TS Digital Classes Videos – Subject, Class wise YouTube Links of Digital Lessons

TS Digital Classes Videos – Subject, Class wise TS Class YouTube Links of Digital Lessons, Digital Lessons MANA TV Line Stream Videos. Digital classes launched in Telangana state: Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Information Technology launched digital classes in 1,500 schools simultaneously from Mana TV premises.

Digital Classes in TS Govt Schools: The government had promoted digital classes to offer quality education to the children. The digital classes would help the students brush up on their knowledge through quality learning. The government was determined to offer world-class education free of cost. Parents should take the responsibility to get a better education for their children.

TS Digital Classes Videos

T SAT Digital Lessons

Class Wise and Subject wise T SAT Lessons

ClassAll Subjects Videos
Class 3 Digital LessonsClass 10 Digital Lessons
Class 4 Digital LessonsClass 9 Digital Lessons
Class 5 Digital LessonsClass 8 Digital Lessons
Class 6 Digital LessonsClass 7 Digital Lessons
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TS Digital Classes VideosTS SAT Online Classes Videos
Class Wise and Subject wise TS SAT Lessons

TS Govt began the exercise to improve the education system in the State to excel in the other States. The government has launched the digital classes to provide quality education to the students.

Mana TV has already launched classes for those preparing for Group-II examinations and was reaching out to every household in the State.  TS Govt has Appreciated the cable operators for playing a key role in taking Mana TV services to the people.

Digital technology to help students: The State Government has been making all efforts to extend the best facilities to the students in the newly formed state. The T State was taking all measures to provide quality education to the students in government schools. The Telangana Government was introducing English as a medium of instruction in all government schools in a phased manner.

TS Digital Classes Videos

The Govt has provided Receive Only Terminals (ROTs), LCD projectors and other digital tools under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan and other schemes for this purpose. The TS Class program was aimed at competing with corporate schools for the benefit of poor students studying in government schools.

Subject wise Class wise Digital Lessons
Telangana State Digital Classes (TS Classes)

VI Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

SubjectTopicVideo Link
Scienceవేర్లు -రకాలు,విధులుView
Scienceపత్రం – భాగాలు, విధులుView
Mathematicsఅమరికలు – సూత్రాలు రూపకల్పనView
Socialభాష, లిపి, గోప, గ్రంధాలు-1View
Socialప్రజ్యస్వామ్యం ప్రభుత్వం View
Socialగ్రామ పంచాయితీలు-1View
Socialగ్రామ పంచాయితీలు-2View
Mathematicsదత్తా౦శ నిర్వహణView
Mathematicsబీజగణిత పరిచయం (చరరాశులతో సమాసము)View
Scienceసాధారణ విద్యుత్ వలయాలు ఘటం పరిశీలన, బల్భుకధ, టార్చి లైట్View
EnglishRip Van WinkleView
EnglishPlant a Tree-IIView
Socialభాష, లిపి, గోప, గ్రంధాలు – 2View
EnglishPlant a Tree-1 View
Socialస్త్రీ , పురుష సమానత్వం దిశగా పయనo-IIView
EnglishRip Van WinkleView
Scienceసాధారణ విద్యుత్ వలయాలుView
Mathematicsవైశాల్యానికి చుట్టుకొలతకు మధ్యగల సంబంధంView
Science EMCell, Torch light, Story of bulbView
EnglishDiscourse writing – EditingView
VI Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

VII Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

SubjectTopicVideo Link
Mathematicsత్రిభుజ నిర్మాణాలు-IView
General scienceSexual Reproduction in plantsView
Social studies1857 తిరుగుబాటు పలితాలుView
Socialయూరప్-2 View
Mathematicsత్రిభుజ నిర్మాణాలు-౩View
MathematicsConstruction of triangles-3View
EnglishA Trip to Andaman -IIView
EnglishA Trip to Andaman -1(Face Sheet)View
Mathematicsత్రిభుజ నిర్మాణాలుView
MathematicsConstruction of trianglesView
Scienceనీరు ఉన్నదే కొంచెం- వృదా చేయకండిView
MathematicsBasic For Addition Of Algebric ExpressionsView
MathematicsMultiplication Of Algebraic ExpressionsView
Teluguసీత ఇష్టాలుView
EnglishFace Sheet A HeroView
Teluguగ్రామాలలో వేడుకలుView
MathematicsConstruction of triangles-3View
MathematicsConstruction of triangles-2View
HindiKabeer ke DoheView
HindiKhushiyon ki Duniya-1View
MathematicsAddition & Subtraction Of Algebraic ExpressionsView
EnglishA Hero -3
(A news report)
Scienceమురుగు నీటి వ్యవస్థView
Teluguపద్యపఠన రీతులుView
VII Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

VIII Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

SubjectTopicVideo Link
Chemistryద్రవాలు విద్యుత్ వాహకత-IIView
SocialLaw and Justice a case studyView
SocialLaw and Justice a case studyView
MathematicsConstruction of triangles-2View
Scienceద్రవాలు విద్యుత్ వాహకత-3View
Scienceమొక్కల నుండి ఆహారోత్పతి-2View
MathematicsConstruction of trianglesView
Scienceమొక్కల నుండి ఆహారోత్పతి-1View
BioScienceజంతువుల నుండి ఆహారోత్పతిView
(మెరుపులు ఏర్పడడం
EnglishFace Sheet: The Story of IkatView
MathematicsAlgebraic IdentityView
SocialRights Approach to DevelopmentView
Social StudiesUnderstanding PovertyView
MathematicsAlgebraic IdentitiesView
Mathematicsఘాతాలు – ఘాతాంకాలుView
Physical ScienceNatural Phenomena – LightningView
VIII Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

IX Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

SubjectTopicVideo Link
MathsSurface Areas & Volumes – Total Surface Area of a cuboidView
Mathematicsఉపరితల వైశాల్యలుView
Chemistryపరమాణువులో ఏముంది ?View
Chemistryపరమాణువులో ఏముంది ?View
Scienceవ్యవసాయ ఉత్పతులు పెంపుదల, మన ముందువున్న సవాళ్లు -2View
Scienceవ్యవసాయ ఉత్పతులు పెంపుదల, మన ముందువున్న సవాళ్లు -1View
Social Studiesవిస్తరిస్తున్న ప్రజ్యస్వామ్యం -2View
Social Studiesవిస్తరిస్తున్న ప్రజ్యస్వామ్యం -1View
SocialService Activities In India -IView
Social StudiesService Activities In India-IIView
BioScienceవివిధ ఆవరణ వ్యవథలలో అనుకూలనాలు ఎడారి జీవులలో అనుకూలనాలుView
Scienceపని మరియు శక్తి -1View
Scienceపని మరియు శక్తి -2View
Mathematicsగోళం ఉపరితల వైశాల్యముView
EnglishA Long Walk to Freedom-1 (Face SheetView
BioScienceసముద్ర అవరనవ్యవస్థ – అనుకూలనాలుView
EnglishA Long walk to freedom-2View
Physical scienceHeatView
Mathematicsచక్రీయ చతుర్భుజాలుView
BioScienceవివిధ ఆవరణవ్యవస్థలలో అనుకూలనాలు మంచినీటి ఆవరణవ్యవస్థView
Mathematicsవృతం, అందులోని భాగాలు మరియు వ్రుతఖండంView
IX Class Subject wise Digital Lessons

TS Digital Classes Videos:

DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons

TS School Digital Classes

Primary ClassesHigher Classes
3rd Class8th Class
4th Class9th Class
5th Class10th Class
Class wise School Education Online Classes

TS Inter Digital Classes

Subject NameSubject Name
Maths 2AEnglish
Maths 2BTelugu
Computer ScienceAccounting & Taxation
Construction TechnologyLive Stock Management
Automobile Engineering TechnicianAgriculture Crop Production
Computer Graphics & AnimationGeneral Foundation Course
DD Yadagiri
Subject wise Intermediate Education Online Classes

Over 85 percent of the students belonging to the SCs and STs were poor and the program would benefit them to a large extent. The quality will be on par with their private counterparts. The Government was committed to providing quality education by improving the standards of teaching, methods by adopting audio-visual classes.

In this TS Class initiative, Govt is providing digital classroom education in TS schools through online from ManaTV channel and with the offline method by using projectors and audio-video system.

The digital classroom of the telecast of various subjects through the satellite networks. So, the student community to utilize the opportunity of learning through new-age digital classes. This would be the best opportunity for the students to learn with newly available technology.

Govt has urged the teachers to create confidence among the public on government schools and increase the strength of students. The significant move is intended to tap the enormous potential of digital technology for improving learning outcomes in State-run schools.

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DD Yadagiri Class wise and Subject Videos

10th Class

9th Class

8th Class

5th Class

4th Class

3rd Class

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