Rally for Rivers is a nationwide awareness campaign to revive our rivers

Rally for Rivers is a nationwide awareness campaign, Water is one of the most fundamental requirements for life. But the most important source of water – our rivers – are facing a grave crisis. In just one generation, India’s perennial rivers are turning seasonal. Many smaller rivers have already vanished.

If we do not act now to reverse this, the legacy we hand over to the next generation will be one of conflict and deprivation. To create awareness and momentum about this national issue amongst all sections of society and government, Sadhguru has conceived the “Rally for Rivers” awareness campaign. Pledge your support to save India’s lifelines. All it takes is a missed call to 80009 80009.

Requested to furnish the particulars of the pledge taken by the School Children on “Rally for Rivers”:

R.C No.172/Plg.2/2017. Dated: 04.10.2017
Rally for Rivers is a nationwide awareness campaign

Sub: School Education – Long “Rally for Rivers” Kicks off on 3rd September 2017, with Sadhuguru personally driving through 16 states, from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas- Reg.

1. This office Pre even no, dated.23.08.2017, 01.09.2017, I 6.09.2017.
2. Representation of  C. Surekha “Rally for Rivers Org”.

In continuation of this office proceedings 1st reference read above, all the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to furnish the particulars of pledge’ taken by the School Children on “Rally for Rivers” on or before 06.10.2017.

C & DSE Telangana, R.C No.172/Plg.2/2017, Dated: 01.09.2017:: Sub: School Education – Long “Rally for Rivers” Kicks off on 3rd September 201 7, with Sadhuguru personally driving through 16 states, from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas- Reg.

1. This office Pre even no, dated.23.08.2017.
2. Representation of Rally for Rivers Org.

In continuation of the proceedings, 1st cited while enclosing a copy of the representation along with its enclosures, all the District Educational Officers / Mandal Educational Officers/ Head Masters in the State are requested to take necessary action in the matter.

RallyforRivers: Sadhguru himself will drive from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas to create awareness.
Flag off: Sep 3,  Coimbatore
Culmination: Oct 2

India’s citizens – youth, homemakers, businessmen, celebrities, and social and government leaders – are coming together to Rally for Rivers. This is a nationwide movement to revive India’s dying rivers. Here’s your opportunity to join the campaign and do your bit to save India’s lifelines!. Join Rally for Rivers on September 1, 2017.  

A “Rally for Rivers” mass awareness event will take place in over 60 cities across India on September 1. Lakhs of people, sporting “Rally for Rivers” t-shirts, placards, headgear, and stickers, will come together at popular locations in their respective cities. This event is an effort to:

Make everyone aware of the crisis our rivers are facing
-Create awareness among all sections of society about the need to Rally for Rivers
-Garner public support and momentum for the government to implement a positive river policy

How Do You Participate?
All you need to do is spend an hour (more is great!), anytime between 8 AM and 11 AM, at a place of your choice in the city, while holding/displaying a Rally for Rivers prop. Your support on September 1 will help create the momentum needed so that the government can implement a positive river policy.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone and everyone who consumes water are welcome to join the event! Given below are city-specific contact details to join the event in your city

What you can do…
GIVE A MISSED CALL: 80009 80009
Your missed call will help in the creation of a positive river policy to revive our rivers. Find out how. If You Have Ideas, We Need You!

We call upon all environmental scientists, experts, and practitioners to contribute their knowledge and expertise towards creating a roadmap to rejuvenate our depleting rivers and save our country’s lifelines.
We look forward to receiving your suggestions at Ideas@RallyForRivers.org

Saving Our Rivers:
The simplest solution to rejuvenate India’s rivers is to maintain a minimum of one-kilometer tree cover on riversides. Forest trees can be planted on government land and fruit trees on farmland. This will ensure our rivers are fed throughout the year by the moist soil.

This will also reduce floods, drought and soil loss, and increase farmers’ incomes. Maintaining a substantial number of trees for at least one-kilometer width along the riversides has vast environmental, social and economic benefits for nation and society. Rally for Rivers is a nationwide awareness campaign

– Healthy river systems safeguard our water and food for the present and future generations.
– Secure water resources are essential for individual wellbeing and India’s industry and commerce.
– Farmers’ incomes increase at least three to four-fold by changing from crop to organic fruit tree cultivation.
– Farmers, who are the largest section of India’s workforce, are also among the lowest-earning groups. – Increasing their income will create a huge positive impact.
– This will also diversify and boost India’s rural economy significantly.

Such large-scale, long-term action can only be sustained through government policy. To create awareness and initiate action on this national issue, Sadhguru has conceived “Rally for Rivers”, where he will be personally driving from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas.

How Trees Can Save Our Rivers
India’s rivers are mainly rain-fed. So how do they flow throughout the year, even in the dry season? Because of forests. Trees are important in ensuring that perennial rivers flow even when the rains end. Tree roots make the soil porous so that it can absorb rain and hold water when rainfalls. This water in the soil is then released into the river gradually throughout the year.

If there are no trees, a destructive cycle of floods and droughts occur. During the monsoon, excess water will flow over the surface and cause floods because the soil does not absorb the rainwater. When the monsoon ends, rivers go dry because there is no moisture in the soil to feed them. This is why it is important to maintain substantial tree cover along riversides.

Trees along riversides has several benefits according to scientific studies:

  1. Keep rivers perennial
  2. Reduce floods
  3. Combat drought
  4. Recharge groundwater
  5. Normalize rainfall
  6. Combat climate change
  7. Prevent soil erosion
  8. Improve water quality
  9. Enhance soil quality
  10. Protect biodiversity

Pledge your support to save India’s rivers! Get involved in different activities and claim points for each one you complete successfully. Spread awareness about the project in a number of ways, such as sharing your own stories, inviting your friends to the app and giving a missed call to +91 80009 80009.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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