LEP 3Rs Programme 2023 in TS Schools under ABC Program to Improve Basic Competencies

LEP 3Rs Programme 2023 would be implemented in all TS Schools i.e., Govt. Local Body and Aided schools across the Telangana State under ABC Program. Certain instructions have been issued by state authorities for improve the school children basic competencies through this learning enhancement programme (LEP Programme) or Attainment of basic competencies programme (ABC Programme).

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic the schools have been re-opened after a long time and students are suffering with a lot of learning gap. To mitigate this learning gap, the ASPD, Samagra Shiksha, Telangana has directed to implement 3R’s programme based on the achievement level of students at school level.

Accordingly. the District authorities have decided to implement 3R’s programme in the district to attain basic skills like reading, writing in Telugu and English and four fundamental operations in Mathematics from class 3rd to 8th.

LEP 3Rs Programme 2023
LEP/ABC/ 3Rs Programme 2022
Download 3Rs Program Annexure 1 and 2 (PDF)
ABC Program Pre Test & Post Test Question Papers
LEP 3Rs Program Pre Test & Post Test Question Papers
LEP 3Rs Programme Modules, Hand books & eBooks
LEP 3Rs Programme Hand Books, Work books, Worksheets & Activities
Learning Outcomes Posters & Handbooks in Telugu (Subject wise/Class wise)
Learning Outcomes Posters & Brochures (Class, Subject, Medium wise)

Basic Competencies Improvement Programme Names

  • Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP Program)
  • Attainment of Basic Competencies (ABC Program)
  • Remedial Teaching Programme (3Rs Program)
  • Competencies Achievement Fortnight (CAF Program)

3Rs Program Implementation Guidelines

The MEOs, Complex Headmasters, Nodal Headmasters. and School heads of all Government, Local body and aided schools are hereby instructed to strictly follow the following instructions.

  • Conduct a Base line test for Telugu, English and Mathematics for classes 3rd to 8thh on or before 30.09.2021.
  • Evaluate answer scripts soon after completion of Base line test and identify the children who need remedial teaching.
  • All Heads of all schools should prepare an action plan to implement 3Rs effectively at your school level based on the result of Base line test.
  • The last two periods i.e., from 3.30 pm to 4.45 pm in High schools, 3.00 pm to 4.15 pm for UPS and 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm for primary must be engaged for the implementation Of 3Rs
  • This programme should be continued till the students attain their respective subject/ Class specific competencies, by adopting your Own method by using available resources.
  • While deciding the subject/class level competencies, consider the learning outcomes as prescribed by SCERT.
  • The Headmaster and all the teachers have to take collective responsibility to improve basic competencies of children.
  • Involve all the teachers irrespective of subject they taught and assign responsibility to all the teachers of the institution to implement the programme effectively.
  • The Headmasters should review the progress of children every week in each class and give inputs/ suggestions for their improvement.
  • The Heads of the institutions must ensure and certify that all students of that institution must achieved 3R’s through mid-tests every week and a revised action plan shall be prepared based on the results for taking further action
  • For Classes 9th and 10th the pre requisites as issued by SCERT through T-SAT from 14th September to 24th September must be followed.
  • The Headmasters must maintain a register for implementing 3Rs programme.
  • This register must contain Annexure-I and Annexure-Il and also the action plan for effective implementation of 3Rsin their respective schools.
  • Annexure-I must be maintained in the school and Annexure-II must be submitted to this office after completion of Baseline test and weekly once during implementation of this programme.
  • This programme will be closely monitored by Complex Headmasters, Nodal Headmasters, MEOs and District team from time to time.

LEP 3Rs Programme for Basic Competencies, TS C and DSE has given detailed guidelines for implementation of LEP Programme in Telangana Govt Schools. In this connection, LEP Dates/Schedule, Instructions, Action Plan, Implementation instructions have been issued.

LEP 3Rs Programme:

LEP Programme to improve the basic competencies in reading, writing and arithmetic for all students in primary, Upper Primary and High Schools.

  • LEP 3Rs have begun in all Telangana Schools. Official issued oral directions to DEOs of all districts. Some DEOs also have written orders for all types of school teachers.
  • Following the LEP Module, all the Subjects Baseline Test Papers for Primary Schools, especially for 3rd grade to 5th grade and 6th grade to the ninth standard are made with toys.
  • If we write the question papers on the board, it will be very difficult for primary school students to view them.
  • As such, all of these question papers are designed in a single paper to make Xerox a cheap and affordable option. Students can write answers in the same question papers.

LEP 3Rs Program Schedule

Test NameDate
Pre TestThis should be conducted by 30.09.2021
Interim TestThese should be maintained twice a month, i.e., fifteen days.
Post TestThis should be performed at the end of the program
LEP 3Rs Program Schedule
  • The results of all these tests should be recorded in the LEP Register. 
  • Writing lines in a notebook every time is a big task.
  • To reduce this burden, all the subjects are registered on a single page according to the modules.
  • Spiral bending can be cost-effective and beautiful once a child’s names are taken with xerox.

LEP 3Rs Program Time Table

Type of SchoolLEP 3Rs Program Timings
High SchoolFrom 3.30 pm to 4.45 pm
UP SchoolFrom 3.00 pm to 4.15 pm
Primary SchoolFrom 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm
3Rs Programme Timings in TS Schools

Special Programme for Telangana govt school students:

With a view to improving learning abilities in reading, writing and solving simple arithmetic problems among the students, the School Education department has decided to introduce a LEP 3Rs Programme in the government schools from October 1st.

This programme is a follow-up action to the training programme being given to the headmasters of schools through online mode. The headmasters were told to improve the abilities of the students in reading, writing and doing simple arithmetic. They were told to take up the programme on a priority basis.

Labelled as Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP), the special training to the students would be conducted for those in higher and upper primary schools.  Under this programme, the students would be trained in reading and writing in Telugu and English. They would also be trained in additions, divisions and multiplications.

LEP Remedial Teaching Programme Implementation

  • Baseline test: Baseline test for all the students of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools shall be conducted as per the schedule.
  • High Schools: Learning enhancement programme implementation shall be implemented in all High Schools of Govt. ZP, Aided, Model Schools, KGBVs, Residential Schools.
  • PS, UPS: Learning enhancement programme implementation shall be implemented in Primary and Upper Primary schools including aided schools.

Guidelines to HM:

a) Pre Test/ Baseline Test and also End line test: Head Masters of Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools shall take up special remedial classes for the children separately with conducting some Baseline test and also End line test for assessing the improvement. The existing material in schools i.e.,

  • SLIM cards,
  • Library books and
  • Class I and II Textbooks may be used for the strategies to improve the basic competencies.

b) Staff Meeting: Head Master need to conduct a meeting with staff and define the roles and responsibilities of each staff member and

  • Timings for remedial classes,
  • Strategies,
  • Targets and
  • Develop a plan of action for improvement with specific targets.

c) Post Test/End line Test: At the end, they should conduct one end line test and furnish the report on progress to the concerned School Complex Head Master and Mandal Educational Officers. All the School complex Head Masters are responsible in their complex area for the implementation and improving the basic competencies.

Register, Record, Forms for 3Rs Programme

a) For teachers: Following items should be maintained by the every teacher

  • Teacher’s diary for LEP
  • Baseline test results in prescribed proforma
  • Able group students name, unable group students name class wise
  • Groups of students{after grouping}
  • Middle tests, End test results
  • Answer sheets bundles
  • MATERIAL for classroom transaction

b) For students: 1. Separate Note book/ note books for work

c) For HM:

  • Time table for 3Rs Programme
  • Groups with student names
  • Allotted teachers with the subject.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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