English Medium Govt Schools Selection Criteria-TS Schools

English Medium Govt Schools Selection Criteria: The Education Department has planned to introduce English mediums in government schools in Warangal District for the coming academic year beginning from June 30 and Provide special training to the teachers to impart English mediums instruction at the Schools.  

In this connection, the assistance of ELTA, a total of 65 teachers were trained as master trainers. They in turn were training 1500 teachers to improve their English language proficiency.

English Medium Govt Schools Selection Criteria:
1. Highest strength in the mandal (Strength order)
2. Running English Medium School
3. Schools from which Teachers attended English Training
4. Eight (08) Schools from each Mandal
5. Total No. of Schools (51 x 8 = 408)
6. English Medium running schools with minimum of 50 students
a. No. of PS / UPS Schools in the District – 2408
b. No. of Schools from which Teachers attended English Training – 1181
c. No. of Teachers attended Training – 1482
d. No. of Master Trainers – 11
e. No. of Resource Persons – 65
f. No. of Schools selected @ 8 per each mandal for opening EM section – 408
g. No. of Centers which training conducted – 08
h. No. of Spells Completed – 02 (Feb & Mar)
i. No. of Spells Remaining – 02

1. Enhancing English Language skills of Primary Teachers
2. Developing communicating English
3. To enable the Teacher to handle English Medium classes
4. Imparting teaching skills

1. Prepared a module “Our schools through English” by 11 Master Trainers in association with ELTA by the guidelines from the Vice Chancellor & Professors of EFLU- Hyderabad.
2. Seeking services of ELTA Warangal.
3. Selected a team of 65 Resource persons from ELTA.
4. Conducted a 5 – Day training to Resource persons by 11 Master Trainers in association with EFLU Hyderabad.
5. A 4 – week training for selected SGTs from each Mandal. MEOs of mandal concerned selected the teachers who are to be trained based on the willing of Teachers / Schools.
6. Two spells of training conducted in February & March – 2016 in 8 centers.
7. Two weeks training has to be conducted from 25th April 2016 if the Education Department permits.
8. Planned to conduct the rest of Two week training for the schools selected for opening English Medium sections.
9. Planned to select 2nd teacher for training from selected schools( if only 1 teacher receive the training)
10. Develop another Module for imparting teaching skills and language skills for effective
Classroom transaction.
11. Whatever your authority deems fit for introducing the English medium be taken for the selection process.

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