JoSAA Choice filling 2023 at, seat allotment for IIT, NIT, IIIT Admissions

JoSAA Choice filling 2023 or JoSAA Web Option Entry 2023 will be started very soon on its official website, by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority for IIIT, NIT Admissions by JEE Advanced.

Candidates who qualified in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced can complete the counselling registration and choice filling for allotment seats for IIT, NIT, IIIT Admissions.

When it comes to pursuing higher education in India, JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority) plays a significant role in the admission process. As a crucial step in this process, JoSAA Choice Filling allows aspiring students to select their preferred colleges and courses.


JoSAA stands for Joint Seat Allocation Authority, and it is responsible for coordinating the admission process for engineering and architecture courses offered by participating institutes across India.

It includes seats in the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and other government-funded technical institutions.

Importance of Choice Filling

JoSAA Choice Filling is a crucial step in the admission process as it allows students to prioritize their preferred colleges and courses. By selecting their choices wisely, students can increase their chances of securing admission to a college and course that aligns with their career goals and aspirations.

Eligibility for JoSAA Choice Filling

To participate in JoSAA Choice Filling, candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria. These criteria typically include having a valid JEE (Main) or JEE (Advanced) score, meeting the age limit requirements, and fulfilling the specified academic qualifications. It is essential for students to thoroughly understand the eligibility criteria before proceeding with the choice filling process.

JoSAA Web Option Entry & Counselling dates for IIIT, NIT Admissions 2020 by JEE Advanced
JoSAA Choice Filling 2023
Name of the counsellingJoSAA Choice Filling 2023
TitleJoSAA Choice Filling Dates 2023
SubjectJoSAA Choice Filling 2023 Dates
Registration starting date14-06-2023
JoSAA Choice Filling Schedule 2023

JoSAA Choice Filling Process

The JoSAA Choice Filling process involves several steps that students need to follow diligently. It starts with registration on the JoSAA website, followed by choice filling and locking.

After the specified deadline, the seat allocation process begins based on the choices made by the candidates. It is crucial to be aware of the timelines and guidelines provided by JoSAA to ensure a smooth choice filling experience.

Registration fee: No fee will be charged for registration and choice filling.

Steps to Fill Choices

  1. Registration: Candidates need to register on the JoSAA website using their JEE (Main) or JEE (Advanced) roll number and password.
  2. Choice Filling: After registration, students can proceed with filling their preferred choices of colleges and courses based on their rank and availability.
  3. Choice Locking: Once the choices are filled, candidates must carefully review and lock their choices before the deadline. It is important to consider factors such as seat availability, previous year’s cutoffs, and personal preferences while making decisions.
  4. Seat Allocation: After the choice filling and locking process is completed, JoSAA conducts multiple rounds of seat allocation based on the candidates’ ranks and the availability of seats in their preferred choices.

JoSAA Choice Filling 2023

  • Log on to the official website,
  • Log in using the JEE Main roll number and password
  • Fill the choices as per your preference
  • Lock your choices (If you do not lock your choices then the last saved choices will be locked automatically)
  • Download the “Provisional Seat Allotment letter” and e-challan

The precautions to take when filling colleges, courses, and web options

  1. Josa said that you have to make a careful choice of instructions on the website.
  2. First of all you need to log in and register on the JOSA website which is only available.
  3. Subsequent decals should be selected.
  4. Knit officials suggest that a high ranking student should also choose a good college as a soft preference.
  5. The options should not be locked immediately after the selection. So locate the details of the college and course you wish to join. Otherwise there is a risk of losing good seats at the most crucial stage.
  6. Last year, the details of the rankings of each of the colleges were listed on the respective websites. Choice filling can be done by comparing them with an estimate.
  7. You can log in to website and make web options.
  8. Students who are given web options will be allotted seats.
  9. Students who have secured a seat should report to nearby colleges. Nit admissions officers have been advised that those who have secured an IIT seat should report to their nearest IIT colleges and NITs if they are admitted

How to Make Wise Choices

While filling choices, students should consider the following factors:

  1. Course and College Suitability: Research and gather information about the courses and colleges you are interested in. Consider factors like curriculum, faculty, placements, and infrastructure to make an informed decision.
  2. Cut-off Ranks: Analyze previous year’s cut-off ranks for different colleges and courses to understand your chances of securing admission.
  3. Personal Aspirations: Consider your career goals, interests, and aspirations while choosing a course. Ensure that it aligns with your long-term plans.
  4. Flexibility: Keep some backup options in case you don’t get your first-choice college or course. Having alternatives can provide peace of mind during the allocation process.

JoSAA Seat Allocation

JoSAA Seat Allocation is done based on various factors, including the candidate’s rank, category, and the choices filled during the choice filling process.

The seat allocation process goes through multiple rounds, allowing candidates to modify their choices if they desire. It is essential to stay updated with the JoSAA website for seat allocation results and related notifications.

JoSAA Choice filling Schedule 2023

Counselling ActivityDate
JoSAA Registration & Choice filling19-06-2023 to 24-06-2023
JoSAA seat allocation Round 1June 30, 2023
JoSAA Round 2 seat allotmentJuly 06, 2023
JoSAA Round 3 Seat allocation DateJuly 12, 2023
JoSAA Round 4 Seat AllocationJuly 16, 2023
JoSAA Round 5 Seat AllocationJuly 21, 2023
JoSAA Round 6 Seat AllocationJuly 26, 2023
JoSAA Choice filling Schedule 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I change my choices after locking them?

    No, once you lock your choices, you cannot make any changes. Make sure to review and finalize your choices before the deadline.

  2. What happens if I do not fill any choices during JoSAA Choice Filling?

    If you do not fill any choices, you will not be considered for seat allocation. It is important to fill choices even if you are uncertain to maximize your chances.

  3. Can I get admission to a course without meeting the previous year's cut-off rank?

    It is highly unlikely to get admission to a course if you do not meet the previous year's cut-off rank. However, the cut-off ranks may vary each year, so it is essential to consider all possibilities.

  4. Is JoSAA Choice Filling applicable for all engineering colleges in India?

    JoSAA Choice Filling is applicable to participating institutes, including the IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other government-funded technical institutions. Private colleges may have their own admission processes.

  5. Can I participate in both JoSAA and state-level counseling simultaneously?

    No, candidates must choose between JoSAA and state-level counseling. Participating in both simultaneously may lead to disqualification.

  6. What should I do if I don't get allocated a seat in any round?

    If you are not allocated a seat in any round, you can participate in subsequent rounds or consider other available options like participating in the spot round or applying for other admission processes.

  7. How can I check my seat allocation result?

    You can check your seat allocation result by logging into your JoSAA account and accessing the allocated seat information.

  8. Can I upgrade my allocated seat in subsequent rounds?

    Yes, if you are allocated a seat in one round, you can participate in further rounds and upgrade your seat if you get allocated to a better choice.

  9. What should I do after seat allocation?

    After seat allocation, candidates need to complete the acceptance of seat, payment of fees, and document verification as per the instructions provided by JoSAA.

  10. Can I withdraw from the seat allocation process?

    Yes, candidates have the option to withdraw from the seat allocation process before the final round. Withdrawal options and procedures will be available on the JoSAA website.


JoSAA Choice Filling is a crucial step in the college admission process for engineering and architecture courses in India. By making well-informed decisions and utilizing the JoSAA Choice Filling process effectively, students can increase their chances of securing admission to their preferred colleges and courses.

It is important to understand the eligibility criteria, follow the steps diligently, and consider various factors while filling choices. Remember, making wise choices and having backup options can provide a smooth and successful admission experience.

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