension will be Rs. 1,000 in case of old-aged, widows, toddy-tappers.
  2. In case of disabled pensions, the pension is enhanced from Rs.500 to Rs. 1500
  3. The enhanced pensions will be distributed as per the verified lists to eligible beneficiaries durin,g the programme
  4. The programme must be done in a festive environment but not as a routine manner.
  5. Phone Number and Adhaar Number should be collected.
  6. SMS should be sent soon after dispatch of pension

Conduct of Health camps and Eye camps:

Duringtheprogramme,HealthCampsandEyeCampsmustbe conducted at each GP /Ward level.

Registration for Eye surgeries, Spectacles distribution, Arogyaseva, AadharNo’, PhoneNo. to be collected.

The programmecould be best utilised as a forum for identifying/ tracking vulnerable mothers(delivery related), children aged less than lyear age and less than 5years of age.Such an effort would be extremely useful in reducing the IMR and MMR from the present levels and make the state stand on par with best in the country. – Aadhar No’, Phone No’ to be co-llected.

During these camps,the patients along with their Aadhar number may be registered through NTR Arogya Seva and follow up action must be taken on regular basis.

PhoneNumber an dAadhar Number of th epatient is to be collected for subsequent follow up for performing surgeries etc.

Conduct of  Veterinary Camps and Medicine dispensation and verification of foot and mouth diseases:

  • Veterinary camps will be conducted during which medicine dispensation and verification of Foot and mouth diseases should be taken up.
  • During the programme, the teams will take up treatment of sick animals, treatment of infertility cases, conduct of Artificial Insemination, minor operations.
  • Under Vaccination Programme (National Control Programme on Pest Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) – Paarudu Rogam susceptible Sheep & Goat will be vaccinated benefitting shepherd families. Status of Gopal Mitra and training programmes.
  • Under de-worming Programme(nattala nivaran) Programme left over sheep & goat will be dewormed to improve the body weights benefitting 15000 shepherd families.
  • Catves witl be de-wormed to reduce mortality.
  • Apart from the above activities, awareness on latest management practices on profitabte veterinary rearing will be brought through distribution of pamphlets / printed material.
  • Providing a fish support system in coastal areas.
  • Sensitizing peopte on five campaigns

Sensitizing peopte on five campaigns:people need to be sensitized on the Five campaigns,:

i) Pedarikam Pai Gelupu
ii) Polam Pilustondi
iii) Badi Pilustondi
iv) Neeru Chettu
v) Swacha Andhra

A. Pedarikam pai Gelupu:

  • Every citizen is the stakeholder in the development process of eradicating Poverty.
  • DWCRA members wil! be trained as a part of skill development and Knowledge Mission for creating more than 80 lakh jobs.
  • Financial inclusion will be the key for inclusive growth.
  • Necessary awareness is to be given on financial saving activities.

B. Polam Pilustondi:

  • During the programme period, steps are to be taken to:
  • To enhance-the outreach of Extension services at door step of the farmers & interaction programmes.
  • Under taking of l5 soil sample tests in every GP as per the approved methodology.The MAO and the staff would ensure collection of 15 soil samples frome ach GP and send these samples to the soil laboratories for test of the macro and micronutrients.
  • Local specific crop condition and variety issues.
  • Increasing the number of soil testing cards and distribution.
  • Supply of Seeds for Rabi season.
  • Supply of extra quantities of Zinc and Gypsum on subsidy.
  • Release of pending input subsidy.

C. Badi Pilustondi:

  • BadiPilustondi Was Launched on 25.07.2014 in Anantapuramu District and continued upto 2nd August 2014.
  • All the children in the age group 6-14 must be enrolled.
  • Enrolments in Adult Education need to be encouraged.
  • Importance of education must be inculcated in the minds of the children.

D. Neeru -Chettu:

Optimum use of water – water use efficiency – More crops per drop.
Carrying out the inventory of existing GPS-based harvesting structures and repairs/construction of new water harvesting structures using the remote sensing technology.

Repairs/maintenance of water harvesting structures and water recharge.
Construction of recharge pits through roof water collection (especially in urban areas).

De-silting of tanks and breach restoration and Better Water management through improved agricultural practices.
Tree plantations through drip systems need to be encouraged.

E. Swacha Andhra:

Provision of safe potable Water of 20 litres for Rs.2 to each house hold.
It is proposed to launch NTR Sujala Pathakam programme on 2nd October 2014 by installing atleast one water treatment plant in each constituency and two water treatment plants in each muncipality. The programme will cover all house holds in phased manner in course of time.
The programme goes hand in hand with the National swacha Bharat programme which is being observed during 25-09-2014 to 23-10-2014.

  • Concept should be “Keep the villages / wards clean.
  • Street cleaning.
  • Drainage cleaning.
  • Institutions cleaning-schools, AWC, GP, sub-centres.
  • ldentify & cleaning Garbage heaps & water Stagnantpoints.
  • Solid & Liquid waste management.
  • Awareness on construction & usage of Toilets.
  • Awareness on Hand Wash.
  • Safe handting & storage of drinking water.
  • Cleaning of over head tanks of drinking water schemes.
  • Toilets in schools and colleges must be constructed in a definite time frame and maintained properly ensuring water supply.
  • SHGs are to be trained in water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme.

Pension eligibility

Old age : 65 years and above
Widow : 18 years
Disabled: 4O% to79% : Rs. 1000/- and 80% and above Rs.1500/-
Weavers: > 50 years, weavers by profession
Toddy Tappers: > 50 years by profession

The criteria for sanctioning a pension is essentially need-based (extreme poverty) but not saturation based.

one family – one pension should be the common norm. Except in extra-ordinary cases where the condition of the family is very pathetic such as both wife and husband are very old – more than one pension per familY should be entertained.

If in a family,there are both old aged persons and disabled persons, then both are eligible for pensions.Incase,there is more than one disabled person with disability more than 80% and the family doesn’t have any source of income,then all such disabled persons in the family can be given pension. However,the most deserving people must be covered in the first Place.

Evenin such of the cases,the District level Committee needs to recommend the case. Any misuse of the opportunity will be viewed seriously and amount will be recovered from the officer concerned.

It must be ensured that no eligible person misses out the pension and no ineligible person gets it. There should not be a mixup of pensions of Abhaya astham and normal pensions. Janma Bhoomi Mana Vooru Program Content

The issue of giving pension to outsourcing persons engaged in the sanitation works should not be entertained. similar is the case with RTC staff who have retired from the service.

In case, there is a mismatch of biometrics, IRIS technology will be made use of. Until such time, the Paid Secretary shall authorize such Pensions.
During the programme,the Mobile Numbers of all the eligible pensioner should be collected and entered in the database and a message should be sent to the cell phone of the beneficiary as soon as the enhanced pension is credited to the bank account.

When a particular family is so desperate and not even a singlemember of the house is available to collect pension, the paid secretary concerned shall handover the pension to the family. He is accountable for the transaction.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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