State, District Team Visits to TS Schools 2022: Observing items, Inspecting items

Rc.405,Districts, State Level Monitoring Team Visits, Inspections, Observations, Interventions, Progress Cards/ Cumulative Records, Academic Calendars, CCE Register Formats/ Records, Valuation of answer scripts of Summative Assessment-1, Parents Meeting, Children performance, State and District Monitoring Team Visits to the Schools.

PROCEEDINGS OF THE DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL EDUCATION, TELANGANA STATE, HYDERABAD Rc. No. 405/D/C&T/SCERT/2015, Dated: 10.10.2015. Subject: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad -Instructions on Summative Assessment-1 examinations and on Cumulative Records – Orders issued – Reg.

Ref: Video conference with all the DEOs, POs of SSA, DIET Principals and Dy.EOs on 09-10-2015 by the Director of School Education. All the RJDSEs, DEOs, POs of SSA are hereby informed that vide reference cited, printing of Cumulative Records, reaching of Academic Calendars to the schools, valuation of answer scripts of Summative Assessment-1 examination and providing feedback to the children and parents by sending answer scripts to the parents, conduct of parents meeting on the children performance etc. have been discussed and reviewed. In this connection following are the further instructions.

A. Providing Academic Calendars, Cumulative Record, CCE Registers to Schools: 1. Instructions have already been issued earlier for the printing of Progress Cards i.e. Cumulative Records both for classes I to V (1 Cumulative Record) and classes VI to X (1 Cumulative Record) along with CCE Register formats/ records. It was found that enormous delay in printing and providing to the schools. This makes schools unable to record the children performance across the subjects and send it to the parents through students.

2. Therefore,  all  the  DEOs and POs are requested  to  take  up  the printing of Cumulative Records and CCE Registers as per the requirement for all children studying from class I to X. The indent may be taken for all the Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools including Residential Schools, Model Schools, KGBVs and print sufficient number of Cumulative Records and CCE Registers and provide to the schools before 24th October, 2015 without fail.

3. The DCEB Secretaries may be made In-charge for the indent on the requirement of Cumulative Records and CCE Registers across different type of schools. The AMO of SSA shall assist the DCEB Secretary in this process.

4. Cumulative Records have been printed under SSA and provided to the schools, the same may be used for the children whoever received earlier, though certain changes made in the pattern examination such as two terminal tests instead of three and such columns may be kept empty. The same old Cumulative Records serves the purpose. 5. The Academic Calendars for both Primary and Upper Primary/ High Schools must reach all the schools for its meaningful utilization

B. Instructions on Correction of SA I Answer Scripts: Instructions have already been issued earlier pertaining to correction of answer scripts of SA-I examination i.e. valuating the answer scripts carefully by the teachers and issue the same to the children for all classes from classes I to X on 26th   October, 2015 and give feedback to  the  children on the strengths and weaknesses. The answer scripts shall be sent to the parents so as to inform the progress and the way how their children wrote the answers and obtain their signature on each paper.

C. Parent Teacher Meeting on 30th October: A Parent Teacher Meeting may be conducted on 30th October, 2015 in all schools i.e. Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools including Model Schools to discuss the progress of children and other related issues.

D. State Level Monitoring Teams Visit Schools from 28th October: As informed in the video conference that the Director will constitute State Level monitoring teams and this teams shall visit the schools in all the Districts from 28th October onwards and observe.

  • The children answer scripts,
  • Implementation of CCE,
  • Quality of classroom transaction,
  • Annual plans,
  • Lesson plans,
  • Utilization of existing resources such as labs, library, TLM, ICT,
  • School infrastructure,
  • Clean & Green etc.

The DEOs are requested to inform all the schools through Dy.EOs and MEOs on these monitoring visits. All the DEOs are requested to constitute their own teams under SSA and RMSA for monitoring the schools on the above parameters.

E. Visit Schools on Daily Basis and Focus on Academic issues: All the RJDSEs, DEOs are requested to focus on academic issues since the works such as teacher transfers and position of Vidya Volunteers have been completed. All the RJDSEs, DEOs, Dy.EOs, MEOs and Sectoral Officers of SSA and RMSA shall

  • Visit schools on daily basis and
  • Present in the school assembly at 09.00 AM. They are also requested to see
  • The performance of children in the basic competencies of literacy, numeracy and other class specific,
  • Subject  specific  competencies  along  with  teaching  using  the textbooks and Implementation of CCE.

All the RJDSEs, DEOs and POs are requested to take necessary action on the above points and submit a report by 1st November, 2015 on the progress of the activities as above to the Director of School Education with a copy to Director, SCERT.

below points to be observed by teams:

  • Swatch Pathasala programme is going on or not.
  • Plantation
  • MDM
  • Teacher Diary
  • Pupil Note book correction
  • Time Table maintaining
  • Swatch Pathasala 2 periods on saturday evng implimenting or not.
  • Records
  • Attendance of Teachers and Students by prayer time.
  • Is the Diary coincide with children notes or not.
  • Teams will come with 8 page proforma for acadamic monitoring and administration.
  • Be Alert. School, Including Play Ground and Class Rooms  should be neat and clean

Instructions on SA 1 Exams, Cumulative Records and State, District Team Visit to TS Schools

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