Roster Points for Promotions 2023 in AP Telangana for every 100 posts

The Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State follow a roster system for the promotions of candidates to various posts in the state. Candidates can check the Roster points for Promotions 2023 in AP Telangana for every 100 posts on the website.

The roster system is a method of ensuring that the promotion process is fair and equitable, by reserving a certain number of posts for candidates belonging to different categories, such as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, and others.

The roster points system is used to determine the number of posts that are to be reserved for candidates belonging to different categories. The system is based on a point system, where each category is assigned a certain number of points.

The points are then used to determine the number of posts that are to be reserved for each category. The Both governments have adopted the roster point system for promotions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana respectively, based on the recommendations of the High Court. The system is used for promotions to various posts.

Roster Points for Promotion

promotion roster points
Roster Points for Promotion

The roster points for each category are as follows:

  • Scheduled Castes (SC) – 16 points
  • Scheduled Tribes (ST) – 08 points
  • Backward Classes (BC) – 12 points
  • Other Backward Classes (OBC) – 10 points
  • Economically Weaker Section (EWS) – 10 points

The number of posts to be reserved for each category is determined by dividing the total number of posts by the total number of points, and then multiplying the result by the number of points for each category.

For example, if there are 100 posts to be filled, and the total number of points is 50, then 2 posts would be reserved for each category in AP and Telangana.

It is important to note that the roster point system is not applicable for all the promotions, it only applicable for promotions that are based on reservation and not for promotions based on merit.

The roster point system is an important aspect of the promotion process in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as it helps to ensure that all eligible candidates, regardless of their background, have an equal opportunity to secure a promotion in the state’s public service.

It is important for candidates to be aware of the roster points system, and to understand how it affects their chances of getting promoted to a particular post.

In addition to the roster point system, the APPSC and TSPSC also consider other factors such as seniority, merit, and experience while promoting candidates. This helps to ensure that the most qualified and capable candidates are selected for promotions, while still maintaining the principles of fairness and equity.

In summary, Roster points for promotions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is a system which ensures fairness and equity in the promotion process by reserving a certain number of posts for candidates belonging to different categories such as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and others.

Roster Points for Promotions 2023 for every 100 posts

Roster System and Rule of reservation in AP Telangana jobs Recruitment and Promotions. Roster Points in Promotion and Roster Points in Appointments for Every 100 Posts in AP Telangana State. Roster Points in Rule of Reservation for Promotion and Recruitment in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

How to calculate Roster point in Reservation? and Check the Roster Point Register while new recruitment or Promotion. New Roster System for TSPSC Vacancies.

Rule of Reservation in direct recruitment, Promotion and appointment under SC, ST, BC, Sports Quota and Women. The Principle of reservation shall apply in all appointments, all services, all category direct recruitment, except when the Government by a general or special order made in this behalf, except such service, class or category.

Roster Points in Promotion and Appointments
Roster Points in Promotion and Appointments
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Roster points Details

Roster Points

  • As per the Rule 22 and 22 A of Telangana State & Subordinate Service Rules 1996, Ex-Servicemen Quota is implemented when Service Rules specify such reservation.
  • Sports Quota is implemented if persons are available for the notification.
  • SEBC-C – 14 for General, 114 for General and 214 for Women.
  • 4 Cycles of Roster has to be implemented (First Cycle-1 to 100, Second Cycle 101- 200, Third Cycle 201-300 and Fourth Cycle 301-400) as in case of Direct Recruitment.

Reservation in Recruitment for 100 vacancies

CategoryReservationNo. posts
Meritorious sportsmen01
Open Competition50%50
Reservation in Recruitment for 100 Vacancies

Roster format of EWS

Sl. NoCasteSl. NoCasteSl. NoCasteSl. NoCaste
01OC (W)26OC51OC76EWS
02SC (W)27SC52SC77SC
03OC28EWS53OC78OC (W)
05OC30OC (W)55OC (W)80OC
06VH (W)31HH56OH81SEBC-B (W)
08ST (W)33ST58ST (W)83ST
09EWS34OC (W)59OC (W)84OC (W)
12OC (W)37Ex-S/OC62SC87SC (W)
13Ex-S/OC38OC (W)63OC88OC
15OC40OC65EWS (W)90OC (W)
16SC41SC66SC (W)91SC
17EWS (W)42OC67OC92OC
21OC46OC71OC (W)96OC (W)
22SC (W)47SC (W)72SC97SC
25ST50EWS (W)75ST100EWS
Roster format of EWS

Community wise posts distribution

TOTAL 6733100
Community wise posts distribution

Reservation in Appointment (Recruitment)

In a unit of 100 vacancies, the present policy of reservation in appointment for various categories is as follows

  • 15% of the vacancies to be reserved for SCs.
  • 6% of the vacancies to be reserved for STs.
  • 29% of the vacancies to be reserved for BCs (A, B, C, D, E) BC (E) incorporated as per G.O. Ms. No. 674 GA (Ser D) Dept Dt. 30-10-2008
  • Out of the remaining 50 vacancies to be filled by Open competition.
  • 3% of vacancies to be reserved for Physically handicapped ( if provided for in special rules).
  • 2% of vacancies to be reserved for Ex-servicemen ( to the clerical posts including typists in Group II and Group IV services and int he case of posts in the A.P TS Police subordinate service)
  • Meritorious sportsmen – 01 to the posts of Sr. Asst Jr. Asst Jr. Steno Typists and Record Assistants in the offices of Head of departments and ASOs TCAs, Jr Steno and record assistant in the Secretariat
  • Filling up the roster points shall continue till the required percentage of SCs and STs is obtained once the required percentage is obtained for SCs and STs found in the list of candidates fit for promotion on account of the seniority in the feeder category and those who are moved up to fill up the required roster point, further adjustment of SC and ST employees against roster point has to be stopped Un utilized roster point after the SC and ST percentage is met, shall lapse.
  • If required No of SCs and STs are not available in the feeder category, the vacancies meant for SC and ST shall be carried forward.
  • Out of 50 appointments for OC, 3 appointments shall be reserved for PH persons.
Reservation in Recruitment
Rule of Reservation in Recruitment (TSSR / APSSR)
Roster Points in Promotion and Appointments for Every 100 Posts (Detailed Reservation Table for 100 Posts Cycle)
2% Reservation to Sports Persons in AP TS Direct Recruitment in All Departments
Implementation of 3% Reservation in Promotions to Disabled Employees
33.33% Reservation to Women in Direct Recruitment
Percentage Of BC Castes Reservations in Telangana State
EWS Reservation in Recruitment
Telangana Public Employment Order 2018 (Organisation of Local Cadres and Regulation of Direct Recruitment)
Employees Allotment to New Local Cadres Guidelines – GO. 317 (Local Cadre GO)
Reservation in Recruitment

Roster points for every 100 posts in Telangana & AP

  • OC – 50 Roster Points: 1 (W), 3, 5, 9, 11, 12 (W), (Ex-Ser), 13, 15, 17 (W), 21, 23 (W), 26, 28, 30 (W), 31 Hearing Handicapped, 32, 34 (W), 36, 37 (Ex-Ser), 38 (W), 40, 42, 44 (W BC Gr E), 46, 48, 50 (W), 51, 53, 55 (W), 56 (OH), 57, 59 (W), 61, 63, 65 (W), 67, 71 (W), 73, 76, 78 (W), 80, 82, 84 (W), 86, 88, 92, 94, 96 (W), 98, and 100.
  • SCs: 2 (W), 7, 16, 22 (W), 27, 41, 47 (W), 52, 62, 66 (W), 72, 77, 87 (W), 91, 97.
  • STs: 8 (W), 25, 33, 58 (W), 75, 83,
  • BC (A): 4 (W), 20, 29, 45 (W), 54, 70, 79,
  • BC (B): 10 (W), 24, 35, 49 (W), 60, 74, 81 (W), 85, 95, 99 (W).
  • BC (C): 14 (W), in every 3rd cycle of 100 Points Roster.
  • BC (D): 18 (W), 39, 43, 64 (W), 68, 89, 93,
  • BC (E): 19 (W), 44 (W), 69, 90,

Caste wise Roster Points for Appointments for Every 100 Posts

(A) For Every 100 Roster Points list

  • OC – 50 Roster Points:  1 (W), 3, 5, 9, 11,  13, 15, 17 (W),  23 (W), 26, 28, 30 (W), 31 Hearing Handicapped,  34 (W), 36, 37 (Ex-Ser), 38 (W), 40, 44 (W BC Gr E), 46, 48,  51, 53, 55 (W), 56 (OH), 57, 59 (W), 63, 65 (W), 67, 71 (W),  76, 78 (W), 80,  84 (W), 86,  92, 94,  98, and 100.
  • Economically Weaker Section (EWS): 12 (W) , 21 , 32, 42, 50 (W), 61 , 73, 82, 88 , 96 (W) (As per A.P G.O M.S No 73 Dated 04.08.2021)
  • SC Candidates: 2 (W), 7, 16, 22 (W), 27, 41, 47 (W), 52, 62, 66 (W), 72, 77, 87 (W), 91, 97.
  • ST  Candidates: 8 (W), 25, 33, 58 (W), 75, 83,

BC Candidates Roster Point Places

  • BC (A): 4 (W), 20, 29, 45 (W), 54, 70, 79,
  • BC (B): 10 (W), 24, 35, 49 (W), 60, 74, 81 (W), 85, 95, 99 (W).
  • BC (C): 14 (W), in every 3rd cycle of 100 Points Roster.
  • BC (D): 18 (W), 39, 43, 64 (W), 68, 89, 93,
  • BC (E):  19 (W), 44 (W), 69, 90,

(B) Reservation for Women: 33 1/3 % in all categories of posts in OC, SC, ST, BC ( all 4 groups) P.H and meritorious sportsmen quota where men and women are equally suitable. the posts for which they are better suited than men, preference shall be given to them.

Posts which are exclusively reserved for being filled by women shall be filled by women only (Rule 22A)

Roster Points fixed for Women

  • SC: 2, 22, 47, 66, 87
  • ST: 8, 58
  • BC (A): 4, 45
  • BC (B): 10, 49, 81, 99
  • BC(C): 14 in every third 100 points roster and
  • BC (D): 18, 64,
  • OC: 1, 6, 12, 17, 23, 30, 34, 38, 44, 50, 55, 59, 65, 71, 78, 84, 90, 96

The appointing authorities are responsible for proper implementation of the reservation policy and any violations will be viewed seriously by the Government, resulting in severe disciplinary action

Roster Points Table in Direct Recruitment

A. Roster Points Table in Direct Recruitment for General Category

OC3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 15, 21, 26, 28, 31, 32, 36, 37, 40, 42, 46, 48, 51, 53, 56, 57, 61, 63, 67, 73, 76, 80, 82, 86, 88, 92, 98, 10033
Schedule Caste (SC)7, 16, 27, 41, 52, 62, 72, 77, 91, 9710
Economically Weaker Section (EWS)21, 32, 42, 61, 73, 82, 887
Scheduled Tribes (ST)25, 33, 75, 835
BCBackward Castes (General)19
BC A20, 29, 54, 70, 795
BC B24, 35, 60, 74, 85, 956
BC C14 (Goes to Women in every 3rd Cycle)19
BC D39, 43.68, 89, 935
BC E44, 692
Roster Points Table for General Category

B. Roster Points Table in Direct Recruitment for Women Category

OC1, 6, 12, 17, 23, 30, 34, 38, 50, 55, 59, 65, 71, 78, 84, 90, 9617
Schedule Caste (SC)2, 22, 47, 66, 875
Economically Weaker Section (EWS)12 (W), 50 (W), 96 (W)3
Scheduled Tribes (ST)4, 452
BCBackward Castes (Women)10
BC A4, 452
BC B10, 49, 81, 994
BC D18, 642
BC E19, 942
Roster Points Table for Women Category

Roster Points in Promotions & Appointments

100 Roster Points list in Appointments

  • 1 Open Competition Women
  • 2 Scheduled Castes Women
  • 3 Open Competition
  • 4 Backward Class (Group-A) Women
  • 5 Open Competition
  • 6 Visually Handicapped Women
  • 7 Scheduled Castes
  • 8 Scheduled Tribes Women
  • 9 Open Competition
  • 10 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
  • 11 Open Competition
  • 12 Open Competition Women
  • 13 Open Competition
  • 14 Backward Class (Group-C) Women In every 3rd cycle of 100 point roster
  • 15 Open Competition
  • 16 Scheduled Caste
  • 17 Open Competition Women
  • 18 Backward Class (Group-D) Women
  • 19 Backward Class (Group-E) Women
  • 20 Backward Class (Group-A)
  • 21 Open Competition
  • 22 Scheduled Castes Women
  • 23 Open Competition Women
  • 24 Backward Class (Group-B)
  • 25 Scheduled Tribe
  • 26 Open Competition
  • 27 Scheduled Castes
  • 28 Open Competition
  • 29 Backward Class (Group-A)
  • 30 Open Competition Women
  • 31 Hearing Handicapped (Open)
  • 32 Open Competition
  • 33 Scheduled Tribes
  • 34 Open Competition Women
  • 35 Backward Class (Group-B)
  • 36 Open Competition
  • 37 Open Competition
  • 38 Open Competition Women
  • 39 Backward Class (Group-D)
  • 40 Open Competition
  • 41 Scheduled Castes
  • 42 Open Competition
  • 43 Backward Class (Group-D
  • 44 Backward Class (Group-E)
  • 45 Backward Class (Group-A) Women
  • 46 Open Competition
  • 47 Scheduled Castes Women
  • 48 Open Competition
  • 49 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
  • 50 Open Competition Women
  • 51 Open Competition
  • 52 Scheduled Castes
  • 53 Open Competition
  • 54 Backward Class (Group-A)
  • 55 Open Competition Women
  • 56 Orthographically Handicapped(Open)
  • 57 Open Competition
  • 58 Scheduled Tribes Women
  • 59 Open Competition Women
  • 60 Backward Class (Group-B)
  • 61 OC
  • 62 SC
  • 63 OCW
  • 64 BCD
  • 65 OCW
  • 66 SCW
  • 67 OC
  • 68 BCD
  • 69 BCE
  • 70 BCA
  • 71 OCW
  • 72 SC
  • 73 OC
  • 74 BCB
  • 75 ST
  • 76 OC
  • 77 SC
  • 78 OCW
  • 79 BCA
  • 80 OC
  • 81 BCBW
  • 82 OC
  • 83 ST
  • 84 OC
  • 85 OC
  • 86 OC
  • 87 SCW
  • 88 OC
  • 89 BCD
  • 90 OCW
  • 91 SC
  • 92 Open Competition
  • 93 Backward Class (Group-D)
  • 94 Backward Class (Group-E)
  • 95 Backward Class (Group-B)
  • 96 Open Competition Women
  • 97 Scheduled Castes
  • 98 Open Competition
  • 99 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
  • 100 Open Competition

Roster Points in Promotions

As per Government Order No. 5 (IE) dated 14-2-2003, reservation is made for 15% SCs and 6% STs in all categories of posts in all branches of government, even in promotion posts. Guidelines for enforcing that order are GO.Ms.No.21 Dt. 1 Released by 8-03-2003.

Similarly 3% are reserved for the disabled. (GO.Ms.No.42 Dt. 19-10-2011) Blind employees are exempt from 5 years from departmental examinations required for promotions. (G0.Ms.No.748 GAD Dt: 29-12-2008).

Relevant roster points should be kept backlog for up to 2 years if not eligible for promotions in SC, ST & PHC category. If the second year is not filled then the posts should be de-reserved and kept as backlog next year again.

If there are no women in SC, ST categories, they will be replaced by men. (GOMs.No.18 Dt: 17.2.2005). The Merit cum Roster Register is a promotion register prepared according to the roster assigned to SC, ST, PH, BC, with the help of merit rank and DOB in DSC.

The Hon’ble Court has ruled that the Seniority List should be prepared in accordance with the Merit Come Roster.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has ruled that they should give promotions to merit and roster rank without any injustice. The Rules 33 to 37 of the APSSSR 1996 also make it clear how seniority lists are to be made according to the merit cum roster.

Seniority lists should be prepared according to the merit cum roster and the Promotions Register should be prepared based on this. SC, ST, PH candidates who have reservations in promotions should be placed in the roster and promotions should be given in this promotion register.

Seniority Register (List): All those selected in one time (DSC) should prepare seniority lists according to the rank of Merit cum Roster (DSC Appointment) irrespective of the date of joining. Get promotions according to the roster.

Promotions Register: Roster points are applicable to SCs (15%), STs (6%) and PHCs (3%) who have reservations on promotions subject to the Advocacy Rules.

  • SC: General: 7, 16, 27, 41, 52, 62, 72, 77, 91, 97 (Total: 10) and Women: 2, 22, 47, 66, 87 (Total: 5).
  • ST: General: 25, 33, 75, 83 (Total: 4) and Women: 8, 58 (Total: 2),
  • PHC: 6 (blindness or low vision), 31 (deaf or dumb) and 56 (disability).
  • Total Roster Points: 24

The remaining 76 points will be given to all under the open category (according to merit cum roster) Promotions will be given to OC, BC, SC, ST, PH candidates in the open category. Advocacy within their quota if promoted within the quota. Then their roster points are changed to General. All this is in the Promotions Register.

Advocacy means “for posts in a cadre, if the SC, ST, PH candidates in that cadre are already working up to the percentage allotted to them, then adequacy has been reached in that cadre”. Reservation does not apply to subsequent promotions upon reaching Adivacity.

Then all their points will be transferred under General‌. The seniority list is then compiled and promotions are made according to the common merit cum roster (DSC Appointment Rank) rank. (G.O.Ms.No. 2 dt: 9.01.2004) & (GOMs. No. 18 dt: 17.02.2005)

3% reservation in promotions for employees with disabilities – Procedures

Following the instructions of the Government of India, the State Government of Andhra Pradesh issued Government Order No. 42 on 19 October 2011 introducing 3% reservation for the disabled unemployed in all government employment terms through Government Order No. 115 from 30 July 1991. According to these orders

Reservations should be given to the disabled in promotions in every government cadre with more than 5 employees. 6 Points 6,31 and 56 should be allocated to the disabled in the points promotion roster.

These reservations should be given only to those who are fully qualified for the post. There is no exception in qualifications but in the success of the departmental examinations.

This reservation policy should be implemented in all other posts except for some posts where the disabled cannot work.

If it is not possible for any department to execute these reservations for certain cadres within it, it should seek permission for exemption from the branch which has not issued these orders within days.

If candidates are not found in the roster points 6,31,56 for the disabled in the promotions, the disabled candidate at the bottom of the seniority should be placed in those points and promoted.

The candidate at the top of the seniority list should not be brought to the following roster point. He / she should be promoted on the basis of his / her seniority.

Promotions in this manner should continue till 3% disabled candidates in each cadre are satisfied with the quota. Reservations for persons with disabilities in promotions should be discontinued in the relevant cadre immediately upon completion.

Execution of various types of reservation in promotions (GOMs.No.23 WCDE & DE Dt.26-5-2011) 1% of the 3% reservation for the disabled as prescribed in the appointments is 1% for the blind, 1% for the deaf / dumb, 1% for those with mobility impairment or cerebral palsy Reservations must be enforced. Roster points in promotions should be allocated to those with the above three types of disabilities, including women with disabilities in 3 cycles in a row.

The process of reservation in promotions to SCs and STs is ongoing. Therefore, the existing roster list for this disabled reservation can be continued. The new roster list does not need to start with the 1st point.

After completing 3 cycles at the above points, the same procedure should be followed for the above cycles from the 4th cycle to the 6th cycle.

If a qualified candidate from a disabled category is not found in a panel or promotion year, the post should be carried forward to the same category for the next year (Next Succeeding Year).

If an eligible candidate is not found next year, another of these 3 sections can be blind, deaf and OH interchanged. If a female candidate is not found, it can be given to a male disabled person.

If the candidates are not found in any of the above three categories then the post can be filled by promotion by the second year non-disabled candidate.

For example if a eligible blind female candidate is not found at point 6 then the vacancy should be quarried forward for the next promotion year.

If the candidate is not found the following year, the male blind candidate must apply. If the male candidate is not found, the deaf and dumb can be replaced by promotion by the OH candidate if they are not found.

Similarly the deaf should be promoted at the 31st roster point. If the candidate is not found the first time the vacancy should be carried forward to the next year. If the candidate is still not found then the OH candidate should be given a chance first.

If they are not even found the blind should be given a chance. If these two are not found then the post can be filled by a candidate who has no disability according to seniority.

Those with OH or cerebral palsy should be promoted at the 56th roster point. If the candidate is not found the first time, the vacancy must be carried forward to the following year.

Even then, if the candidate is not found, the blind should be given the opportunity first and then the deaf and dumb. If they are not even found then the seniority should give a chance to the non-disabled candidate.

Roster Points (Rule of Reservation)

Roster PointCategoryRoster PointCategoryRoster PointCategoryRoster PointCategory
10BC-B- W35BC-B60BC-B85BC-A

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