TS School and Class Readiness Programme Schedule, Action Plan, Guidelines

TS School and Class Readiness Programme Schedule: Guidelines for Launch of School Readiness and Class Readiness Programme for the year 2017 have been issued by TSSA Officials. Telangana SSA has decided to implement the School Readiness and Classroom Readiness programmes at School Level for this academic year.  The school readiness programme should be started for classes I, II and class readiness programme should be started for classes II to VIII in TS Schools. All the Mandal Educational Officers would be implemented in the programme and to make the programme successfully. Proceedings details as follows… SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad-Proc.Rc.No.02, Dated: 13 .06.2016:Implementation of School Readiness Programme for new entrants into schooling i.e., Class I Students in all PS, UPS,  CwSN of IERCs and Class Readiness Programme for Classes II to VIII – Reg. The attention of all the District Education Officers, Project officers and principals of DIETs in the state is invited to

Action Plan for implementation of LEP PRERANA Programme in All Schools 2022

Action Plan for implementation of LEP PRERANA Programme. Instructions implementation of ‘LEP-PRERANA’ Programme in All Schools. Action Plan for implementation of ‘LEP-PRERANA’ Programme in All Schools. Instructions and Action Plan for “LEP PRERANA Programme”. School Academic Activities 2014-15. LEP PRERANA ProgrammeLEP PRERANA Programme has been launched by the Telangana Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(TSSA) for this academic year in the part of School Academic Activities 2014-15. In this connection “Instructions and Action Plan” have been issued for  implementation of ‘LEP-PRERANA’ Programme from 3rd & 4th Week of July to 31st October, 2014. LEP – 3R’s programme is targeted for classes III to VIII as a focused programme in all elementary Schools from 3rd & 4th week of July to end of the October, 2014. The sole objective of the programme is to make every child of classes III to VIII to atleast read, write and do simple arithmetic at reasonable level by end of

Mission Swachh Bharath National Sanitation Campaign Action Plan

National Sanitation Campaign, Mission Swachh Bharath (Clean India), National Sanitation Campaign Action Plan 2014. National Sanitation Campaign: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Mission Swachh Bharat aspires to realise Gandhiji’s dream of a clean India through ‘jan bhagidari’ (people’s participation). Together, we can make a big difference. Modi had Thursday called for making Swachh Bharat a mass movement and linking it to economic activity. The mission will aim “to create a Clean India of Gandhiji’s dreams by the Mahatma’s 150th birth anniversary in 2019”. All government departments will actively participate in this mission. Government offices up to panchayat level shall be involved in a cleanliness drive that shall be conducted from Sep 25 till Diwali. The Principal Secretary to Government PR and RD, RWS and S Government of Telangana has requested all the District Collectors to launch National Sanitation Campaign(Mission Swachh Bharath) from 25.09.2014 to 23.10.2014 at Mandal and Grama Panchayath

Bathukamma Festival Programme Action Plan and Instructions

Bathukamma Festival Programme Action Plan: Government, vide G.O. first cited, have issued orders declaring “Bathukamma Panduga” as a State Festival, so as to conduct it all over the State in a befitting manner. In this connection, in the review meeting conducted by the Chief Secretary to Government held on 03.10.2015, it was decided that the grand finale of the ‘Bathukamma Panduga’, the female festival of flowers, will be organized in Hyderabad on 21.10.2015 (‘Saddula Bathukamma’), wherein, there will be participants from all the Districts. Instructions for Organisation of Bathukamma Festival: In this regard, the following instructions have been issued for effective organization of the Bathukamma Festival in the State.1) To conduct a coordination meeting with all the Departments / Officers and Cultural organizers concerned at the District level to prepare a Plan for celebrating the festival in a befitting manner throughout the District.2) Instructions may be issued to the Gram

AP Srujanotsavam Science Day Celebrations, Competitions – Action Plan, Guidelines

AP Srujanotsavam Science Day Celebrations, Competitions, Action Plan, Guidelines, Academic Calendar Activities Implementation, Seminar for Physical science Teachers and Biological Science Teachers, Essay writing, Elocution, Drawing competitions, Srujanotsavam  objectives, Srujanotsavam competitions dates, schedule for AP Students, AP Teachers, Science Seminar PROCEEDINGS OF THE DIRECTOR, SCERT, ANDHRA PRADESHProc. Rc. No. 443/B2/C&T/SCERT/2015 Dated: 13-2-2017.Sub:- SCERT, AP, Amaravathi – Implementation of Calendar Activities – SRUJANOTSAVAM 2017, Conduct of Science Day Celebrations and Competitions – Guidelines, Plan of Action – Reg. Ref: 1. Proceedings of the Commissioner of School EducationRc. No. 36/A&1/2014, Dt. 7-2-2015. Proceedings of the Director, SCERT Rc. No. 443/B/C&T/SCERT/2014, dated 5-3-2015. All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that SCERT, Andhra Pradesh has developed Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17 in which SRUJANOTSAVAM (Science day) is one of the activities proposed in the month of February 2017. In this connection Department of School Education is decided to conduct

RC 293 Action Plan for C Grade Childrens Achievement Levels

Action Plan for C Grade Childrens Achievement Levels: Rc.293, Action Plan for improvement of the performance levels of achievement levels of low performing Children (“C” Grade Children)in AP Schools, RC 293 Guidelines for C Grade Children’s Achievement Levels Improvement in AP Schools, Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Proc.Rc.No.293/B1/C&T/SCERT/2015 Dated:31-08-2015 Subject: SCERT, AP, Hyderabad – Annual Achievement Survey – 2015 – Action Plan for improvement of the performance levels – Guidelines for Implementation – Communicated – Reg. Reference: Annual Assessment Survey – 2015 Results. Action Plan for C Grade Childrens Achievement Levels Order: All the District Educational Officers in the State are aware that the Annual Assessment Survey-2015 was conducted in the month of April 2015. The data was processed and analyzed the achievement levels of children of class III, V and VIII in Telugu, English and Mathematics subjects respectively. Report Cards like State Card, District Card, Mandal Card, School

Action Plan & Strategy for Implementation of Quality Education Programmes

RC.37, Action Plan & Strategy for Implementation of Quality Education, AP SSA, Monitoring, CCE Implementation, Quality Road Map Implementation, School Complex Meeting, SMCs, AP Schools Monitoring, Teachers Trainings, Action Plan, Performance Indicators & Quality Road map and guidelines Action Plan & Strategy for Implementation of Quality Education: S.No Activity Strategy Timeline 1 Quality Monitoring Tools 1. Data collection of school information through School monitoring format and entry of data through online from MRC Every Quarter     2. Consolidation of data at district level and at state level. Generation of reports and its analysis. Every Quarter     3. Review on reports of QMT at different levels i.eMandal, district and State. Every Quarter 2 Performance Indicators 4. Self performance appraisal of teachers by using tool, designed by NCERT. Yearly twice     5. Validation of performance of the teacher by concerned HM. Yearly twice     6. Data entry of teachers’

Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards in TS Schools 2022

Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards: An Action Plan prepared to improve the Education Standards in Schools and Certain Instructions have been issued in the reference of Minutes of the Meeting with Director of School Education, Hyderabad dated:26-11-2015. A meeting was conducted with all the Deputy Educational Officer of Karimnagar district and an action plan has been prepared accordingly. As part of implementing the action plan, the following instructions are given to the Deputy Educational Officers, Sectoral Officers of SSA, MEOs, Headmasters, and Teachers for strict compliance. Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards Minimum Levels of Learning:All the Headmasters of Primary, Upper Primary, and Secondary Schools are directed to see that every student acquires the minimum basic skills i.e., 3R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) by February-2016. For the students whose standards are below average in Telugu, Hindi, English, and Mathematics subjects special remedial measures should be taken for

ELP: Early Literacy Programme Action Plan under Padhe Bharath Bade Bharath

ELP: Early Literacy Programme Action Plan: MHRD has launched Padhe Bharath-Bade Bharath Abhiyan in the year 2013-14. Instructions on the implementation of Early reading and writing with comprehension and Early Mathematics under Padhe Bharath- Bade Bharath for class I and II. Early Literacy Programme Action Plan would be implemented up to March 2017: SSA, WARANGAL-Proc. Rc. No. 202/B2/SSA/Wgl/2015 Date: 06.01.2016. Subject: SSA, Warangal – Pedagogy wing – Instructions to all the Headmasters of primary and upper primary schools in the district to implement action plan on Early Literacy Programme (Pade Bharath – Bade Bharath) for the months of December, 2015 to March, 2016 – Reg. Reference:1. The State Project Director, SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad, Proc. No. 3317/SSA/T6/2015, dt. 09.12.2015.2. Note approval of the District Collector and Chairperson, SSA, Warangal, dt: 20.12.2015. As per the proceedings of the State Project Director, SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad vide reference 1st cited and note

TS SSA School Academic Action Plan and Activities Implementation

TS SSA School Academic Action Plan and Activities: The State Project Director, SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad has communicated minutes of the review meeting held on 17th & 18th April 2020 with AMOs and AAMOs at SPO and requested to implement a following plan of action during the year 2020-21. Summer camps: 27th April – 30th May 2015 Basic skills in Telugu/Urdu, English, and maths, stories, songs, origami, fun with science, etc., LEP- School Readiness: June 15th, July 30th, 2015 Early Reading Early Maths (Pade Bharath, Bade Bharath) LEP- Class Readiness, 3R’s Programme: June 15th to 15th August 2015 Revisit and Recapitulation of concepts, focus on reading, writing and simple arithmetic abilities. LEP- Continuation: Throughout the Year 12 components :i) Attainment of standards set by SCERTii) Effective utilization of instructional time & change in classroom processesiii) Conduct of SMC bi-monthly meetingsiv) Implementation of CCEv) Appraisal of performance of teachers, HMs and

Action Plan For Class Room Transactions – Teaching Learning Process 2022

Action Plan For Class Room Transactions, Instructions and Action Plan for Class Room Transactions – Teaching Learning Process have been issued by the Telangana Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Officials in the part of School Academic Activities for the academic year 2021-22. Guidelines are provided here i.e. Library week shall be implemented as ‘PATANOTSAVAM’ in all the schools as a part of READ (Read Enjoy and Develop) programme week and  to facilitate the preparation of Summative assessment tools at complex level. SMC meeting should be conducted as per the convenience of the parents to enable them to participate and share their requirements. Usage of cell phones should be strictly prohibited during school hours. Action Plan – Class room Transactions- Teaching Learning process Ensuring of professional preparation of the teacher like unit plan/lesson plan, [RTE Norms: Minimum no.of working hours per week for teachers 45 hours including preparatory hours] and collecting of relevant teaching-learning

TSMS CET 2023 Conducting Guidelines, Instructions & Action Points

TSMS CET 2023 Conducting Guidelines, Instructions & Action Points. Director of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director of Telangana Model Schools has given Action Points, Guidelines, Instructions to Chief Superintendent and Departmental Officers for the conduct of  TSMS Entrance Test for admission into 6th Class in Telangana Model Schools On 05 and 06-06-2023 by 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon. For more details are available at https://telanganams.cgg.gov.in. Chief Superintendent has to contact the District Educational Officer and ensure that adequate no. of Invigilators are appointed and all the invigilators are given consent to attend the duty. Chief Superintendent may appoint one Clerk, one Attender for the Center besides engaging Watermen @ one for each of 50 candidates. Seating arrangements should be made one day prior to the examination and Chief Superintendent should also ensure that there shall be no scope for indulging in any of malpractices in the Examination Center. Question

Action plan & Guidelines for NT Books distribution to TS Schools 2022

Action plan & Guidelines for NT Books distribution to TS Schools, New academic year textbooks supply and distribution guidelines, DSE Telangana instructions for New textbooks distribution. Text Books Depots Incharge persons, Managers. PROCEEDINGS OF THE DISTRICT EDUCATIONAL OFFICER, MAHABUBABADProc. RcNo.106/B1/2017, Date: 14 -02-2017 Sub: District Educational Officer Mahabubabad – NT Books – for the year 2017-18 certain instructions and guidelines to MEO’s of Mahabubabad (District) – issued – Reg. Ref: 1) DSE, TS Hyd, Pro.Rc.No. 922/PS.3-1/2016 Dated: -02-2017 In view of the instructions issued from the Director of School Education TS, Hyderabad vide reference 1st cited, all the Mandal Educational Officers in the Mahabubabad District are hereby nominated as Nodal Officers to monitor the distribution work of NT Books within their jurisdiction and further directed to strictly follow the guidelines/plan of action for distribution of NT Books during 2017-18 as mentioned below. 1) The school wise indent registers of all

AP KGBV English Medium Schools Action Plan for 2022-23

AP KGBV English Medium Schools Action Plan for 2021-22, School Education Education Department has given GO.Ms.No.23 on Dated: 29-04-2015 for Conversion of all KGBVs into English Medium in the State of Andhra Pradesh. In this connection, the AP Govt. has accorded permission to the State Project Director, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan(SPD, AP SSA), A.P., Hyderabad to convert all the 334 KGBVs as English Medium KGBVs from 6th to 8th classes in the State of Andhra Pradesh from the academic year 2021-22 and certain action plans have been issued to the SPD. GO.23 All AP KGBVs Converted into AP KGBV English Medium Schools from 2021-22: As per GO.23, Government accorded permission to the SPD, SSA, AP, Hyderabad to convert all KGBVs as English Medium KGBVs in AP from the academic year 2021-22. with the following action plans: The 18 KGBVs of minority children already instructed in English Medium will be included in

Day wise Swachhata Pakhwada Activities 2022 & Action Plan for Schools

Swachhta Pakhwada Action Plan & Activities for Schools 2021: Observance of Swachhta Pakhwada during the period from 1st to 15th September. Regarding observance of Swachhta Pakhwada during the period from 1st to 15th September (Teachers Day on 5th September). Action Plan for Swachhta Pakhwada i.e. date-wise calendar of suggested activities during the Swachhta Pakhwada is shared herewith for wide dissemination up to school level. It is reiterated that action taken in this regard may kindly be communicated to this Ministry by 15th September 2019. Photographs, videos, film, etc. together with highlights of the Pakhwada may be uploaded on Shagun portal every day during the Pakhwada All the States/UTs have been advised to observe Swachhta Pakhwada activities in schools, during 15th September and upload them on Google drive on day to day basis. In accordance with the decision taken in a meeting chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, it is also suggested

LEP 3Rs Programme Action plan 2022 & Schedule for TS Schools 2022

LEP 3Rs Programme Action plan, Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP) in TS Schools to 3Rs Basic Competencies improvement. LEP Programme to improve the basic competencies of reading, writing and arithmetic, LEP Basic Competencies Improvement Programme, LEP 3Rs Competencies Improvement Programme, learning enhancement programme implementation guidelines for foundational skills improvement. LEP Activities for Implementation of 3R’s Programme (Improving the basic competencies in reading, writing and arithmetic for all students in primary, Upper Primary and High Schools). LEP Programme Dates/Schedule for TS Schools, Guidelines and Instructions on 3Rs LEP Program Implementation (3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme) Guidelines to HM (Collected from Old proceedings) I. Pre Test/ Baseline Test and also End line test: Head Masters of Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools shall take up special remedial classes for the children separately with conducting some Baseline test and also Endline test for assessing the improvement. LEP 3Rs Programme Action plan The existing

AP School Readiness Programme 2022 under 3Rs School & Class Readiness Program

AP School Readiness Programme Guidelines & Action Plan: The State Project Director, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has issued certain guidelines for Launch of a 45-day program of School Readiness for class I and II and Class Readiness for classes II to X across the State in Telugu and Urdu medium schools from 15th June to 13th August 2020.   In this connection, SPD has informed that on the lines of the recommendations of the PAB, the focus is given to the acquisition of Language skills (LSRW) and Mathematical Skills( 4 Fundamental Processes) by children of classes 2nd to 10th of Telugu and Urdu medium schools. In respect of school readiness, the teachers will take up relevant Playful Activities in order to make the child ready Psychologically, Physically and sociologically and also to receive the instruction more in an informal way. The Andhra Pradesh School Education and District Educational

INSPIRE Awards Manak Online Nominations & Registrations, Guidelines, Action Plan 2021

Under INSPIRE Awards Manak scheme, all recognized schools in the country (whether run by Central Government or State Government or local body or NGOs), including private schools (aided or unaided), having classes from 6th to 10th (whether all or some), are eligible to enroll in the scheme and submit nominations of eligible children to DST through their respective District/State education authorities online/ off-line. Before filing nominations on-line, the concerned schools will have to do a one-time registration process and obtain a permanent registration no. (Application No.) from their respective district authority. Nominations for INSPIRE Awards-MANAK 2021-22 are Open. INSPIRE AWARDS MANAK Online nominations, Registrations Guidelines and Action plan. Schools one time registrations and online nominations instructions, Inspire Schools registrations, Inspire awards Online nominations, Implementation of INSPIRE AWARDS MANAK Scheme. SCERT Telangana. MANAK INSPIRE Awards Scheme Online nominations and One time registrations details here. Opening of online nominations for 2021-2022 under INSPIRE