Joyful Learning Textbooks 2022 for Harivillu & Ananda Vedika Programme in AP, TS Schools

Download SCERT Telangana Joyful Learning Modules 2021 or Joyful Learning Textbooks 2021 for Harivullu Programme/ Joyful Learning and Enhancing Digital Outreach for Education in TS Schools. Download SCERT AP Ananda Vedika Textbooks for Joyful Learning in AP Schools. Harivillu Programme in the teaching process in Telangana. It will be implemented from next academic year.

The government is working to change the current teaching method of interpreting lessons in books, answering questions and giving marks in exams, and to provide education with values. Steps are being taken to adopt this approach from next academic year. The Joyful Learning program is designed to provide a value-based education at the school level. Level 1 is for first and 2nd classes and Level 2 is for 3, 4, 5 class students and will be taught for a period of one day.

Every day is taught through stories and Activities. Teachers provide an education with values ​​to cultivate in students a sense of compassion, love, respect, gratitude, courage, trust, and honesty towards family, personality, community, and nature. What is the new story told at school? What does the new activity do? The student should fall asleep thinking that. Also the stories and activities to be told today should wake you up with an idea of ​​how exciting and how fast you can go to school.

We all want our children to read, play and sing. But some of the teacher brothers feel that there are many difficulties in creating the necessary resources for it. A few more teachers continue to succeed with their own efforts. Based on their experiences of success, the necessary instructions, stories, and action models were put together under the supervision of experts. The Department of Education believes that this Joyful Learning module will serve as a beacon for teachers, and that teachers will be able to experiment and succeed in this pathway.

The Department hopes that your experience will play a vital role in making the learning process more enjoyable in the future. This Harivillu book has been released this year only on the values ​​of Love & Compassion, Respect, Gratitude, Unity, Courage, Trust, Truthful, among the nine values ​​that need to be inculcated in students as part of the teaching process. Handbooks on the remaining values ​​will be issued over time. An enjoyable educational process through this book called Harivillu was conducted experimentally in Vikarabad, Mahabubabad and Jogulamba Gadwala districts last year. The program will be held in all districts from this academic year.

The government hopes that all teachers will use this Joyful Learning handbook to make the learning process more enjoyable for students. The government aspires to have the school as a center of attraction for students. The government hopes the book will serve as a tool for teachers in this direction. Inviting suggestions and suggestions from educators and teachers on how to make this book more useful in the future.

For a nation to prosper and prosper, its only place must be prosperous. That place is nothing but a school. The famous author George Bernard Shaw says that where the “Temple of Education” thrives on the light of values, people’s lives are comfortable. The real school is ‘Kummari Saare’ and ‘Kammari Kolimi’ which will shape the next generation. The children who have taken shape here are citizens who exude the scents of democracy. All the skills taught in the school make the person excel. The lights will lead to reach the highest peaks in the field of his choice. But the real question is when this will be possible.

Joyful Learning Textbooks 2021

Harivillu Programme Time Table for a Week

TuesdayStory Telling
WednesdayStory Telling
SaturdayExpressions & Milling Activities
Harivillu Programme Schedule for a Week

There is a need to change the form of today’s teaching method which wants to read the same by interpreting the lessons in the books, writing the answers to the questions, sticking to the test and serving the marks. If we believe that education leads to personality building, then there seems to be an urgent need to embrace education with values.

Harivillu Period Break Up for Level 1 & 2

PeriodDuration (30min)
Mindfulness1-2 Min
Story/Activity7-8 Min
Discussion/Questions15 Min
Silent Sitting1-2 Min
Harivillu Period Break Up for Level 1 & 2

All the children who have just graduated will be able to share their experiences and experiences with the four of them. They spread their wings of imagination and wander in the creative world. Children naturally grow up with good intentions and good intentions. “Rainbow or Harivillu” is a program designed to cater to the needs of children.

The government has decided to implement the Santosha Education Plan in our state, which is being implemented in Nepal and Delhi schools. As part of this, Mahabubabad, Vikarabad and Jogulamba Gadwala districts have implemented this program as a model program and achieved good results. All the children in classes 1 to 5 in all the primary and secondary schools in the three districts participated in the ‘Rainbow’ program.

Harivillu Time Table

DayTimeProgram Activity
Story by Teachers
Recalling the Story
Reflective Questions   
Silent Sitting
Wednesday30 MinMINDFULNESS
Story by Students
Recalling the Story
Reflective Questions
Silent Sitting
Recalling the Activity
Reflective Questions
Silent Sitting
Recalling the Activity
Reflective Questions
Silent Sitting
Self Expression/ Reflection of behavior changes with weekly self observation/ Milling Activities
Silent Sitting
Harivillu Schedule

From this academic year onwards to develop values ​​like love, affection, compassionate respect, unity, faith, honesty, courage, gratitude.. the handbook has been created with instructional scenes like stories, scenes, expressions of opinion etc. Teachers should teach using this book. For this a period was allotted every day.

This period should give children a full opportunity to talk happily, sing songs and tell stories, unlike lessons in a normal period. The ultimate goal of these programs is to inculcate values ​​in children. However, the truth should not be forgotten that values ​​do not come when they are taught, they come when they are practiced. Getting children involved is crucial. Education Department hope all the teachers will recognize the importance of this program and implement it with high determination.

BookSCERT Module
Level 1 Harivillu Module Joyful Learning Module 1
Level 2 Harivillu ModuleJoyful Learning Module 2
Harivillu PPTJoyful Learning PPT
Harivillu HandbookJoyful Learning Handbook
3, 4, 5 Classes Harivillu ModuleJoyful Learning Module (3, 4, 5 Classes)
1, 2 Classes Harivillu ModuleJoyful Learning Module (1, 2 Classes)
Day 1 Harivillu Framework PPTJoyful Learning Framework PPT
Day 2 Harivillu Mindfulness PPTJoyful Learning Mindfulness PPT
Day 3 Harivillu Stories PPTJoyful Learning Stories PPT
Day 4 Harivillu Activities PPTJoyful Learning Activities PPT
Day 5 Harivillu Expressions & Milling Activities PPTJoyful Learning Expression & Milling Activities PPT
SCERT Joyful Learning Modules

AP Department of School Education has planned for the implementation of “Ananda Vedika” a flagship programme for the better social and emotional learning of the students, from class 1 to 10. In this regard, AP SCERT has developed curriculum for its implementation during the 1st period as prescribed in the Andhra Pradesh Academic Calendar.

ClassAnanda Vedika Textbooks
Class 6 to 10Ananda Vedika Handout
Class 1 to 5Ananda Vedika Handout
Class 6, 7, 8Ananda Vedik Textbook
Class 9, 10Ananda Vedika Textbook
Ananda Vedika Textbooks

Joyful Learning Subject wise Textbooks

About English subject, students are not able to understand and communicate in English, the reason for this situation is that sufficient oral classroom transactions are not conducted in schools. When students are exposed to listening, they will develop speaking skill automatically. Teachers have to make an effort to improve the language skills, especially the speaking skill. Students should be encouraged to participate in all the programs.

The main aim of Joyful learning programme is to prepare and maintain happy class room Teaching Learning Process. We are all have to concentrate on creating of both direct and indirect learning experiences by involving them in various activities. 

This Joyful Learning material is prepared for the purpose of directing teachers to conduct practical, innovative and creative activities in English Language. The material focuses on the principles of language learning. The activities shall be conducted integrating with regular syllabus for meaningful learning experiences. This material contains various teaching strategies to be adopted in the class room. These activities play a significant role in developing spoken and written English.

All the activities require proper care and attention from teachers to meet the learning needs of children.

Download Joyful Learning Subject wise Textbooks from here

Role of the Teacher of English:

  • The English teacher has to strengthen the quality of teaching learning process.
  • Create dynamic environment that supports all the learners to acquire Language skills.
  • Create and organize joyful learning in the classroom with different activities.
  • Find ways to increase laughter in the classroom.
  • Provide good books to students for reading and writing.
  • Chart out all the possible activities and projects, which are connected to day to day life situations of students.
  • Day wise, activity wise schedule should be displayed in the class room.
  • Procure or prepare required TLM by involving students.

Student’s Role in Activities: The Students have to Develop curiosity, passion for English language learning and they have to share their ideas among themselves in English Language. Improve their knowledge of activities.

Role of the Headmaster: The Headmaster has to provide necessary Logistics and support for conducting the program. He has to supervise, monitor and guide the English teacher and see that documentation is properly maintained.

Joyful Learning Programme shall be conducted throughout the academic year integrating with regular syllabus. The teacher has to chart out all the possible activities and projects, which are connected to day to day life situations of students. Day wise, activity wise schedule should be displayed in the class room. The teacher has to procure or prepare required TLM by involving students. The teacher has to record performance of all students in a register. For example one activity has been conducted. How many students are involved and achieved the desired skills / activity / project etc. Source: DEO Siddipet

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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