DD & T SAT Digital Lessons Transmission Schedule 2023 and Class wise & Day wise Time Table

DD & T SAT Digital Lessons Transmission Schedule 2023 and Guidelines would be released time to time in Telangana State for TS School for broad casting of Online Digital Classes through DD Yadagiri and T-SAT Vidya Channel.

T SAT TV Digital Lessons Or Digital Classes Transmission Schedule and Guidelines can be found at SCERT Telangana Website and also http://softnet.telangana.gov.in Web Portal. Online classes will start from July 1 for all school students including those in classes 11 and 12.

These Digital lessons would be broadcasted through Youtube Channel of T SAT also. Digital Guru Online Classes Time table and T SAT Vidya Digital Lessons Time table for School Education Classes and Intermediate Education classes have been released. Watch Online TV Lessons at DD Yadagiri Channel and T SAT Vidya Channel on Today as per the time schedule. These classes YouTube links have been provided here for smart device users.

Instructions on online classes: The Government ordered to close all Educational Institutions, i.e. Government and Private till further orders and online/distance learning shall continue as earlier. The Director of School Education, TS, Hyderabad has directed to follow the same. Keeping in view of the orders issued by the Government, all the schools of all managements in the district shall remain closed immediately until further orders and digital classes have to be conducted as usual and as per the schedule already communicated.

All the teachers including Heads of the Institutions shall follow instructions given below. Communicate the DD Yadagiri/TSAT online classes schedule to all the students. Teachers shall monitor the DD Yadagiri or T SAT online digital lessons whether students are watching. Share the project work or assignment regularly to the students. Assess the students responses through WhatsApp or by home visits. Visit students homes and motivate to follow online digital lessons regularly.

All the Heads of the Institutions are informed to arrange online classes (through Zoom or any other platform) along with DD Yadagiri/T SAT transmission schedule. In this regard Class wise and Teacher wise time table to be prepared and followed. Follow the give SSC revision schedule. Conduct the classes through online as per the given timings and conduct the weekly tests by sending the question papers through online.

All the Mandal Educational Officers/Cluster Head Masters/Head Masters/ Principals / Special Officers/ School Heads under all managements in the district are instructed to strictly adhere the orders and deviation in the matter will be viewed very serious.

Bridge Course Online Classes

LevelT SAT ClassesSIET Classes
Bridge Course Level 1Classes 3, 4, 53rd, 4th, 5th Classes
Bridge Course Level 2Classes 6, 76th, 7th Classes
Bridge Course Level 3Classes 8, 98th, 9th Classes
Bridge Course Level 4Classes 1010th Class
Level wise Bridge Course Online Classes

T SAT Digital Lessons

Class Wise and Subject wise T SAT Lessons

ClassAll Subjects Videos
Class 3 Digital LessonsClass 10 Digital Lessons
Class 4 Digital LessonsClass 9 Digital Lessons
Class 5 Digital LessonsClass 8 Digital Lessons
Class 6 Digital LessonsClass 7 Digital Lessons
T SAT TV Live ClassesT-SAT e-Learning Library
(Telangana E-School)
TS Digital Classes VideosTS SAT Online Classes Videos
Class Wise and Subject wise TS SAT Lessons
T SAT Digital Lessons/Classes Transmission Schedule 2021
T SAT Digital Lessons/Classes Transmission Schedule 2023

DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons: Time to Time, Digital Lessons School Time table, Digital Lessons Class wise time table and Period wise lesson names have been sent to all DEOs. T SAT TV lessons/digital classes are available Online mode and Offline mode.

A) TS School Digital Classes

Primary ClassesHigher Classes
3rd Class8th Class
4th Class9th Class
5th Class10th Class
Class wise School Education Online Classes Play List

B) TS Inter Digital Classes

Subject NameSubject Name
Maths 2AEnglish
Maths 2BTelugu
Bio ChemistryMicro Biology
Computer ScienceAccounting & Taxation
Construction TechnologyLive Stock Management
Automobile Engineering Technician
Agriculture Crop Production
Computer Graphics & AnimationGeneral Foundation Course
Office AssistantshipYOGA & Meditation
MT2nd Year Urdu Medium
Subject wise Inter 2nd Year Online Classes
Subject NameSubject Name
Maths 1A (1st Year)Chemistry (1st Year)
Maths 1B 1st YearPhysics 1st Year
English (1st Year)Sanskrit (1st Year)
Civics (1st Year)Commerce 1st Year
History 1st YearBotany 1st Year
Zoology 1st YearVocational 1st Year
Constructional TechnologyUrdu Medium 1st Year
Subject wise Inter 1st Year Online Classes

T SAT Channel Numbers in DTHs: T-SAT Network channels are available on the Sun Direct DTH, Tata Sky DTH, Airtel DTH. T-SAT Vidya Channel is available on channel number 1479, while T-SAT Nipuna channel on channel number 1480 on the Tata Sky DTH from 10 am.

Already, T-SAT Vidya and Nipuna channels are available on the Airtel DTH on channel numbers 948 and 949 respectively. Now, T-SAT Vidya and Nipuna channels are available on the Sun Direct DTH on channel numbers 195 and 196 respectively. 43 cable operators the T-SAT has already expanded its broadcast to the village level in the State.

Along with T-SAT ROT (DTH), cable operators and private DTHs, the T-SAT channels are also available on social media through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and T-SAT app.

Channel NameAirtelTata SkySun Direct
T SAT Vidya Channel Number9481479195
T SAT Nipuna Channel Number9491480196
DD Yadagir Channel Number9461499188
Airtel Channel Numbers

DD Yadagiri Channel Numbers

DTH NameChannel Number
DD Free Dish43
Sun Direct188
Videocion D2H702
TATA Sky1499
DD Yadagiri Channel Numbers on Various DTH Platforms

Today Digital Lessons: (A). School Students: DD Yadagiri Online Classes Schedule: Digital Guru Time table for School Education classes. Watch School Education at DD Yadagiri Channel from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm.

(B). Inter Students: DD Yadagiri Lessons for Intermediate: Digital Guru Time table for Intermediate Education classes. Watch Intermediate Education at DD Yadagiri Channel from 8 am to 10.30 am and 3 pm to 6 pm.

(C) Day wise Digital Guru Lessons: Day Wise DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons

T SAT & DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons Schedule

Digital Classes Schedule 2021Download Digital Lesson Schedule 2021
24-02-2022 to 28-02-2022TSAT Digital Classes Schedule 2022
01-07-2021 to 07-07-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (1)
08-07-2021 to 14-07-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (2)
15-07-2021 to 22-07-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (3)
23-07-2021 to 30-07-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (4)
03-08-2021 to 13-08-2021Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (5)
14-08-2021 to 31-08-2021 *Digital Classes Schedule 2021 (6) *
Today T SAT Online Classes Schedule 2021 for SchoolT SAT School Schedule 2021
Today T SAT Online Classes Schedule 2021 for CollegeT SAT Inter Schedule 2021
Today DD Yadagiri Online Classes Schedule 2021DD Yadagiri Schedule 2021
T SAT & DD Yadagiri Digital Lesson Schedule

Class wise & Day wise Online Classes Schedule: Online Classes Timings for Primary

ClassDD Yadagiri TimingsT SAT Timings
Class 3 /4/5From 10.30 AM to 11.00 AMFrom 9.00 AM to 9.30 AM
Class 4/5/3From 11.00 AM to 11.30 AMFrom 9.30 AM to 10.00 AM
Primary Online Class Timings
Online Classes 2021 Info
TS Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-22
Swayam Prabha Online Classes Schedule 2021 under PM eVidya Programme
Digital Worksheets 2021 Download
Bridge Course Material 2021 for Online Classes
SCERT Telangana Textbooks 2021
Digital Lessons 2021 (T SAT Online Classes 2021)
Digital Lessons Schedule 2021 ( DD Yadagiri Online Classes Schedule 2021
AP SCERT Textbooks 2021
Vidya Vardhi Online Classes Schedule 2021 (Sapthagiri Digital Classes Schedule 2021)
Online Classes 2021 Info

Online Classes Timings for Higher

Class 10From 10:00 A.M
From 10: 30 A.M
Class 7From 12.00 Noon
From 12.30 Noon
Class 6From 2.00 Noon
From 2.30 Noon
Class 8From 3.00 Noon
From 3.30 Noon
Class 9From 4.00 Noon
From 4.30 Noon
Higher Online Classes Timings

Online Education

In this present situation, Government has opted for Online Education. Govt has launched Online Education through T-SAT Channels of Vidya and Nipuna. All the arrangements has been made for online classes in all districts which starts on September 1. Besides, roping in the Doordarshan Yadagiri channels for conducting online classes.

The sole objective of all the efforts of the school education is to ensure that no child is left out from receiving online education. The teachers will map the existing tools and resources like internet, TV, mobile phones, computer, laptop etc., with which each student can access the online classes. The school Head Masters will prepare the school level resource mapping of the students’ outreach.

Every single cable operator and service providers should telecast TSAT and DD channels. Students who do not have mobile phones should be identified and necessary arrangements should be made so, that they can attend the online classes. Each student should be individually monitored by government teachers in the online classes so, that the students can listen to the lessons online.

CSE and Ex-Officio, Samagra Shiksha, Telangana State, Hyderabad has released the DD & T SAT Digital Lessons Transmission schedule on 29-08-2020 under Pedagogy Wing. The Online Digital Classes will be telecasted from 1 September 2020 through Doora Darshan Kendra Yadagiri and T-SAT Vidya Channel.

The Director, SIET Ramanthapur has the furnished Transmission schedule of Digital Lessons to be telecasted through Doora Darshan Kendra Yadgir and T SAT Vidya Channel from 1st September to 14 September 2020 onwards in allotted time slots.

DD, T SAT Schedule: Following government order, online classes are set to start in all government schools from September 1. Officials should make all required arrangements for smooth functioning of the online classes. The online classes would be telecast in Doordarshan and T-Sat channels, and that all the operators must telecast these channels.

MEOs and government teachers should provide wide publicity about these online classes among students and make sure they attend online classes from September 1. The online classes would also be telecast through mobiles, televisions and laptops.

The Telangana school education department which is conducting online classes for government school students from September 1 will first revise the syllabus of previous classes i.e remedial teaching for two weeks. From the third week, new lessons of new class pertaining to the subject will be taught to students.

Note: For the Classes 3, 4 and 5 primary classes, the digital classes will be aired on Doordarshan Yadagiri for about 30 minutes from 10.30 am to 11.30 am daily and for high school students, the classes will be for 30 minutes daily from 11.30 am to 1 pm.

Likewise, digital classes for high school students will be telecast on T-SAT Vidya and Nipuna channels from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm. If students miss out these digital classes on the TV, they can access the same through T-SAT app.

For the intermediate second-year general courses, the classes for second-year students will be aired on Doordarshan Yadagiri channel from 8 am to 10.30 am. And from 3 pm to 6 pm, there will be classes related to languages and vocational courses.

Telangana TSAT Digital lessons from 6th to 10th grade are broadcast every day. Children are encouraged to listen to lessons every day by downloading the mobile app through the link below. – T SAT Digital Lessons Transmission Schedule. –T SAT Digital Lessons.

All HMs should keep one notebook recording the lessons viewed period wise, day-wise and subject wise with the signature of teacher and recording the number of students attended countersigned by the HM. The supervisory officers shall observe the record book and offer remarks on the extent of utilization of digital classes i.e., both online and offline. Further utilization of offline mode of digital lessons may also be recorded in the book.

Digital Lessons Transmission schedule and other guidelines have been issued for effective use of T SAT TV lessons and Implementation of Digital Classes in all the High Schools i.e., Government, Local Bodies, Model Schools, KGBVs and all types of residential schools, Government aided schools, etc., 

Detailed schedule for transmitting digital lessons through T SAT TV have been communicating with Model/ suggested Time tables i.e., school time table and class-wise time tables incorporating regular periods for viewing digital classes transmitted by T SAT TV @ 5 lessons per day from classes VI to X.

Detailed schedule of digital lessons transmission for every month should be issued with period wise names of lessons in different subject areas. These should be utilized by all schools of all managements i.e., Government, Local Bodies, Model Schools, KGBVs and all types of Residential schools, Government Aided schools and see that all children get benefited by the digital lessons.

Every transmission of the lesson during a period is for 20 to 25 minutes and the remaining time in the period i.e., 15 to 20 minutes may be used for classroom interaction based on the questions/exercises posed at the end of the transmission.

The concerned teacher has to write the questions/ exercises on the blackboard and to conduct discussion and clarify the doubts on the concepts transmitted. The teacher must be active during the transmission and observe the methodology of subject transmission and adopt potential processes and conduct post transmission activities as informed at the end of digital transmission.

The teacher must be prompt in attending the digital classes at the beginning of the period so that he can give some introduction to the topic to students and arrange for a viewing of transmitted lessons and conduct post transmission activities.

The Head Master is requested to keep one teacher as overall in-charge of digital classes and computer lab to make use of digital classes and also attend any technical problems duly taking it to the notice of Head Master and MIS coordinator at Mandal level and maintain recording of transmitted lessons in collaboration with subject teachers

Teacher opinions on the quality of digital lessons and further suggestions to improve the lessons from the teachers / Head Masters may be obtained through the Nodal Officer / SSA Sectoral Officers and furnish the same to the Director, SIET and a copy to Commissioner Director of School Education. State-level Monitoring teams will be drafted on a quarterly basis to observe the quality of curriculum transaction and also utilization of digital lessons, availability of ROTs I cable connections, functional aspects of computer labs etc.

TS Digital Classes Schedule – TS Digital Lessons Schedule: T SAT TV Digital Lessons Schedule i.e., School wise, Class wise Time table, Schedule under TS SAT Network Programme. T SAT TV Digital Lessons are broadcasting through T SAT TV Vidya, T SAT TV Nipuna Channels.

a. Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools
b. TS Smart Schools Started in Telangana State
c. E-Learning in Telangana Govt. Schools
d. Telangana Open Learning Resources, Online Lessons Education Web Portal

Digital Classes Info

Digital ClassesDetails
TS School Digital Classes Time table under T SAT NetworkGet Details
T SAT Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools and Digital Classes ScheduleGet Details
T SAT Digital Lessons Transmission 2020 Guidelines*Get Details
T SAT e-Learning AppGet Details
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Online Digital Classes to TS School Students

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