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Starting next academic year, Telangana students in government schools can read and learn from bilingual textbooks or mirror textbooks. The School Education department, Telangana is planning to provide bilingual textbooks or SCERT Telangana bilingual Textbooks 2022 for non-language subjects, which means textbooks will be available in two languages.

For example, each page of a lesson in Telugu medium will have an English version on the adjacent page as well. Likewise, for Hindi and Urdu medium students, the same topic will be available in both Hindi and English languages, and Urdu and English languages respectively.

The move to introduce bilingual textbooks comes in wake of the State government deciding to introduce English medium of education in government schools. These bilingual textbooks, according to officials, will help non-English medium students transition to English medium besides helping them better understand and learn topics with ease.

Name of the textbooksSCERT Telangana bilingual Textbooks
TitleDownload Telangana bilingual Textbooks
SubjectDSE Officials will release SCERT bilingual Textbooks
TS bilingual textbooks

In this connection, the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), a wing of the School Education department, has been working on bilingual content. Presently, non-language subjects textbooks for the classes up to VII are being made into bilingual. Content preparation has almost completed. SCERT officials are waiting for orders from the government to release content for printing..

  • Textbooks will be available in both Telugu and English.
  • Similarly, for Hindi and Urdu medium students, the same topic will be provided in both Hindi and English, as well as Urdu and English.
  • Providing two textbooks for non-language subjects, one each for the SA 1 and SA 2.

With content available in Telugu and English languages, the number of pages increases, thereby increasing the weight of the textbook. To ensure school bags are not overweight, the department is exploring the option of providing two textbooks for non-language subjects, one each for the Summative Assessment-I and II.

For the next academic year, the School Education department is expected to print 1.70 crore free component textbooks to be distributed among students in government-run institutions. This number will go up if the government decides to provide two bilingual textbooks for non-language subjects. Last year, a total of 1.46 crore free component textbooks were printed and distributed to students.

Presently, the tender process for paper is under way. Officials will start printing free component textbooks on receiving content from the SCERT. The plan is to distribute textbooks to students in May. Source – Sakshi Post

Telangana New Textbooks reflect Telangana Movement

TS Textbooks reflect Telangana Movement, History and Culture, TS Social reformers to be introduced to schoolchildren, Lessons on all the reformers to be included in textbooks, Social studies text books, New Social Syllabus, Telugu Syllabus, Life sketch of Social reformers, Telugu classical literature, Case studies about villages

Textbooks being designed to reflect Telangana Movement, History and Culture
A. Full fledged chapters on Qutb Shahi and Asaf Jahi  dynaties
B. A Chapter on caves in Kurnool replaced with similar ones in Telangana
C. Case studies about villages in different regions of Telangana included
D. In first language Telugu books, focus is on Telugu classical literature from AP and TS.
E. Life sketch of following reformers to be added

  1. Easwari Bai (former president of Republic party of India)
  2. Former Minister N. Sadalaxmi
  3. Bhagya Reddy Varma
  4. Arige Ramaswami

Lessons on all social reformers from Telangana will be included in the textbooks of social studies from classes 6th to 10th of Telangana syllabus from the next academic year. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao approved the change in the syllabus for social studies from classes 6th to 10th and first language Telugu from classes 1st to 10th a few days ago.

According to officials, the social studies textbooks for the five standards were being designed to reflect  1. Telangana statehood movement, 2. History and culture. One or two chapters on these aspects will be added to the existing content.

An important addition will be inclusion of life sketch of reformers such as Easwari Bai (former president of Republic party of India and mother of congress legislator J. Geeta Reddy), former Minister N. Sadalaxmi, Bhagya Reddy Varma and Arige Ramaswami.

A committee to study inclusion and exclusion of content in social studies also decided to have fullfledged chapters on qutb Shahi and Asaf Jahi dynasties. They figured partly in the earlier textbooks. A chapter on caves in Kurnool was replaced with similar ones in Telangana. The committee comprising Telangana joint action committee chairman and professor of history M. Kodandaram and academics Adapa Satyanarayana, C.N. Subrahmaniam and Tirumali took care to see that there was no heavy dose of historical studies, contradictions and overlapping in the syllabus.

In the geography section, case studies about villages in different regions of Telangana were included. In the books of first language Telugu, the focus was on Telugu classical literature from AP and Telangana. The books have undergone a complete makeover. Telugu language will also be taught in normal way. The committee on Telugu syllabus was involved in a serious exercise to overhaul the syllabus for three to four months. The recommendations of both committees were sent to the Chief Minister two months ago, but he read them thoroughly and conveyed his decision a few days  ago.

Telangana Bilingual books

The Telangana government is ambitiously implementing the ‘Mana Uru-Mana Badi’ scheme with the motto, ‘Infrastructure should be provided and strengthened in government schools .. Quality education should be provided to children belonging to poor and middle class classes .. Education should be done in English medium from next academic year’

It is already selecting schools across the state and undertaking development work. On the other hand it is printing textbooks in two languages ​​with the intention of making the lessons easier to understand for the students. In one book, the English text on one side of the page will be made available in Telugu on the next page.

The T government has rolled out the implementation of English medium teaching in government schools in the state from the 2022-23 academic year. The Department of Education has taken further steps with the intention that in the early days when teaching students in English medium they may not understand the language. As part of this, special bilingual books will be provided to the students for their convenience. Textbooks for Maths, Physics, Biology and Social are in two parts.

In English there will be lessons in Telugu on the page next to it. So that students can easily understand the meanings of the syllabus in English by looking at the page. Translating lessons from English to Telugu will increase the interest of teachers in teaching. With these new books, the number of textbooks available to students will double.

After the formation of Telangana, qualitative changes are taking place in the education system. The government has been successful in providing KG to PG free education. Another step was taken by the Gurukuls. Now with the ‘Mana Uru – Mana Badi’ program, the government is changing the face of the education system. The flats will be further developed. As part of this, the government will introduce English medium in all public schools from class one to class eight in the 2022-23 academic year.

The introduction of English medium in public schools is a good sign. This will reduce the financial burden on the parents. In addition the aspiration of their children to read English medium is fulfilled. Students should attend public schools and practice with well-trained teachers who provide quality education. Teachers should go to every house in the villages and take steps to increase the enrollment of students by emphasizing the importance of English medium.

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