SLSMEE 2023, State level Science /Mathematics /Environment Exhibition for Children

State level RBVP 2023 or State Level Science Fair 2023 dates are announced by the SCERT Telangana on its official website,

State level Science Exhibition 2023 will be conducted in 1st week of January 2023 at Nirmal District. This year, State Level RBVP Science Fair and Inspire Project Competitions will be conducted jointly.

The department has decided to conduct the State Level Science, Mathematics & Environment Exhibition (RBVP) and State Level Exhibition and Project Competition of INSPIRE Awards jointly at Nirmal District in first week of January.

The District Level winners of DLSMEEs and DLEPCs of 33 districts will take part at the state level Exhibition and display their Exhibits/ Models. The details of the exhibits to be participated at the State level mentioned in the proceedings.

SLEPC- INSPIRE AWARDS: In the SLEPC of Inspire Awards, 280 students and 280 guide teachers will participate from all 33 districts. For both the exhibitions, it is expected that 796 students (516 + 280) and 796 (516+280) guide teachers i.e., a total 1592 participants will take part in the State Level Science Exhibition.

Accommodation shall be made separately for boys and girls and also for male teachers and female teachers. Therefore, the District Educational Officer of Nirmal District is requested to conduct the SLSMEE & SLEPC jointly on behalf of the SCERT, Telangana in first week of January, 2023.

Further it is instructed to identify a suitable venue to host the SLSMEE and SLEPC in the same venue but in separate wings and in the same dates. Accommodation facility for stay for the students and the guide teachers shall be identified.

In this regard make necessary arrangements for successful conduct of the said event. The venue and the dates for conduct of the said event shall be communicated to this office within couple of days. This has the approval of Director of School Education, Telangana.

State level Science, Mathematics, Environment Exhibition for Children
State level Science, Mathematics, Environment Exhibition for Children 2023 (SLSMEE)
Name of the ExhibitionSLSMEE 2023
TitleState Level Science, Mathematics & Environment Exhibition 2023
SubjectState Level Science Exhibition 2023
State Level Project CompetitionThe RSBVP (SLSMEE) will be held in month of December, 2023
Download ProceedingsTS SCERT State Level Project Competition 2023-024
RBVPNational Science Exhibition details
State Level Science and Maths Project Competition

RBVP Themes and Sub themes 2023

Theme, Sub-theme for Rajya Stariya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (RSBVP) is as follows:

  • Theme: Science and Technology for Society
  • Sub-themes:
    1. Health
    2. LiFe (Lifestyle for Environment)
    3. Agriculture
    4. Communication and Transport
    5. Computational Thinking

State Level Science Exhibition Seminar Topic

Topic for One Day Seminar for Rajya Stariya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (RSBVP) is “Millets for Health and Sustainable Planet“.

  1. Seminar may be organized in the evening timings of the science exhibition at district level and at State level.
  2. During this One-Day Seminar on “Millets for Health and Sustainable Planet”, children, teachers, teacher educators and others may be invited to witness the seminar.
  3. The winner at the District level will participate at the State Level Seminar which will be conducted during SLSMEE.

Under Teachers category:

  1. Teacher Exhibits: Innovative Teaching Learning Materials – by Teachers
  2. Teacher Trainees Exhibits: Innovative Teaching Learning Materials – D.Ed/B.Ed trainees

National Science Exhibition

RBVP (SMEE)Science Mathematics and Environment Exhibition
RBVPRashtriya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (National Science Exhibition)
NLSMEE (NLRBVP)National Level Rashtriya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (National Science Exhibition)
SLSMEE (RSBVP)State Level Rashtriya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (National Science Exhibition)
DLSMEE (DLRBVP)District Level Rashtriya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (National Science Exhibition)
Rashtriya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (National Science Exhibition)

Sate Level Science Exhibition Organizing Guidelines

Guidelines for organizing Rajya Stariya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani (RSBVP) SLSMEE 2023-24 as follows.

A. Entries

Children from all schools from classes VI to XII are eligible to participate in State Level Exhibitions.

Public Sector Undertakings, Industries and other NGOs working in the areas may also be invited to participate as the exhibits displayed by them would be of instructional value for children and teachers. But these exhibits are only for participation not for judgment.

B. Types of Exhibits

The exhibits may be classified as

  • Classes – VI to VIII
  • Classes – IX to XII
  • Teacher Exhibits – only for Teachers of Primary, UP and Secondary schools.
  • Teacher Trainee Exhibits – D.El.Ed and B.Ed colleges (Govt, Aided and un-aided).

The Entry of exhibits shall be admitted with the filled proforma-I of NCERT furnishing the information about the Exhibit / Model at District level and State level exhibitions.

The No. of schools participating at District level and at State level shall be communicated to SCERT and NCERT respectively in the proforma-III.

Sub-theme wise details of the nature of the exhibits shall be communicated in the proforma-IV of NCERT of District level exhibition to SCERT and of State level to NCERT.

C. Screening, Evaluation and Monitoring of Entries

Screening, Evaluation and Monitoring of Entries for DLSMEE & SLSMEE as follows

District Level: For conduct of District level exhibitions, a screening committee may consist of representatives of DIET, CTE, IASE and other Institutions such as Engineering college, Medical college, Universities/Polytechnics and Degree colleges offering Science courses, Research Institutes and professionals working in Industries, manufacturing and Service Sectors.

At the State level, the Screening Committee may consist of representatives of SISE/ SIE/ SCERT and some selected representative institution(s) as said above.

All records about the meeting of the committee should be maintained. The selection procedure adopted should lay more emphasis on the quality of the exhibits rather than quantity. It should be ensured that the exhibits are not crude and hazardous and have good finish and are presentable.

The above mentioned Screening Committee or a separate panel of judges should evaluate the exhibits according to the criteria of evaluation as mentioned for DLSMEE / RSBVP (SLSMEE).

The list of panel of judges sub-theme wise organized at the district level exhibition shall be communicated in the given proforma-II of NCERT to the SCERT and of State level shall be communicated to the NCERT.

D. Selection of District Level Exhibits

At district level the following exhibits should be selected:

  • One best exhibit in each sub-theme should be selected under students category for classes VI to VIII and classes IX to XII separately.
  • One best exhibit from ITDA area under each theme (Bhadrachalam, Eturnagaram, Utnoor)
  • One best exhibit under teacher category and one from teacher trainee category.
  • One exhibit from science club, if it is an outstanding with the approval of SCERT.

E. Selection of State Level Exhibits

At State level best three exhibits in each sub–theme should be selected;

  • (a) Classes VI to VIII
  • (b) Classes IX to XII
  • (c) An outstanding exhibit developed from the ITDA area/backward area/rural area by giving due weightage as indicated below may be considered for selection of exhibits at State level.
  • (d) Members of science clubs may also be considered for the selection if the said panels of judges feel the exhibits are outstanding.
  • (e) If any exhibits of Public Sector Undertakings, Industries and other NGOs are outstanding in the DLSMEE may be recommended for the SLSMEE.

A list of the selected entries of the exhibits and models under each sub– theme (to be displayed at District level and at state level Exhibition) shall be prepared.

This must contain the name of the exhibit/model, names of 5 the student(s) and guiding teacher(s), name of the school and brief information about the exhibit (may be in two sentences only).

A copy of this list of District Level exhibits selected shall be forwarded to SCERT with a signature of DEO.

State level shall be forwarded to NCERT in the prescribed proforma-VI, together with the formal report of the exhibition.

Criteria for Evaluation of Exhibits

Criteria for Evaluation of Exhibits in DLSMEE & RSBVP (SLSMEE) In order to keep a uniform criteria for evaluating the exhibits in all States/UTs and on the basis of the feedback received from different agencies, the following criteria for judging the exhibits is suggested (the percentages given in bracket are suggestive weightages):

  1. Involvement of children’s own creativity and imagination (20 percent);
  2. Originality and scientific and mathematical innovations in the exhibit/model (15 percent);
  3. Scientific thought/ principle/ approach (15 percent);
  4. Technical skill, workmanship and craftsmanship (15 percent);
  5. Utility for Society, scalability (15 percent);
  6. Economic (low cost), portability, durability, etc. (10 percent); and
  7. 7. Presentation – aspects like demonstration, explanation and display (10 percent).
    • (i) 5% extra weightage may be given to exhibits from rural/ tribal/backward regions.
    • (ii) 3% extra weightage may be given to exhibits from semi urban regions.

Proforma-VI of NCERT shall be used for judgment of exhibits. On the basis of the criteria suggested above the district level entries shall be selected for State level.

The number of exhibits displayed by 33 districts at RSBVP (SLSMEE) is mentioned in the proceedings.

From the SLSMEE, three entries from each sub–theme developed by students of classes IX–XII may be selected and forwarded to NCERT for consideration for participation in RBVP 2023.

However outstanding exhibits developed by upper primary students (VI to VIII) and members of science clubs may also is considered provided the total entry from each sub–theme does not exceed three.

In addition to this, two best exhibits developed by children with special needs from any of the sub–themes may also be forwarded to SCERT/NCERT.

It must be kept in mind that entries submitted under this category should be displayed only by the disabled students. Further the entries forwarded should be accompanied with disability certificate from a competent authority. Disability norms followed by the government of India will be considered under this category.

Judges are also requested to judge whether the model is traditional or an improvement over the traditional model or it is innovation as per proforma IV.

Various skills involved in constructing the exhibit and model, the degree of neatness and craftsmanship may also be taken into account. The tendency of procuring the readymade exhibits or models must be ruled out.

General layout of the exhibit, relevance, clarity of charts accompanying the exhibit and overall attractiveness to the masses and children should also be assessed. Working models should be encouraged.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Teaching learning aids should not be permitted for the student’s category.
  • Judgment of exhibits may be done on the first day onwards to avoid the judgment done in haste.
  • The judgment of exhibits shall be done at two levels at preliminary level (initial screening of exhibits for first two days) and at Secondary level on third day (judgment over the exhibits identified in initial screening).
  • For every 75 exhibits irrespective of sub theme, a 3 member jury may be appointed.
  • Discourage the use of thermo coal; instead promote use Eco-friendly material.

District level Exhibitions

To organize DLSMEE constitute a District level committee with the following persons :

  1. Collector and District Magistrate : Chairperson
  2. District Educational Officer : Member Convener
  3. Principal DIET / Sr. MEO : Member
  4. One Principal of any Govt. Degree / Jr. College : Member (To be nominated by the Collector and District Magistrate)

To organize the District level Exhibitions approval of Collector and District Magistrate may be taken for identify the venue, dates and expenditure incurred etc.

Constitution of District level committees for Logistic arrangements for the District level Exhibitions – Reception committee, Discipline committee, cultural committee, Food Committee, Accommodation committee, registration committee, water management committee, sanitation committee, electrification committee, stage monitoring committee, jury assistance committee, press public relations committee, prize and certificates committee, documentation committee and other committees as needed.

Printing of the registration forms, passes, Judgment schedule, invitation cards could be made in advance. District Educational Officers are instructed to maintain the attendance of all the participants, guide teachers, judges, observers and committee members etc., who attend the exhibition.

District Educational Officers are instructed to obtain undertaking from judges. After completion of the event the District Educational Officers have to send a detailed report to SCERT.

State Level Exhibition: The SLSMEE will be held for the exhibits selected in DLSMEEs. Therefore all the District Educational Officers are requested to arrange to instruct the students who are selected for SLSMEE and their guide teachers to upload the project details in to the Google forms within given time.

They are also requested to inform the seminar selected students to attend state level seminar at 10.30 a.m. Further they are requested to monitor the progress of uploading of the project details pertaining to their districts.

State officials informed to all concerned that Theme, sub-themes and topic for one day seminar for State Level Science Mathematics and Environment Exhibition (SLSMEE) for Children have been finalized and the topic for one day seminar is Scientific Innovations for Sustainable future.

Instructions to Participants and Guide Teachers

The Attention of the all the DEOs in state are informed that, the state Level Science Exhibition conducting at the notified center. The DEOs in the State are requested to give the following instructions to the participants and Guide Teachers

  1. Candidates should be keep the write up of the Exhibit in the Prescirbed format, One Video CD and 2 Photographs etc. as per the instructions given by Director, SCERT, Telangana
  2. To get their own bedding material like Carpet (Zampkana), Blanket etc.,
  3. To get sweater, Monkey Cap, GLouse etc
  4. The Students are informed to get their own plate and Glass
  5. Regular Medicines /Essential Medicines to be taken
  6. Participating students to maintain atmost discipline and dignity during their stay
  7. Participating students and teachers who are coming by RTC should get down at New Bus Station, Siddipet from there transport will be arranged

Who are interested to participate in state level “Science Fair”, send project  details, which is the best project in yur district.

State science fair date:

1, project Name
2, Project proceedure.
4, Science Principle
3, Daily life uses.
4, Project Write-up (in  CD  )
5, Name Of the Mandal ,School name,Students name and Guide Teacher Name.

The science exhibition would encourage the participants to hone their creative skills and develop their scientific temper. The overall objective was to widen the resource base of the country’s scientific pool in future.

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