Pre Test & Post Test Question Papers for ABC LEP 3Rs Programme 2021

ABC Programme in Telangana Schools: TS Schools Children Achievement Level Test(CALT) Question Papers/Pre Test/Baseline Test/Post-test/Endline test Question Papers for LEP 3Rs Programme/Children Achievement Level Test(CALT)/  Guidelines and instructions for Implementation of remedial teaching programme:

DSE Telangana has given guidelines for conducting Remedial Teaching Programme(RTP) to Primary, Upper Primary and high schools in all TS Schools.  Before starting of RTP, first A Baseline test should be conducted to 3rd class to 8th class students in Telugu, English, Mathematics subjects. In this connection, Baseline Test Question papers have been prepared and sent to all the DEOs. So, all teachers should conduct the Baseline Test with these question papers as per schedule in our schools.

Pre Test & Post Test Question Papers


Subject: Samagra Shiksha, Telangana State, Hyderabad Implementation of Attainment of Basic Competencies-ABC (Moolalloki veldam) program Conduct of Post Test Reg.

1) Proc. Rc. No. 3117/TSS/Pdg/T6/2019, dated: 01072019 & 15072019 from the CSE & E.O:SPD, TSS, Hyderabad
2) Proc. Rc. No. 3117/TSS/Pdg/T6/2019, dated: 14.08.2019 given by CSE&E.O: SPD, TSS for upload pre-test data in the child-info website

All the District Educational Officer and Ex-officio Project Officer of Samagra Shiksha in the State are informed that Attainment of Basic Competencies-ABC (Moolalloki veldam) program has been implementing in all Govt., Local body Schools and KGBVs in this academic year.

As such the District Educational Officers are monitoring the programme with Headmaster, School Complex Head Masters, Sectoral Officers and Mandal Educational Officers for implementation. The pre-test has been conducted in all Govt. Local body and KGBVs and results are being uploaded on the website. Further, it is scheduled to conduct a Post Test for students who are undergoing remedial teaching after Pre-test.

Therefore, the District Educational Officer Ex-officio Project Officer in the State are requested to instruct all Head Masters and Mandal Educational Officers to prepare their own post-test paper and conduct Attainment of Basic Competencies-ABC (Moolalloki veldam) post-test on 24-09-2019 and 25-09-2019 and upload Post-test results on or before 27-09-2019 and they are requested to given instructions to all the Headmasters and Mandal Education Officers to ensure the standard of Post-Test paper as compared to the pre-test.

Model Post Test Papers for ABC ProgrameExternal and Internal Evaluation Question Papers

LEP 3Rs Programme:

Baseline Test:
Assessment starts with a baseline assessment at the beginning of the academic year for all subjects and classes based on which the teacher set targets and plan for teaching. A baseline test is diagnostic in nature to be conducted at the beginning of the academic year to understand how far the children posses expected competencies to follow the regular syllabus of the class. In case if the children do not possess required basic competencies remedial teaching shall be planned by the concerned teachers.

Remedial Teaching material for TS Schools to Improve 3Rs Competencies: Already, DSE Telangana prepared the remedial teaching material and sent to all the schools to improve the basic competencies of reading, writing and arithmetic to all the students who do not possess competencies under 3Rs Basic competencies improvement programme.

The main objective of the 3Rs Basic competencies improvement programme/RTP is to impart the basic skills such as reading, writing, simple arithmetic for those children who lack them.

Instructions to Teachers:
1. Baseline Test question papers in Telugu, English and Maths should be conducted on the starting of Academic year
2. For each competency have 5 questions.
3. If a student gives 4 correct answers out of 5 questions, A grade should be given to a student
4.  If a student gives 2 or 3 correct answers out of 5 questions. B grade should be given to a student
5. If a student does 1 or None correct answers out of 5 questions, C grade should be given to a student
6. After, Completion of evaluation, divide the children into 3 groups like A Group, B Group & C Group.
7. The teacher should teach the regular syllabus to 1st and 2nd Classes as per Academic Calendar
8. In the morning session, Teachers should teach regular syllabus subject to 3rd to 5th Classes,
9. In the afternoon session, Teachers should implement the minimum levels of achieving LEP-3Rs competencies and teach with remedial teaching material

ABC Programme Baseline Test /Pre Test Question Papers:
✸ English Pre Test New
✸ ENGLISH Post Test New

T. Telugu Subject:
A. 3rd Class  B. 4th Class  C. 5th Class
E. English Subject:
A. 3rd Class  B. 4th Class  C. 5th Class
M. Maths Subject:
A. 3rd Class  B. 4th Class  C. 5th Class
Baseline Test Question Papers for 3Rs Programme

Guidelines for Implementation of 3Rs Programme/Remedial Teaching Programme 

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