TS School Digital Classes Time table 2023 under T SAT Network & DD Yadagiri (Day wise Online Classes)

TS School Digital Classes Time table under T SAT Network & DD Yadagiri: TS Class Programme started in TS Digital Classrooms of TS govt Schools and these Digital Lessons are telecasting through MANA TV(SoFTNET) channel. The students can now understand the lessons easily due to video and audio systems enabled in the digital method of teaching. The concentration of the students will increase enormously with the digital classes.

The students also must work hard by learning the lessons perfectly asking whatever doubts they get while listening to the digital classes. By observing the visuals and listening to the audio, the students can enjoy the classes and remember the subjects easily which helps them to write the exams without any fear.

Note: The teacher has to discuss the topic to be transmitted for 5 mints and prepare children to view the programme. The lesson will be transmitted for 20 to 25 mints. The teachers have to conduct discussions on the lesson transmitted for deeper understanding school TIME TABLE.

The School Education Director has issued orders to DEOs to make digital lessons available from the month of July 19 in the Upper Primary and High schools of the state. Digital Lessons will be available for students from 6 to 10 students every morning at 10.30 am every day. These lessons are to be taught by ROTs/ Cable TV broadcasts.

T SAT & DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons Schedule

Digital Classes Schedule 2021Download Digital Lesson Schedule 2021
01-07-2021 to 07-07-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (1)
08-07-2021 to 14-07-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (2)
15-07-2021 to 22-07-2021 Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (3)
23-07-2021 to 30-07-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (4)
03-08-2021 to 13-08-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (5)
14-08-2021 to 31-08-2021 * Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (6) *
Today T SAT Online Classes Schedule 2021 for SchoolT SAT School Schedule 2021
Today T SAT Online Classes Schedule 2021 for CollegeT SAT Inter Schedule 2021
Today DD Yadagiri Online Classes Schedule 2021DD Yadagiri Schedule 2021
T SAT & DD Yadagiri Digital Lesson Schedule

The TS Govt strived hard for one week for introducing digital classes in TS schools. We will remember the Digi Class launching date as a milestone date for a long time to come. In previous days, students were receiving education in a Convention manner which we call the chalk and talk method.

But now onwards students will notice a great change in the way education is being delivered to the students. They will enjoy attending their classes which will have lots of animation, graphics, multimedia. Delivering content from MANA TV site using your own imagination using their own creativity. They will also be able to come out with lots of content which SoFTNET will be used to enrich what SOFTNET have planned here.

Digital Technology has been proven to be a success in improving the learning levels of all children in different parts of the world because we know that there are many concepts which are complicated in nature and however good a teacher is unless the teaching is aided by pictures, visuals, graphics etc., the learning gets consolidated.  And we have seen the tremendous success of online portals like Khan Academy, Byju classes et cetera which have helped tremendously in children improving the learning levels doing well in exams and also understanding the concept from the very very basic level.

In fact classes 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th or in a way very very fundamental regardless of whatever profession you choose to become in the future. if you understand the basic concepts of all the subjects in these 5 classes whichever profession tomorrow you choose to get into this will stand you in very very good Stage. And there is no better way of learning these concepts then why using digital content.

We are very happy that our education department of Telangana government has taken a very very good in every Revolutionary step to introduce digital classes under TS Class program in such a large number of schools. Typically which government agencies trying to test out new ideas by testing in 100 Schools, 500 School, thousands of schools. But our Dy. Chief Minister and entire education department have motivated to reach out to as many schools as possible.

The end of the year the govt should be able to reach all the High Schools in our state at from next academic year onwards.  We will have not just one digital classroom but many distance classrooms in our state and tomorrow. When Telangana is recognised as a state which is on the front of the digital  Technology Revolution, the step that which way all initiative on the 16th of November will be remembered as a milestone step. The success of the ts class let us hope that TS Govt continues to maintain very high standards and deliver the best digital content to our students.

We advised the students to concentrate more on studies for scoring good marks in the examinations and to get a good name for parents and to the school staff. Labels in TS class programme schedule, TS Schools Digital Classes Schedule, MANA TV Digi Lessons Schedule, Subject wise and Class wise Digital Lessons

a. Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools
b. TS Smart Schools Started in Telangana State
c. E-Learning in Telangana Govt. Schools
d. Telangana Open Learning Resources, Online Lessons Education Web Portal

TS School Digital Classes Time table

T SAT Digital Class Schedule

Class Wise and Subject wise T SAT Lessons

ClassAll Subjects Videos
10th ClassT SAT Class 10 Digital Lessons
9th ClassT SAT Class 9 Digital Lessons
8th ClassT SAT Class 8 Digital Lessons
7th ClassT SAT Class 7 Digital Lessons
6th ClassT SAT Class 6 Digital Lessons
e-Learning LibraryT-SAT e-Learning
T SAT TV LiveLive Classes
TS Digital Classes VideosTS SAT Online Classes Videos
Class Wise and Subject wise TS SAT Lessons

DD Digital Lessons

Primary ClassesHigher Classes
3rd Class8th Class
4th Class9th Class
5th Class10th Class
Class wise School Education Online Classes

DD & T SAT TV Digital Lessons Schedule 2021
(Class wise Telecasting Time Schedule for all Classes)


Rc. No. 843/Planning-l/ 2016, Dated: 07.06.2017

Sub: Directorate of School Education – the Academic year 2017-18 – Communication of Time Table for Digital Classes for Classes VI to X – Reg.

All the DEOs in the State are hereby informed that the schools will be reopened on 12th June 20 I 7 after completion of summer vacation. The Digital classes ‘are being conducted since the academic year 2016-17 onwards and will be continued during the current academic year of 2017-18.

The details of the Digital lessons being transmitted from MANA TV is given hereunder: Daily five (5) digital lessons @ one (1) per subject will be transmitted from MANA TV. All the HMs may be directed to make ROT functional or take local cable connection with a set-top box to make use of live transmission.

1. The Digital lessons will be transmitted from second period onwards for all the working days i.e., the Second period for X class, the third period for IX class, the fifth period for Class VIII, the sixth period for Class VII, the seventh period for Class VI.
2. The actual transmission of the lessons is for 20 to 25 minutes and the remaining time will be for discussion based on the questions focused. The subject teacher must stay in the classroom during transmission and engage the children and conduct post transmission activities.
3. Digital lesson registers shall be maintained recording day-wise lessons, with topics, attendance of the children by the concerned subject teachers duly countersigned by the Head Master.
4. The time table of the digital lessons shall be displayed in the notice board and see the children come to the digital classroom on time before starting the digital lesson.

T-SAT network: For Mana TV Vidya, Mana TV Nipuna Channels Broadcasting

Following suggested / model time tables are enclosed for guidance.
a) School general time table (Class wise and period wise)
b) Class wise time tables for Classes VI to X (Day wise, period wise)
Therefore all the District Educational Officers are directed to communicate the same time tables and instructions to all the HMs of Secondary Schools and monitor for effective usage of the digital lesson.

DIGITAL LESSONS SCHEDULE: TS School Digital Classes Time table

Telecasting the Digital lessons from MANA TV – weekly time table
Digital Lessons Time Table: Time table for Digital Lessons transmission from SOFTNET Digital Lessons will be transmitted on all working days for Classes VI to X

ClassTime & Period for Digital Lessons TransmissionStaring Time for digital lesson transmission
Class X10.30 am to 11.15 am (2nd period)10.40 am
Class IX11.30 am to 12.15 pm (3rd period)11.40 am
Class VIII1.45 pm to 2.30 pm (5th period)1.50 pm
Class VII2.30 pm to 3.15 pm (6th period)2.40 pm
Class VI3.25 pm to 4.05 pm (7th period)3.35 pm
TS School Digital Classes Time table

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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