Telangana Class 1 to Class 10 Textbooks 2022 for TS Schools

Telangana Textbooks 2022 or Telangana Class 1 to Class 10 Textbooks 2022 or Telangana I to X Class New Text Books printing started – Now Telangana lessons in Telangana schools from next academic year: As everything changed due to separation of Telugu state, to know the importance of the separation of states and the Telangana movement and those who fought in this movement those who sacrificed their lives.

It is essential. Also our Telangana leaders, poets, great people are beyond the screen. So, it is a plan of action to get them on screen and make to know us of themselves. So, Textbooks are the best choice to make to know, where every student, todays, tomorrow’s citizen will understand and make knowledge of our Telangana’s great people. I Class to X Class Telugu lessons are partially changed. 6th class to 9th class Social studies syllabus wherever necessary is changed.

This Telangana syllabus will include the Telangana movement, KCR hunger strike, Sakala janula samme,  great fighters like Chakali Ilamma, Komuram Bheem, etc., Professor Jayashankar history, Telangana’s geographical history, mission kakatiya, Telangana poets.

Telangana Class 1 to Class 10 Textbooks 2021 for TS Schools

Telangana Class 1 to Class 10 Textbooks 2021

ClassSCERT Textbooks
1st to 5th ClassSCERT Class 1 to 10 Textbooks
6th ClassSCERT Class 6 Textbooks
7th ClassSCERT Class 7 Textbooks
8th ClassSCERT Class 8 Textbooks
9th ClassSCERT Class 9 Textbooks
10th ClassSCERT Class 10 Textbooks
SCERT Telangana Textbooks

In this syllabus, the Telangana movement will be as a lesson. Where there is importance Andhra History or whatever belonging to AP will remain the same. Books will give a clear idea which discusses each and everything. As a part of Nizam’s ruling will be criticized but it will explain the good and bad of their ruling. Everything will be meaningful and gives knowledge to students. According to OSD Deshapathi Srinivas, Sri Ramachary suggestions the books will be printed.

Sataka Padyalu (Sataka Poems)

Sataka Parimalalu 2021శతకము (Satakam)
Sumati Poems 2021 Audio Book 1సుమతీ శతకము (Sumathi Satakam)
Veman Poems 2021 Audio Book 2వేమన శతకము (Vemana Satakam)
Baskara Poems 2021 Audio Book 3భాస్కర శతకము (Bhaskara Satakam)
Kumara Poems 2021 Audio Book 4కుమార శతకము (Kumara Satakam)
Sasarathi Poems 2021 Audio Book 5దాశరథీ శతకము (Dasarathi Satakam)
Narasimha POems 2021 Audio Book 6నరసింహ శతకము (Narasimha Satakam)
Sri Kalahastiswara Poems 2021 Audio Book 7శ్రీకాళహస్తీశ్వర శతకము (Sri Kalahastiswara Satakam)
 Sataka Padyalu-Audio Books

Telangana School textbooks for sale from 27-06-2022

School Textbooks of the State syllabus will be available for sale across the Telangana from 27-06-2022. These SCERT textbooks will be sold in bookshops identified by the District Educational Officers (DEOs) and distribution centres of private printers or publishers in all districts for the academic year 2022-23.

Private school managements, parents and students may avail the facility and purchase the Telangana textbooks at the identified bookshops or distribution centres at the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for each fixed title by the government according to the Government Textbook Press director S Srinivasa Chary.

For Classes 1 to 10, QR codes have been printed for every subject and chapter. Upon scanning the code using a smartphone, a student can read the chapter in audio and video form. Telangana 1st to 10th class New Text Books, These will be implemented from the 2015 -2016 academic year. These books were revised and changes made by Govt.

Textbook distribution in Telangana 2022

The School Education Department, Telangana is making elaborate arrangements for the distribution of textbooks to students of the government schools before the commencement of the new academic year i.e., 2021-22. Of the total 1.42 crore textbooks required for the government schools for Classes 1 to 10 for the next academic year, 40 per cent of them have already reached the district headquarters. Depending on the requirement, these textbooks would be sent to the Mandal Education Offices and then to the school points.

Every year, the State government provides free textbooks to the students studying in the government and residential schools. This year, textbooks of Classes 6 to 10 come with QR codes. On scanning these QR codes on a smartphone, students would get information besides videos and photographs related to a particular lesson. This would help the students understand lessons in a better way. Earlier, on a pilot project basis, these QR codes were printed on a few textbooks.

This apart, to curb irregularities in the distribution of free textbooks, the department has come up with a barcoding system. These bar codes would help ascertain the school-wise distribution of the textbooks. The textbooks will be distributed after relaxation of the lockdown.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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