Monitoring, Inspections, Visits, Observations in Telangna TS Schools 2023

If  we see any govt  school we can observe same problem i.e., lack of strength. This is due to many reasons. In those many reasons teacher ability, duty of teacher, efficiency is also very important. As  many surveys are saying children from VIII-X are not having minimum levels of learning. With this gained knowledge they are going to higher studies. By payment seals etc they are completing studies, but these is lack of knowledge and skills.

These will be pillars of tomorrow’s future of our country.

So, our government decided to change the whole education system. The first step in the above change is to verity, inspect the schools by state team. This inspection do not remain for a period. This is a continuous process.

According to school education director Mr.Chiranjeevulu this inspection will be every Friday. Head of the departments visits schools and inspect the students, teachers attendance, teaching Midday meal, implementation of educational programmes and try to solve the raised problems.

This visits will be very confidential. Even DEO also doesn’t know the name of mandal & school they are going to visit.

So, be alert do not wait for bell and bill. Teacher itself is a more responsible person than any other. Be creative and reach the heart of children and gain the best results.State Monitoring Team Visits -TSSA

Observing Items:

State Monitoring Team or District Monitoring Team and MEOs will Observe the following thing

  1. Child’s Level
  2. Coverage of OSC
  3. Organizing a Review Meetings at District & Mandel Level
  4. Distribution of uniforms and Textbooks
  5. Academic Performance of Schools (Syllabus coverage, correction in the notebooks, F.A, S.A, Text, Record etc.)
  6. Performance of KGBVs
  7. Function of Madarsas and Urdu medium schools
  8. Training impact in the classroom teaching, learning process(Teaching Learnig process)
  9. Use of New Text Books
  10. Note book and Text book exercies completion and Correction
  11. Examination Reforms
  12. CCE Implementation
  13. Conduct the Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment
  14. Valuation of Assessments
  15. Syllabus Completion
  16. Complex meetings, communication of complex guidelines to HMs
  17. Status of P1NDICS and QMT and
  18. Interaction with local body (Gram Panchayat Sarpanch etc)
  19. Academic activities, Syllabus etc.
  20. MDM Details
  21. Records and Registers
  22. Functioning of SMCs, and
  23. Interaction with local body (Gram Panchayat Sarpanch etc)

TS Schools should maintain following items

All the Mandal Educational Officers are instructed to intimate all Head Masters of Primary. UP and High schools in your jurisdiction without fail to follow the following points.
1. In time attendance of the teacher to the school as per RTE time table.
2. Display the school timings in the noticeable place of the school.(Prayer bell to long bell)
3. Display detailed class wise Time table in each class
4. Display of SMC members particulars at noticeable place of the school with contact no.s
5. Display of MDM menu and quantity of item per student
6. Display schemes 1. Free supply of text books 2. Uniforms (2 pairs) 3. MOM etc.
7. Maintenance of cleanliness at the cooking place.
8. Maintenance of toilets ( Put Soap and towels)
9. Preparation of Year plan. Unit plan. and Period plan.
10. New Logo of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan on the building.
11. Logo of Mid Day Meal.
12. Display of names of class rooms at entrance of the class rocm.(with paint)
13. Display of Head Master room with HMs name and Qualifications) (With Paint)
14. Sign boards of each teacher with qualifications on the concern table.
15. Display of roll and attendance on every Black Board (Boys+ Gills= Total)
16. School bell should not be a Piece of Rail track (Rail patta). It should be light weight plated bell or electrical bell.
17. Updation of all records and registers like Pupil attendance, teacher attendance, stock and issue register. MOM registers etc…
18. Update CL Register.
19. Maintenance of MOM check register (We called it as Taste Register)
20. Syllabus register.(SI.No. Month. Topic. Bifurcation of topicWhether completed. Date of completion. Sign of teacher. HM sign.)
21. Dress code of teacher.
22 MOM Buffer stock should be maintain at dry place.
23 Supply gloves and apron to MDM cook cum helpers
12. Academic activities, Syllabus etc.

State Team Visits into TS Schools for Academic Monitoring and Observe Various Items

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