TS Telangana GOs 2021: Download GOs Diary from here

TS Telangana GOs, TS GOs 2018 – TS Govt. Orders 2018 – Latest GO’s 2018 – Telangana GOs: TS GO’s, TS Govt Orders, DA GO’s, Telangana Govt Orders, DSE GO’s, Latest GO’s,

  1. Important GO’s,
  2. AP Employees GO’s,
  3. TS Teachers GO’s,
  4. Pension GOs,
  5. PRC GO’s,
  6. GO’s of Important Service Rules,
  7. RPS GO’s, 
  8. http://goir.telangana.gov.in/
  9. http://www.telangana.gov.in/government-orders,
  10. http://tsonline.gov.in/govt-orders

GOs Download 2013 to 2015 and PRC 1986 to 2015 (GOs Diary)

TS PRC GOs 2021: Download Telangana PRC Govt Orders of TS RPS 2020

TS PRC 2015 GOs: Download Telangana PRC Govt Orders of TS RPS 2015

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3 thoughts on “TS Telangana GOs 2021: Download GOs Diary from here”

  1. In TS schools 50% teachers to the school rule is going on
    If a teacher doesn’t go to the school for ten days continuously like one day CL next day Work from home again next day CL , After work from home and so on for ten days
    If the teacher kept 4CLS inbetween Work from home, is the teacher considered as continuously absent to school?? If so work from home also considered as absent?…
    Please give clarification

    • Yes, Work from home is the facility. Not real duty at work station. So, after the day of work from home they have join their original duty station. (like on duty). (And this situation is new to us, there are no specific rules in our leave rules for work from home)

      • In detailed

        This is a doubt that has come up more and more in recent times.
        ‘Work from home (WH)’ is a facility provided to teachers in a special situation caused by the corona epidemic but not to work on their own in the school / workplace.

        It is not mentioned in the Fundamental Rules, the Terms of Vacation. This is only a temporary arrangement.

        Teachers and junior assistants are assigned to work in the workplace.

        The ‘work from home’ facility was created one day. Not in a row.

        So, ‘Work from Home’ will have to attend school / office in person the next day.

        In case of non-attendance at the office / school for ten consecutive days as mentioned in the above doubt, work from home days can also be considered as holidays.


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