Model Write up of the Working Model/Project for Inspire Science Exhibition under INSPIRE Awards 2023

Model Write-up of the Working Model/Project for Inspire Science Exhibition, Model Synopsis (write-up), INSPIRE Awards- Manak Online nominations, Registrations Guidelines, Action plan, How to Submit School Children Nominations to DST at INSPIRE Award Scheme Website.

How to Register Your School at E-Management of Inspire Award Scheme Website, One time registrations, Online nominations for INSPIRE Award Scheme, INSPIRE AWARDS  MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspiration and Knowledge). Opening of online system for nominations under revamped INSPIRE Award Scheme from December.

Model Write-up of the Working Model Project for Inspire Science Exhibition
Model Write-up of the Working Model Project for Inspire Science Exhibition


Title of Inspire Project

For the title of the project, a suitable title describing the project should be given (for example “A device to climb Areca nut trees”, “An assistive walking aid for the elderly”, etc.) and NOT a broad theme like Agriculture, Swacha Bharat, Swasth Bharat, Digital India, etc.

Project Synopsis

In the project synopsis, the following points need to be included –

  • what is the project about?
  • what problem it addresses?, and
  • what the advantage is?.
  1. What is the process of Project idea/innovation submission?

    The process of getting Idea/Innovation from School Students – The Head of the school will call for submission of ideas in the form of synopsis from the students of the designated classes and age groups. For this purpose, an Idea Competition can also be conducted in Schools.

  2. What is a Project Idea Competition in School?

    The Project Idea competition can be organized by assembling students and enabling them to think of an idea/innovation related to: machine or a gadget, which is not available but the students desires to have such a machine or a gadget.

    Improvement required in any existing/available machine or gadget, so that it becomes multi-functional, improves efficiency or output, reduces drudgery etc.

    An idea to solve a local technological problem, which a student may be seeing everyday around him/her. After the students have thought of idea(s), they may note them down on a piece of paper and submit it to the Principal/Headmaster/Teacher.

    The submitted ideas may be reviewed at the school level and shortlisted ones submitted for INSPIRE AWARDS-MANAK as per the process described.

  3. How to write project title and Project Synopsis in the nomination form?

    The purpose of including 'Title' and 'Project Synopsis' in the nomination form is to get sufficient idea about the project being submitted hence proper care has to be taken while filling these details.

  4. How to submit the nominations at INSPIRE web portal by School Head?

    All nominations (2-3 most innovative ideas from each school) can be submitted online by the Headmaster/Principal through E-MIAS (E-Management of INSPIRE Award Scheme) portal on

  5. What kind of Ideas/Innovations submission will be encouraged?

    Under INSPIRE Awards-MANAK scheme each school can nominate a maximum of five ideas/innovations of the students based on the degree of novelty, social applicability, environmental implications, potential impact, scope for diffusion through commercial and/or non-commercial channels, relevance to existing government schemes etc.

  6. What kind of submissions will not be encouraged?

    Examples include but are not limited to the following
    • Common ideas/concepts textbooks/others
    • Hydel power projects
    • Rain water harvesting
    • Water level indicator
    • alarms, burglar alarms etc.
    • Using Electricity/energy genVermi compost/vermin wash
    • Letter box farm, earthquake eration through turbines/waste
    batteries/dung/transport/wave etc.
    • Turbines to generate energy
    The teachers may also look up at the web link, to check if the projects being developed by their students have been not recognised already.

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Example of Project Title and Synopsis

Title of the Project: Travelling bag with folding seats

Project Synopsis: Many a times travelers have to stand while waiting for a bus or train at the bus/train station as the number of seats available are few.

The student has developed a travelling bag where a folding seat has been incorporated. This can be unfolded and used for sitting while waiting for the bus/train thereby eliminating the discomfort while standing for long time. It will be especially useful for ladies and elderly.

Other documents e.g. photo, sketches, if available, may be uploaded

Filling the nomination form correctly helps in proper evaluation online. Remember all projects are first screened online, without the child being present to explain the project.

Kind of submissions will not be encouraged are common ideas/concepts
from textbooks/others, which includes:

• Energy generator, generation of electricity through turbines/waste
batteries/dung/transport/wave etc.
• Rain water harvesting, earthquake, soil erosion
• Water level indicator
• Alarms-burglar alarms, gas alarms, fire alarms etc
• Vermi compost/Vermi wash
• Letter box alarm
• Conversion of wind energy, solar energy to electricity
• Hydraulic lift
• Drip irrigation, vacuum cleaner
• RFID and sensor based readymade projects.
• Automatic on/off of street light, smart city
• Essay on topics
• Demonstration of volcanic eruption
• Food adulteration
• Carbon cycle/water cycle, food chain, eco system, photosynthesis, zoo
model, kitchen garden.
• Model on human body parts
• Solar system, planet, earth movement.
• General methods of water filtration, self-watering system for plants


Title of the Project: My exhibit/project ‘CHEMO COOLING FRIDGE’ is based on “ENDOTHERMIC PROCESS”.

Project Synopsis: The term endothermic process describes a process or reaction in which the system absorbs energy from its surroundings; usually, but not always, in the form of heat. The term was coined by Marcellin Berthelot from the Greek roots endo-, derived from the word “endon” meaning “within” and the root “therm” –meaning “hot”. The intended sense is that of a reaction that depends on absorbing heat if it is to proceed.

Examples: Photosynthesis, sublimation of carbon dioxide, dissolving of ammonium chloride, dissolving of urea, melting of ice, etc.
For my exhibit/project I had chosen ‘dissolving of urea’.

  • Take one large metal box and it should be covered with a cotton box from outside.
  • The covered cotton box works as an insulator.
  • A small hole should be made at the bottom of the large metal box.
  • A tube is adjusted in that hole which connects into a tray.
  • Keep a small metal box in the large metal box. And it is used for storage of vegetables.
  • The area should be poured in between the gap of the boxes.
  • Slowly we should sprinkle the water on urea.
  • Then the urea dissolves in water which is an endothermic process.
  • The temperature of a small metal box and vegetables decreases to 10ºC to 15ºC. So, vegetables can be stored for 2 to 3 days more.
  • The dissolved urea solution can be dehydrated under sunlight in the tray. So, we can get urea crystals which can be re-used.

How can encourage your students?

Conduct an Idea Competition

Conduct an Idea Competition: To organize idea competitions, you may assemble them in a group and ask them to think about any or all of the following:

An idea of a machine or a gadget, which is not available but the student desires to have such a machine or a gadget.

An idea of improvement in any existing/available machine or gadget, so that it becomes multifunctional, efficient, reduces drudgery etc..

Any idea or an innovation that can solve a local technological problem, which a student may be seeing everyday around her/him.

Then ask them to write down their ideas in a piece of paper and submit it to the teachers These ideas can be further shortlisted by Principal/Headmaster of the school.

Encourage observation skills: Observe people from different background in different situations. Observe the problems faced. Encourage students to come up with complete solutions that addresses different dimensions of the problem.

Guide students with Tools and Methods to find a Solution

Capture every idea: Carry a capture tool wherever you go to instantaneously note down the ideas to avoid losing the ideas you get.

Create a master list of problems: Collect the problems at one place and classify them based on required criteria. Classification will help in comparing the potential of problems.

Review your master list of problems: Review your master list of problems every now and then. See all the opportunities you have. Take one or two problems to work with. The best problems to take are those which are both painful and solvable.

Take action: Take action based on the problem chosen to provide a solution. Good observation will give a head start in coming up with a solution.

Few Examples

  • Gunny bag filling machine
  • Leg Operated mouse for upper limb challenged people
  • Fully Automatic Toilet Cleaning machine
  • Electricity Usage reducing chair
  • Pesticide spray pump with mandatory protective mask
  • Stretcher with shock absorbers
  • Saving water through usage monitor in bathrooms
  • Porter payment calculating device
  • Foot-operated door opening mechanism

Project: Plastic (safety) cap opener of LPG cylinder

Problem: Difficulty to open the plastic cap, by pulling the nylon thread.
Idea: Developed an opener a “Plastic (safety) cap opener of LPG cylinder” to reduce the difficulties faced by women while opening the plastic safety cap attached with the nozzle of LPG cylinder. It can also be used to open tomato sauce bottle.

Project: Modified Walker with Adjustable Legs

Problem: Difficulty to walk up or down stairs using conventional four leg walkers.
Idea: Mechanically alter the height of the legs of the walker so that they can be adjusted as per the height of the stairs.

Project: Hand Driven Waste Picking & Dumping Cart

Problem: For the protection of the environment and the health of the population waste collection is an important task. But collecting it with bare hands is both difficult and unhygienic, exposing waste collector to deadly diseases.
Idea: Manual easy to use cart with tools that enables contact-less waste collection.

Project: Paddy Filling Machine

Problem: Filling of grains into bags (jute or woven plastic bags) is very hectic and time consuming job.
Idea: Developed a device, which helps farmers in filling grains in an easy and rapid way. With the help of “Paddy Filling Machine”, one worker can do the work of four workers within 3-4 minutes.

Project: Animal Carcass Picking Machine

Problem: Decomposing carcass of dead animals lying on roads.
Idea: He has ideated about a machine, which can easily pick up the carcass for appropriate disposal, thereby eliminating the risk of any infection.

Project: Innovative and Low Cost Bed with Detachable Wheel Chair

Problem: Difficulty to move the patient or bedridden person.
Idea: Designed a modified bed where a wheelchair has been incorporated. With a few easy adjustments, this integrated wheelchair can be separated from the bed, thereby making it easy to move the patient or bed ridden person.

Project: Crutch with Shock Absorber

Problem: Pain in the underarms due to extended use of crutches.
Idea: Adding shock absorbers to reduce pain during usage, a bell to alert others to give way and a light for better visibility during the night.

Project: Inclined Installation of Water Taps at Public Places

Problem: Taps fixed at certain height, making it difficult for children of different heights to drink water.
Idea: Have taps fitted on an inclined pipe so that they are at different heights, enabling people to drink water easily from tap at appropriate height.

Project: Low Cost Portable Chironji Decorticator

Problem: Removing the seeds from Chironji nut is a time consuming and laborious work.
Idea: He ideates about a portable low cost decorticator, which can be used by small farmers easily. This machine can be operated manually or by using solar power.

Project: Travelling Bag with Folding Seat

Problem: Lack of enough seating arrangements at railway stations, bus station and airports.
Idea: A pull-out seat attached to a strolled bag that is handy for travelers waiting at public places

Project: Fourth Light (blue) to Reduce Traffic Jams

Problem: No “On-road” information about traffic jams of the road ahead
Idea: Provision of fourth signal in blue colour to indicate that the road ahead has a traffic jam, letting motorists to take an alternative route thereby avoiding further congestion.

Project: User-friendly Pedal Rickshaw

Problem: Old people face difficulty in climbing the rickshaws
Idea: Small folding stair attached to the rickshaw

Project: Dust Collecting Attachment for Drill Machine

Problem: Hand drills produces a lot of dust, which causes infection and allergies to mechanics using them.
Idea: Developed an attachment for the drill machine, which can collect all the dust and debris.

Project: Nail polish which indicates drugs/alcohol in drinks to prevent molestation

Problem: Miscreants mix intoxicants in drinks and serve to ladies to molest them.
Idea: Intoxicant indicator in a nail polish that changes colour when dipped in drug laced drinks.

Project: Alerting System for Bus Drivers

Problem: Accidents occur when a passenger puts his body part outside the bus window.
Idea: An alerting system for the bus driver, which enables them to know which passenger has put his hand or head outside the bus window.

Project: Smart Wrist Band for Elderly People

Problem: People, especially the old, who are prescribed medication, forget to take them on time.
Idea: A watch, which can store medicine and alert user through beep sound, when it is the time to take medicines

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