Rule of Reservation in Recruitment, Rule 22 of AP and Telangana State (APSSR/TSSR)

Rule of Reservation in Recruitment in Telangana OR Rule of reservation in Telangana jobs. Rule of Reservation in Recruitment in Andhra Pradesh OR Rule of reservation in AP jobs.

As per the G.O.Ms.No.196. Dated: 28-5-2016, the Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996 adoption to the Telangana State under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014. So, now we called as the Telangana State and Subordinate Service Rules 1996 (TSSR 1996).

Preparation of Selection Lists as per APSSR 1996 in Andhra Pradesh State and as per TSSR 1996 in Telangana State Direct Recruitments. Top 20% Open Category Explanation, Direct Recruitment Rules Roster Points Merit-Cum-Rosters in AP and TS States. Details of Roster Points in Direct Appointments by DSC, Police Department, APPSC, TSPSC and other agencies.

In AP, Telangana, a specific method and system is followed for Direct Recruitments called as “Merit-cum-Roster” System. Here in this article, learn details about the “Merit-Cum-Roster” system in direct appointments, Preparation of Selection Lists, Roster Points, Allotment of Reservations, How to know Top 20% Open Category Posts etc.,

Rule of Reservation in Recruitment
Rule of Reservation in Recruitment
Name of the RuleRule of Reservation in Recruitment
TitleCheck the details of Rule of Reservation in Direct Recruitment
SubjectRule 22 Special Reservation in Direct recruitment
APSSR 1996The Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996
TSSR 1996The Telangana State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996
Details of Reservation Rule in Recruitment

Along with that caste wise reservation points, roster points are also important. This article is to create awareness among the candidates in AP and Telangana States about the Recruitment methods. The Roster Points, Reservation Points are to be followed according to the AP State and Sub-Ordinate Service Rules 1996 (Telangana State and Sub-Ordinate Service Rules 1996), Rule 22 and Rule 22A. Along with it, posts are to be allotted to Local and Non-Local candidates as per the Six-Point Formula of Presidential Order 1975. Appointments – Communal Roster.

Rules of Reservation in Recruitment

  • Rules of Reservation in Recruitment -Merit cum Roster – Selection Lists – Rule 22 of APSSR (Rule 22 of TSSR).
  • Government Recruitment Notification in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States will have a selection test/ recruitment test/ a specific rule of selection process.
  • While notifying the vacancies, Reservations will also be announced along with the Posts.
  • 100 Posts will be taken as a Cycle or Unit. These 100 Posts Cycle contains a specific order of Caste Wise (Roster Wise) List.
  • This List will be repeated for every cycle.
  • This 100 Posts Cycle contains Local, Non Local, BC, SC, ST, OC, PH and Ladies Quota of Posts which are mentioned through specific GOs and Norms. Let us see the 100 Posts Cycle in Direct Recruitments.

Procedure for Implementing the Reservations

Procedure for Implementing the Reservations and Presidential Order 1975 (Reservation for Locals): (a) The rule of reservation to local candidates is applicable and the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Public Employment (OLC&RDR) Order (Presidential Order) 1975 and amendments there to shall be followed strictly. The procedure to be followed in respect of 20% (non-local and local) and 80% (local) candidates may be made explicit to the District Selection Committee. 

(b) Achieving Reservations for SCs/STs/BCs/Women/ PHC/Ex-servicemen:

  • (i) Reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes, Women, Physically challenged candidates, and ex-servicemen shall be implemented as per the provisions of Rule 22 and 22A of the Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996, as amended in G.O. Ms. No. 65, General Administration (Services – D) Department, Dated 15th February 1997 as amended from time to time. 
  • (ii) Appointments shall be made in the order of rotation specified in Rule 22(e) of the Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996 in a unit of hundred vacancies. 
  • (iii) Local Scheduled Tribe candidates shall only be considered for selection and appointment against the vacancies in Scheduled Areas. They shall also be considered for selection to the posts notified in plain area if they come up for selection. 
  • (iv) Selection of the candidates for the posts of Government/Local Bodies/Tribal Welfare Department shall be made together as per the roster of each unit of appointment and selected candidates shall exercise their option as per roster cum merit and the District Educational Officer, shall allot the candidates to the respective unit accordingly.

Top 20% Open for All – Explanation(c) Achieving Reservations for Local candidates under the Presidential Order, 1975:

  • (i) The top 20% of the Roster Points under which selections are being made in the recruitment for a specific category of teachers posts (e.g., School Assistant Mathematics-Telugu medium) should be kept open for Open Competition under the Presidential Order 1975 (i.e. open for Locals and Non-local candidates), subject to the condition that the candidates shall however belong to the same reservation category (SC/ST/BC/Women/PHC/Ex-Servicemen, or a combination of these) as prescribed in a specific Roster
  • (ii) The remaining 80% of the Roster Points shall be filled with candidates who are locals to that district only, subject to the condition that the candidates shall however belong to the same reservation category (SC/ST/BC/Women/PHC/ExServicemen, or a combination of these) as prescribed in a specific Roster Point.

d) Filling up “Carry-Forward Roster-Point Vacancies”:

  • (i) Roster points which were carried over from the previous recruitments, due to non-availability of candidates under the particular reservation category / categories, should be placed at the top of the list of Roster Points to be adopted for conducting the current recruitment. They shall first be filled up with the candidates pertaining to the respective reservation category in respect of each of the ‘carried over’ roster points, ensuring the ‘women’ and ‘local’ reservation as applicable for the ‘Carry-Forward’ vacancies.
  • (ii) If the carry forward vacancies are from the first 20% of the previous list they are open for both local & non-local but subject to the communal reservation. If the carry forward vacancies from the 80% list i.e. list of local candidates, the posts have to be filled up by local candidates subject to the communal reservation.
  • These are the 100 Points in a Roster Cycle. Every Cycle contains the posts in this order only.
  • Out of the Total Posts 20% are Open Category for all (means Local and Non Local) and 80%  reserved for only for Local Candidates.
  • This is called as Communal Roster system.
  • The percentage earmarked for direct recruitment should not fall short of 33 1/3% in respect of posts in State Service and 30% in respect of posts in Subordinate Service. (G.O. Ms. No. 142, G.A. (Ser-D) Dept., dt: 13.3.2008)
  • Backward Class (Group-C) Women should be kept in Roster 14 In every 3rd cycle of 100 point roster (vide GO Ms. No. 476. GA (Ser.D) Dept., dt: 15.11.97
  • Physically Disabled (PH) Candidates are allotted at 6,13,56 Roster Points belonging to OC Category.
  • Ex-Servicemen (Clerical Posts) are allotted at 12,37 Roster Points.
Reservation in Recruitment
Rule of Reservation in Recruitment (TSSR / APSSR)
Roster Points in Promotion and Appointments for Every 100 Posts (Detailed Reservation Table for 100 Posts Cycle)
2% Reservation to Sports Persons in AP TS Direct Recruitment in All Departments
Implementation of 3% Reservation in Promotions to Disabled Employees
33.33% Reservation to Women in Direct Recruitment
Percentage Of BC Castes Reservations in Telangana State
EWS Reservation in Recruitment
Telangana Public Employment Order 2018 (Organisation of Local Cadres and Regulation of Direct Recruitment)
Employees Allotment to New Local Cadres Guidelines – GO. 317 (Local Cadre GO)
Reservation in Recruitment

Rule 22 Special Reservation in Direct recruitment.

Rule 22 Special Representation (Reservation). Reservation in Direct Recruitment for Out of 100 vacancies

Ruel 22 (1) (i): Reservation in Recruitment

  • 15 for SCs,
  • 6 for STs
  • 29 for BCs ( A-7%; B-10; C-1%; D-7% and E-4%),
  • 3 for PH (6 VH, 31 HH 56 OH)
  • 2 ( 12 and 37) for Ex-Serviceman.
  • In respect of S.A’s, J.A’s, Junior Steno’s, Typists etc., in H.O.D’s and A.S.O’s etc., in Secretariat, TWO (48, 98) for meritorious sports men.

Rule 22-A: Women reservation: 33 1/3 % w.e.f. 28-5-1996 in respect of all categories

  • For solitary post the rule of special representation shall not apply. (j)
  • The rule of special representation applicable for appointment if the number of posts is more than one and selection is to be made for only one vacancy. ( proviso under j)
  • In respect of appointments by promotion or recruitment by transfer rule of reservation for SCs & STs where total cadre strength is more than five (Rule 22(1) (ii) w.e.f. 14-2-2003.
  • Provided that a member of the S.C or the S.T possessing superior merit & ability shall be allowed to supersede not only others but also the members of S.C’s or S.T’s as the case may be. (proviso under (k))
  • SC and ST Vacancies are not inter-transferable.
  • The vacancies for backward classes are inter-transferable only among the different groups.(proviso under (h(ii)).
  • The members belonging to SC, ST and BC can also be considered against OC vacancies ( proviso under (d) ).
  • Posts reserved for SCs and STs shall be filled in only by the candidates belonging to the respective communities only. In case of nonavailability such vacancy shall carried forward till a candidate of such category is available.
  • The utilization of particular turn in the roster cannot be said to have been utilized simply by issue of an order of appointment unless the person actually joins the posts and discharge duties of the posts in which he is appointed (G.M.No. 2289/Ser-D) 78-1 G.A.D. dt:1-1- 1979).
  • Unfilled reserved vacancies for physically handicapped should be carried forward to next year. If no candidate is available for second year also such vacancy is interchangeable among VH/ HH/ PH. If the vacancy cannot be filled by interchange, the same can be filled as OC vacancy in the subsequent year .
  • Compassionate appointment cannot be appointed against the vacancies reserved for S.C/S.T’s and Backward Classes unless they are members of such communities. Their appointments can also be considered against open competition vacancies if readily available. If there is no OC vacancy, a supernumerary post has to be created for such appointment (Go.Ms.No.84 G.A.D. dt: 17-2-1982).
  • By passing of a point in the roster is not permissible. In the case of appointment of children of deceased Government employees also, the reserved points cannot be ignored. If the candidates belong to S.C.S.T. or B.C communities they can be appointed in the S.C S.T. or B.C. points, if readily available. If not a supernumerary post has to be created (G.M.No. 19234- C/320/Admn II/85 dt:18-10-1985).
  • The seniority of a person in a service class, category or grade should be determined by the date of his first appointment only and not with reference to rosters (G.M.No.19234-C/320/Admn 11/85 dt:18-10-1985).
  • When cadre strength is 6,7 or 8, and there is no ST representation, one vacancy shall be filled by ST in promotions (GOMs No. 4 SW(ROR.I) dt 24-1- 2007).
  • SC, ST employees get turn for promotion as per seniority, they need not be shown against SC, ST points. However such employees shall be reckoned for adequacy.
  • Qualified SC, ST woman employee is not available, such vacancy should be carried forward for the next year. If in the next year also not available, such vacancy can be filled by seniority by carrying forward the roster point to next panel years till such vacancy is filled by such reserved employee.
  • Once the adequacy for SC and ST is obtained, the reservation for SC and ST should be stopped.
  • When there will be inadequacy due promotion/retirement of reserved employees during the currency of panel year, such inadequacy shall be taken in to account as on qualifying date i.e. 1st September and reservation shall be provided to that extent. (GOMs No. 154 SW(ROR) dt 30-7-2008)

Differences in Observation of Rule of Reservation

Director RecruitmentPromotion/Appointment by transfer
When the sanctioned posts are more than one.only when cadre strength is more than five
Reservation for SC,ST, BC, Women, PHC, Ex-Serviceman, Meritorious SportsmenReservation only for SC, SC-W, ST, ST-W
Separate roster be maintainedSeparate roster be maintained
Applicable from 1970Applicable from 14-2-2003.
SC, ST candidates selection against OC vacancies shall not reckoned for their representationSC, ST employees promoted as per seniority shall be taken into account to consider the adequacy
Since the adequacy of representation is not considered and the reservation is observed as per the roster points with reference to cadre strengthOnce the adequacy of representation is achieved, the reservation should be stopped.
The question of lapsing Un-utilized roster points for SC and ST does not arise as such points are to be carried forward till the same are filled up.Un-utilized roster points for SC and ST shall lapse
when the percentage is achieved.
ST points should be filled as per roster points earmarked for ST and cadre strength has no relevance.When cadre strength is 6,7 or 8 , one vacancy shall be filled by ST at their turn in the roster if there is no
When SC and ST candidates are not available such point cannot be filled by other communities and such
points shall be carried forward till the same are filled by respective categories.
When eligible and suitable SC and ST employees are
not available consecutively for the second panel year, such point can be filled by seniority. However equal
number of such vacancies shall be made good in the
next panel year
The selection candidates against roster points shall be made by the recruiting agencyThe recommendation of the employees against roster points for SC and ST shall be made by the DPC/ SC
Differences in Observation of Rule of Reservation

Rule 6: Method of Preparation of Panels in respect of selection posts

  • The appointing authority prepares in consultation with DPC/SC.
  • Panel year : 1st September to 31st August of succeeding year.
  • Currency of panel : 1st September to 31st December of succeeding year or date of approval of panel for next year.
  • Vacancies arising from 1st September to 31st August.
  • The zone of consideration : 1:3.
  • The Panel can be reviewed after a period of 6 months after its approval to consider unqualified candidates who become qualified subsequently.

Review of Panel

  • When eligible persons were omitted to be considered or ineligible persons were considered by mistake;
  • When a Person’s Seniority was revised with retrospective effect;
  • When procedural Irregularity was committed by the D.P.C, and
  • When adverse remarks against a person have been subsequently toned down. (GO Ms.No.187 GA (Ser.B) Depart dt. 25-4-1985)

Estimate of vacancies

  • Existing vacancies
  • Vacancies to arise owing to retirement.
  • Consequential Vacancies due to promotion or appointment by transfer
  • 10% of the total estimate of vacancies towards reserve for (i) Deputation (ii) Training (iii) long Leave or
  • Vacancies arise during the current panel year, if could not be filled up due to administrative reasons before 31st August , the same can be filled from the current panel to the extent of vacancies arise during the current panel year UP TO 31st December or before the date of approval of the panel for the next panel year.
  • Promotion or Appointment by transfer to a Higher Post in respect of officers who are facing Disciplinary Proceedings or a Criminal Case or whose conduct is under investigation is governed by G.O.Ms.No.257 GA (Ser-C) Dt.10.06.99.
  • Employees whose increments were withheld shall not be recommended for promotion during the period for which the increments were ordered to be withheld, w.e.f. The Date of Issue of the order imposing the penalty. (Cir. Memo No.34633/Ser.C/99 Dt.04.11.99)
  • Any Minor Penalty Bars Promotion or Appointment by transfer for a minimum period of one year and withholding of increment with cumulative effect bars promotion or Appointment by Transfer for twice the period for which Increment is withheld to both Selection and Non-Selection Posts. (G.O.Ms.No.342, GAD (Ser-C) Dt.04.08.1997)
  • Employees against whom there are a series of punishments, which are not subsisting at the time of consideration for promotion, the D.P.C/ Screening Committee have to take into consideration his overall performance which includes past punishments and not merely guided by the fact whether punishment is subsisting as on the date of meeting of D.P.C/ Screening Committee or on the qualifying Date for preparation of panel. (G.O.Ms.No.203, G.A (Ser-C) Dt.05.05.99)
  • If the charges have not been framed or proposed to be framed and the matter is at the stage of preliminary enquiry, no cognizance need be taken and the case may be considered on individual merits, disregarding the allegations under enquiry.
  • Similarly, in respect of cases relating to ACB which are at the stage of preliminary enquiry the eligibility of a candidate for promotion may be determined without reference to such preliminary enquiry
  • Where enquiry by the ACB is completed and it is proposed to hold regular enquiry, the case may be deferred. (GOMs.No. 187 GA (Ser.B) Depart dt. 25-4-1985).
  • Disciplinary proceedings/investigation/ inquiry /trial has been taken up against an employee between the date of inclusion of his name in the approved panel and the date of actual promotion, such promotion has to be deferred till the termination of the such proceedings (GOMs.No. 104 GA (Ser.C) Dept dt. 16-2-1990.
  • Confidential reports of the last 5 years would be taken, including the CRs in the lower/higher category or to the extent available in respect of direct recruit, to assess the suitability for promotion. (G.O Ms.No. 291 GA(DPC-Desk-I) Dept dt. 3-4-1990.
  • Un-communicated adverse remarks should not be considered.
  • When representation against the communicated adverse remarks is pending or the time for submission of representation is not over, the case of such employee should be deferred till the disposal of the representation made or that may be made. (GO Ms. No. 187 GA(Ser.B) Depart dt. 25-4-1985.)

Preparation of panels:

  • An Estimate of vacancies has to be arrived.
  • The information in Annexure to G.O.Ms. No. 187 GA(Ser.B) Dept dt. 25-4-1985 has to be furnished.
  • A self contained note should be enclosed indicating the full information regarding the provisions for promotion under relevant service rules.
  • Annexure-I showing the service particulars of the qualified and unqualified employees in the order of seniority who come within the zone of consideration has to be furnished.
  • Annexure-II showing the disciplinary proceedings, ACB cases, Vigilance cases; Punishments imposed and in currency for the preceding five years of the qualified employees in the order of seniority who come within the zone of consideration has to be furnished.
  • Annexure-III furnishing the position of Confidential Reports indicating the adverse remarks if any, communication of adverse remarks, whether representation made and the final orders on the same either expunging or retaining the adverse remarks for the preceding five years of the qualified employees in the order of seniority who come within the zone of consideration.
  • Seniority list communicated has to be enclosed.
  • Confidential Reports of the qualified employees in the zone of consideration be placed.
  • All files relating the disciplinary cases/ACB cases/Vigilance cases pending/finalised of the qualified employees in the zone of consideration be made available.
  • A copy of the Service Rules applicable should be furnished.
  • Minutes of the previous DPC/SC


  • Cadre Strength category: 32
  • SC quota @ 15% for 32: 4.80 or 5
  • ST quota @ 6% for 32 1.92 or 2
  • No. of SC Now working in the category : 3
  • No. of ST Now working in the category : 1
  • Short fall of SCs ( 5-3) : 2
  • Short fall of STs ( 2-1) : 1
  • Existing vacancies : 06
  • Previously roster point 57 was filled
  • Roster point 33-ST is carried forward from PREVIOUS PANEL YEAR
  • 1st vacancy – Roster Point 33-ST Carried forwarded from the panel year 2006-2007
  • 2nd vacancy – Roster Point 58-ST(W)
  • 3rd vacancy – Roster Point 59
  • 4th vacancy – Roster Point 60
  • 5th vacancy – Roster Point 61
  • 6th vacancy – Roster Point 62 SC

Government of Telangana – GAD – Implementation of 10% Reservation to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) in respect of initial appointments to the posts in services under the State and for admissions into Educational Institutions Consolidated guidelines – Orders – Issued. – G.O.Ms.No.244, GAD, Dt.24-08-2021

Government of Telangana – YOUTH SERVICES & SPORTS – Sports Policy – Incentives to Sportspersons – Extension of Sports reservations to two percent (2%) to meritorious sportspersons in direct recruitment in Government Departments/ Undertakings/grant-in-aid Institutions at all levels – Instructions & guidelines – G.O.Ms.No.74, YATC, Dt.09-08-2012

  1. Is community reservation applicable for other state candidates?

    There is no Reservation for other State candidates they can apply under OC category.

  2. What is the percentage of Reservation given to SC, ST & BC in a recruitment?

    The percentage of Reservation given to SC, ST & BC in a recruitment as follows, BC(A)- 07% ; BC(B)-10% ; BC(C)- 01% ; BC(D)-07% ;BC(E)-04%, ST- 06%; SC-15%.

  3. Whether any reservation applicable to women candidates in notifications?

    The reservation for women candidates to the extent of 33 1/3 % for direct recruitment was made effective from 28/05/1996. (GO Ms No: 237 GA (Ser-D) Dept., dated: 28/05/1996).

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