Prakriti Khoj Online Environment Quiz Competitions 2023

Prakriti Khoj Online Environment Quiz Competitions, The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has launched Prakriti Khoj – an online environment quiz, where Ministry welcomes our Ecoclub volunteers to take part and trigger their

Science Day Celebrations 2023, check competitions, action plan and guidelines

AP Srujanotsavam Science Day Celebrations, Competitions, Action Plan, Guidelines, Academic Calendar Activities Implementation, Seminar for Physical science Teachers and Biological Science Teachers, Essay writing, Elocution, Drawing competitions, Srujanotsavam  objectives, Srujanotsavam competitions dates, schedule for AP

World Space Week Celebrations 2023, check details from here

Science Fair Competitions on World Space Week, Quiz Competitions, Drawing Competitions, Poster Competitions, Science Fair Competitions 2017 under World Space Week Celebrations for school students. Quiz, Drawing, Poster, Science Fair Competitions for school students under ISRO

National Children’s Science Painting Competitions 2023

National Children’s Science Painting Competitions, Art Competition for Children. With the support of UNESCO New Delhi Office, United Schools Organisation of India (USO), in collaboration with National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR), is

PCRA Saksham Competition 2023 Poster, Brochure & Salient Features

PCRA Saksham Competition 2023 Poster, Brochure & Salient Features. PCRA Saksham National Competitions 2023 Poster, Brochure, Salient Features: PCRA National Level Essay Writing, Painting and Quiz Competitions for School Children. The previous year, Schools/ institutions were

Read India Celebration Essay Writing Competition 2023

Read India Celebration Essay Writing Competition. Read India Celebration participation, Read India Celebration Competition Readership and Leadership Challenge, RIC Participation-Readership and Leadership Challenge for High Schools, Colleges, Read India Celebration event. So far over 1,00,000