Maths TLM 2023 for Classroom Teaching Learning Process, Check Teaching Aids for Mathematics

Maths TLM 2023 or Mathematic TLM for Classroom Teaching Learning Process, Check List of the Teaching Learning Material, Teaching Resource Material, Teaching Aids for Mathematics subject. There are a few things that we would also like to mention about the nature of classroom transaction in a primary mathematics classroom.

First, using concrete objects is essential at this stage. Some examples of concrete objects that are needed at the primary stage are dice, number cards, the 100 beads mala, meter rod, measuring tape, weights, clock, calendar, boxes of various shapes, bottles of various capacities, mirror etc.

Second, concepts need to be placed in experiences that are meaningful for children such that children can see a connection between the mathematics they are doing in the classroom and the mathematics in the outside the world. Third, there may be many ways to solve a problem.

You are also requested to organize field trips, metric melas, math exhibitions, learning corners, quiz, math club activities etc., whenever possible in the course of the year.

(A) TLM for Class 1 to 5 Maths:
1. Pebbles Garland (different colors of Pebbles 10 each, total pebbles 100)  10 x10 =100.
2. Loose pebbles – 100.
3. Plastic sticks (length 12 cm each) – 500; big and small rubber bands (1 packet).
4. The unit, tens, hundreds of cards (different colors and different sizes each one 20).
5. Flashcards (normal size 1 to 50) – 2 sets.
6. Objects of different things like vegetables, fruit, playthings, etc. @20 each (small things models).
7. Different shapes of cards @ 20 each (different colors) triangle, square, rectangle, circle, etc.
8. 3-D models– cube, cuboids, cone, cylinder, sphere, ring, hemisphere.
9. Cubic blocks. (unit, tens, hundreds) – 4 sets.
10. Model watch.
11. Wall mirror (normal/ big size).
12. Measurements.
a. Containers/ capacity: 1 lt, 2 lt, ½ lt, 200ml, 100ml, 100ml, 50ml.
b. Weight: 1 kg, 2 kg, ½ kg, 200g. 100g, 50g.
c. Length: 1m scale, 30cm scale, 15cm scale, tape.
13. Compass box (big).
14. Dummy currency.
15. Folding paper.
16. Grid sheets.
17. Dot sheets (Isometric sheet).
18. Tangram (5 sets)
19. Dice (different sizes and colors) – 5.
20. Nets of the cube, cuboids, (open, closed).
21. 3-D models and objects.
22. Model wood: cube, cuboids, cylinder, cone, sphere, etc.
23. Things wood: box, ball, small drum, etc.
24. Thread.
25. Rubrics cube.
26. Colour papers.
27. Thin end board/ plastic sheet.
28. Cubic boxes – 10.
29. Number chart 1 – 100.
30. Ribbon (containing numbers) 1 to 50/ 1 to 100.
31. Fraction disc.
32. Torchlight.
33. Tape/ small scale / big scale.
34. Simple balance.
35. Maths instrument box.
36. Books of Mathematics puzzles, stories and games.
37. Cards with pictures.
38. News magazines.
39. NCERT Mathematics reference books.
40. Reference books related to Mathematics.

Teaching Aids for Mathematics Subject

(B) TLM Class 6 and Class 7 Maths
Teaching Aids for Mathematics Subject
1. Population statistics tables – A.P and India (2001 and 2011).
2. Charts: Indo-Arabic and International system (place value charts).
3. Number chart 1 – 100.
4. Geoboard.
5. Thread.
6. Panelboard.
7. Wall clock.
8. Match sticks/ broomsticks and rubber bands.
9. Cardboard sheets/ thick sheets/color papers,
10. Fraction disc.
11. Model graph sheets, bar graphs, pie graphs charts.
12. Graph sheet, grid chart, grid sheet, isometric chart, and sheets.
13. Wall mirror.
14. 3-D shapes – Solids wood – cubes (24), cuboids, sphere, cone, cylinder, prism, etc.
15. Angle formation kit.
16. Nets of cube and cuboids etc.
17. Different shapes (triangles, circles, rectangle, square) different sizes and colors – 20 each.
18. Mathematician charts.
19. Compass box (instrument box).
20. Meter scale.
21. Reference books and magazines related to Mathematics.
22. NCERT Mathematics reference books.
23. Fun and fundamentals of Mathematics– Jainath Nilekar and Mangal Nilekar.
24. Pilla Bhashalo Algebra– Namini Subramanya Naidu.
25. Mosco puzzles, 359 Mathematical Recreations– Borris A. Kordemsky.

TLM for High school Mathematics
1. Instrument box (compass box) – big size (synthetic material).
2. Plastic coins – two colors – @50 each.
3. Metre scale (wood/ synthetic).
4. Geoboard.
5. Panelboard.
6. Metal scale.
7. Wall clock.
8. Bottle caps.
9. 1 cm or 1-inch wooden cubes (100).
10. Mirror.
11. Solid models (wood– cubes (24), cuboids, cylinder, cone, sphere, prism, pyramids).
12. GI wire/ wool thread.
13. Puzzle books.
14. Tangram.
15. Bank broucher (internet rates – period wise) (banking charts).
16. Square tables (charts).
17. VAT, sales tax (charts).
18. Mathematician charts.
19. Isometric chart.
20. Isometric sheets.
21. Grid paper (chart).
22. Grid paper sheets.
23. 1 – 100 number chart.
24. Graph chart.
25. Tracing papers.
26. Cardboard.
27. Rubber bands and match sticks/ plastic sticks (2cm length).
28. Seizer, cutter, cutting player.
29. Torchlight.
30. Fraction disc.
31. Angle formation kit.
32. Population statics tables (2001 and 2011) India and A.P.
33. Nets of different 3-D shapes (cube, cuboids, cone, pyramid, etc.)
34. Reference books and other books related to Mathematics.
35. Magazines related to Mathematics.
36. NCERT Maths reference books.
37. University Press Dictionary of Mathematics– John O E Clark.
38. Short stories about numbers– Rajneesh Kumar.
39. A Premier on number Sequences– Shailesh Sherali.
40. Maths Charmers– Alfred S. Posamentier.
41. Mathematics Maxwells. First Steps in Number Theory a Primer on divisibility– Shilsh Shirali
42. Themescow Puzzles – 359 Mathematical Recreations– Bories A. Kordemsky.
43. A Biography of the World’s Most Mysterious Number– Alfred S. Posamentier.

List of TLM for Primary Classes

Beads GarlandNumber concept
Number RibbonBefore – Between – After
Number Series
Ascending and descending order
How many more, How many less
Number concept
Number formation
Number ChartIdentification of numbers
Numbers patterns
Before – between – after numbers
Identification of numbers up to 100
Sticks and Stick BundlesCounting
Number formation
Place values
Short and expanded form Additions,
Subtractions Multiplications and Divisions
Snake & ladder gameNumber concept
Additions, Subtractions,
Multiplications, Divisions
Before – between –after numbers
Number CardsNumber concept
Place values Additions, Subtractions,
Multiplications, Divisions
Before – between – after numbers
Dummy currency or play moneyNumber concept
Place values
Short and expanded form
Spike- abacusNumber concept
Place values
Additions, Subtractions
DiceFormation of numbers
Comparison of numbers
Place values
Additions, Subtractions,
Multiplications Divisions
Peg boardCounting, Tables, Shapes
Geo boardConcept of Geometrical Shapes
Measuring jars, Tape, Scale, Clock, WeightsMeasurements Comparison of quantities
Geometrical shapesGeometry

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