SCERT Telangana Class 1 Textbooks download medium wise all subjects from here

TS SCERT 1st Class Textbooks 2022 or SCERT Telangana Class 1 Textbooks 2022 download medium wise all subjects from here. Salient Features of the new Textbook in class 1. Students, Parents and Teachers can check details and download the medium wise and subject wise TS Class 1 Textbooks from the official website.

TS Class 1 Textbooks 2022 i.e., TS 1st Class Telugu Textbook, TS 1st Class English Textbook and TS 1st Class Maths Textbook downloading links are provided here for you. The English book contains 8 units each unit dealing with a specific theme but all the units together making a story.

Each unit begins with a warm up activity involving children in reading a picture and talking about it after which they will be colouring it. The primary English Textbook titled ‘MY ENGLISH WORLD’ is prepared basing on holistic approach of language learning. The language skills namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing are integrated in the larger context of the themes suggested in NCF 2005.

The activities are designed as per children’s knowledge and experiences which ensure active participation of the learners in Teaching Learning Process. The main aim of teaching English is to help learners evolve themselves as independent users of English. I hope this textbook will help teachers and students achieve this by making the teaching-learning process effective.

The new SCERT Telangana Class 1 textbooks provide much scope for the children to involve in the teaching learning process. Apart from that it is based on the holistic approach. The language skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing are integrated in the domain of various oral and written discourses in a graded manner. All the exercises in the textbook are embedded contextually to ensure holistic treatment of the language.

SCERT Telangana 1st Class Textbooks 2022
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Telangana 1st Class Textbooks

The new TS SCERT 1st Class textbooks have been developed based on National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 and State Curriculum Framework (SCF) AP 20011 and are in tune with Right To Education (RTE) 2009. They envisage a shift in the teaching paradigm in the sense that the focus is on knowledge construction rather than the reproduction of a given set of information.

The textbook for class 1 has been developed keeping the following as the learning outcomes expected of the learners at the end of the academic year. Learning outcomes expected at the end of the course. We expect the learners in class 1 to listen to narratives, descriptions, songs and dialogues, read them graphically and construct the following discourses both orally and in the written form (possibly by virtue of graphic writing).

SCERT Telangana Class 1 Textbooks

Medium1st Class 1st Language
Telugu 1st Class Telugu Textbook
1st Class Telugu Special Language Textbook
Urdu1st Class Urdu Textbook
Hindi 1st Class Hindi Textbook
English Subject1st Class English Textbook
SCERT Telangana 1st Class Language Text Books 2022
Medium1st Class Maths Textbook
English & Telugu1st Class Bilingual Maths Textbook Part 1
English & Telugu1st Class Bilingual Maths Textbook Part 2
Telugu 1st Class Telugu Medium Maths Textbooks
English 1st Class English Medium Maths Textbook
Urdu 1st Class Urdu Medium Maths Textbook
Hindi 1st Class Hindi Medium Maths Textbook
Kannada1st Class Kannada Medium Maths Textbook
Marathi1st Class Marathi Medium Maths Textbook
Tamil1st Class Tamil Medium Maths Textbook
SCERT Telangana 1st Class Maths Text Books 2022

SCERT Telangana 1st Class English Textbook Salient Features. A story runs through the entire unit and also continues in all units. The story is woven around two central characters Ammu, a small girl and her pet squirrel, Bittu. There are also other characters like her family members, friends at school and her teacher.

Each unit has a face sheet to colour. It serves as a warm-up to engage children in group activities that follow in each unit. There is a big picture in the beginning of each unit which serves as a trigger for sensitizing the learners on the theme on which the unit is based. This picture is meant for interacting with the learners about the ideas they get from the picture.

1st Class English Chapter Name1st Class English Unit Theme
Ammu and her familyFamily
Going to schoolTravel and community services
Ammu’s schoolSchool
Ammu and her friends at her schoolFriendship
Things I doGood habits/ habitual actions
At the zooEnvironment
Fruits and vegetablesHealth
Story time: Princess Tomato’s MarriageEntertainment
1st Class English Chapters

The picture also contains a number of labelled objects. Children try to read those words graphically. A lot of space has been provided for listening and speaking (Narrative, Interaction, dialogues and role-plays) where children get opportunities to come out with their own ideas.

The unit also contains slots for reading and writing though in the initial stages only graphic reading and writing are intended. There is a special focus on specific vocabulary items that are familiar to children in each unit. Space is also provided for singing rhymes and adding lines to them. Each unit contains space for drawing, colouring and naming various objects.

1st Class Maths Chapters

  1. Pre-Mathematical Concepts
  2. Shapes
  3. Numbers from 1 to 5
  4. Numbers from 6 to 9
  5. Before-After-Between-More-Less
  6. Zero (0)
  7. Addition of Numbers Total not Exceeding 9
  8. Subtraction of Numbers upto 9
  9. Numbers from 10 to 20
  10. Addition of Numbers, the Total not Exceeding 20
  11. Subtraction of Numbers Less than 20
  12. Introduction of Tens from 10 to 100
  13. Numbers from 20 to 100
  14. Numbers Before, Between, After
  15. Money
  16. Time
  17. Length – Weight – Size

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