Instructions on 3Rs School & Class Readiness Programme to HM’s /LFL HM’s

Instructions on 3Rs School & Class Readiness Programme: Deposit their mobile phones in the office room during the school hours. Not use a mobile phone in the classrooms during their teaching and during instructional hours. DEO MHBD has given instruction on 3Rs School & Class Readiness Programme to HM’s /LFL HM’s., lesson plans, teaching diaries, Implementation of 3R’s programme and Achievement of reading, writing & arithmetic skills.

Proc.Rc.No. 01/SSA/2016 Date: 30-10-2016

Sub:- School Education -Implementation of 3R’s programme to PS & UPS of Govt /ZP /Aided /Model /KGBV Schools Mahabubabad – Certain instructions to the HM/LFL HMs – Issued.

In view of the developing academic standards, all the HM’s /LFL HM’s of Govt /ZP /Aided /Model /KGBV Schools are requested to follow the following instructions with immediate effect.

1. All the HM’s shall instruct the teachers who are working in concerned PS & UPS schools to complete their lesson plans and maintain teaching diaries properly.
2. All the HMs are instructed to implement 3R’s programme daily in their concerned schools until the students achieve their reading, writing & arithmetic skills(3Rs) and also good progress in the studies.

3. All the HMs shall instruct the teachers to deposit their mobile phones in the office room during the school hours as per the orders in force. Otherwise, disciplinary action will be initiated against the teachers who use mobile phones during instructional hours. But, the HMs may use the mobile phone for receiving and responding to official communication. However, they should not use the mobile phone in the class rooms during their teaching.

The Deputy Educational Officers / Mandal Educational Officers in the district are requested to visit the schools from time-to-time and see that all the schools shall follow the above instructions scrupulously.

Taking necessary actions on 3Rs Programmes as per MHRD. School Readiness & Class Readiness Programme/ Special Classes/ Additional learning support for children/ Improvement of learning outcomes /3Rs Programme was conducted successfully in TS Schools  for for the year 2016-2017 on the lines of 3Rs Programmes.

As per the DSE & SSA Instructions as per schedule & Action Plan. Class Readiness(3Rs Programmes) was conducted for classes II to VIII from 15th June onwards to 14th  August, 2016 to make children to learn pre-requisite skills necessary for the entry of the promoted class in the new academic year in all the curricular subjects.

For Primary, the focus was on Telugu, Maths and English. In case of Upper Primary sections, the focus was on all curricular subjects. To revisit the concepts, recap the learning of the previous academic year which is mentioned in the school syllabus and teachers handbooks designed by SCERT. To impart the basic skills for those children who are lacking such as Reading, Writing and simple arithmetic i.e 3-R’s. The School Readiness Program was conducted for classes I and II from 15th to 30th July, 2016.

Instructions on 3Rs School & Class Readiness Programme:

Taking neccessary actions on 3Rs Programmes as per MHRD
DSE and SPD Proc.Rc.No.02, Dated:05.11.2016, Subject: SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad – Pedagogy – Conduct of 3Rs Programme – Report submission & taking further necessary action as per the directions of MHRD – Submission of reports on LEP 3Rs Pre & Post Test data – Reg.

1. Proceedings of SPD, TS-SSA Re. No. 02/SSA/T6/2016, dt: 13.06.2016 on implementation of School Readiness &  Class Readiness Programme Letter of SPD, TS-SSA Re. No. 02/SSA/T6/2016, dt: 27.07.2016 requesting to communicate report on learning outcomes.
3. Proceedings of Ex-officio SPD, TS-SSA Rc. No. 02/SSA/T6/PDG/2016, dt: 28.09.2016 asking. for the compliance report on Spl. Programme organized to expected learning outcomes.
4. Memo No. 3251/SE-Prog.II/A2/2016, dt: 15.07.2016 of Govt of Telangana on organizing special class to ensure expected outcomes.
5. Memo No. 3251/SE.Prog.II/A2/2016, 24.09.2016 from Govt. of Telangana on organizing additional learning support for children who have been identified to perform below expected level and action taken report.
6. D. 0. No. 2-13/2016-EE-3, dt: 24.06.2016 of MHD, Shahstri Bhavan, New Delhi on additional learning support for children.
7. D. 0. No. 2-13/2016-EE-3, dt: 18.04.2016 of MHD, Shahstri Bhavan, New Delhi on improvement of learning outcomes.
8. D. 0. No. 2-30/2016-EE.3 dt 06.09.201_6 of MHD, Shahstri Bhavan, New Delhi regarding additional learning support for children.

All the District Educational Officers & ex-officioProject Officers of SSA are hereby informed that, vide references 1st cited orders were issued to conduct School Readiness & Class Readiness programme and also to conduct pre & post tests on LEP 3Rs. Accordingly all the districts have conducted the said programme and Pre & Post tests.

Vide reference 2nd and 3rd cited the DEO & Ex-officio P.Os of SSA were directed to communicate reports on learning outcomes.

Vide reference 4th to 8th cited the Govt. of Telangana and MHRD, Govt. of India have been asking for necessary information and data related to number of children who have been identified to be performing below the expected levels.

In this regard it is hereby directed to furnish the data on the outcomes of pre and post 3Rs tests in the enclosed format immediately and to instruct the concerned MEOs I H.Ms to ensure remedial teaching to the students who did not achieve the expected outcomes in the LEP 3Rs. This may be treated as most urgent.

Necessary actions on 3Rs[School & Class Readiness] Programme as per MHRD Directions

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