SCERT Telangana Class 2 Textbooks download medium wise all subjects from here

TS SCERT 2nd Class Textbooks 2022 or SCERT Telangana Class 2 Textbooks 2022 download medium wise all subjects from here. The 2nd Class has Telugu Textbook, Maths Textbook and English Textbook in Telangana State. Students, Parents and Teachers can check details and download the medium wise and subject wise TS Class 2 Textbooks from the official website.

TS Class 2 Textbooks 2022 i.e., TS 2nd Class Telugu Textbook, TS 2nd Class English Textbook and TS 2nd Class Maths Textbook downloading links are provided here for you. Classes I and II are very important in school education. Govt School Education consider them the foundation.

The learning by children at higher classes depends on skills of Language and Mathematics they acquire at the primary stage. Children have some mathematical concepts before they come to school. The learning of mathematics must be built on the foundation of the concepts known to them.

Children use mathematics in their daily life situations. They estimate, calculate and compare quantities in an informal way and in meaningful situations. With a view to bidding farewell to rote learning and beginning to learn mathematics meaningfully, textbooks for classes I and II were prepared.

Units have been prepared in such a manner that pupils knowledge construction through investigation, understanding of mathematical concepts through observation, confirmation and generalisation in accordance with the basic principles laid down in National Curriculum Framework 2005 and Right to Education 2009.

SCERT Telangana 2nd Class Textbooks 2022
Name of the textbooksSCERT Telangana 2nd Class Textbooks 2022
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Telangana 2nd Class Textbooks

Meaningful ‘Activities’ and ‘Exercises’ were included such that children understand mathematical concepts and utilise their knowledge. Mathematical concepts were introduced in each unit of this book beginning with events in pupil’s daily life situations, games they play and so on.

Activities and exercises ensure that pupils acquire competencies like mathematical concepts, solving problems in a systematic way, thinking logically, expressing ideas in mathematical language etc. The book contains a large number of pictures besides different situations and activities to ensure proper understanding of concepts.

Learning mathematics is every child’s right. Children can achieve mastery over numbers and the four mathematical operations by utilising these textbooks which have been prepared to create interest for mathematics and to ensure learning with enthusiasm.

The requisite teaching- learning material should be prepared and ensure proper utilisation of children’s learning time by organising teaching-learning processes. This is the first step towards preparing textbooks in the new system. We wish all the teachers will implement this and ensure that pupils achieve the mathematical competencies specified for classes I and II.

SCERT Telangana Class 2 Textbooks

Medium2nd 1st Language Textbook
Telugu 2nd Class Telugu Textbook
2nd Class Special Language Telugu Textbook
Urdu2nd Class Urdu Textbook
Hindi 2nd Class Hindi Textbook
English Subject2nd Class English Textbook
SCERT Telangana 2nd Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium2nd Maths Textbook
English & Telugu2nd Class Bilingual Maths Textbook Part 1
English & Telugu2nd Class Bilingual Maths Textbook Part 2
Telugu 2nd Class Maths Telugu Medium Textbook
English 2nd Class Maths English Medium Textbook
Urdu 2nd Class Maths Urdu medium Textbook
Hindi 2nd Class Maths Hindi Medium Textbook
Kannada 2nd Class Maths Kannada Medium Textbook
Marathi 2nd Class Maths Marathi Medium Textbbok
Tamil 2nd Class Maths Tamil Medium Textbook
SCERT Telangana 2nd Class Text Books 2022

Mathematics textbooks for classes I and II were prepared according to the basic principles suggested in NCF 2005 and the guidelines given under RTE 2009. Units were prepared in such a manner that pupils can learn mathematics with enthusiasm.

Every unit includes the mathematical concepts known to pupils and pre mathematical concepts for the unit concerned besides appropriate exercises. The exercises have been prepared to ensure introduction of concepts through day-to-day / meaningful situations, to get pupils to solve problems that involve logical thinking, to express ideas in mathematical language and so on.

Exercises and activities are so planned that by the end of class I, pupils will be able to understand the concepts of two digit number, acquire the ability to add and subtract numbers, by the end of class II, they will be able to add numbers with regrouping, subtract numbers using the technique of borrowing, acquire the basic concepts of multiplication and division and so on.

At the beginning of any unit, the pupils must be helped to observe the pictures given. Questions must be asked to test their previous knowledge of mathematical concepts concerned. The concepts of the unit must be introduced accordingly. In this process, locally-available objects like pebbles, seeds, sticks, beads etc., must be made use of. It must be orgonised as a whole classroom activity.

Then group activities must be orgonised to solve problems in a systematic manner, to think logically, to estimate things and other exercises. This book includes certain instructions / suggestions for the teacher. Those instructions must be followed to take up questioning the pupils, discussing things with them, getting them to observe pictures, counting and recording information etc.

In the same way encourage pupils to understand the instructions given for problems before they can solve the problems by themselves. The textbooks have been prepared to help the pupils to take up exploration observation, research, confirmation etc., to understand mathematical concepts and apply the knowledge for solving problems.

For this a number of pictures depicting pupil’s real life situations have been included. Children use mathematics extensively in many day-to-day situations. Consequently they acquire ability of application. As these textbooks have been prepared with this background, they are to be utilised completely and ensure utilisation of children’s learning time.

2nd Class Maths Chapters

  1. Numbers from 1 to 20
  2. Numbers from 10 to 99
  3. Numbers with Three Digits
  4. Comparing Three-Digit Numbers
  5. Addition of Numbers
  6. Addition of Numbers (Carry over)
  7. Subtraction
  8. Subtraction of Numbers
  9. Multiplication of Numbers (I)
  10. Multiplication of Tables ( 1 to 10)
  11. Multiplication of Numbers (II)
  12. Division of one number by another number
  13. Length of Things
  14. Weight of Things
  15. Measure of Liquids
  16. Time January
  17. Money
  18. Shapes
  19. Let us Record

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