DD & T SAT Digital Lessons Transmission Schedule 2023 and Class wise & Day wise Time Table

DD & T SAT Digital Lessons Transmission Schedule 2023 and Guidelines would be released time to time in Telangana State for TS School for broad casting of Online Digital Classes through DD Yadagiri and T-SAT Vidya Channel. T SAT TV Digital Lessons Or Digital Classes Transmission Schedule and Guidelines can be found at SCERT Telangana Website and also http://softnet.telangana.gov.in Web Portal. Online classes will start from July 1 for all school students including those in classes 11 and 12. These Digital lessons would be broadcasted through Youtube Channel of T SAT also. Digital Guru Online Classes Time table and T SAT Vidya Digital Lessons Time table for School Education Classes and Intermediate Education classes have been released. Watch Online TV Lessons at DD Yadagiri Channel and T SAT Vidya Channel on Today as per the time schedule. These classes YouTube links have been provided here for smart device users. Instructions

DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons Schedule 2023: Digital Guru Time table for School & Intermediate Education Online Classes

DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons Schedule 2023 – Digital Guru Time table for School & Intermediate Education Online Classes. Public Broadcaster prasarbharati and dd yadagiri turn into Digital Guru to save the precious academic progress of School and Intermediate students from 1st September from 8 am to 6 pm in Telangana State. Online classes will start from July 1 for all school students including those in classes 11 and 12. Classes will continue to be held in online mode Online TV Classes – Digital Guru ‘Online Television Classes’ have been started for School and Intermediate Students on Telangana DD Yadagiri Channel. These Online TV Classes live stream started on DD Yadagiri Telangana Youtube Channel From September 1st. Digital Guru Time table for School Education Classes and Intermediate Education classes has been released time to time by officials. These Youtube links have been provided here for smart device users. Watch Intermediate Online

State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) Hyderabad Educational Programmes

State Institute of Educational Technology(SIET),Hyderabad was established in 1985 with 100 percent financial assistance from Government of India, New Delhi as a Production Centre of Educational Television and Radio Programmes in regional language(Telgu) for school children in the age of 5 to 14. SIET broadcasting Channels DD Yadagiri / DD Saptagiri Mana TV All India Radio In order to make operational procedures quick and more functional, the institute was converted into Autonomous Society by the Department of School Education in December, 1990. To assist the Directorate of School Education in implementation of educational and programmes both in formal and non-formal sectors. and To understand all activities which may seem appropriate for furtherance of above objective. State Institute of Educational Technology at Hyderabad focuses on research and production of audio and video programs. The main objective of this institution is to support the Department of School Education in the implementation of

Selection of Digital Skill Expert Teachers for Digital Lessons Development for TS Schools

Online application form for Selection of Digital Skill Expert Teachers for Digital Lessons Development for TS Schools,e-Application form for  Digital Content Developer, applications for digital content through online, Development of Digital Lesson inviting applications from expert teachers, Development of Digital Lessons Classes VI to X – Selection of Teachers with Digital Skills for the development of Digital Lessons. Digital Classrooms have launched in the secondary schools integrating ICT in Teaching-Learning process of various subjects, in this regard, the digital lessons are being developed by the SIET and transmitting through MANA TV and providing same to the schools through Hard discs.   It is proposed to develop digital lessons for all the subjects duly involving teachers who are experts in Computer Skills and as well as in subject knowledge. In this regard, applications are invited from the expert teachers to act as Resource Persons (RP) to develop digital lessons under SIET,

Providing ROTs facility to TS Schools for MANA TV Digital Lessons broadcast

Providing ROTs facility to all TS Schools for MANA TV Lessons broadcast: DSE and SSA Telangana, Rc.No.405, dt.31.08.2016. Sub: SCERT – Telangana Hyderabad- Upgrading the existing of ROTs being functional in the schools in Upper Primary, High Schools, MRCs in all the districts and also providing ROTs to the schools not provided with ROTs earlier- Orders issued – Reg. All the DEOs & Project Officers of SSA in the State are hereby informed that vide subject cited instructions have already been issued for providing ROTs facility in all the Govt. Local body, Residential Schools by 15.09.2016 without fail. In this regard it is informed that the SOFT NET (MANA TV) is upgrading existing ROTs from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 from 1st October 2016. The existing ROTs do not function with the existing configuration from lst October onwards. Therefore it is required to upgrade the existing configuration of ROTs and also provide

DD Saptagiri Online Classes Schedule 2022: Vidya Varadhi Digital Lessons Time table for School Education

DD Saptagiri Online Classes Schedule 2021 released by DSE AP. DD Saptagiri Digital Lessons Time table 2021 has been released for School Education (Digital Classes to AP School Students) under Vidya Varadhi Educational Programme. Proceedings has been given by Additional Director on the implementation of the DD Saptagiri television program on online classes in all AP schools. SAPTAGIRI Doordarshan Kendra (DDK) Online Classes Schedule 2021 has been released. Students may download the DDK Online Classes Time Table 2021 from the given below link. Students please be noted that, as per the schedule, DD Saptagiri Digital Lessons should be telecasted for you Excluding Saturdays and Sundays. DD Saptagiri is the dedicate TV channel of Andhra Pradesh state. The Online Classes of Class 1 to 10 are telecasting on this TV channel daily. This web page is providing the DD Saptagiri Channel Online Classes Time Table and Channel numbers. The Andhra Pradesh

T SAT: Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools and Digital Classes Schedule 2022

Digital Lessons in TS Smart Schools by T SAT. Before letters are the only way to communicate farther places, later on, as technology is growing the way of communication also changed and made easier. As there is a rapid growth in technology from letters, them telegrams, land phones, Emails, mobile phones, etc. The graph of technology is always increasing. But increased/developed technology is away from rural children (people). SIET Telangana Digital lessons from 6th to 10th grade are broadcast every day. Children are encouraged to listen to lessons every day by downloading the mobile app through the link below. As the technology is necessary for all the children, the rural children are unable to handle this technology. So, to make the teaching process more impressive on the child TS govt is going to implement digital lessons in govt schools. SCERT director Mr.Chiranjeevulu discussed with officials on computer education, Digital lessons. The

TS Digital Classes Videos – Subject, Class wise YouTube Links of Digital Lessons

TS Digital Classes Videos – Subject, Class wise TS Class YouTube Links of Digital Lessons, Digital Lessons MANA TV Line Stream Videos. Digital classes launched in Telangana state: Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Information Technology launched digital classes in 1,500 schools simultaneously from Mana TV premises. Digital Classes in TS Govt Schools: The government had promoted digital classes to offer quality education to the children. The digital classes would help the students brush up on their knowledge through quality learning. The government was determined to offer world-class education free of cost. Parents should take the responsibility to get a better education for their children. T SAT Digital Lessons Class Wise and Subject wise T SAT Lessons Class All Subjects Videos Class 3 Digital Lessons Class 10 Digital Lessons Class 4 Digital Lessons Class 9 Digital Lessons Class 5 Digital Lessons Class 8 Digital Lessons Class 6 Digital Lessons Class 7 Digital Lessons T SAT TV Live Classes T-SAT e-Learning

Online Digital Classes to College Students 2022 on various Digital Platforms

Online Digital Classes to TS College Students on various digital/TV/T-SAT platforms. The Online digital classes would be telecast through Doordarshan-Yadagiri and T SAT Network channels- Vidya and Nipuna for about two hours twice a day for Telangana Intermediate, PG and Professional College students. Apart from telecasting digital classes, the subject wise digital content would also be made available on the YouTube channel of the Education department. The College students can also access the Online digital classes on YouTube in case they miss out on any information. This content has been prepared by the College lecturers of the government colleges. Inter Students T SAT Schedule DD – Intermediate Education Subject Name Subject Name Maths 2A English Maths 2B Telugu Maths Hindi Physics Sanskrit Chemistry Arabic Botany Commerce Zoology Civics Economics PSTT Bio Chemistry Micro Biology Computer Science Accounting & Taxation Construction Technology Live Stock Management Automobile Engineering TechnicianAET Agriculture Crop Production

Online Classes to TS School Students 2022 on various Digital/TV/T SAT Platforms start from June 21

School Education officials plan to start the new Academic year on June 21. Due to Corona, DSE is expected to start Online‌ Classes to TS School Students 2021 as there is no opportunity to conduct live classes. These proposals will be sent to the government soon seeking permission for this. The new Academic year is about to begin with bridge courses. From June to August, students will be taught the same subjects as bridge courses. The Central Ministry of Education has directed to conduct these bridge courses as part of re-teaching and revision of important subjects of the last academic year. Suggested making these arrangements as part of preventing learning loss. SCERT has been entrusted with the responsibility of designing the curriculum for these courses. Material printing is targeted to be completed within the first week of June. Only after August 15 will there be opportunities to learn new subjects

TS School Digital Classes Time table 2022 under T SAT Network & DD Yadagiri (Day wise Online Classes)

TS School Digital Classes Time table under T SAT Network & DD Yadagiri: TS Class Programme started in TS Digital Classrooms of TS govt Schools and these Digital Lessons are telecasting through MANA TV(SoFTNET) channel. The students can now understand the lessons easily due to video and audio systems enabled in the digital method of teaching. The concentration of the students will increase enormously with the digital classes. The students also must work hard by learning the lessons perfectly asking whatever doubts they get while listening to the digital classes. By observing the visuals and listening to the audio, the students can enjoy the classes and remember the subjects easily which helps them to write the exams without any fear. Note: The teacher has to discuss the topic to be transmitted for 5 mints and prepare children to view the programme. The lesson will be transmitted for 20 to 25 mints.