Online Classes to TS School Students 2023 on various Digital/TV/T SAT Platforms start from June 21

School Education officials plan to start the new Academic year on June 21. Due to Corona, DSE is expected to start Online‌ Classes to TS School Students 2021 as there is no opportunity to conduct live classes.

These proposals will be sent to the government soon seeking permission for this. The new Academic year is about to begin with bridge courses.

From June to August, students will be taught the same subjects as bridge courses. The Central Ministry of Education has directed to conduct these bridge courses as part of re-teaching and revision of important subjects of the last academic year. Suggested making these arrangements as part of preventing learning loss.

SCERT has been entrusted with the responsibility of designing the curriculum for these courses. Material printing is targeted to be completed within the first week of June. Only after August 15 will there be opportunities to learn new subjects related to their class. DSE officials are ready to start Online Digital Classes to TS School Students 2021 as per the government directives. The material of bridge courses will be prepared and handed over to the students.

The digital classes would be telecast through Doordarshan Yadagiri and T SAT Network channels, Vidya and Nipuna for about two hours twice a day. The subject wise digital content would also be made available on the YouTube channel of the department.

Online Digital Classes to TS School Students were started from 1st September, 2020 by Telangana School Education Department on various Digital/TV/T-SAT platforms in all schools as part of e-learning and distance education. 2020-2021 Academic year, with the educational institutions, Schools closed, the department of education planned to conduct digital classes as per the syllabus of every subject.

Online Classes to TS School Students 2021

Online Classes to TS School Students 2021
Name of the ClassesOnline Classes 2021
TitleOnline Digital Classes 2021 to TS School Students
Online Classes Schedule *TS School Digital Classes Time table 2021 (DD and T SAT)
DD YadagiriDD Yadagiri Online Digital Classes 2021
T SATT SAT Online Digital Classes 2021
WorksheetsDownload Worksheets 2021
Academic CalendarAlternative Academic Calendar 2021
School ProgramPaper Pencil Program 2021
Online Classes to TS School Students 2021

Due to COVID-19 crisis, Educational institutions are not to open at present situation. So, the Telangana government is ready to conduct online classes through digital teaching for this School Academic year.

Online classes for school students in Telangana will begin from September 1, 2020, an order by the School Education Department. The classes will be broadcasted through digital and television platforms.

TS School Digital Classes 2021

(A) Class Wise and Subject wise T SAT Lessons

ClassAll Subjects Videos
10th ClassT SAT Class 10 Digital Lessons
9th ClassT SAT Class 9 Digital Lessons
8th ClassT SAT Class 8 Digital Lessons
7th ClassT SAT Class 7 Digital Lessons
6th ClassT SAT Class 6 Digital Lessons
e-Learning LibraryT-SAT e-Learning
T SAT TV LiveLive Classes
TS Digital Classes VideosTS SAT Online Classes Videos
Class Wise and Subject wise TS SAT Lessons

(B) DD Yadagiri Online Classes 2021

Primary ClassesHigher Classes
3rd Class Online Classes8th Class Online Classes
4th Class Online Classes9th Class Online Classes
5th Class Online Classes10th Class Online Classes
Class wise School Education Online Classes Play List

Details of Online Classes to TS School Students 2021

The students can also access the digital classes on YouTube in case they miss out on any information. The digital content in various subjects has been prepared by the selected Teachers of Schools. T-SAT Network, State government’s educational channel, will now be available on Bharti Airtel DTH and Airtel Xstream App. This comes in the backdrop of efforts to provide educational content to students through DTH in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vidya and Nipuna channels of the T-SAT network will be available on 948 and 949 channel numbers on the Airtel DTH. In line with the State government’s decision to conduct digital classes, this agreement with the Airtel will benefit large numbers of students of schools. We are happy that State government is providing educational services to students through the T-SAT Network.

TS Teacher ID Card

Online classes in TS Schools: Government Of Telangana School Education Department has given Orders Memo.No.3552 on Dated: 24.08.2020 for Commencement of online classes in schools for the Academic Year, 2020-21 under COVID-19 pandemic.

In this regarding details instructions have been issued in reference of (1) G.O.Ms.No.93, General Administration Department, dated 30.06.2020 and (2) G.O.Ms.No.99, General dated 31.07.2020, General Administration Department,

School Education Department, Telangana Instructions as follows.. In the references 1st & 2nd cited, Government issued orders for extension of lockdown in containment zones till 31st August, 2020 along with guidelines to be followed to re-open prohibited activities in a phased manner in areas outside containment zones.

Online Digital Classes

Digital ClassesDetails
TS School Digital Classes Time table under T SAT NetworkGet Details
T SAT Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools and Digital Classes ScheduleGet Details
T SAT Digital Lessons/Classes Transmission Schedule and GuidelinesGet Details
T SAT e-Learning AppGet Details
T SAT Youtube ChannelGet Details
Gnaana Deeksha Online ClassesGet Details
Online Digital Classes to TS School Students

The guidelines, inter alia, state that the schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutions will remain closed till 31st August, 2020. In the Meeting of Council of Ministers held on 05.08.2020, the Council of Ministers have approved for

  • Commencement of admissions and
  • Approved for starting of Distance education & e-learning for school education.

Government, after careful examination, hereby permit as part of e-learning and distance education, online classes on various digital/TV/T-SAT platforms from 1st September, 2020 in all schools. All teachers shall attend schools regularly from 27.08.2020 onwards and shall prepare e-content, lesson plans etc.

With regard to reopening of schools and commencement of regular classes, separate instructions will be issued as per Government of India guidelines. Until then, all schools etc., shall remain physically closed for students. The Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad is requested to follow alternative School Academic calendar prepared by SCERT and to issue detailed operational guidelines in this regard.

Guidelines for Online Digital Classes

Guidelines For Online Classes On Various Digital Platforms To All Schools. Detailed guidelines have been issued conduct online classes to Telangana Students. In this connection Specific instructions have been issued to HMs, Teachers, MEOs, DEOs for implementation of online / digital education as per Government of Telangana, School Education (Prog.IT) Department Memo. No. 3552, Dt.24-08-2020

1. General Instructions: All Government, Aided and Private Un-Alded Schools in the State shall follow ‘PRAGYATA -Guidelines for Digital Education, of the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Government of India, as relevant to the model of digital education adopted, while conforming to the following prescribed format and hours of e-learning.

Hours of e-Learning

ClassesOnline Digital Learning Per weekMaximum screen
time per day
Play School,
Only 45 minutes per day,
Not more than 3 days in a week,
in the presence of parent/ adult supervisor.
45 minutes
Class 1 and Class 12Follow alternative calendar of SCERT
Class 1 to 5Not more than two sessions of 30-45 minutes each per day,
not more than 5 days in a week,
preferably in the presence of parent / adult supervisor
1.5 hour
Class 6 to 8Not more than three sessions of 30-45 minutes each per day,
not more than 5 days in a week.
2 Hours
Class 9 to 10Not more than four sessions of 30-45 minutes per day,
not more than 5 days in a week.
3 Hours
Class 1 to 10Follow Alternative Academic Calendar of SCERT
Hours of e-Learning for Online Classes

The Telugu version of PRAGYATA – Guidelines issued by Government of India, is available on the SCERT Website

2. Specific Instructions: The following specific instructions are issued to delineate the roles of the various stakeholders in Government and Government Aided schools, to follow the Alternate Academic Calendar prepared by SCERT, and to implement online / digital education as indicated against the roles of the following stakeholders.

Online Classes Timings

Online Classes Timings: Appeal to Student & Students & Parents – Online Classes / Digital Classes will be conducted in the State of Telangana from 1st July. If you have a TV in your house, you can watch it at the time allotted to you by Sun Sat 188, Tata sky 1499, Airtel 946, Dish tv 1627, Videocon 702, city 25, free dish 43, Hathaway 719.

Online Classes Timings for Primary

ClassDD Yadagiri TimingsT SAT Timings
Class 3From 10.30 AM to 11.30 AMFrom 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM
Class 5From 10.30 AM to 11.30 AMFrom 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM
Class 4From 10.30 AM to 11.30 AMFrom 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM
Primary Online Class Timings

Note: The lessons will be telecast on DD Yadagiri Channel every day i.e. 5 days a week from September 1 at 10.30 am and 11.00 am. The next day, The same lessons will be rebroadcast on T SAT Vidya Channel from 9.00 am to 9.30 am

Online Classes Timings for Higher

Class 10From 10:00 A.M
From 10: 30 A.M
Class 7From 12.00 Noon
From 12.30 Noon
Class 6From 2.00 Noon
From 2.30 Noon
Class 8From 3.00 Noon
From 3.30 Noon
Class 9From 4.00 Noon
From 4.30 Noon
Higher Online Classes Timings

Instructions to Students

  • If you have a cell phone, you can go to YouTube and watch Teasat Live T SAT live.
  • Your guide teacher will oversee whether you are watching or not.
  • You should send a screenshot or photo of yourself looking at your teacher.
  • If you have lost your TV or mobile in your home, you should go and see it through other friends near you or in other homes.
  • Listen carefully to the lessons that come to your class at the same time every day and answer when the teacher calls.
  • Keep the student under your supervision when the parents of the students give the phone to the children Ask a few questions after listening to these songs.
Online Classes Timings

Specific Instructions

Bridge Course Programme: A Bridge Course Programme is initiated on online mode for classes Ill to X from 01.07.2021 to 31.07.2021 to mitigate the learning gap among the students due to closure of schools for a long time. The following specific instructions are issued to delineate the roles of the various stake holders to implement online/ digital education as indicated against the roles of the following stake holders:

2.1 Role of Head Masters (HMs) and Teachers: All the Head Masters and Staff with 50% shall attend school from 1st July 2021 onwards duly following the COVID-19 Protocol. At the village level, with particular focus on backward areas, the HMs and Teachers shall plan, depending on local conditions, to reach out to all students, using various platforms and modes of e-learning, through existing communication networks.

All students shall be categorised the following basis and student specific transactional plans shall be prepared to reach out to ALL students

  1. Students having access to T-SAT/ Doordarshan Channels (TV Category).
  2. Students with access to smartphones / mobiles / laptops / computers, with or without internet connection (Smart Gadgets Category).
  3. Students who do not have access to T-SAT / Doordarshan channel or smartphones / mobiles / laptops / computers. (No TV & No Phone Category)

In case of students who do not have access to television, HMS may take the support of Gram Panchayat or any other local government Institution, or also the support of the students who have access to television, and pair students and resources, duly following COVID-19 norms. HMs and teachers can identify locally available educated youth and avail their services if they come forward voluntarily.

Head Masters shall ensure that Text Books and worksheets reach all students. Worksheets are based on Alternative Academic Calendar developed by SCERT and they have been developed for all classes in all the subjects for two levels: Level 1 – Based on the Learning Outcomes of preceding classes (remedial), Level 2 – Worksheets are based on the Learning Outcomes of the new class (2020-21) syllabus.

From the fifth week schools teachers shall prepare worksheets at their level and make them available to students. Steps shall be taken for school readiness, in coordination with Gram Panchayats (cleanliness and sanitation, maintenance of toilets and drinking water facilities etc.)

2.2 Teacher preparedness: Teachers shall assess the infrastructure facilities for digital education available with the students of their respective classes and prepare, a resource mapping plan and an appropriate outreach plan, for different categories of students as detailed at 2.1 above.

Communicate the schedule pertaining to the classes to be transmitted through T-SAT/ Doordarshan, to the parents and students, well in advance, to ensure optimal utilisation. Ensure that students work on the corresponding worksheets, after every class.

Connect to students through various interactive modes, (social media, telephone etc,) and be available to clarify their doubts on the lessons taught. Assign Homework to students, in the form of outcome oriented, activities, assignments and projects.

2.3 Role of School: Every teacher shall prepare his or her own plan of outreach and appropriate teaching resources, which the Head Master shall consolidate, to make a school plan. The entire programme shall be monitored by the Head Master, to ensure no student is left out.

2.4 Role of Parents: Alert and motivate their children to watch the lessons telecast for their respective classes, on T-SAT/ Doordarshan, as per schedule. In case of students using smartphones / computers with Internet, relevant cyber safety precautions shall be ensured. Presence of parents / guardian is to be ensured whenever required since parents are important stakeholders. Proper sitting posture also shall be ensured.

2.5 Role of District Educational Officers (DEOs): The DEOs shall contact concerned cable operators to provide transmission without any interruption and also the Direct To Home (DTH) service providers and ensure that they provide T-SAT/ Doordarshan connectivity, wherever such access is still not available.

DEOs/Mandal Educational Officers (MEOs) should ensure that transmission of lessons shall continue unhindered, by coordinating with the local operators, as well as TRANSCO authorities, for uninterrupted power supply. In case any interruption is noticed, they shall resolve it immediately, by coordinating with the respective agencies.

Steps shall be taken to ensure that the worksheets developed for four weeks by SCERT, reach every student who does not have access to any mode of e-learning. Continuous personal monitoring shall also be ensured in such cases.

From the fifth week Schools teachers shall prepare worksheets at their level and make them available to students. DEOS shall issue guidelines and provide necessary support. Weekly review shall be conducted by MEOs and remedial action taken wherever found necessary. The DEOs shall monitor the work of all stakeholders concerned, regularly.

2.6 Schedule for conduct of classes through T-SAT/ Doordarshan: The following is the basic schedule for transmission of lessons for classes III to X through T-SAT/Doordarshan.

  • Commencement of Online Classes from 1st July 2021
  • Class III to V (L1)- Screen time is 1 Hours /day ( DD + T SAT)
  • Class VI to VII (L2) – Screen time is 1 Hours/day (T SAT)
  • Class VIII TO IX (l3) – Screen time is 1 1/2 Hours (DD) and 1 Hours (T SAT)
  • Class X (l4)- Screen time is 2 Hours (DD) and 1/2 Hours (T SAT)

Detailed, day wise schedule, with topics to be covered each day, will be issued periodically,

2.7 Admissions: The process of Admissions for classes I to VI can be started for the Academic Year, 2021-22. During admissions, care shall be taken to follow Covid-19 related norms of hygiene and physical distancing.

It shall be ensured that all students who have completed previous classes l.e., 1st to 9th, are promoted to the next higher class, as already decided by government and con nudity of study shall also be ensured. Children need not attend school physically, for the process of admission

Out-of-school children shall be identified and steps taken for their admission into their age-appropriate classes. Special efforts shall be made to identify and admit children of migrant labour and ensure their continued access to learning.

Children With Special Needs (CWSN) shall also be identified and enrolled in schools. All Admissions shall be registered in Child Info application in the Samagra Shiksha Website from time to time.

Download Guidelines for Online Classes 2020-2021

Download Guidelines for Online Classes 2021-2022


ItemGet Details
Teacher Hand Books, Student Work books & WorksheetsGet Details
(LEP & 3Rs )
SCERT Telangana TextbooksTS Textbooks
NCERT TextbookseBooks
Sataka Padyalu (Audio Books)Sataka Padyalu
NCERT Audio BooksBooks
Teaching ModulesTeacher Manuals
AP TextbookseBooks
NISHTHA ModuleseBooks
Learning OutcomeseBooks
Books Download as PDF or ebook version


Schools are opening. Precautions to be taken by teachers: Schools will be open in Telangana from August 27 and in Andhra from September 5. Teachers who have been at home for a long time are now going to school. Teachers must strictly adhere to certain self-rules on this occasion.

Before leaving home for school

  1. The mask should be worn.
  2. Keep soap, sanitizer, extra mask in the bag.
  3. Carry a plate, water bottle, spoon.
  4. Power bank, chargers, etc. should also be carried by you.
  5. Only one person should go on a two wheeler.
  6. Only two persons in the car should sit in the front seat and one in the back seat. Car windows should be opened.
  7. Those who go on the bus should take more precautions.
  8. Do not hang out with anyone unnecessarily on the go.
  9. Do not go to school if you are sick.
  10. Necessary medications should be taken along with you.

In the school

  1. Do not touch objects unnecessarily.
  2. Physical distance must be maintained.
  3. Wear Mask, face shield constantly.
  4. Change the face mask each day.
  5. The items you use should be cleaned daily.
  6. Do not shake hands, say hello only.
  7. Meetings should be held with physical distance.
  8. Hands should be cleaned regularly.
  9. Meals should not be made in a mass. It is better to eat in their place.
  10. Proper care should be taken with outsiders coming to school.
  11. Precautions should be taken even with the most close ones.

After coming home

  1. Take a shower as soon as you get home.
  2. Soak leftover clothes in detergent.
  3. Clean the items carried.
  4. Clean the mobile.
  5. Stay away from them at home until all of this is done.
  6. Hold the steam.
  7. Rinse the throat with salt water.

Along with these, make sure you get good food, exercise and sleep. Do not want unnecessary worries. Take precaution at present situation

Online Classes to College Students

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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