TSSA Video Conference and Discussing Agenda Items

TSSA Video Conference and Discussing Agenda Items, Stipend Disbursement, NSIGSE, Kala Utsav 2016, Aadhar-Child Info, GIS Mapping, HMs- Teachers SMS application, Village Education Register/VER, Badi Bat program, Special Enrollment Drive. Discussion items for Video Conference for DEOs on 28-11-2017 and 29-11-2017.

Agenda items for Video Conference
Agenda items for Video Conference with R Ws, DEOs, MEOs on 06-01-2018 from 3.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M.

  1. Conduct of SSC Examinations. Action plan for improvement of results / basic facilities in centers. 2.Admissions in Schools with CBSE / ICSE / IB / Cambridge syllabus as per Government Schedule
  2. Status quo as Collection of Fee for next academic year – 2018-19.
  3. Distribution of Kits in KGBVs, Model School (Hostels) / TREIS Schools.
  4. Suspensions & transfers to nearest places – deviation of transfer policy.
  5. Payment of cooking cost and honorarium up to date.
  6. Progress of construction of kitchen-cum-stores.
  7. MIS Data Entry up to December 2017 by 10-01-2018.
  8. Preparation of Annual Work Plan by 18-01-2018.
  9. Automated monitoring system daily by SMS in the MDM scheme.
  10. Supply of Eggs trice a week.
  11. Digital classes – Functioning and use of Jio-Wifi-hot stops.
  12. Payment of honorarium to VVs up to date.
  13. Conduct of NAS for X class students.
  14. Functioning of new Girls Hostels in Model Schools.
  15. Vocational Education in old & 54 Schools Procurement of material in Model Schools.
  16. Utilization certificate of RMSA. Ex: Sports Meet, Science Exhibition.
  17. Distribution of Health Kits in Girls Hostels.
  18. Preparation for SSC & Inter Exam in Model Schools.
  19. Preparation of Inter Students for NEET, IIT & EAMCET.
  20. Distribution of woolen blankets.
  21. Safety security of Girls Students.
  22. Submission of Proposals for PAB & AWP under RMSA.
  23. NIOS – Finalization of study centers and allotment of in-service teachers and registration in SWAYAM Portal. Commencement of a contact program from 12.01.2018 to 24.02.2018.
  24. Review of data entry of FA1, FA2, and SA1 Marks into child info web site
  25. Submission of LEP/3Rs reports (Pretest- Post Test) to the state office.
  26. 2″ Phase of Twinning of UP Schools and UP Sections of High school to the nearest KGBVs for Girl students. DEOs are informed to make necessary arrangements at KGBVs.
  27. Complete Uploading of Shaalasiddhi in remaining schools. The external evaluation will start in JAN 2018.
  28. Review of Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar District wise School Awards 2017-18.
  29. RAA sensitization workshop to Maths and Science teachers under RAA at NIT Warangal in 4 spells, instructions issued to DEOs. MIS and Access
    31.UDISE data entry status
    32.Child Info with Aadhar Status
    33.BC sub caste data entry status
    34.School monitoring visit report through a mobile app
    35.Updation of teachers online application
    36.Neighborhood format- Mapping of Schools
    37.CAL Programme

Video Conference Agenda Items:
(A) Pedagogy

  1. Review of entry of FA-1, FA-2, SA-1 marks into CCE report of child info website.
  2. Review on LEP / 3 ‘R’s and complex meeting data
  3. Non-reporting of DRPs from 19 districts for State Level Trainings on Telugu and English Languages at OUCIP, Hyderabad is scheduled from 28.12.2017 to 30.12.2017.
  4. Training to SGTs who are who are working in English Medium schools/sections.

(1) UDISE status
• Status of UDISE sample survey of 25% of schools
• 5% verification of UDISE formats by District level officers from 25% of schools
(2) Child Info with Aadhar Status
• BC sub caste data entry status
(3) School monitoring visit report through a mobile app
(4) Updation of teachers online application

(C) Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas
(1) Health Kits
o Supply of Health Kit for Girls studying in KGBV
o Supply of Health Kit for Girls studying in Model Schools
(2) Implementation of revised Common Menu for KGBVs, Model Schools Girls Hostels, TREIS w.e.f. 01.01.2018 onwards.

Video Conference from 12.00 to 1.00 on 06.12.2017.
Agenda items:

  1. Confirmation of Untrained Teachers applied for D.EI.Ed. Distance Education program.
  2. Finalization of District-wise untrained teachers list.
  3. Identification of Study Centres from among Government/Private/B.Ed./D.Ed. Colleges for allotment of untrained teachers.
  4. Identification of Study Center wise Resource Persons, Mentors & Supervisors

TSSA Video Conference and Discussing Agenda Items
DATE: 24.11.2017 Time: 10:00 A.M

  1. Implementation of the LEP (3RS) Programme. Observation of District Teams and DEOs. The action was taken on continuation of the Programme.
  2. · Implementation of Govt., Orders on a load of School Bag in both Govt., and Private Schools. The action was taken report by the DEOs and its impact.
  3. Analysis of SA-1 Examination performance and action taken by the DEOs.
  4. Development of question paper for SA-2 – Capacity building of Teacher for setting question papers on expected lines.
    S. Preparation of children for class X Board Examination – Remedial Teaching during Morning / Evening Hours.
  5. Reaching of Posters / Brouchers to all Schools. DEOs Plan of action for achieving expected Learning Outcomes.

Agenda on SSA activities
I. Transportation charges to Non Accessible children

  1. Status of CAL schools computers and utilization of the computers
  2. Child Info with Aadhar Status Status of the utilization of grants as per guidelines component-wise releases.
  3. Instructions on UDISE 2017
  4. Status of District Level Committee meetings conducted at the district level.
  5. List of vacancies MIS Coord., Data Entry Operator, CRPs, System Analyst, IERPs, KGBV staff- Special officers, subject-wise CRTs, PET, Accountant, Nurse, etc.,
  6. Expenditure particulars of Teacher Training – Manda! I Divisional Level conducted in May I June, 20I 7.
  7. Follow up training at School complex level, DEOs to furnish the information in the prescribed format
  8. Twining of the schools- Status of implementation
    I 0. Shaalsiddhi uploading of school standards information of PS, UPS and High Schools of all managements into the Web portal. (Re. No. 823/SSA/R&E/T6/2016, Dt: 1I.10.2107 and Teleconference on 20.11.2017
  9. Status of QMT and CCE (Proc. Re. 32 I 2/SSA/T6/R&E/2016, Dt: 19.09.2017 and 22.09.2017)
    I2. Report on Distribution of Teacher Handbooks on the subject, co-curricular, LEP and workbooks and CCE records and registers in the prescribed format 
  10. Information on LEP 3Rs – Pre-test and Post – Test data (Proc. Re. No.
    4 71/RMSA/TS/20 I 7, Dt: 20. I l.20 I 7)
    I4. Minor Corrective Surgeries to the required CwSN.
    I5. Supply of aids & appliances to the identified CwSN by ALIM CO. I 6. Providing Physiotherapy services to CwSN.
    I 7. Providing Transport Allowance to CwSN.
  11. Escort Allowance to CwSN.
    I9. Procurement of Material/Equipment for the establishment of Bhavitha Centres m I25
    New Mandals@ Rs.78,240/- per Mandal through RMSA funds.
  12. Status on the functioning of Non-Residential Special Training Centres during 20 I 7- I 8.
  13. Status on support taking Madarsas during 2017-18.
  14. Establishment of Seasonal Hostels (Residential) and Worksite Schools during 2017-
  15. Enrollment status in Urban Residential Schools/Hostels.
  16. Status on merging of URS and URH.
  17. Payment of Dietary Charges in all KGBVs.
  18. Payment of Stipend in all KGB Vs (Opening of Bank Accounts for all beneficiaries).
  19. Identification of Agency of Septic Tank Cleaners.
  20. Up-dation of data on the Website.
  21. Functioning of New KGB Vs, Status of enrolment, building status, and work progress.
  22. Plan of Action for enrolment drive for the next academic year.
  23. Action Plan to achieve 100% Tenth Class Results in KGBVs.
  24. Vacancies of CRTs in KGBVs.
  25. Distribution of Woolen Blankets/Trunk Boxes/Utensils/Bedding Material.
  26. Distribution of Scout Uniforms and functioning.
  27. Functioning of CC Cameras/Computers/Digital Classes/RO Plants.
  28. Conduct of Health Camps.
  29. Appointment of ANMs in New KGBVs (above 50 Enrolment).
  30. Training in Martial Arts to the girls of KGBVs.
  31. Providing of Petty Cash amount in KGB Vs from October to December 2017 on a trial basis, maintenance of cash register.
  32. Visits & Inspections of KGB Vs.
  33. Furnishing 2nd QPR (up to 3151October2017) of KGBVs.
  34. Furnishing of Utilization Certificate for the advance provided to conduct SMCs/PRI Trainings at District/Manda! Level during 2016-17.
  35. Finalization of Schools List for District Awards for Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar
  36. Details of Un-utilized Uniform Cloth for the year 2017-18.
  37. Intervention wise & Work-wise details of Spill overwork & Fresh works sanctioned in AWP & B 2017-18.
  38. Work-wise progress on Matching Grant sanctioned with the contribution of CDF I
    MPLADS, SDF I CBF under SSA.
  39. Repairs I Reconstruction of dysfunctional toilets with Swachh Bharat Kosh funds – Utilization Certificate & Audit of Swachh Bharat Kosh account by Chartered Accounts.
  40. KGBV buildings, KGBV Compound walls progress report work wise & Expenditure
  41. Construction of Additional Toilets & Bathrooms, Water sumps in KGBVs work-wise progress report & Expenditure particulars.
  42. Status on Land leveling to all KGBVs.

Agenda items
1) Procurement of Tools & Equipment for the establishment of permanent Labs for Vocational Education in 177 Model Schools (instructions were issued to all the DEOs vide rocs.Rc.No.417/RMSA/VE/TS/2017, Dt. 18.11.2017.) through DPC – Status on

2) Girls Hostels attached to Model schools progress is very slow out of 194 Girls Hostels only 148Hostels were completed remaining (63) are at various levels requested the concerned DEOs to expedite the construction.

3) IEDSS: a)NSIGSE: verification of scholarship institutional wise 100% completed or not b)CWSN: in 125 Newly established Bhavitha Centers-providing infrastructure amount released-status on.

4) Martial Arts orders have been issued to all the DEOs in the state to conduct Martial Arts training to Girls Students in 5111 High Schools in the State for the year 2016-17 per a period of 3 months with effect from 20.11.2017 for which the amounts have been transferred already to the concerned schools – a status report.

5) for the year conduct of science fair and sports meet, workshops and Vedic Maths for IX and X students budget released to all DEOs in the state vide Proc.Rc.No.1252/RMSA/TS/2017, Dt. 11.10.2017 – status on each item

6) Excursion for IX and X class students within State and out of State instructions are issued the amounts are going to be released – to make for suitable arrangements

7) Civil Works: RMSA Phase-I, II and III: Status report on Civil Works Phase-I, II and III.
8)Annual Grants: Out of 5639 Schools 24 Schools Grants not released due to wrong account numbers.
9)Annual Work Plan & Budget 2018-19.

The Agenda items are the following:
1.Progress on Construction of civil works under RMSA, Girls Hostels, And Model Schools.
2. Progress on Construction of Civil Works under Serva Shiksha Abhiyan (RVM) now transferred to EWIDC.
3. Furnishing of closing balance details of Text Books for the year 2017-18 and Indent for Supply of Free Nationalized Text Book and Sale of Books during 2018-19.
4.Implementation of Mid Day Meals, payments made to the Cooking Agencies and CCH. Construction of Kitchen Sheds completion of data entry, SMS based Automation System.
5.Payment of Honorarium to the Vidya Volunteers and engaging of Vidya Volunteers during 2017-18.
6.Review on the closing balance of cloth/ stitched uniforms supplied in 2017-18 and procurement of cloth, Stitching and distribution of Uniforms for2018-19.
7.Review on infrastructure availability in SSC centers for the SSC Public Examinations March 2017-18
8.Conduct of the World Telugu Conference – conduct of competitions.
9.All India School Quiz for students in classes 9th 12th conduct of National competitions at District level in November 2017 by the Chief Election officers in the state.
10.Review of Court Cases on.25.11.2017.
11.Action plan for improving quality/ results in SSC / Intermediate Exams.
12.Any other item.

They are therefore instructed to attend the above meeting at 10.00 AM on 24.11.2017 and 25-11-2017 in Godavari Conference Hall, Siemat Building, SCERT, Hyderabad. They are requested to submit notes on each item on or before 22-11-2017 without fail.  

Agenda Items
1) Review on Shaala siddhi uploading of school standards information of PS, UPS, HS and Private School in to the web portal.
(Ref Proc Re: 823/SSA/R&E/T6/2016 Dt: 11-10-2017).
2) Review on Quality Monitoring Tools (QMT) and CCE (3212/SSA/T6/2016 Dt: 19-9-2017, 22-9-2017).
3) Progress on Twinning of schools (Ref Proc Re: 4029/SSA/T6/PDG/2017 Dt: 17-10-2017).
4) Information on LEP/ 3Rs of Pre and Post Tests data.
5) Data of Modules ,Handbooks, Co-curricular handbook, LEP Modules and Workbooks, CCE registers.(DCs)
6) Issues related to KGBVs.
7) Child info – Aadhar (Ref Proc Re: 3238/SSA/MIS/T7/2017 Dt: 22.92017)
8) U-DISE 2017 instructions
(Ref Proc Re: 3380/SSA/Plg/T7/2014 Dt: 16.6.2017)
9) Shagun – Repository Items- Best Practices Testimonials, Videos, Images, Case studies.
10) Transportation – Identification of eligible children
(Ref Proc Re: 3380/SSA/T7/Plg/2014 Dt: 16.6.2017).
11) Minor corrective surgeries to CWSN
(Ref Proc Re: 3262/SSA/IE/T8/2015 Dt: 25.10.2017, 31.10.2017).
12) Supply of Aids & Appliances to CWSN
(Ref Proc Re: 238/SSA/IE/T8/2017 Dt: 18.9-2017, 24.10.2017).
13) Training of In-service Teachers through”SWAYAM” Portal registration.
Finalization of Study Centers in the District.
14) NMMSSData Verification and updated by the HMs and DEOs
15) SSC Examinations March 2018 uploading of students’ data.
16) Review on CWSN Stipend.
1 7) NSIGSE and Ma~tial Arts for Girl students.
18) Vocational Educational in Model School.
19) Pending Audits of DEO’S Offices.
20) Kalavustav Information.


  1. Status of distribution of Posters to Schools, Leaflets to all the parents through schools and 2 sets of Teacher Modules of Learning Outcomes to all schools.
  2. Status of Training of teachers on Learning Outcomes
  3. Status of arrangements made for transport of Confidential and Nonconfidential Material of NAS-2017 from district point to Mandal point and Mandal point to school point.
  4. Status of arrangements made for receipt of post-test material from o School point to Mandal point and
    #Mandal point to district point.
    #District point to state-level (0/o DGE)
  5. Status of appointment of District Level Observer.
  6. Status of appointment of Mandal Level Observers and School
  7. Status of identification and uploading of information of Field Investigators (including college & course details, Aadhar number, mobile number, and Bank Account details, etc.,
  8. Status of training to Field Investigators and Mock Test
  9. Any other NAS 2017 related issues

AGENDA ITEMS (Mid Day Meal Scheme):
1) Completion of data entry up to Sep 2017 In MOM- MIS portal by MIS co-ord/ District Educational Officer.
2) Completion of data entry up to Sep 2017 in the COSE web portal by MIS co-ord/ District Educational Officer.
3) Make payments of cooking cost and Honorarium to cook-cum-helpers up to Sep 2017 without any delay.
4) The Quarterly Progress Report of 2nd Quarter (From July 2017 to Sep 2017).
5) Review the implementation of SMS based Automated monitoring system.
6) Enrolment of cook-cum-helpers under AADHAR.
7) Tasting of meals under MOM by teacher/ parent/ SMC member.
8) Status of construction of kitchen-cum-stores.
9) Payment of the cost of food grains and transportation to the Civil Supplies Department.
10) Conduct of Mandal Level Committee meetings and District Level Committee meetings.
11) Conduct of District level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meetings under the Chairmanship of Senior-most Member of Parliament.
12) Display of menu charts in the schools and serving of MOM as per menu.
13) Maintenance of registers in the schools.
14) Conduct of Health Check-ups to the children and cook-cum-helpers under the Mid Day Meal Scheme in convergence with RBSK.
15) Preparedness for AWP & B (Annual work plan and Budget)
16) Visits of MEOs and DEOs.
17) Supply of 3 eggs per student per week and the payment should be made to the extent of eggs supplied only.
18) Hand washes before and after MDM taking.
19) Uploading of Swatch Puraskar Awards.

TSSA Video Conference and Discussing Agenda Items:

l. Arrangements for receiving the Posters and Brochures printed by Director, Textbook Press – Transportation from the State Started from 16.10.2017.

  1. Distribution of Posters and Brochures to all the Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools – Plan for each District
  2. An account of Receiving and Distribution of Teacher Handbook and Cumulative Record by each DEO. Send the particular before to C&DSE mail before 4:00 PM on 17.10.2017 for review in the Video Conference.
  3. Arrangements and activities took up for the NAS (National Achievement Survey)
  4. Review on In-Service Teachers Training (DEd) through NIOS.
  5. Arrangements for the conduct of District Sports Meet, Science Exhibition and Book Fair under RMSA Scheme.
  6. Uploading Data for NIGSE and CwSN Children under RMSA.

Agenda Items:
• Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar 2017-18. Uploading of data for “Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar” by all the schools in the state – download the questionnaire and furnish information to MIS Coordinators.
• NAS – Printing & Display of Learning Achievements documents in all schools- Teacher handbooks supply to schools- Report.
• Verification and Aadhaar seeding of all the Teachers/ Students of Classes – 3, 5 & 8 in NAS Schools.
• Appointment of observers by Collectors.
• Finalization of F.I in all Districts.
• Training of District teams and F.I as per schedule.
• Action plan for storage and transportation of confidential material at District point and School point.
• Conduct of MOCK test for the students.
• Use of Videos /Apps for training and monitoring.
• Caste wise BC teacher’s information.
• Nominations to Innovation Awards by DEOs/MEOs.
• Furnishing of Dilapidated buildings surveys by CRPs/MEOs/DEOs.

  1. Arrangement of Basic Facilities in SSC Examination Centres.
  2. Text Books.
        #Arrangements for transportation to Mandal / School points.
        #Sale of Books – Verification of availability of books.
  3. Supply of Uniforms.
  4. Land Identification for 125 New MRCs (2000 Sq M min).
  5. Land Identification for New KGBVs (Ac 2.00gts).
  6. Mid Day Meals – uploading of data online and SMS based reporting.
        #Claiming of Bills.
        #The discrepancy in data uploading.
  7. Claiming of VVs Honorarium 
  8. Sanitary workers Honorarium.
  9. MDM Scheme:
    #Automated Reporting System – sending of MDM took a report by SMS. 
    #Preparation of Annual work plan.
    #Construction of Kitchen sheds
    #Payments Status 
    #Updatation of data in the CDSE portal and www.trgmdm.nic.in portal.
  10. Status on Payments of Vidya volunteers.
  11. Status on Payments of Sanitary Workers.
  12. Academic Calendar for 2017-18.
  13. Preparation for Conduct of SSC Public Examinations 2017.
  14. Starting of Next Academic Year on 21.03.2017.
  15. Status on Supply of Text Books.
  16. Status on Supply of Uniform.
  17. Retrieval of Funds from Sub District Units to DPO Account
  18. Payment of Salaries from SPO to Individual Account
  19. Diversion of Funds at DPO Level
  20. Cash With Drawls from SDU 
  21. Restrictions on DPO Transactions.
  22. Payment for Outsourcing Staff Salaries
  23. KGBV Staff Salaries Payment
  24. Org-anagram for SSA Staff at DPO Level

TSSA Video Conference and Discussing Agenda Items:
1) Status on Online Text Book Monitoring System Data Entry of books and proposals for additional requirements, if any.
2) Status of Recognised Schools and coaching Centres uploading in the Web Site.
3) Status on HARITHAHARAM and Micro plan for the protection of watering of Plants for 100% survival.
4) Deployment of Vidya Volunteers (Reposting Status) for the year 2016-17. Additional requirements, with justification.
5) Status on Aadhar Enrolment & validation in all Schools Action plan leftover students in Mandal – wise.
6) Status on Teacher and School data validation
7) Review on releases and expenditure of 2016-17 under Mid Day Meal Scheme others.
8) Status on Data Entry of School Monthly data into the MDM – MIS portal. Accounts numbers of cooking agencies and cook-cum-helpers. Status of SMS based attendance and MDM took reporting.
9) Letters written by Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Education to Public Representatives – follow up action & preparation of District Education Plan.
10) Undrawn pension proposals in Aided Schools at Hyderabad District.
11) Disposals of RTI Applications.
12) Status of Engaging Sanitation Watch & Ward Workers in Schools in the District.
13) Pending disciplinary cases of teachers in the state (Latest stage of each case are awaited)
14) Status on Village Education Registers 
15) Status on playgrounds leveling in schools under MGNREGS. 
16) Compassionate Appointments in Aided Schools in the state.
17) Telangana beneficial scales (Related Proforma has already communicated to the District Educational Officers).
18) List of the unauthorised absence of teachers scales (Related Proforma has already commutated to the District Educational Officers).
19) Rationalization of teachers along with Schools (Proforma is herewith communicated).
20) Status of Court Cases.
21) Information of reorganization of Districts (Staff Particulars).
22) Proposals for state best teacher awards -2016 & NFTW awards – 2016 are still awaited from all the DEO’s in the stat. They are required to bring the proposals while coming to the conference. 
23) Status of Engaging Sanitation Watch & Ward Workers in Schools in the District.
24) Rationalization of teachers along with Schools (Proforma is herewith communicated).
25) Information of reorganization of Districts (Staff Particulars).
26) Intermediate Admissions in Model Schools.

23) Three Members District Technical Committee reports (Mahabubnagar, Adilabad, Khammam & Medak)
24) Status on the opening of 38 new Girls Hostels in Model Schools.
25) Status on admission in Model Schools with evidenced strength. 
26) Progress report of Construction of Model Schools buildings, Compound walls, Water Sump, R.O. Plants, CCTV Cameras and Biometric Systems.
27) Progress report of Construction of RMSA civil works viz. Phase-I, II & III.
28) Outsourcing staff remuneration bills.
29) PRC-2015 fixation proposals (Khammam, Adilabad, Warangal & Mahabubnagar).
30) Implantation of NISGSE (National Incentives Scheme for Girls in Secondary Education). SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN
31) Status of admissions into KGBVs.
32) Renewal of Principal / Saff.
33) Follow up action on X Class Passouts from KGBVs to into Residential Schools.
34) Basic Infrastructure in all KGBVs.

  • Toilets & Both Rooms with running Water.
  • C.C Cameras
  • Biometrics.
  • R.O plants.
  • Furniture – Dual Desks.
  • Incinerators.
  • Digital Class Rooms.
  • Implementation menu – Constitution of Mess Committee involving Students of IX & X Class.
  • Compound Walls / Sumps.

35) Data Entry of student enrolment
36) Status of civil works under the SSA work-wise program.

TSSA Video Conference and Discussing Agenda Items:

1) Status on Online Text Book Monitoring System Data Entry of books and Daily reports.
2) Status of Recognised Schools uploading in the Web Site.
3) Status on HARITHAHARAM along with the latest stage.
4) Status of the opening of English Medium in 1st class for the year 2016-17 and placing of indent for the supply of Text Books.
5) Deployment of Vidya Volunteers for the year 2016-17. Additional new requirements.
6) Status on Rationalisation proposals of UPS & HS located on the same premises and less than 10 enrolments in VI & VII Classes to the nearest HS.
7) Status on Aadhar Enrolment & validation in all Schools.
8) Status on Village Education Registers 
9) Status on Teacher and School data validation
10) Status on playgrounds leveling in schools under MGNREGS. 
11) Review of releases and expenditure of 2016-17 under the Mid Day Meal Scheme.
12) Status on Data Entry of School Monthly data into the MDM – MIS portal. Accounts numbers of cooking agencies and cook-cum-helpers.
13) Letters are written by Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Education to Public Representatives – Status of Proposals.
14) Any other items

TSSA Video Conference and Discussing Agenda Items:

  1. Status on the supply of textbooks.
  2. Engaging of Vidya Volunteers
  3. MDM – Payment status and expenditure, IVRS Phone Nos. Status, Monthly data entry status.
  4. Badibata program (Special enrolment Programme)
  5. Basic infrastructure facilities.
  6. Online Text Books monitoring system.
  7. MDM SMS Based monitoring system.
  8. Telanganaku Haritha Haram.
  9. Rationalization of Schools.
  10. Enrolment schools list (enrolment, teachers, infrastructure)
  11. GP wise schools -Primary / Upper Primary / High Schools information (enrolment, teachers, infrastructure)
  12. Information on Upper Primary and High School in the same habitation (class-wise enrolment, infrastructure, teachers)
  13. Information on Mandal-wise success schools (medium-wise enrolment, teachers, infrastructure)
  14. Information on habitations having upper primary schools only (medium-wise enrolment, teachers, infrastructure)
  15. Infrastructure gap of all Government & local body schools
  16. Status of online teachers data
  17. Status of child info and Aadhar
  18. Status of GIS mapping of schools & hostels
  19. Headmasters and teachers phone numbers for SMS application
  20. Status of CAL and ICT Programme
  21. Status of projectors and ROTs in high schools
  22. Status of Village Education Register updation (VER)
  23. Information on Anganwadi centers enrolment, infrastructure, teachers and ayas
  24. Aasara Pension details (DRDA Department) of disabled children for enrolment in IERC centers

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