TS Schools to Reopen on July 1 for Teachers & Students, Back to School Preparing

Director of School Education has given instructions for Schools Reopening to all DEOs, MEOs and School Heads in Telangana State. TS Schools to Reopen on July 1 for Teachers and Students physically. As per the DSE Telangana Proceedings Rc.51, Dated: 15-06-2021, Summer Holidays extended to all Teachers till 20-06-2021. So, TS Schools Reopening Day is 21-06-2021.

All educational institutions including schools and colleges in Telangana state will reopen from July 1. Students will be allowed to attend physical classes amid strict COVID-19 precautions. Detailed guidelines regarding the same will be issued by the state government shortly.

With the educational institutions are getting re-opened, the Cabinet has instructed the Education Department to prepare instructions and guidelines on compulsory attendance of the students, online classes, and other related issues and release the same at the earliest.

Telangana is among the first states to have reopened schools. Schools across India have been shut since mid-March 2020 and classes have been continuing in online mode since then. The Ministry of Education on Saturday also released guidelines for parents to support education from home.

Telangana Schools Reopened for Students online from 1st September, 2020. Previous year, the school education department had started Online classes for students in Telangana from September 1. CM gave the green signal for reopening of all educational institutions in the State from Class IX onwards from February 1.

He directed the officials to make necessary arrangements for classes to commence for students of classes IX and X besides intermediate, degree and other higher education as well as professional courses in both private and government institutions.

To take necessary measures to keep the educational institutions clean and hygienic, and ensure that Covid-19 protocol is maintained when the classes start. To clean the premises of educational institutions, including government hostels and residential schools, that had been closed for several months now. To get fresh stock of food grains and other essential commodities and keep them ready in hostels and residential schools since the old stock would have been spoilt.

By January 25, all educational institutions should be ready to conduct classes. Ministers should visit SC, ST, BC hostels and ensure that they are fit for students to stay.

TS Schools to Reopening Day

2021-2022 School Academic Year

Name of the daySchool Reopening Day 2022
TitleTS Schools to Reopening Day 2022
Last working day23-04-2022
Summer Holidays24-04-2022 to 12-06-2022
School reopening day13-06-2022
ProceedingsRc.No.5536, Dated: 03-09-2021
School Academic CalendarTS School Academic Calendar 2021-2022
TS Schools Reopening SOPsTS Schools Reopening Guidelines 2021
TS Schools to Reopening Day 2022

2020-2021 School Academic Year

Name of the daySchool Reopening Day 2021
TitleTS Schools to Reopening Day 2021
Last working day26-04-2021
Summer Holidays27-04-2021 to 20-06-2022
School reopening day21-06-2021 for Teachers,
01-07-2021 for Students virtually and
01-09-2021 for students physically
ProceedingsRc.No.51, Dated: 15-06-2021
School Academic CalendarTS School Academic Calendar 2020-2021
TS Schools to Reopening Day 2021

Schools Reopening – Certain Instructions to MEO/SCHOOL COMPLEX HMs

  1. Send CRPs to schools to get verification report.
  2. MEOs/School Complex HMs also to visit schools personally and check the readiness.
  3. MEOs to coordinate MPOs/MPDOs/Muncipal Commissioners/Medical Officers wherever necessary.
  4. MEOs to make necessary arrangements for MDM.

Schools Reopening – Certain Instructions to HMs

  1. Ensure 1:20 classroom size strictly.
  2. Prepare timetable accordingly
  3. Take all the necessary steps to keep the entire school neat tide with the support of GP/Municipality.
  4. Ensure wearing masks teachers and students.
  5. Make hand sanitizers/ liquid soap/thermoscanners available with school.
  6. Ensure physical distance minimum 6 feet.
  7. Keep local medical officer’s mobile number.
  8. HMs/Teachers also to monitor digital classes for 3rd class to 8th class.
  9. Make necessary arrangements for MDM.
  10. Obtain written consent letters from the parents.

Dear Principals and HMs please prepare academic plans, plan to ensure 100 percent attendance, ensure 100 percent distribution of uniforms and Text Books. Involve all your teaching staff to make convergence with line departments to implement medical plan sanitation plan and logistics plan in all your institutions.

Dear principals and HMs you can’t do this alone hence we request all the staff members to work together for providing good education to all our students in this hard times. Collector sir really appreciated our work for the past 10 months and expecting better performance in present and future days to make our district an effective and efficient education hub. With best wishes – DEO MHBD

School Reopening Instructions

Schools Reopening instructions

Schools Reopening Information

Student Care MagazineDownload
Parent Consent FormDownload
Reopening of Schools CircularDownload
Schools Reopening Circular (Telugu)Download
School Reopening Information

School Reopening Guidelines

School Education Department issued instructions/guidelines for Reopening of schools and Colleges from 1st February 2021. The Government have issued instructions/guidelines for reopening of schools and Colleges from 1st February – 2021, onwards and obtain the action plan from all the Head Masters of High Schools both Government and Private schools, Special Officers of KGBVs and Principals of TS Model Schools on:

  • Customized seating plan as per class room size to ensure physical distance of at least (6) feet between any two students.
  • Customized plan for use of play ground, library, laboratory, break time, regular cleaning and disinfection of school infrastructure, use of transport keeping in view of the safety and physical / social distancing norms.
  • Medical plan for every school and hostel.
  • Mid-day meal serving plan;
  • Plan on safe residential stay at hostel for KGBVs and TS Model Schools.

The following are instructions issued to be followed by all the schools:

All the schools under all managements shall be physically be re-opened for students of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 in KGBVs and TS Model schools and no other classes shall re-open physically for the students.

The present physical classes being conducted through DD and TSAT, and other digital platforms shall continue and blended form of learning through both online and offline platforms, shall be made available to students.

  • The Head Masters shall permit students after obtaining the written consent from parents/guardians which is mandatory.
  • Students witling to study from home with the consent of the parent may be allowed to do so.
  • All the teachers handling classes 9, 10, 11, and 12 to attend daily.
  • The schools shall function as per regular school timings.
  • The Head Masters shall ensure that all the students and staff wear masks.
  • Students suffering from cold, cough and fever shall not be allowed to attend the school.
  • Children shall be provided Mid-day meal while attending the school.
  • All the Head Masters should strictly adhere Standard Operating procedures (SoPs).

All the Head Masters of High Schools both Government and Private schools, Special Officers of KGBVs and Principals of TS Model Schools are also directed to ensure:

1) Sanitization Plan:

  • All the schools readily available by cleaning and sanitized by 20th, January 2021 with the help of Gram Panchayaths and Municipalities and will see that regular sanitization will also be maintained in each school.
  • to arrange for thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all areas, furniture, equipment, stationary, storage places, kitchens, laboratories, libraries, etc., in School campus and they are directed to see that free flow of air is to pass.
  • the Head Masters of Private Schools are directed for sanitization of school buses before they start playing
  • to keep arrange calibrated contact-less infrared digital Thermometers, disinfectants, soaps and sanitizers, with the help of Health department.
  • A senior teacher in each school shall be assigned to look after for sanitization of school premises
  • The Mandal Educational Officer is directed to inspect and ensure that all the schools are fully sanitized before commencement of schools.

2) Logistic Plan:

All the Head Masters of High Schools both Government and Private schools, Special Officers of KGBVs and Principals of TS Model Schools, are instructed to maintain 6 feet distance between students and a seating mark will be made to occupy the student.

  • One student for one bench policy will be adopted, in zig-zag manner (Z- shape seating).
  • Head Masters are directed to prepare action plan on seating arrangements and they are directed accommodate not more than 20 students in a class room.
  • Outdoor places are also may be permitted for temporary use of class room instructions. (in case of pleasant weather).
  • Teachers may be directed to maintain physical distancing in staff room, office area and other places of public interaction.
  • A senior teacher in each school shall be assigned to look after to see for proper execution of logistic plan.
  • The Mandal Educational Officer shall inspect and ensure that all the schools are properly maintained the seating arrangements or not.

3) Medical Plan:

All the Head Masters of High Schools both Government and Private schools, Special Officers of KGBVs and Principals of TS Model Schools, are instructed to provide atleast two isolation rooms in every school for any COVID related emergencies.

  • Head Masters are directed to prepare action plan on maintaining distancing at entry and exit points.
  • They are directed that no outsider is allowed inside the school premises.
  • All the Medical staff for attending health issues of the students.
  • A teacher in each school shall be assigned to look after the plan.

4) Mid-day meal:

All the Head Masters of High Schools, Special Officers of KGBVs and Principals of TS Model Schools, are instructed to ensure that kitchen, the place of serving mid-day meals, utensils are cleaned and maintain hygienic condition.

  • Also, instructed to ensure that the rice, provisions etc., are clean and available so that the Mid-day meal can be provided.
  • Also, instructed to prepare action plan in maintaining kitchen sheds and providing mid-day meal in each school, with proper physical distancing.
  • Head Masters are hereby instructed to allow students in staggered timings at the time of serving the meal.
  • One teacher shall be assigned to see that, whether all the items are cleaned and in good condition for supplying mid-day meal.
  • Also, he should look after for maintaining physical distancing for allowing each children at the time of serving meal. Further, he has to see for maintaining proper hygiene in kitchen.

5) Safety residential stay at hostel:

All the Head Masters of Private schools, Special Officers of KGBVs and Principals of TS Model Schools, are instructed to erect temporary makeshift partitions to separate inmates/ boarders and adequate distance between beds may be ensured.

  • Also, instructed to displace signage and message at prominent places for maintaining distance.
  • A councilor teacher shall be arranged for regular visit and to ensure to take care of any psychological or emotional health issues of the students.
  • Head office and councilor teacher should have to inspect the hostel frequently along with kitchen, mess and dormitories for maintaining hygienic conditions.

Therefore, all Head Masters of High Schools both Government and Private schools, Special Officers of KGBVs and Principals of TS Model Schools are directed to submit their action plan by 17th , January 2021 to their respective Mandal Educational Officer and follow the instructions scrupulously. The Mandal Educational Officers in the district are directed to consolidate the same and furnish this office by 5 PM, 17th , January 2021, without fail.

Educational institutions Reopening Guidelines

After being shut for 10 months since March 31, the stage is set for reopening of schools for class IX and X from February 1. Telangana State Education Minister has announced the State government’s decision for the physical reopening of the schools from February 1.

The steps being contemplated by the Government regarding safety of the students. SOP guidelines issued by the State Government would be strictly followed while resuming the physical classrooms. But if one goes by the forms being sent to the parents it makes it clear that no school is willing to take the responsibility of the health of the students.

It wants parents to certify that the schools were taking all possible measures to check possibilities of infection. The Government also claims that the work on sanitisation of government schools has begun. But what remains a major task for all the schools is maintaining hygiene in schools. The headmasters are worried about the maintenance of washrooms once the schools reopen.

With the State government granting permission to reopen educational institutions for classes 9 and above from February 1, the Education Department has issued the required guidelines. Students belonging to Classes IX and X will have to attend schools while those from Class I to VIII are exempted from physical attendance.

The Education Department has proposed a District Level Education Monitoring Committee with District Collector as chairman. The committee will prepare an action plan in this regard.

General guidelines

  • Ensure proper cleaning and sanitation facilities in school/college by January 20
  • Principal/HM to ensure availability of contact-less thermometers, disinfectants, soaps etc
  • Sanitisation of school/college transport before they start plying
  • Maintaining at least six feet distance between students
  • For this year, there will be no prescribed compulsory attendance mandated to appear for exams
  • Providing at least two isolation rooms in every school/college for any Covid-related emergencies
  • Wearing of face mask by all students, staff and visitors must
  • Ensure sufficient sanitisers
  • Students should submit written consent from parents/ guardians


  • Teachers handling classes IX to XII to attend school daily
  • Students willing to study from home with the consent of parent may be allowed to do so
  • Schools should function as per regular timings
  • Only 20 students per classroom
  • Last working day to be last day of SSC examination
  • Timing of entry and exit of different classes may be staggered
  • Children to be provided mid-day meals
  • Temporary, makeshift partitions may be erected to separate inmates/ boarders at hostels
  • As per RTE Act, there is no Detention Policy up to class VIII which shall be strictly followed. The schedule for class X exams will be issued separately

Junior Colleges

  • Colleges with less than 300 students and having sufficient accommodation to be permitted to run in regular shift ie, 9.30 am to 4 pm
  • Colleges with above 300 students to run in two shifts – 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm
  • One bench, one student rule, not more than 30 students allowed in single class
  • Intermediate annual exams to be conducted utilising 70% syllabus, 30% to be through assignments/projects
  • No change in pattern of exams. However, students to be given vast and additional choices in relevant sections of question paper

Degree and professional colleges

  • Maximum of 50% classrooms capacity strength permitted to attend physical classes on rotation basis
  • In case of residential colleges, special care at dining/dormitories/ washrooms to be taken

Parents’ approval must for students attending classes

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, all necessary safety measures were being put in place for the physical reopening of educational institutions and to hold classes. However, students attending schools for physical classes must bring a written consent letter from their parents.

All educational institutions have been instructed to be prepared for reopening by January 25. By the time educational institutions reopen i.e., from February 1, issues like sanitation, electricity and water.

The safety measures to be taken for reopening of the educational institutions. Officials were directed to ensure six feet distance between students in the classrooms and hostels as well. Stating that the State government had been taking necessary safety measures, all students and teachers to adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols including wearing of face mask, sanitizing of hands and physical distancing.

Educational Institutions shall follow the guidelines issued by the education department. Necessary instructions were issued to ensure that staff nurses in residential institutions were available round the clock besides, a medical plan being put in place.

Schools were instructed to take utmost care while cooking and serving mid-day meals to students in the schools. Not just government schools, instructions were issued to monitor private schools as well.

The Education Minister directed all private school managements to collect only tuition fees from students as per the government instructions issued earlier. Also directed the management not to cause any inconvenience to parents over the school fees payment.

The online and digital classes through T-SAT network channels and Doordarshan has evoked good response with nearly 85 per cent students attending the classes regularly.

The cabinet meeting on August 5 had approved commencement of admissions and given the green signal for starting distance education and e-learning for Telangana schools. The government hereby permit as part of e-learning and distance education, online classes on various digital/TV/T-SAT platforms from September 1, 2020 in all schools.

All teachers shall attend schools regularly from August 27 onwards and shall prepare e-content lessons and the schools will remain ‘physically’ closed for students until further orders. The director of school education has been requested to follow an alternative calendar prepared by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and issue detailed operational guidelines, it further said.

Telangana Online Classes: TS Govt to start virtual classes for school students from September 1. Telangana government has permitted online classes for school students to commence from September 1, 2020 on various digital/TV/T-SAT platforms in the state. These classes would be conducted as part of e-learning and distance education. All teachers would be attending schools regularly from August 27 onwards.

The teachers would prepare e-content, lesson plans and other materials with regard to reopening of schools and commencement of regular classes separate instructions would later be issued as per the guidelines issued by Government of India. Until then, all schools would not be reopened and remain physically closed for students.

TS Schools to Reopen (As per 2019): Another week, and it will be back to school for children in the State. All the schools are set to commence the academic year after summer vacation on June 1 with the last working day being April 12, 2019. School students will break for the next summer vacation from April 13, to May 31. To this effect, the State government has approved the academic calendar 2019-2020.

After the commencement of the academic year, Badibata (enrollment drive) program in the government schools will be taken up from June 4 to 11.

According to the new calendar, students will have 13 days of Dasara holidays from October 9 to 21 and for the Sankranthi festival from January 11 to 17, 2019 which translates to seven days. Earlier, the Dasara vacation used to be for 15 days and Sankranthi for 5 five days.

The Directorate of School Education has revised the holidays in view of representations for the teacher’s unions. The short-term holidays for Christmas for missionary schools are from December 23 to 29.

The school teachers have been asked to complete the syllabus of all subjects for class X by January 10, and take up revision classes besides the conduct of pre-final examinations before the commencement of SSC Public Examinations in March. For the classes I to IX, the syllabus has to be completed by February 28.

While the time schedule for high schools in the State will be from 9.30 am to 4.45 pm, the timings will be from 8.45 am to 4 pm in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Similarly, the upper primary schools will function from 9 am to 4.15 pm in the State while for Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the timings will be from 8.45 am to 4 pm.

For the primary schools, the timing is from 9 am to 4 pm and in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, it is from 8.45 am to 3.45 pm. As per the calendar, all the State level games have to be completed before October 1 so as send the selected teams to the national games which will be held in October.

The schools have been asked to take up mass drills every Friday, Swachh school/Haritha Haram program on fourth Saturday and Bala Sabha on the first Saturday of every month.

The Directorate of School Education has asked the schools to take necessary steps for the health checkup of students with the help of local primary health centers. The checkup for every child is must twice a year and headmasters were directed to ensure its implementation.

TS Schools to Reopen: The government schools in Telangana state will resume from June 1, according to the commissioner for education. To this effect, he has issued the order. CSE has instructed all concerned to submit a report on the conduction of the schools, the attendance of the students and various other activities, on a daily basis.

He also instructed to review the situation of the distribution of notebooks and Uniforms and asked the concerned to ensure the same are timely distributed. It was also instructed to give the progress report to the students, apart from procuring the blackboards, lesson plan registers, and registers, etc at all the schools.

Further, he instructed the school teachers to educate the parents about the precautions to be taken in caved areas. CSE said that coordination committees to be established comprising of teachers at all places.

CSE also instructed to ensure that the mid-day meal program should be implemented from the very first day. Finally, he ordered the procurement of adequate staff and safe drinking water at all schools.

As per the instructions of the State Project Director, RVM (SSA), Telangana, Hyderabad, it is decided to implement School Readiness and Classroom Readiness programs at School Level. The school readiness program for classes I & II and the class readiness program for classes III to VIII

“Telangana State will achieve total literacy in five years. KG to PG  compulsory education will be introduced” TS Schools to Reopen.

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Getting Back to Lessons: A new school year means new lessons. As children move to higher grades, they need to brush up their concepts. Encourage children to resume studies at least a week before school. This will initiate them to new concepts that will be taught at school. Since kids like to impress teachers, preparing for the class will ensure that they are in the good books of their teachers.

Inspire children to discover, explore, and learn. Share these motivational back to school quotes, and encourage children to achieve. With a positive attitude and confidence, you can guide your children to a brighter future.    

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