TS Employees Transfers 2022, Postings to new local cadres by counselling

TS Employees Transfers 2022 or TS Teachers Transfers 2022 and Postings to new local cadres by counselling. The Telangana government directed the officials to complete the allocation of employees according to the new zonal system in a week. The allocation of employees and their postings will be taken up through counselling. The concerned authorities have prepared the list of the employees’ to be transferred according to their seniority.

A committee comprising of district collectors and head of the departments has been set up and was asked to complete the allocation process in a week. The government also issued the guidelines for zonal and multi zonal posts separately. Meanwhile, the employees who were transferred were given three-day time to join the duty.

Government of Telangana have issued Orders vide reference GO.317, Dated: 06-12-2022 (Local Cadre Govt Order 2022), for allotment of employees to local cadres organized as per Presidential Order, 2018. The employees allotted to the local cadres have been directed to report in the newly allotted cadres.

TS Employees Transfers
Name of the transfersTS Employees Transfers 2022
TitleCheck the guidelines on TS Employees Transfers 2022, Postings to new local cadres by counselling
SubjectGovt of Telangana released TS Employees Transfers and Postings 2022 guidelines
DownloadDownload the Guidelines on TS Employees Transfers and Postings by counselling
Details of TS Employees Transfers

Guidelines are issued herein for posting the employees in their newly allotted cadres by Counselling. These Orders are issued in relaxation of the ban on transfers imposed vide G.O.Ms.No.81, Finance (HRM-l) Department, Dt.18-06-2018.

Tentative TS Employees Transfers Schedule 2022

Preparation of Seniority list and publication of merit list24-12-2021
Allocated Employee Seniority List25-12-2021
Taking Telangana Employees Option Form for Posting26, 27-12-2021
Telangana Employees Transfers Counselling28, 29-12-2021
Issue of TS Employee Transfers Orders30-12-2021
Details of TS Employees Transfers Schedule 2022

Employee Pool for Posting in new Local Cadres:

  • (A) Employees who are currently serving within the jurisdiction of the same local cadre to which they have now been allotted pursuant to G.O.Ms. No.317, G.A. (Ser.)Dept., dt.06-12-2021, shall be deemed to have been posted in their current posts and shall not be considered for fresh posting, for the time being.
  • illustration: An employee of erstwhile Adilabad District, allotted to Mancherial District and currently serving in Mancherial District shall be deemed to be posted in his present posting and need not be considered for fresh posting, for the time being.
  • (B) All employees allotted to the new local cadres pursuant to G.O.Ms. No.317, G.A. (Ser.) Dept., dt.06-12-2021, but not currently serving within the limits of the newly allotted cadre shall be given fresh posting in the newly allotted cadres.
  • illustration: An employee of erstwhile Adilabad district currently serving in Nirmal District and allotted to Mancherial District, should report to Mancherial District and shall be given posting in Mancherial District.

Procedure to be followed:

  • Seniority List: A seniority list shall be prepared in respect of the employees for each category of posts in the new local cadre.
  • These lists shall be prepared by the District HoDs for the District cadre posts and approved by the District Collectors concerned.
  • The seniority list shall be displayed in the format enclosed as Annexure l.
  • Allocable Posts: All the Departments shall workout the vacancies available for filling up in that category/local cadre by taking into consideration the following:
  • (i) Existing clear vacancies in that category of posts in the local cadre, before the process of allotment, and Vacancies arising on account of movement of employees out of the cadre.
  • (ii) Thereafter, having due regard to the administrative/ functional needs in the local cadres, the departments, shall workout the number of allocable posts in each category and local cadre, against which the postings need to be made. While preparing the list of allocable posts, it shall be ensured that minimum operational staff is available in offices and functional units, even in remote and hardship areas.
  • This exercise is necessary to meet the administrative requirements, prevent skewed distribution and ensure fair & balanced postings of available employees.
  • illustration: If the currently available vacancies of Junior Assistants in a particular department in local cadre is fifty and number of Junior Assistants allotted to that local cadre and coming from outside the local cadre is forty, the Competent Authority is required to identify forty out of the fifty posts which are to be filled up on priority.
  • These forty posts are to be treated as allocable posts and notified for the purpose of obtaining preferences.

Preferences from Employees:

  • Preferences shall be taken from the employees for this purpose in the format, enclosed as Annexure III, by conducting counselling.
  • Employees can indicate their preferences, together with the order of such preferences, for all allocable posts/ locations in that category, failing which the competent authority shall do postings as per guidelines.
  • The posting and transfer of employees shall be done in a transparent and objective manner, having due regard to preferences given and the seniority of the employees.
  • A member from TGO, TNGOs and other employee associations recognized by the Government of Telangana may be invited for this exercise.
  • The list of allocable posts shall be prepared by the District HoDs in respect of the District Cadre posts and approved by the District Collectors concerned.
  • The list of allocable posts in each category shall be notified in the format enclosed as Annexure ll.
  • Special category cases as mentioned in Para-22 of the Appendix to G.O.Ms.No.317, G.A. (Ser.) Dept., Dl.O6-12-2021 and Spouse cases shall be given priority, as far as practicable.

Committees for Postings:

  • The postings and transfers of employees within the newly allotted cadres shall be done by the following Committee:
  • Local Cadre: District Cadre Posts.
  • Committee: 1. District Collector. & District Head of the Department concerned.

Operational Guidelines:

  • The Police Department and the Revenue-earning Departments viz.,
  • a) Commercial Taxes Department,
  • b) Prohibition & Excise Department and
  • c) Stamps & Registration Departments, may, if necessary and, in the interest of operational efficiency, issue further operational guidelines in this regard, to meet the administrative/ functional requirements of the Department.
  • If deemed necessary, further operational guidelines will be issued for effecting postings in Zonal and Multi-Zonal Cadres.


  • The entire process shall be completed within 7 days.
  • The employee will be deemed to have been relieved at the end of 3 days of the issue of the Posting order.
  • Any violation in this regard shall be viewed seriously by the Government.
  • The Spl.C.S./ Prl. Secretary/ Secretary of the concerned administrative departments shall closely monitor the entire process of Postings.
  • The progress in this regard shall be reported to GAD on daily basis

Annexure – I : Seniority List Format

  • Name of the Department:
  • Cadre of the Post: District/ Zonal / Multi-Zonal
  • Name of the District/ Zone/ Multi-Zone:
  • Post Name:
SI. No.Name of the EmployeeDate of Bach  GenderEmployee IDMobile No.Seniority Number
12 34567
Seniority List Format

Annexure – II: List of Allocable Posts

  • District:
  • Department:
  • Post Name:
Sl. NoUnit/OfficePlace/LocationMandalNo. of Posts
List of Allocable Posts

Annexure – III: Employee Option form for posting

S. NoInformationDetails
IEmployee Information
bName of the Employee
cPost Name (Cadre/ Category)
dMulti-Zone/ Zone/ District to which allotted
IIDetails of Present Post held
aName of the Office presently working
bName of the Present Post                                               
cPresent Post Location (Head Quarters)
IIISpouse Employment Details
aWhether Employee/ (Yes/No) (if yes give below details)
bSpouse Name
cName of the Department
dName of the Post
ePost Head quarter
IVDo you want to claim under Special Category? Yes/No
Specify the Special Category as per Para 22 of guidelines issued under G.O.Ms.317 Dated 06.12.2021.
Whether supporting documents are attached? (Yes/No)
VOrder of preference for the Post with location
Preference NoPost with Location
Employee Option form for posting

*(More preferences can be given, if required) – Signature of the employee

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