SCERT Telangana New School Syllabus for Class I to X and Activity/ Project based Syllabus & Total Syllabus Download

TS SCERT, School Education Department and Govt of Telangana prepared SCERT Telangana New School Syllabus for Class I to X and Activity/ Project based Syllabus (Reduction Syllabus) and Total Syllabus upload on its web portal. Rationalization of Syllabus has been done for the total Syllabus.

Proposed Units, Chapters, Lessons, Concepts for Activities/ Projects have been prepared for Classes I to X under reduction of syllabus. Proceedings Of The Director Of School Education Telangana, Hyderabad has given instructions on Activity/ Project Based Syllabus in all subjects from class I to X for the academic year 2020-21.

DSE Telangana has released the Activity Project Based Syllabus with Topics & Pictures for Class I to X & Syllabus Reduction of Classes I to X and detailed instructions were given in the Proceedings Rc.No.219/A/C&T/SCERT/TS/2020, Dated: 27.10.2020. DSE TS has informed to all the DEOs and RJDs of Telangana School Education that keeping in view of COVID-19 pandemic situation and instructions issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

Department of School Education, Telangana after careful examination has finalized the syllabus into (i) essential core concepts / units for classroom transaction and (ii) concepts / units for activities/ projects for the State syllabus for all subjects from classes I to X for the academic year 2020-21. which are uploaded in the SCERT website ( as approved by the Special Chief Secretary to Govt., Education Department.

Further, DSE has informed to all the District Educational Officers in the State to issue necessary instructions to the Headmasters of all schools informing them. The concepts units for activity/ project based syllabus will not be the part of internal assessments and year-end Summative Assessment/ Board Examinations.

SCERT Telangana New School Syllabus for Class I to X and Activity Project based Syllabus & Reduction Syllabus Download
State syllabusAll subjects from classes I to X
Part IEssential Core Concepts / Units for Classroom Transaction
Part IIConcepts / Units for Activities/ Projects
ProceedingsDSE Telangana Proceedings for Rationalization of Syllabus
State Syllabus Partition details

Download Class Wise and Subject wise Syllabus

Download the whole pdf file of Activity/ Project Based Syllabus with Reduction Syllabus for Project Based Teaching and Remaining Syllabus for Digital Lessons for Class 1 to 10 State Whole Syllabus form the given link.

And also Download the individual PDF files of Class wise and Subject wise Activity/ Project based Syllabus(Syllabus Reduction) and Total Syllabus like, Project Based Units, Project Based Chapters, Project Based Lessons, Project Based Concepts under Project Based Teaching from here.

Class wise Deleted Syllabus / Activity or Project Based Syllabus

ClassDeleted Syllabus
Class 6Class 6 Deleted Syllabus
Class 7Class 7 Deleted Syllabus
Class 8Class 8 Deleted Syllabus
Class 9Class 9 Deleted Syllabus
Class 10Class 10 Deleted Syllabus
Class wise deleted syllabus

Subject wise Activity/ Project Based Syllabus

Subject Name (Classes I to X)Download
Telugu [First Language) & For Other Media (Second Language)]Telugu PBS
Hindi (First Language)Hindi PBS FL
Hindi ( Second Language)Hindi PBS SL
Urdu (First Language)Urdu PBS FL
Urdu (Second Language)Urdu PBS SL
Sanskrit (Oriental Course & Composite Course)Sanskrit PBS
KannadaKannada PBS
MarathiMarathi PBS
TamilTamil PBS
EnglishEnglish PBS
MathematicsMaths PBS
Environmental Science (EVS)EVS PBS
General ScienceGS PBS
Physical SciencePS PBS
Biological ScienceBS PBS
Social StudiesSS PBS
ArabicArabic PBS
Subject wise Activity/ Project Based SyllabusSubject wise PBS
Subject wise Activity/ Project Based Syllabus

Class wise Rationalization of Syllabus for Total Syllabus

Class wise Rationalization of SyllabusDownload
Class 1 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass I Total & PBS
Class 2 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass II Total & PBS
Class 3 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass III Total & PBS
Class 4 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass IV Total & PBS
Class 5 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass V Total & PBS
Class 6 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass VI Total & PBS
Class 7 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass VII Total & PBS
Class 8 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass VIII Total & PBS
Class 9 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass IX Total & PBS
Class 10 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass X Total & PBS
Class 1 to 10 Total Syllabus & PB SyllabusClass I to X Total & PBS
Class wise Rationalization of Syllabus for Total Syllabus

Project based ‘teaching’

Project based ‘teaching’ to students in Telangana Schools. The school education department has focused on the implementation of an alternative education calendar as there are currently no opportunities for teaching in classrooms in the wake of the Covid19‌ outbreak.

The plan to reduce the syllabus by 30 per cent has been scrapped. State SCERT officials also discussed the matter with subject matter experts.
There will be no exams for lessons taught in the project based approach. Marks are made. But, do not include them in the annual exams.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Central Government, students will be taught a large amount of digital teaching without losing lessons. To this end, the DEOs have been directed to take decisions based on local resources on a district-wise basis.

Over 85 per cent of students watch lessons daily through television and T SAT in the digital classroom system. They are all re-practicing with the help of worksheets.

According to the central guidelines, it has been decided to teach the syllabus in two ways without losing lessons till the end. One is digital classes and the other is project based.

It was decided to separate the project based and practical ones in the ongoing curriculum and do projects and practicals with the students. It is hoped that this will enable the teaching of a complete syllabus.

Teaching Method

SyllabusTeaching Approach
85% SyllabusDigital Classes
25% SyllabusActivity/ Project Based Approach
Teaching Method Details

Revised Syllabus for classes I to X

Revised syllabus for classes first class to tenth class. As per the DSE Orders, The school education department has finalized the syllabus for classes first class to tenth class in the Telangana state.

Chapters are classified into two types i.e., (a) What to teach in the classroom and (b) Project-oriented

The school education department has clarified that the syllabus for project based lessons will not be for Formative Assessments (SA), Summative Assessments (SA) or board exams.

There is no mention anywhere in the instructions that the syllabus is being reduced. Lessons were completely removed in some subjects related to classroom teaching, while some concepts were removed in others.

Project-based teaching of 10th Class Syllabus

In the tenth class syllabus, About project-based teaching 30 percent in math, 27% in physics, 30 percent in biology, 29% in the social sciences, 25 percent in English is included in the syllabus. That means no questions in the exams from them.

SubjectProject-based teaching
10th Class Project-based teaching

Full details of which chapters are assigned to projects in which classes can be found on the website.

Important Info

ItemGet Info
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SCERT Telangana Textbooks 2021Textbooks
SCERT Telangana Worksheets 2021Worksheets
SCERT Telangana Sataka Padyalu 2021Sataka Poems
T SAT & DD Digital Lessons 2021Digital Classes
DD Yadagiri Digital Lessons 2021Digital Guru
TS SSC Model Question Papers 2021 (Reduced Syllabus)10th Class Question Papers
TS SCERT SSC Model Papers 2021 (100% Syllabus)10th Class Question Papers
SCERT Telangana Activities

SCERT Telangana School Syllabus

TS SCERT Telangana New School Syllabus, Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh as a new 29th state of India, with the city of Hyderabad as its capital. In this Telangana movement took many people sacrifices, we are enjoying the freedom in our own state bangaru Telangana(Golden Telangana).  

If we observe this, we can understand at what range of Telangana poets and people in textbooks from I-X. We can see only the great poets, leaders, history which not included in present textbooks. So we can observe that Telangana poets not even recognized in such textbooks.

The Telangana government would revise the syllabus for school students from next year to incorporate the life stories of prominent people of Telangana besides highlighting the language, culture, and history of the region. In the coming academic year, the Telangana school syllabus is all set to see more changes in several subjects.

Adding to the changes in the ninth and tenth standard textbooks in the previous and current academic years, the Telangana government is trying to revise the current syllabus according to the recommendations of the expert committee.

As the government is keen on the inclusion of Telangana’s history and culture in the school syllabus, the recently-constituted committee is now preparing new lessons in subjects like Telugu language and Social Sciences.

Ancient and modern literature in Telugu language and history and geography in Social Sciences will be revised. As per the guidance of the government, the topics related to Andhra Pradesh will be deleted and replaced with those on Telangana. Officials are also preparing a map of the new state for Social Science examinations.

Highlight 1969 Telangana struggle in school curriculum: To changes in the syllabus of Telugu and social sciences textbooks by the subject wise expert committee after revising. 40% of changes had proposed by the committee where Telangana culture, poet, history, festivals reflect in the place of Andhra. Mainly Telangana movement, from 1969 to 2014 sacrifices of leaders, etc.,  

The Telangana government had authorized the TS State Council of Educational Research and Training (TS SCERT) to localize the curriculum to eliminate all aspects of  Andhra culture and history from the textbooks.

Telangana state council of educational research and planning (SCERT) has finalized the proposed changes in the school syllabus and submitted it.  According to Jagannath Reddy, director SCERT, the new syllabus will be announced within a week after approval of the government.  Last year we have received the textbooks before the school re-open. But now due to this process, it may be some late.TS SCERT Telangana New School Syllabus

Telangana State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has finalized the proposed changes in the school syllabus and submitted it to the government. According to SCERT Official, once the government approves it, the new syllabus will be out.

If everything went well, they would announce the new syllabus within a week’s time. In the wake of the formation of a new State of Telangana, the government has constituted a subject-wise expert committee to revise Telugu and Social Studies.

The committee had proposed 40 percent changes to Telugu and Social Sciences textbooks. The new syllabus will reflect Telangana culture, poets, festivals and eminent personalities in Telugu textbooks for Class I to Class X.

The content related to AP had been deleted from the syllabus. “Andhra culture, festivals, and poets have been replaced with Telangana culture, festivals and so on. As per the guidelines listed out by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, the syllabus has been re-framed.

Telangana history got a facelift in Social Studies. Students of class VI, VII and VIII will now study the farmers’ armed struggle, Nizam’s rule, Telangana movement from 1969 to 2014 including K Chandrashekar Rao’s fast unto death in 2009 in Social Studies.

“Telangana movement right from 1969 to 2014 and all other incidents have been placed in history. The book will also feature Srikanth Chary who immolated themself for the cause of the State.

Likewise, several other persons are also featured in the textbook. Normally, the CD has to be given for printing in January so that printed textbooks will be available for distribution before the schools reopen.

However, this year, due to the bifurcation of the State and also in the wake of revision of textbooks, there is a delay in the process. Last year textbooks were distributed before the reopening of schools and this year we may not be able to give before schools open.

CM has studied the changed curriculum suggested some changes and accepted to print. The subject the Telugu changed from I class to X class. In social of 6th, 7th and 8th class history lessons are going to change according to exposure of the Telangana movement.

In 9th and 10th social studies minute changes reflect Telangana culture along with pictures. Officials are working for 6 months. After completion of the syllabus along with suggested changes within two weeks and gives for printing.

But it is already known that this time there will be some late in issuing books and officials are working about the date of school reopening which may be on June 1st.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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