SCERT Telangana Class 9 Textbooks 2023 download medium wise all subjects from here

SCERT 9th Class Textbooks 2023 or SCERT Telangana Class 9 Textbooks download medium wise all subjects from here. SCERT Telangana has uploaded the new 9th Class Subject wise, Medium wise e Textbooks in PDF Format on its official website. Download SCERT Telangana PDF e-Textbooks from here.

Class 9 English Textbook: “Our World through English” class IX textbook, is an integrated one in the sense it has The Main Reader component, The Supplementary Reader component and The Workbook component is interwoven into a single textbook. Hence, these components are found in each and every unit. The language skills listening, speaking, reading, and writing are integrated into the larger context of the themes as suggested in NCF 2005.

The activities are so designed as to ensure the holistic treatment of language. Inclusion of Gender Sensitivity and Child Sexual Abuse in School Text Books published by School Education Department with support of UNICEF are taken up to ensure protection of children through various interventions like personal safety rules, gender sensitivity, child sexual abuse, self esteem and life skills.

In these areas, safety mechanisms and laws related to child protection are taken care of. Hence, the teachers must know about these things and bring awareness among all the stakeholders. The main aim of teaching English is to help learners evolve themselves as independent users of English. This textbook will help teachers and students achieve this by making the teaching-learning process effective.

I thank all the institutions and experts at the state and national level, the members of the Textbook Production and Development Committees, the staff members of the SCERT, T.S. Hyderabad and all others who have contributed directly or indirectly for the successful production of this textbook. Any suggestions for the improvement of this book are welcome.

Class 9 Textbooks

SCERT Telangana Class 9 All Subjects e-Textbooks (Medium wise)
Name of the booksSCERT Telangana Class 9 Textbooks 2023
TitleDownload SCERT Telangana 9th Class Textbooks 2023
SubjectSCERT has uploaded Telangana 9th Class Textbooks 2023 on its portal
Class9th Class
SubjectsAll subjects
TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks 2023

SCERT Telangana 9th Class Textbooks 2023

9th Class languages

MediumFirst Language
Telugu9th Class Telugu Textbook
Sanskrit9th Class Sanskrit Textbook
Urdu9th Urdu Textbook UM FL & Arabic
Hindi9th Hindi Textbook Hindi Medium
English9the Class English Textbook
9th Class First Language Textbooks
MediumSecond Language
Telugu9th Class Telugu Second Language Textbook
Sanskrit9th Sanskrit Second Language Textbook OC
Urdu9th Class Second Language Textbook UM
Hindi9th Class Second Language Textbook
9th Class Second Language Textbooks

9th Class Maths Textbooks 2022

Medium9th Class Maths Textbook
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Maths Textbook Part 1
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Maths Textbook Part 2
Telugu9th Class Telugu Medium Maths Textbook
English9th Class English Medium Maths Textbook
Urdu9th Urdu Medium Maths Textbook
Hindi9th Class Hindi Medium Maths Textbook
Kannada9th Kannada Medium Maths Textbook
Marathi9th Marathi Medium Maths Textbook
Tamil9th Tamil Medium Maths Textbook
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Maths Textbooks 2023

9th Class Physical Science Textbooks 2023

Medium9th Class Physical Science Textbook
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Physical Science Textbook Part 1
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Physical Science Textbook Part 2
Telugu9th Class Telugu Medium Physical Science Textbook
English9th Class English Medium Physical Science Textbook
Urdu9th Urdu Medium Physical Science Textbook
Hindi9th Class Hindi Medium Physical Science Textbook
Kannada9th Kannada Medium Physical Science Textbook
Marathi9th Marathi Medium Physical Science Textbook
Tamil9th Tamil Medium Physical Science Textbook
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Physical Science Textbooks 2023

9th Class Biological Science Textbooks 2023

Medium9th Class Biological Science Textbook
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Biological Science Textbook Part 1
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Biological Science Textbook Part 2
Telugu9th Class Telugu Medium Biological Science Textbook
English9th Class English Medium Biological Science Textbook
Urdu9th Urdu Medium Biological Science Textbook
Hindi9th Hindi Medium Biological Science Textbook
Kannada9th Kannada Medium Biological Science Textbook
Marathi9th Marathi Medium Biological Science Textbook
Tamil9th Tamil Medium Biological Science Textbook
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Biological Science Textbooks 2023

9th Class Social Studies Textbooks 2023

Medium9th Class Social Textbook
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Social Textbook Part 1
English and Telugu9th Class Bilingual Social Textbook Part 2
Telugu9th Class Telugu Medium Social Textbook
English9th Class English Medium Social Textbook
Urdu9th Urdu Medium Social Textbook
Hindi9th Class Hindi Medium Social Textbook
Kannada9th Kannada Medium Social Textbook
Marathi9th Marathi Medium Social Textbook
Tamil9th Tamil Medium Social Textbook
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Social Textbooks

9th Class Environmental Education Textbooks 2023

Medium9th Class Environmental Education Textbook
Telugu9the Class Telugu Medium Environmental Education Textbook
English9th Class English Medium Environmental Education Textbook
Urdu9th Class Urdu Medium Environmental Education Textbook
Hindi9th Class Hindi Medium Environmental Education Textbook
Kannada9th Class Kannada Medium Environmental Education Textbook
Marathi9th Class Marathi Medium Environmental Education Textbook
Tamil9th Class Tamil Medium Environmental Education Textbook
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Environmental Education Textbooks 2022

Class 9 English Chapters

ThemeClass 9 English Chapter Name
1, HumorA. The Snake and the Mirror June 1-24
B. The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)
C. Little Bobby
Games and SportsA. True Height July 25-44
B. What Is a Player? (Poem)
C. V.V.S. Laxman, Very Very Special
School LifeA. Swami Is Expelled from School August 45-64
B. Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend (Poem)
C. Homework
EnvironmentA. What Is Man Without the Beasts? September 65-86
B. The River (Poem)
C. Can’t Climb Trees Any More
DisastersA. A Havoc of Flood October 87-106
B. Grabbing Everything on the Land (Poem) November
C. The Ham Radio
FreedomA. A Long Walk to Freedom November 107-126
B. Where the Mind is Without Fear (Poem) December
C. An Icon of Civil Rights
TheatreA. The Trial December 127-146
B. Antony’s Speech (Poem) January
C. Mahatma Gandhi, Pushed out of Train
Travel and TourismA. The Accidental Tourist February 147-166
B. Father Returning Home (Poem)
C. Kathmandu
9th Class English Subject Contents

Class 9 Mathematics Textbook: Education is a process of human enlightenment and empowerment. Recognizing the enormous potential of education, all progressive societies have committed themselves to the Universalization of Elementary Education with an explicit aim of providing quality education to all.

As the next step, the universalization of Secondary Education has gained momentum. The secondary stage marks the beginning of the transition from functional mathematics studied up to the upper primary stage to the study of mathematics as a discipline. The logical proofs of propositions, theorems etc. are introduced at this stage. Apart from being a specific subject, it is to be treated as a concomitant to any subject involving analysis as reasoning.

we confident that the children in our state of Telangana learn to enjoy mathematics, make mathematics a part of their life experience, pose and solve meaningful problems, understand the basic structure of mathematics by reading this text book.

For teachers, to understand and absorb critical issues on curricular and pedagogic perspectives duly focusing on learning in place of marks is the need of the hour. Also coping with a mixed classroom environment is essentially required for effective transaction of the curriculum in the teaching-learning process. Nurturing classroom culture to inculcate positive interest among children with the difference in opinions and presumptions of lifestyle, to infuse life into knowledge is thrust in the teaching job.

Class 9 Mathematics Chapters

Chapter No.Class 9 Mathematics Chapter Name
1Real Numbers
2Polynomials and Factorisation
3The Elements of Geometry
4Lines and Angles
5Co-Ordinate Geometry
6Linear Equations in Two variables
10Surface areas and Volumes
13Geometrical Constructions
15Proofs in Mathematics
9th Class Mathematics Subject Contents

Paper – I: Real Numbers, Polynomials and Factorisation, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equation in two variables, Triangles, Quadrilaterals and Areas.

Paper-II: The Elements of Geometry, Lines and Angles, Statistics, Surface areas and Volumes, Circles, Geometrical Constructions and Probability.

9th Class Physics Textbook: New Science TextBooks are prepared in such a way that they develop children’s observation power and research enthusiasm. It is a primary duty of teachers to devise teaching- learning processes which arouse children’s natural interest of learning things.

The official documents of National& State Curriculum Frameworks and Right to Education Act are aspiring to bring grass root changes in science teaching. These textbooks are adopted in accordance with such an aspiration. Hence, science teachers need to adapt to the new approach in their teaching.

Learning science does not mean scoring good marks in the subject. Competencies like thinking logically and working systematically, learned through it,have to be practiced in daily life.

To achieve this, instead of memorizing the scientific theories by rote, one must be able to study them analytically. That means, in order to understand the concepts of science, you need to proceed by discussing, describing, conducting experiments to verify, making observations, confirming with your own ideas and drawing conclusions. This text helps you to learn in that way

Class 9 Physics Chapters

Chapter no.Class 9 Physics Chapter Name (Contents)
1Matter around us
3Laws of motion
4Refraction of light at plane surfaces
6Is matter pure
7Atoms and molecules and chemical reactions
8Floating bodies
9What is an inside atom
10Work and energy
9th Class Physics Subject Contents

Class 9 Biology Textbook: New textbooks are developed to achieve desired academic standards. So teachers should develop various teaching-learning strategies to make their students achieve class-based academic standards. We should avoid rote learning methods for successful implementation of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

It is very imparted to know more about different methods to assess student progress by summative and formative evaluation. New textbooks reflect the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and teaching method with respect to discussed concepts. This is more useful to teachers and students.

Class 9 Biology Chapters

Chapter No.Class 9 Biology Chapter Name
1Cell its structure and functions
2Plant tissues
3Animal tissues
4Plasma membrane
5Diversity in living organisms
6Sense organs
7Animal behaviour
8Challenges in improving agricultural products
9Adaptations in different ecosystems
10Soil pollution
11Bio-geo-chemical cycles
9th Class Biology Subject Contents

Class 9 Social Studies Textbook: 9th Class Social Studies Textbook is a part of your Social Science Curriculum and a part of various things you would be doing to study the society around you. However, remember that it is only one small part of that curriculum. The Social Science Curriculum requires you to analyse and share in the classroom what you know.

It requires you above all to ask questions – think why things are the way they are. It also requires you and your friends to go out of the class room to the market, to the village fields, to temples and mosques and museums and find out various things.

You will have to meet and discuss with a number of people, farmers, shopkeepers, officials, priests and so on. This book will introduce you to a range of problems and enable you to study them and arrive at your own understanding of them.

So, the most important thing about this book is that it does not have answers. In fact this book is not really complete. It can only be completed when you and your friends and teachers bring their own questions and experiences and discuss everything threadbare in the class.

You may disagree with many things in this book – do not be afraid to say so – only give your reasons. Your friends may disagree with you, but try to understand why they have a different view. Finally arrive at your own answers. You may not even be sure of your answer – you may want to find out more before you make up your mind.

In that case list your questions carefully and request your friends, teachers or elders to help you to find out. This book will help you to study about the earth and its natural realms, about the agriculture and industrial development as well as service activities; how people follow the financial system and credit, how the government frames the budget and levies the taxes so as to understand the implications on human life.

In this book you may have to study about what happened centuries ago, what cultural changes came in Europe, about the revolutions and industrialization and the impact on society for change, understand the impact of colonialism in various continents; you may also have to study about democracy and its expansion, rights related to human beings especially about children and women protection Acts and try to understand how far they are affecting our present life.

As you study this book in the classroom, you will come across many questions – do stop and try to answer those questions or do the activity suggested before you proceed ahead. It is not so important to finish the lesson fast as it is to discuss the questions and do the activities.

Many lessons will suggest projects which may take a few days to do. These projects will enable you to develop skills of social science enquiry and analysis and presentation – these are more important than remembering what is written in the lessons. Please remember that you don’t have to memorise what is given in the lesson, but think about them and form your own opinion about them.

Class 9 Social Studies Chapters

Chapter No.Class 9 Social Studies Chapter Name
Part I:Natural Realms of the Earth & Economy
1Our Earth
2The Natural Realms of the Earth -Lithosphere
6Agriculture in India
7Industries in India
8Service Activities in India
9Credit in the Financial System
10Prices and Cost of Living
11The Government Budget and Taxation
Part II: World from Medieval to Modern Times
12Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions:
17th 18th& 19th Centuries
13Industrialisation and Social Change
14Social Protest Movements
15Colonialism in Latin America, Asia and Africa
16Impact of Colonialism in India
17Expansion of Democracy
18Democracy: An Evolving Idea
19Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
20Women Protection Acts
21Disaster Management
22Traffic Education
9th Class Social Studies Subject Contents

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