TS Teachers Data Entry 2022, How to entry at Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In for Teacher Service Profile

Online Teachers Data Entry 2022 or TS Teachers Data Entry 2022 web application form is available on its Telangana school education department official website at https://schooledu.telangana.gov.in. Teachers who are working various schools in Telangana State can check details and update Teacher Details on its web portal.

Online Teacher Data Entry 2022 is collecting of teacher details for create of Teacher Service Profile online. Every year, department officials would collect the data of Teachers & Employees through online web based application form. Each and every teacher should update she/her details on online mode at Online Teachers Data Entry web interface application.

After completion of Online data entry of teacher information, every teacher, education department officials can access the online teacher particulars. In this platform, we can update the online teacher Information and teachers cadre strength particulars at Teachers Profile Website link  https://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/. So, Online Teachers Data Entry 2022 new Website: Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In

All the Teachers should update your Teachers Data at Teachers Data Entry Website viewing the circumstances of fresh shuffling and Transfers of Teachers in the Telangana State.  The Last date for Teachers Data Updation is available at Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In. C and DSE Telangana has given instructions on updation of Online application of Teachers Information and Cadre Strength at Online Teacher Data Entry web portal.

The online data entry of teachers information and cadre strength is available in Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In website. Now the same is need to be updated in view of the reorganization of districts & mandals, and transfers, promotions of teachers, change in pay scales and salary etc.  For this, all teachers have to update their particulars Online at Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In [Child Info Website] as per following step by process.

In view of the above, the DEOs & EOPOs are instructed to take up the updation of teachers online application having in Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In [www.childinfo.tg.nic.in] website duly issuing necessary instructions to all the MEOs, HMs and teachers to complete the updation of their information.

Teachers Data Correctness Certificate

After completion of Online Teachers Data Entry verification and confirmation the correctness of the 13 necessary fields at Teachers Info Telangana Website by all the MEOs, HMs, SOs, PrincipaIs concerned in the district, they should certify the correctness of Teachers Data to DPO office without fail by deadline 23-04-2022.

Teachers Data Correctness Certificate 2022: This is to declare that, I have thoroughly verified the data and passport size photo in Teacher info pertaining to me and found correct. The particulars that will appear on the ID Card will be as follows: (1) Employee ID, (2) Correct Photo, (3) Name of the Teacher, (4) Gender, (5) S/o / D/o. / W/o. (6) Designation, (7) Place of Working, (8) Bio-Metric ID (Available in where Biometric Attendance implemented), (9). Date of Birth, (10) Blood Group, (11) School Address, (12) School Code, (13) Residential Address

I have entered correct data in teacher info and I am solely responsible for the correctness of the data. Hence submitting the above declaration. (a) Signature, (b) Name of the School Head/Teacher, (c) STO ID/ID No., (d) Designation, (e) Contact Number

Online Teachers Data Entry 2022
Name of the entryTeachers Data Entry
TitleComplete the TS Teachers Data Entry 2022
SubjectDSE Telangana enabled the TS Teacher data Updation 2022 link
CategoryData Entry
Official ISMS Portalhttps://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/
Details of Online Teachers Data Entry

TS Teachers Data Entry at Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In

Teachers DataOnline Teachers Data Entry 2022
Name of the DepartmentSPD, SSA, Telangana State
Proceedings Rc.NoRc.No.1335, dated:17-07-2019
SubjectUpdating of Teachers Data in Child Info Website
ReferenceTeachers Online Application
Teachers Data Entry New Websitehttps://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/
Teachers Data Entry Old Websiteswww.childinfo.tg.nic.in and http://schoolgis.telangana.gov.in/
Last date for Teachers Online Application UpdationTime to time announced by DSE Telangana
User Nameudise code
TS Teachers Online Data Entry 2022

Private School Staff Data Entry 2022

Private School Heads should complete the Private School Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Data Entry on or before deadline at School Education Telangana Web Portal for getting Financial Assistance and Rice.

Private School Staff Data Entry for Getting Financial Assistance & Rice

How to Update the Online Teachers Particulars on Schooledu.Telangana.Gov.In [ChildInfo Website]:

Step 1: First visit the Child Info website:
a. Teachers Profile Website link at Childinfor.tg.nic.in (Old)
b. http://schoolgis.telangana.gov.in/childinfo  (Old)
c. https://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/ (New website)

Step 2: Enter the User name, password (user name: U DISE Code, password: demo) and verification code
Step 3:  After click on the submit button.
Step 4: A WELCOM PAGE will be displayed

  1. Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers Posts & Enrollment of Children online particulars form
  2. Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers online particular form
  3. Click here to Print preview and Print
    In this page a new teacher can enter his details with use no. 2 link and use New Record
    already submitted teacher can updated his details with use no.2 link and use Edit Record

Step 5: Select the New Record OR Edit Record for Entry or Updating with help of his treasury id
Already particulars updated in 2015 are available in Child Info website and teacher can update his details with help of Edit option.

Following details should be updated by the User……..

Working School Information : Details of the Employee (): BC Caste Type BC Sub Caste Category BC Sub Caste Native District as per SB () : Email ID () Local Status (As per 4th to 10th Study Certificate Or As per Service Book) () :
Service Details of the Employee :
DSC Details (*):
Inter District Trasnfered(IDT) Information
SSC or Equivalent
Intermediate or Equivalent
Academic Qualifications :
PG Particulars
Professional Qualifications :
TTC/D.Ed particulars
B.Ed., Qualifications :
Additional B.Ed., Particulars
M.Ed.,/M.Pd Particulars
Department Test Particulars
Salary Details
Medical, Surrender Reimbursement Leave, Half Pay Leave and Earned Leave Details

Note: In this section, Cast details and District details should be entered by the teacher

Step 6: Sumbit the details and take a print

Step 7: Submit the print copy to your MRC and preserve the copy for future reference.

Online Teachers Data Entry 2020 in Telangana @ Childinfo.Tg.Nic.In (PDF)

Last date for updation of Teachers particulars online: see at web portal

Changes occurred in………..
Caste Details
Local District as per your study records
Salary details (Scale and Pay),
Working school information ( If transferred),
Leave details etc.,

DSE and SPD Telangana-Rc.No.1335: Online data entry of teacher information and cadre strength particulars in Telangana State. All the District Educational Officers in the state, were informed vide ref. cited that online data entry of teacher information and cadre strength particulars was taken up in all districts and the data has to be. updated in view of the Rationalization, Transfers and promotions of teachers and Change in their pay scales and salary due to PRC 2015. It was also informed to complete the process of updation.

Basic Pay + DA + HRA + TS_SP = GROSS;

Therefore, they are once again requested to complete the data entry of teacher information and cadre strength particulars without fail and also confirm the accuracy of data as shown below at Mandal Resource Center.

The Mandal Education Officer certifies and confirms online the data of teachers and cadre strength particulars furnished by Head Masters of Primary and Upper Primary schools in the mandal.

All the Head Masters of High schools certify the teacher information and cadre strength particulars of their respective schools and then furnish the forms to MEO for online confirmation.

All the Dy. Educational Officers certify the information of Head Masters of High Schools under their Jurisdiction and furnish the same to the concerned MEOs for online confirmation. The District Educational Officers are further requested to review the progress of online confirmation on daily basis and see that the entire work is completed.

Teacher specifics fill in Smart Mobile itself:

  1. First open “http://childinfo.tg.nic.in/Home.aspx” OR https://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/ link
    User Name: welcomets OR UDISE Code
    Password: test @ 123 OR demo
    Verification Code will be filled in there.
  2. After submit we get 3 options
    Select the 2nd Option * Click here to enter Specific Teacher’s Online Particular form *
  3. You will have a form open. This includes the option ‘New Record OR Edit Record *. Since we have filled in the details, it is enough to edit.
  4. When the * Edit Record * option is OK, the employer asks for the ID. Acknowledgement Id * comes next to the Go hitting the employee ID. Selecting it will bring up all your information ._
  5. You can edit any information you need. Specifically, * BCs have the option of filling out Cast Details *. * Employee Salary Details, Half Pay Leaves, Earning Leaves * Change. Anyone can fill out your new Educational Qualifications if you wish.
  6. When all is done, submit details will be saved. * Acknowledgement id * Save it._
  7. You can go to the Internet Center and hit username and password again and the third option is ‘Print Preview and Print *’.

So, all the Teachers are required to update your Teacher Data (Edit Record / New Record) in Childinfo website Teachers Profile Website link at Childinfo.tg.nic.in: http://schoolgis.telangana.gov.in/childinfo OR https://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/
with user name: welcomets OR UDISE Code and password: test @ 123 OR demo and submit hard copy before MRC .

How to Edit Your Online Teachers Data

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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